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Free Serif Fonts – Tradition of Typography

Sharebrain (+)   10/02/2011

Originating from the Roman alphabet, serif fonts or those, featuring small structural elements at the ends of the strokes, were a de facto standard for printed media for many centuries. These fonts feature traditional design, which is both decorative and (+)

PUR Filtrates its Serifs

Brand New (+)   19/01/2011

Developed by Recovery Engineering, Inc. and first sold for the household market in 1994, PUR (pronounced like "pure") is a range of water filtration products — faucet-mounts, pitchers, refrigerator filters, etc. — that are now a part of P&G. While I like (+)

How to Choose Between Serif and Sans Serif Fonts

Inspiredology (+)   15/11/2010

The question of how to choose between serif and sans serif fonts infers that one knows the difference between these two different kinds of fonts in the first place. Before making an actual choice, you should perhaps look into an adequate description of th (+)

The Finishing Touches

Hoefler & Frere-Jones (+)   13/10/2010

In the middle of Gotham, our family of 66 sans serifs, there is a hushed but surprising moment: a fraction whose numerator has a serif. So important was this detail that we decided to offer it as an option for all the other fractions, a decision that ulti (+)

4 Fanciful Sans Serif Fonts Created by Nymphont

Sharebrain (+)   08/10/2010

Classic and fancy but they are still looking modern with clean geometric line. Here are just few of reasons why I love Nymphont's fonts & I hope you would enjoy our post featuring The 4 Fanciful Sans Serif Fonts created by Lauren Thompson of Nymphont.View (+)

Intellecta Romana Humanistica at YWFT

Marginalia (+)   07/09/2010

A classic serif design remastered by Intellecta Design. Designed around an antique theme, Romana Humanistica works great in displaypurposes. Contains a limited amount of letter designs, works best when used for headers. See at YWFT (+)

Graphic Design Through the Decades Series: The ’70s

Inspiredology (+)   01/09/2010

As a child of the 1970s, I recall growing up with bright, clashing colors and balloony words. It was like the ’60s kept all the serif fonts to themselves and left the next decade with rounded typography. While psychedelic rock-concert posters carried into (+)

Le Havre Font Designed by Insigne

Swiss Legacy (+)   01/09/2010

Le Havre is a geometric sans serif inspired by the golden era of the passenger ship, when getting to your destination was a delight in and of itself. Compressed capitals, a low x-height and geometric construction give this art deco inspired sans a unique (+)

Aperçu Typeface by The Entente for Colophon Foundry

Swiss Legacy (+)   18/08/2010

Aperçu is a new sans-serif family designed by The Entente. Its family includes Light, Regular, Medium & Bold with corresponding Italics as well as a monospaced cut.The conceit behind Aperçu was to create a synopsis or amalgamation of classic realist typef (+)

YouWorkForThem New Fonts

TypoJungle (+)   10/08/2010

Ne10: Designed by Corey Holms, this stencil font takes its inspiration from a neon sign. This monoline sans-serif face works in both large and small scales, making it versatile at bridging the gap between corporate and urban communication.Augustus: Design (+)

The Murderer Wore Serifs

Hoefler & Frere-Jones (+)   15/06/2010

Typeface designers live with the permanent possibility of encountering their work at unexpected moments. Your old college now uses a font that you designed; in a movie, whose story takes place before you were born, your typefaces are used for prop newspap (+)

An Enchanted Alphabet

Hoefler & Frere-Jones (+)   11/05/2010

I have a special affection for decorated letters, especially the ornamented designs of the nineteenth century. You know the kind: they're chubby Regency typefaces, slab serifs or high-contrast ‘Fat Faces,’ mostly, whose surfaces are emblazoned with intric (+)

New type: Sirba

Typophile (+)   07/05/2010

Sirba, a seriffed typeface family with a friendly personality, was conceived especially for the demands in complex text environments like dictionaries, academic texts annual reports, novels and magazines. It has many design features that were particularly (+)

Ascender anounces new Ayita Pro family designed by Jim Ford

Typophile (+)   04/05/2010

[[|Ayita Pro]] is a cheerful new sans serif design by Jim Ford of Ascender Corp. Ayita is a Cherokee name which translates to 'first in dance' and recalls the exuberant rhythm and flow of these 14 n (+)


You work for them (+)   26/04/2010

Look out, Clark W. Griswold, because Soaka just parked on your front lawn. Soaka is the grotesque, raw, country cousin of our slab serifs Motown and Lollop, and brings the pain when you’re facing down those rough Cobra Kai design jobs in… (+)

Defense typeface

TypoJungle (+)   22/04/2010 Check out the new font release from Reserves foundry: Defense. A three weight bold slab-serif stencil display face that contains multiple OpenType features including over 70 standard ligatures (+)

New from insigne: Mynaruse

insigne Design (+)   20/04/2010

Mynaruse is an elegant and regal roman inscriptional titling family. It has sharp and elongated serifs that give the face extra punch. The face shines in settings that call for elegance and splendor. Mynaruse’s six weights range from a fine, delicate thin (+)

