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Steinweiss Script: A New Release from Alphabet Soup

Typophile (+)   09/11/2010

Alphabet Soup Type Founders and Michael Doret are proud to announce the release of the “Steinweiss Script” family on MyFonts.These fonts began began their journey towards daylight when Michael Doret was asked by Taschen Publishing to do cover lettering fo (+)

Weiss Heiten

Swiss Legacy (+)   27/05/2010

Very impressive work from a pan-European creative network Weiss Heiten. (+)

Luise Weiss

Gramatologia (+)   15/04/2010


FontCast #7 — Dyana Weissman on Kerning

The FontFeed (+)   12/01/2010

As designers, kerning is one of those esoteric terms we love to use. Not only is it vital to quality typography, it’s also a great word to throw into a conversation with non-designers whenever we want to sound smart or abstruse. But how much do we really (+)


House Industries (+)   09/10/2009

Our buddy Erich Weiss is pretty handy with an HD video rig and has been hauling his gear all over the world to shoot the monsters of punk and pop. His labor of love for the past few years, however, has been a documentary about tattoo pioneer Sailor Jerry. (+)

Don’t Believe the Type!

Hoefler & Frere-Jones (+)   07/06/2009

We will, we will Rockwell. Rock the Caslon. I Meta Girl. ITC Clearly Now. Tempted by the Frutiger ’nother. Weiss Do Fools Fall in Love? Rockwell Amadeus. Dax The Way (uh huh, uh huh) I Like It. Please Mistral Postman. If I Could Turn Back Times. Gill Sans (+)

Typographica’s Favorites of 2008

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   05/05/2009

Zócalo, Benton Modern Display, ITC Franklin, and Rocky were all selected in Typographica’s Favorite Typefaces of 2008! Dyana Weissman was also invited to review Lakeside by Mark Simonson. (+)

Cuadrar un círculo

redblog (+)   26/03/2009

En 1938 los discos se vendían empaquetados en un sobre de papel liso o papel kraft. Hasta que a Alex Steinweiss de 23 años y director de arte de Columbia Records se le ocurrió decorarlas para hacerlas más atractivas y más relacionadas con la música que co (+)

Something to tell the world

Youtube (typography) (+)   04/02/2009

An animated message from Rabbi Weiss, expressing what a real Jew feels towards the Arab and Muslim people of the world. Author: Chewbacca2000 Keywords: Something to tell the world animation gaza Israeli rabbi yisroel dovid weiss Zionism Judaism alex jone (+)

Speak Up > Interview with Font Bureau’s Dyana Weissman

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   28/01/2009

“With the increasing number of typefaces entering the market these days, more and more type designers are finally getting some of the recognition they deserve. In light of this, I thought it would be interesting to reach out to one of the younger designer (+)

Interview with Font Bureau’s Dyana Weissman

Speak Up (+)   28/01/2009

Guest Editorial by Christian PalinoWith the increasing number of typefaces entering the market these days, more and more type designers are finally getting some of the recognition they deserve. In light of this, I thought it would be interesting to reach (+)

Alex Steinweiss

Sección Aurea (+)   28/09/2008

Smash Song Hits, se considera el primer album con cubierta diseñadaSe considera a Alex Steinweiss como el inventor de las cubiertas de discos diseñadas, sustituyendo las fundas de cartón a partir del disco “Smash Song Hits” de 1939. Toda esta historia la (+)

Regal (Kaos2 design) 2

Youtube (typography) (+)   19/09/2008


Notes from Type Camp Galiano

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   06/08/2008

Just a couple pictures from TypeCamp today. I gave a lecture on being a typeface designerand we handed out the specimen books. The campers loved ‘em.—Dyana Weissman, Staff Designer (+)

Still space at Type Camp

Microsoft typography (+)   26/06/2008

Not too late to book your spot at Type Camp Galliano, join Tiffany Wardle, Shelley Gruendler and Dyana Weissman for the typographic experience of the summer. More details at Typophile. (+)

Happy Birthday Ed

House Industries (+)   09/06/2008

Ed Rondthaler, the founder of Photo-Lettering Inc., celebrates his 103rd birthday today (June 9). I snapped a picture of this card from Alex Steinweiss while we were visiting Ed a few months ago. (+)

Type Camp looms

Microsoft typography (+)   09/06/2008

From the excitement present in this blog entry, Dyana Weissman has probably already packed for Type Camp 2008. (+)

Sailor Jerry Film

House Industries (+)   10/04/2008

Heading up to see Director Erich Weiss’s Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry flick at the Philly Film Festival Thursday night. Let you know if it inspires anyone here to get a tattoo. (+)

New from Chank

Microsoft typography (+)   18/02/2008

New from Chank. Free fonts, WC Wunderbach Weiss and Millesime. (+)


Publication Design (+)   26/11/2007

I Love Typography has the 2nd in their series of explanations of type terms. This one is on oldstyle typefaces such as Garamond, Bembo and Weiss. Link > (+)

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