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insigne Design (+)   26/05/2009

FunKern in Space! Fun little game, reminds me of jetpack. via @duschwartz2A tractor as a drummer in a country band. Country as in Denmark, not Tennessee, but there seems to be some overlap in style.DesignOil and Water mix in high shutter speed photography (+)

ScreenFonts: Fast & Furious, The Escapist, State Of Play, Crank: High Voltage, Obsessed

The FontFeed (+)   18/05/2009

In ScreenFonts I always try to have a mix of mainstream movies and indie fare. My criteria for selecting posters to be discussed are simple. Either I have to be able to write something about the design, or it must feature interesting (in whatever way) typ (+)

French Fries by jekyll & hyde

g4graphic (+)   11/05/2009

Jekyll & hyde is a design and communication studio founded in 1996 by Marco Molteni and Margherita Monguzzi. The mix of their previous experiences in art direction and graphic design give form to their distinctive design approach. Today the studio works w (+)

Open Font Library

TypeNew (+)   22/04/2009

Open Font Library let’s you get, share and remix typefaces, and also free to embed them on your site via CSS. (+)


The Ministry of Type (+)   13/04/2009

Yes, the Ministry of Type is now on Twitter! I’ve been using Twitter personally for a while now for a mixture of ranting, stream of consciousness ramblings, conversation and announcements of new Ministry things, so if you’ve been following me there and wo (+)

Baseet Type for ContempArabia

Arabic Type (+)   08/03/2009

Baseet is a hybrid Neo-Naskh / Modern Kufi geometric typeface. It is a mixture of straight vertical, horizontal and diagonal pen stokes incorporated in-between curved corners and edges.The font work perfectly with mono-spaced Roman fonts that share the sa (+)

David Rush - Shooting Star [Remix] feat. Kevin Rudolf, Pitbull, LMFAO - Kinetic Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   27/02/2009

An update from my previous typography video. I decided to completely rework it with a more 3D atmosphere. I also decided to extend the song for your viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoy it!(I plan on finishing the video within the next couple weeks) Author: (+)

Robot equals funny

Veer (+)   26/02/2009

Advertising often relies on a mix of cliché characters to get a laugh. Certainly not above that, Cossette Communications recent spots for Pizza Pops put experimental monkeys, a smaller but martially-gifted person, a best robot friend and the ever popular (+)

Young Boss - Shooting Star [Remix] feat. Kevin Rudolf, LFMAO, & Pitbull

Youtube (typography) (+)   25/02/2009

This is another typography test that I worked on today.I plan on finishing this video sometime in the next couple of weeks. Author: PirateMonkey86 Keywords: young boss kevin rudolf LFMAO pitbull shooting star song typography type kinetic move Added: Febr (+)

Never Anyone - G3LO

Youtube (typography) (+)   14/02/2009

***Happy Valentine's Day***Track I made for the holiday in February.Keep in mind, I have mixed this very quickly, and might have rushed on the video quite a bit.Special Thanks for Tips: Video CopilotCreated with: Adobe After Effects CS3, Cool Edit Pro, V (+)

Tutorial: Purple Smokey Eyes.

Youtube (typography) (+)   10/01/2009

i'm guessing youtube doesn't make the very center of the video the default still anymore? boo :(FACE: - MAC Select Cover Up - Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation - MAC Blushes: Emote, Dollymix EYES: - Urban Decay Primer Potion - MAC Eye Shadows: Innuendo, N (+)


House Industries (+)   03/01/2009

Coolest looking wrapping paper under our tree this year was this little number from the Mitsukoshi Department Store. Kinda looks like Paul Rand doing a remix cover for The Cure. (+)

Seth Godin on Tribes–via on Vimeo

The type nerd (+)   23/12/2008

Seth Godin talks about the ideas behind Tribes.        (+)

Cockney Thug - Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   17/12/2008

A short Typography piece from the intro to Caspa & Ruskos tune 'Cockney Thug' Author: KSmediaproductions Keywords: killian sexton ksexton dubstep snatch typography wobble drum and bass magherafelt mixing dj bristol dub step belfast caspa rusko Added: Dec (+)

Deck the walls

Veer (+)   15/12/2008

The wallpaper elves have just added five new designs for your desktops and device-tops. A festive mix of cannibalism, capitalism, vanity, and existentialism.On a side note, have you seen the holiday fireplace screensaver from stop motion master, PES? Amaz (+)

New from insigne: Youngblood

Font lovel (+)   11/12/2008

Youngblood is a non-connected formal script with tall, sweeping ascenders and two alternates. These alternate forms can be mixed and matched for a custom look, and Youngblood is stronger in weight and is better suited for display work than most script fo (+)

New from insigne: Youngblood

insigne Design (+)   10/12/2008

Youngblood is a non-connected formal script with tall, sweeping ascenders and two alternates. These alternate forms can be mixed and matched for a custom look, and Youngblood is stronger in weight and is better suited for display work than most script fon (+)