TipografiaRamis & Positype now at YouWorkForThem

You work for them (+)   19/04/2010

We are proud to announce two more amazing type foundries have joined our library, say hello to TipografiaRamis & Positype. Launching with over 20+ fonts between the two of them, they bring us amazing new scripts, serifs and sans-serifs. We are… (+)

Burocrata by Network Osaka + PDF

You work for them (+)   15/04/2010

Set the wayback machine for January, 2010: Network Osaka sends us their beautiful new serif, titled Haute. Immediately, it starts on a rapid climb toward becoming one of the year’s biggest sellers, and becomes a top-notch addition to the YouWorkForThem Ex (+)

New from insigne: Eigerdals

insigne Design (+)   06/04/2010

Eigerdals is a pleasant and visually warm sans-serif type family. Eigerdahl is a soft and amiable face, perfect for when you want to convey a relaxed and pleasant feeling. Eigerdals features a smooth, brushed impression and a tall x-height. The characters (+)

Sand Serif video

Typophile (+)   02/04/2010

Sand Serif, an elaborate video created with sand on top of a light table in a darkened room, is the work of two multi-cultural and multi-talented 2nd year design students at Seattle Central Community College. Mykhaylo Sinenko, originally from the Ukraine (+)

Need Supply & Press Gothic

You work for them (+)   28/03/2010

Our friends over at Need Supply Co have been making great use of Press Gothic recently, the excellent and affordable ($19.95) sans-serif from Canada Type. The images above show that even though this font has a conservative, bold and authoritative presence (+)

“Who Shot the Serif?”

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   26/02/2010

[Excerpted from HOW magazine's February 2010 issue, used with permission from the author and publisher.]Who says the serif is dead? Type expert Allan Haley bucks the sans serif trend, with a look at seven versatile new serif fonts you can add to your type (+)

Blues City

Haiku Monkey (+)   26/02/2010

So I saw this awesome neon sign, and it inspired this font.There are hundreds of ligatures in the font, with glyphs joined at the serifs. Really makes a great display font. (+)

Oh Mr Eaves!

For the love of type (+)   23/02/2010

Despite his absence on Valentine's Day I knew I would meet Mr Eaves sometime soon. Since Emigre's Zuzana Licko designed the sans-serif companions to Mrs Eaves late last year (Mr Eaves Sans/Modern), it was only a matter of time before I would meet the fami (+)

the night air

Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   11/02/2010

“In this edition we’re getting down among the serifs, fiddling about with fonts and dabbling in Qwerty as well as trying to make sense of the Myers Briggs test and where it’s usefully employed. How has the idea of the book and the mechanical printing pres (+)

New from insigne: Sommet Slab

insigne Design (+)   09/02/2010

The Sommet family of typefaces has been updated with a new slab serif variant. Expanding on Sommet’s successful design principals, Sommet Slab is there when you need more impact and power. Sommet Slab is available with six weights and complementary italic (+)

TypeTogether's Adelle: two weights for free!

Typophile (+)   21/01/2010

Santa is late but he's finally here! The OpenType Basic version, full commercial licence, of Adelle Bold and Bold Italic can be downloaded free of charge at TypeTogether's website. The award winning Adelle is a dynamic slab serif designed by Veronika Buri (+)

The Simplicity of Helvetica

Webdesigner Depot (+)   20/01/2010

Helvetica is one of the most popular typefaces in the world.Technically speaking, it’s a sans serif Grotesque typeface, inspired by and based on the Akzidenz-Grotesk typeface created by Berthold around 1898.In practical terms, though, it’s used by designe (+)

New from insigne: Aviano Flare!

insigne Design (+)   19/01/2010

The Aviano series returns with a flared semi-serif.Aviano Flare’s subtly curved forms lend refinement and luxurious elegance to your designs. Aviano’s foundational extended classical forms give the face strength and power.Aviano Flare is a versatile new a (+)

Etica. New release by TypeTogether.

Typophile (+)   13/01/2010

TypeTogether is proud to announce the release of Etica, a strong yet delicate sans serif.Etica, the-moralist-typefamily-project, was born at the end of 2000, but its development is ongoing, overcoming many hurdles and diversions. On one hand, the original (+)

VITESSE: A New Font Family from H&FJ

Hoefler & Frere-Jones (+)   12/01/2010

Typeface: VitesseH&FJ is delighted to introduce Vitesse®, a new slab serif in twelve styles.Slab serifs are one of typography’s most vibrant categories, yet they remain dominated by two ancient forms: the nineteenth century Antique, and the twentieth cent (+)

Featured site: Harvard Business Review

Typekit (+)   18/12/2009

Yesterday, the Harvard Business Review launched a redesign of both their magazine and web site. Using the elegant sans serif National from Village type co-op, the venerable publication is not only updating its look, but its approach to content as well. Go (+)

