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Fernanda Porto

g4graphic (+)   14/03/2011

Fernanda is a brazilian Designer working in Sydney. Her projects it kind make feel good. Colourful, nice clean typography and many simple graphic symbols makes happy faces. Fernanda Porto Related posts:Julien MercierLiam BonarAlexander Fjelldalà2James Ki (+)

Lettre M

Chez Porchez (+)   22/02/2011

Dernièrement, un client m’a fourni des adresses postales utilisant les symboles T et M pour certains éléments d’adresses. Mais pas comme il semble logique de les employer (souvent je préfère carrément écrire en toutes lettres les mots telephone, fax, mobi (+)

How to Create a Spectacular Vector Film Strip in Illustrator

Sharebrain (+)   10/11/2010

Along with creating this, you will learn how to: - use the 3D tools to your advantage - Make use of symbols - Effectively apply gradients - Use blending modes to increase the quality of your image - Use gradient mesh to create cool backgroundsView and Vot (+)

Leaf Logo Designs – Incorporating Natural Beauty into Corporate Style

Sharebrain (+)   08/11/2010

There are many reasons to use leaf image as part of corporate logo designs. Leaves can symbolize the natural cycle of life and death, expressing the idea that spring will always come after winter, bringing new sprouts of life purity, freshness, and beauty (+)

The ghost of cameras past

Veer (+)   12/10/2010

For those grown accustomed to the immediate gratification of a digital image, the instant camera is a cute, but ultimately pitiful, symbol of days long past. "Remember when people stood there and watched the photo develop? So adorable." For others, it's s (+)

Unicode 6.0 released

Microsoft typography (+)   12/10/2010

Unicode 6.0 has just been released. This version includes more than 2000 new characters, including many emoji symbols as well as the Indian Rupee symbol. (+)

Railroad HDR Photography Highlights

Sharebrain (+)   08/10/2010

Ada Louise Huxtable, an architecture critic, who received the Pulitzer Prize, once said: “Nothing was more up-to-date when it was built, or is more obsolete today, than the railroad station.” Indeed, railroad has been the symbol of the whole epoch, repres (+)

Free Vector Heraldry Elements

Sharebrain (+)   24/09/2010

Working on some heraldry design project can be challenging for a designer, because heraldry is always about a combination of unique style or appearance with the meaning of each heraldic symbol. Trying to make the life of graphics designers easier and thei (+)

BonBon: Sweet CSS3 Buttons

Sharebrain (+)   21/09/2010

BonBon is somekind of CSS tool or minified framework to create CSS3 buttons with minimalistic markup. You can use the HTML5 custom data attribute that allows you to use any of the Unicode symbols. Add text-shadows, box-shadows, gradients and borders to mo (+)


Poisongalore (+)   10/07/2010

STIX Fonts Version 1.0 ReleasedA new web-based character set perfectly renders the full range of characters and symbols needed in Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM) publishing. (+)

Pippo Lionni

Gramatologia (+)   03/06/2010

Mindless, Pippo Lionni, 2002, foto: Roel StevensUsing pictograms familiar to us all from everyday life - such as road signs, toilet markers and mathematical symbols - Pippo Lionni uses each page of this book to tell a story or make a comment, entirely wit (+)

letterform symbol

Youtube (typography) (+)   28/05/2010

Author: bgandem Keywords: Added: May 28, 2010 (+)

Kenya Hara, White – Lars Müller Publishers

Swiss Legacy (+)   09/05/2010

“White” is not a book about colors. It is rather Kenya Haras attempt to explore the essence of “White”, which he sees as being closely related to the origin of Japanese aesthetics – symbolizing simplicity and subtlety. The central concepts discussed by Ke (+)

Evolution of the Batman symbol

Veer (+)   04/05/2010

We're not sure how this many redesigns impacts Commissioner Gordon's rooftop Bat-Signal budget, but Logo Design Love is featuring Rodrigo Rojas' great animation of the Batman symbol's many shapes over the decades.Which is your favorite? (+)

Emigre No. 70, the Look Back Issue

I love typography (+)   13/03/2010

Reviewed by James PuckettIn 1983 Rudy VanderLans, Zuzana Licko, Marc Susan, and Menno Meyjes began Emigre, a magazine about “…the global artist who juggles cultures, travels between them, and who is fluent in the cultural symbols of the world. An émigré.” (+)

New from insigne: Blue Goblet Emblems!