Level Reviews Fall 2008

Youtube (typography) (+)   09/12/2008

A brief snippet of the atmosphere at the Parsons Illustration Sophomore and Junior Level Reviews on December 4th, 2008. Author: parsonsillustration Keywords: illustration parsons "level reviews" drawing painting "mixed media" comics collage design typogr (+)

Mixing colors is now possible, thanks Mr Obama

Chez Porchez (+)   05/11/2008

Martin Luther King: Man of the year in 1964. What a symbol for the future generations. Thanks Mr Obama to make this 1964’s dream a reality, thanks, thanks. (+)

All Hallows’ Even Greeting 2008: From Tippi To Type

The Curious Affairs Of Atherton Bartelby (+)   31/10/2008

In honor of my favorite holiday of the entire year, I thought I would revive a long-dead blog tradition of mine: The Designed Holiday e-Greeting. However, I also decided to mix the tradition up a bit in this most recent incarnation by adding actual inform (+)

Mixing Typotheque fonts

Typotheque (+)   15/10/2008

After developing an advanced OpenType FontTester, we now offer another useful application. Would you like to see how different Typotheque fonts work together? Simply select a Headline, Sub-head, and Text typeface and see how they work together. Or choose (+)

History Remixer, mezclando tipografías

Blog Image & Web Solution (+)   01/10/2008

History Remixer es una aplicación de la casa de tipografías Typotheque que permite mezclar las 21 tipografías de la colección para generar un híbrido al que se le puede controlar colores, capas, orden de las tipografías a utilizar para tener como resultad (+)

Alex Trochut (+)   26/09/2008

I worked for two years at a branding and communication design studio called Toormix, where the design methodology and process was very rational and neutral, which was good for me to understand the “swiss” side of design. After that I spent two years at Va (+)

Clelia Adams - Wildflowers DVD Intro Screen

Youtube (typography) (+)   13/09/2008

Clelia Adams - Wildflowers DVD Intro ScreenGraphics & Audio By : Adrian band location recording and mixing) Author: themusicnerd Keywords: themusicnerd clelia adams dvd typography motion graphics mullumbimby lismore gypmue A (+)

Parts of a Character

Veer (+)   12/09/2008

What would Friday be without a little typographic edu-tainment? At Parts of a Character, you can remix the 21 distinct parts that make up a letterform to create new designs. Drag, drop, scale, and rotate the elements, then save your creations to the galle (+)

New from insigne: Newcomen

Font lovel (+)   10/09/2008

Newcomen is a highly versatile titling face that includes 87 OpenType alternates and 38 ligatures. Individual characters can also be selected and mixed and matched in OpenType capable applications for distinctive custom designs. The family includes four w (+)

History Remixer

Typotheque (+)   10/09/2008

To help control the 21 layers of the History typeface, we offer the History Remixer online application. Instead of entering text separately for each layer, you enter it only once, after which you can adjust the layers’ colour, visibility, opacity, etc. Hi (+)

Kinetic Typography - Dj Coone - Words from the Gang (remix)

Youtube (typography) (+)   21/08/2008

Kinetic Typography assignment.Dj Coone - Words from the Gang (D-Block & S-Te-Fan Rmx) Author: r0nnn Keywords: Kinetic Typography Dj Coone Words from the Gang (D-Block S-Te-Fan Rmx) rave dance house music adobe after effects Added: August 21, 2008 (+)

Wal-Mart and Green Product Marketing for 2009

Melodies in Marketing (+)   12/08/2008

I really love Wal-Mart’s leadership on this. My only concern is how those products are communicated and marketed. With the top 250 suppliers having until August 18th to submit proposals for Spring 09, I’m sure we’ll see an nice mixture of offerings. Some (+)

Supreme Mathematics Series

Swiss Legacy (+)   26/07/2008

Series of four typographic posters exploring the forced overlap of many passions: ideological Swiss typography, contemporary mixtape rap and inspirational messages. Like Müller-Brockmann, Slim Thug and Benjamin Franklin met up for a beer.Set includes four (+)

Oliver Gehrs 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   07/07/2008

We ask editor Oliver Gehrs if Dummy Magazin is a magazine. Does it have a lot of competition? Dummy’s policy is to not mix content and ads. Will the magazine live longer with its always changing design and theme? Oliver explains that Dummy is happy to be (+)

DJ Fresh - The Tonite Show DVD Intro

Youtube (typography) (+)   03/07/2008

I did this for DJ Fresh. It's the intro for his upcoming DVD. Author: mixtapelive Keywords: kenetic typography motion graphics dvd intro Added: July 3, 2008 (+)

Mejor tipografía del 2008 en el EDAwards: el proyecto Centro Pro

Vecindad gráfica (+)   10/06/2008

Lo mejor del diseño tipográfico en Europa.The Centro Pro Project. A mixed type system.Lo vi en Digg (+)


