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Wendy - Alexis

Ambigramanía (+)   08/07/2010

Este ambigrama ha sido solicitado por uno de mis alumnos en la entrada anterior. No fue fácil solucionarlo, pero algo se logró. Espero que les agrade. (+)

Sustainable Packaging Design Interview with Wendy Jedlicka

Melodies in Marketing (+)   23/04/2009

The Costs and Benefits of Better Design | GreenBiz.comWendy is the author of Packaging Sustainability: Tools, Systems and Strategies for Innovative Package Design (I got the book last week and am dying to eat it up), and gave a pretty good interview.“It’s (+)

swiss legacy

Poisongalore (+)   31/10/2008

Swiss Legacy, by the initiative of Xavier Encinas (a french Art Director who lives in Paris, he runs his own graphic design studio: peter&wendy), is a collaborative blog focused on typography, swiss graphic design and grid. (+)

Cinematypography from SeptemberIndustry

TypeNew (+)   02/09/2008

Cinematypography is an eclectic combination of: 70 film titles, 70 typefaces, and the creative input of: Build, KentLyons, Neue, SampsonMay, peter&wendy, This Studio, Un.titled and more.Behind the design is David Corti from September industry. A total of (+)

Grotesque Poster - Available for purchase now!

Swiss Legacy (+)   21/05/2008

The Grotesque poster is now available for purchase over at peter&wendy!–600×800mm170 gr/m² Offset paperBlack and PMS 871 U-Double-sided posterEdition of 100 only–1 Poster: 40 € (+10€ p&p)2 Posters: 70 € (+10€ p&p) (+)

Grotesque - Revealed

Swiss Legacy (+)   20/05/2008

We are very proud to announce the release of our first limited poster called "Grotesque".Double-sided. Offset 170gr, Black and PMS 871 U, set in Helvetica Neue 75 Bold.Edition of 100 only. Numbered.Available for shopping this week over at peter&wendy. (+)

Grotesque - Teaser

Swiss Legacy (+)   17/05/2008

We (peter&wendy) have been working on a this personal project for a couple of month now. Here are some pictures we tooked at the printer yesterday.Stay tuned… Next week we will reveal the truth and the project will be release on Monday May 26th… (+)

The Shining kinetic typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   22/04/2008

Moving type assignment. This is the scene where Jack stalks Wendy up the staircase in the main lounge where he's working on his novel. Author: alienate Keywords: animation motion graphic kinetic typography movie clip shining moving type Added: April 22, (+)

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