insigne Design (+)   05/01/2010

The designer-favorite Blue Goblet family has grown with Blue Goblet Emblems. Blue Goblet Emblems are unique and abstract symbols that are rendered in Cory Godbey’s unique illustration style.These creative and dynamic ornaments can be resized easily withou (+)

Cursive letterpress coasters

Chez Porchez (+)   29/11/2009

Nice small things using good type, don’t miss the animals and others symbols. Nice. From USD 10 on their website: Cursive New York. (+)

47th D&AD Awards now open. Enter before Wednesday 18 November 2009 to save 10%

Typophile (+)   07/10/2009

D&AD has celebrated and nurtured outstanding work in design and advertising since 1962. The Yellow Pencil is recognised the world over as a symbol of true creative achievement. Typophile readers and subscribers are invited to enter their finest type and t (+)

Atlantis Typography Stopmotion

Youtube (typography) (+)   12/08/2009

Author: barbarak89 Keywords: atlantis font stopmotion paint water wash away symbolic Added: August 12, 2009 (+)

H (helvetica)

Le Typographe (+)   29/07/2009

Le “H”, reprenant les proportions exactes de “l’Helvetica”, typographie aux traits jugés si purs, est le symbole de la recherche d’efficacité. Face à une société aux comportements stéréotypés, l’individu a pour seul repère des modèles préconçus et... (+)

Totem 49 – Damien Poulain

g4graphic (+)   17/07/2009

Solo show at Kemistry Gallery, london
4th June – 18th July 2009

Inspired by ancestral sculptures and religious fetishes, in Totem 49 designer Damien Poulain has reinterpreted the notion of the symbolic nature of the totem by creating fortynine hand-paint (+)

The History of Symbols

Metropolis (+)   14/07/2009

Interesante entrada en Snap2Objects sobre la historia y de los símbolos. Pictogramas, ideogramas, monogramas, logotipos, escudos… cómo diferenciar entre este tipo de cosas y no acabar diciendo lo primero que te viene a la cabeza… (+)

Indecorous type..

Text Wrap (+)   11/07/2009

This font does not include ligatures, and predates the symbol for Euros.Bernard “Hap” Kliban (1935–1990) offered Barf Bold in one of his cartoon collections in the late ’70s. Kliban created a cartoon genre that consisted of a single panel with a droll thi (+)

Free tool: Symbol Signs collection

Design Work Plan (+)   15/06/2009

This is a collection of 50 common used signage symbols, professional designed. The symbols signs are free of charge available as an OpenType font format, allowing you to easily add symbols & icons to your sign and wayfinding design. All the symbols have b (+)

The Puppet Show

g4graphic (+)   16/05/2009

Great but wicked.30 portraits of children from two to eight years old, taken very naturally and transformed into dolls by a subtle play of retouching.The photo-symbol of the show, has already received two of the most important awards on the international (+)

New FontFont release: FF Dingbats 2.0

Typophile (+)   06/04/2009

Spring gives life to a fresh bunch of FontFonts. One of them is the comprehensive collection of modern pictograms in FF Dingbats 2.0. Designed back when Zapf Dingbats were the only symbols in font form, the FF Dingbats™ package was the first to illustrate (+)

New Dollar Sign Proposed by Congress to Reflect Economic Conditions

Typophile (+)   31/03/2009

New Dollar Sign Proposed by Congress to Reflect Economic ConditionsWASHINGTON D.C. — APRIL 1, 2009To help stem the downward spiral of the United States economy Congress has proposed a new dollar symbol. “Updating fonts on the world’s computers and devices (+)


The Ministry of Type (+)   22/03/2009

A couple of weeks ago I linked to the AIGA set of passenger and pedestrian symbols, and I find today (again, via Chris Glass) this set of icons by Gerd Arntz. These ones were created much earlier in the 20th Century; as part of the Isotype project set up (+)

India Seeks Design for Rupee Monetary Symbol

The FontFeed (+)   16/03/2009

The Government of India wishes to introduce a symbol for its currency the rupee, and is organising through the Ministry of Finance a public competition. The BBC extensively reported this, and interviewed FontShop’s Euro experts on this topic. Erik Spieker (+)

Symbol Signs

The Ministry of Type (+)   01/03/2009

You can get a wall decal of this here - in the ‘Urban’ section.I see (via Chris Glass) that AIGA have put the complete set of passenger and pedestrian symbols online, free of charge, apparently for the first time. They can be downloaded from their site he (+)