Youtube (typography) (+)   10/06/2008

ARTOUS tried to create mixture of designs and pictures of TAKHTE JAMSHID with Persian rugs blueprint, persian typography designs and also using PAHLAVI's font which had been forgotten through out the time especially when Arabs took over of Iran. Author: (+)

Kobe Bryant MVP Speech: Kenetic Typography - MoGraph Final

Youtube (typography) (+)   09/06/2008

This is my final for motion graphics class. I had a month to do it, but being the procrastinator I am i just did it today in 4 hours. Not bad for a 4 hours of work. Author: mixtapelive Keywords: kobe bryant mvp art institute of california san francisco (+)

LeBron James "Rumble"

Youtube (typography) (+)   09/06/2008

LeBron James's highlights from 07-08 mixed with Juelz Santana's Rumble Young Man Rumble. Tried also a little typography with the texts. Author: Dinomies Keywords: lebron james mix nba basketballcleveland cavaliers juelz santana what the game's been miss (+)

Pyke’s Peak & Pyke’s Peak Zero

Font lovel (+)   05/06/2008

Wraith-like forms mix Roman inscriptional letters with an ar’deco theme for an ethereal graphic art effect. Pyke’s Peak for magazines and editorial design, book jackets & interiors, posters & broadsides, art & craft objects and other things needing a tou (+)

JME Photoshoot

Youtube (typography) (+)   14/05/2008

For the project i projected my previous video on top of my friend posing as JME. Then i did a photoshoot for promotional items the results were good... Author: dirtydogrobmcwill Keywords: JME SKEPTA LEON TYPOGRAPHY SERIOUS GANGSTERS REMIX GANGSTARS BOY (+)

Typesites Reviews The Int’l Herald Tribune

Design Float (+)   05/05/2008

Probably the best looking newspaper site that mixes web 2.0 and newspaper style design.3 Floats (+)

JME Serious Remix typography film

Youtube (typography) (+)   03/05/2008

This was a uni project, i had to create a short music video using only typography on an artist of my choice so i chose JME - serious becasue the words in serious are important and unlike any other grime tune says you dont have to tak about guns and shan (+)

burhan ocal music video clip : typo & rhythm (finalVersion)

Youtube (typography) (+)   01/05/2008

THIS IS THE FINAL VERSION OF MYtypography & motiondesign work (hopefully final).I CALL IT DÜMburhan öcal - a turkish musician - meets typography.typography & motiondesign - music video clip realized with adobe burhan öcalremix: alparslan kal (+)

Milous' we want more money

Youtube (typography) (+)   23/04/2008

I watched this episode a couple of weeks ago and found that it was the funniest south park episode i've ever seen. And then I searched the web and found this remixed version and almost died of laughter. South Park is the funniest cartoon series out righ (+)

Lace Typography

BibliOdyssey (+)   11/03/2008

The above images are an intriguing mix of patterns for lace making surrounding various alphabet and script styles. The suite of engravings was produced in 1604 by Antonello Bertozzi and Sebastian Zanilla in Padua and is simply known as 'Book on Lace'.I h (+)


g4graphic (+)   02/03/2008

In 2005 Johannes and Tim completed their degree in graphic design. Johannes is freelancing in Wiesbaden, Tim is currently doing an intership at Hort. A duo with experimental portfolio and typography also some great textiles. Coolmix (+)

Títulos de crédito

Cosas visuales (+)   27/02/2008

El sitio Forget the film, watch the titles recopila una amplia relación de títulos de crédito de películas, muchas de ellas conocidas, todas con un tratamiento tipográfico especial. Se divide en cuatro categorías: animation, motion graphics, 3D y mixed. (+)


Oh, pickles! (+)   26/02/2008

Binth, a collaborative design firm in Chicago focused primarily on screenprinting, designs and produces a range of unique work, from greeting cards to pillows and original prints. Their emphasis on strong color is evident - they mix water-based inks by h (+)

Thank You For Playing Titles Sequence

Youtube (typography) (+)   24/02/2008

This is a title sequence I did for part of my animation course. The brief was that the sequence should be typography based and be 20secs long. It's for a documentary about arcade games. The music is a remix of the Space Harrier theme by 'djpretzel' that (+)

50 years of NASA

The Ministry of Type (+)   07/02/2008

I have mixed opinions of this. Even if it is a blindingly obvious thing to use a planet to make the zero, it is NASA and if anyone can use a planet in a logo they surely can, and I think it’s quite nice with the 5. I just wish they’d left it at that, but (+)

Porn star script

g4graphic (+)   04/02/2008

Influenced by 2nd Berlin Porn Festival in Athens I searched for interesting mixture of graphic design and porn industry. Nothing interesting out there from the design prespective, but this script is something special. Ivan Mato writes - Porn Star Script (+)

FontLab gets remixed

Microsoft typography (+)   31/01/2008

Tim Ahrens posts a set of plug-ins for FontLab Studio, that allow scaling of glyphs without affecting the stroke weight. (+)

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