Old french signs: sanserif

Chez Porchez (+)   10/12/2009

The web help to find images from the past, including interesting piece of lettering such this sanserif+shadow in a pure tradition. Dating back probably between the two world wars. source: aanonymes (+)

Typography & The Best of All

Youtube (typography) (+)   26/11/2009

Author: Toserifornot Keywords: Typography & The Best of All Backgrounds Final Web Added: November 26, 2009 (+)

Major update of Fedra Sans, Fedra Serif, Fedra Sans Condensed

Typotheque (+)   02/11/2009

Fedra Sans, the flagship of Typotheque, has been first released in 2001. At that time, standards for fonts were slightly different, and Typotheque was selling only PostScript fonts, with each font including about 250 glyphs. There have been two more updat (+)

Major update of Fedra Sans, Fedra Serif, Fedra Sans Condensed

Typotheque (+)   02/11/2009

Fedra Sans, the flagship of Typotheque, has been first released in 2001. At that time, standards for fonts were slightly different, and Typotheque was selling only PostScript fonts, with each font including about 250 glyphs. There have been two more updat (+)

Major update of Fedra Sans, Fedra Serif, Fedra Sans Condensed

Typotheque (+)   02/11/2009

Fedra Sans, the flagship of Typotheque, has been first released in 2001. At that time, standards for fonts were slightly different, and Typotheque was selling only PostScript fonts, with each font including about 250 glyphs. There have been two more updat (+)

The Ails Of Typographic Anti-Aliasing

Smashing Magazine (+)   02/11/2009

As printed typography enjoys the fruits of high-DPI glory, proudly displaying its beautiful curves and subtleties, its on-screen counterpart remains stifled by bulky pixels, living in a world of jagged edges, distorted letterforms and trimmed serifs. Unti (+)

New from insigne: Chennai Slab!

insigne Design (+)   28/10/2009

Chennai Slab is an extension of the original Chennai. Chennai Slab is a simplified slab serif with over sixty OpenType alternates. These alternates include alternates for the ball terminals, unique simplified alternates and more traditional capital forms. (+)


The Ministry of Type (+)   25/10/2009

I have a new favourite typeface. I’m a bit partial to slab serifs (a long time fan of Egyptienne) but projects that call for them don’t come up all that often. I was looking for a new face for a client’s project on FontShop the other day and, lo, Amasis w (+)

Sovba: a friendly rounded sans-serif inspired by handwriting.

insigne Design (+)   13/10/2009

Sovba is an amiable rounded sans-serif inspired by handwriting. Sovba is useful for a look that is uniquely casual, fresh and smooth. Sovba simplifies character forms down to their basic characteristics, and has a strong, silky smooth forward motion.Sovba (+)

Parry Shines On Two Birds Press Sketchbook

The FontFeed (+)   07/10/2009

Late last summer I discovered a very nice application of Artur Schmal’s Parry, the sans/serif type family released through the reputable Belgian foundry OurType. It was used for the Two Birds Press sketchbook featured on FPO – For Print Only, the five mon (+)

Optimo releases Theinhardt

Typophile (+)   29/09/2009

Theinhardt Optimo is a classic Grotesk typeface designed by François Rappo. It is named after Ferdinand Theinhardt, a punchcutter and type designer (Halle 1820–Berlin 1909), whose radical design approach led to the contemporary modern sans-serifs.François (+)

TUNGSTEN: A New Font Family from H&FJ.

Hoefler & Frere-Jones (+)   16/09/2009

A few years ago, we started wondering if there was a way to make a flat-sided sans serif that was disarming instead of brutish, one that employed confidence and subtlety instead of just raw testosterone. It was an unusual design brief for ourselves, compl (+)


TypeNew (+)   09/09/2009

There are no straight lines in Everafter. The vectors were all drawn and tweaked by hand (and mouse) for a softened, wobbly appearance. The result is a naive serif type that doesn’t take itself too seriously. (+)

Free Font: Akashi

Sharebrain (+)   08/09/2009

Akashi is a stylised sans serif typeface featuring 158 of the most commonly used glyphs.URL: (+)

Martin Majoor 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   07/09/2009

Martin Majoor discusses the new typeface for the Dutch government (Rijksoverheid Serif and Sans). His differing roles as a book designer and as a type designer. He reflects on the lack of female type designers and in graphic design in general. He speaks a (+)

Huffer Pro from P22 Type Foundry

Typophile (+)   01/09/2009

For Immediate Release:Buffalo, NY- September 1st, 2009P22 proudly announces Huffer Pro, a new font designed by Terry Wudenbachsfor the International House of Fonts.Huffer is a chunky and irregular sans-serif font (with a few serifs) thatsimulates the look (+)

Indento released at MyFonts

Typophile (+)   01/09/2009

Indento is a multi-purpose modern geometric slab serif for headlines, posters, branding but fairly legible to be used as longer text. The straight and rounded corners combined with deep cuts and asymmetric serifs gives it a distinctive look while still ke (+)

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