Wagner Pinto

g4graphic (+)   17/02/2009

Wagner uses elements and symbols of umbanda, candomble, indigenous graphics, religious dressings, alchemical elements and folklore forest for his illustrations.Wagner Pinto (+)

epps evans

Poisongalore (+)   31/01/2009

The Epps-Evans face-produced by the Computer Science Division of the National Physical Laboratory-which has no diagonals or curves. Man/Machine typefaceRichard Carr[…] One set of symbols, however, which does combine mechanical legibility with a good sense (+)

Final Seance

Youtube (typography) (+)   18/01/2009

A university brief. Create a 1 minute title sequence. It was based of a previous typography poster brief. I used symbolic imagery to show the audience what the film was about, and what was going to occur. I used 3d models I sculpted over the past couple (+)


Microsoft typography (+)   04/01/2009

Emoji Unicode proposal puts the cat among the pigeons - and yes I'd like to see the symbol for that one too. (+)

Phonetic Alphabet Project: Alpha

For the love of type (+)   13/12/2008

The start of the phonetic alphabet project. The original letterforms based on the alpha symbol. More coming... (+)

Mixing colors is now possible, thanks Mr Obama

Chez Porchez (+)   05/11/2008

Martin Luther King: Man of the year in 1964. What a symbol for the future generations. Thanks Mr Obama to make this 1964’s dream a reality, thanks, thanks. (+)

Voting Irregularities Already!

Hoefler & Frere-Jones (+)   04/11/2008

The donkey is universally recognized as the symbol of Democratic Party of the United States. Except inside voting booths in New York State, where affiliation with the Democratic party is marked by a five-pointed star. Midwestern voters indicate the Democr (+)

Love on the rocks

Veer (+)   21/10/2008

Kotama Bouabane's Melting Words project is a (great, if depressing) photo series of icy letterforms that spell out relationship-ending retorts. The frozen medium adds mood that any other material would fall short of. Snowmen as a symbol of our fleeting ex (+)

Floral Doors

Youtube (typography) (+)   08/09/2008

"Floral Doors" is an exhibition of kinetic typography that symbolizes the beauty and meaning of the actual floral ornamentation of the walls in Buddhist halls. The elaborate abstractive flowers show the harmony of living with nature. This work expresses (+)

Floral Doors

Youtube (typography) (+)   07/09/2008

"Floral Doors" is an exhibition of kinetic typography that symbolizes the beauty and meaning of the actual floral ornamentation of the walls in Buddhist halls. The elaborate abstractive flowers show the harmony of living with nature. This work expresses (+)

Tim Fraser - Colourful language

TypeNew (+)   02/09/2008

“MPA Roses Student Awards 2006 submission in response to the simple brief, ‘promote swearing.’ Winner of its category and winner of the overall gold award.”Clever use of symbol characters that we use to represent blocked out swearing to form an alphabet. (+)

Not an Ampersand #1

The ampersand (+)   18/08/2008

I am not going to embarrass the loyal reader who sent this in, but I thought it could lead to a nice new series of educational posts called “Not an Ampersand.”This lovely garden sculpture is actually the musical symbol called the clef. (+)

If I read German, I would order this.

The ampersand (+)   08/08/2008

According to Google Translate, this page actually says:Jan Tschichold †: shape wall of the lungs Et symbol (Reprint of the essay “form changing face of Et character” of 1953)Andreas Stötzner: Anatomy and the example of the metamorphosis Et markWith passen (+)

Fonts & Typography: 20 best free futuristic Techno Fonts

Sharebrain (+)   05/08/2008

Techno fonts is our today’s topic. Going back to the future may bring you new idea in designing. Techno design theme reflecting all symbols and the overflow of energy in the digital age. Electronic media is somehow the core’s concept of techno typefaces. (+)

What’s your sign, and how much does it weigh?

Text Wrap (+)   03/08/2008

Currency symbols are almost invisible. We see them everywhere, but we rarely give them a thought, so let’s take a look at two of them.Why is the symbol for the British pound sterling a stylized italic upper case L? It’s an abbreviated form of libra, Latin (+)

Tangible Interactions in Motion

Youtube (typography) (+)   23/05/2008

What happens in a world where interactions become tangible? Author: graphixmdp Keywords: animation symbol design media art center jonathan tangible interaction interactive motion graphic typography icon Added: May 23, 2008 (+)

See Hear Speak of the Design Week

AIGA New Hampshire. Vermont (+)   10/04/2008

Here’s what I’ve been checking out this week:I think W is my favorite!Oh, I do love the look of these!What’s the symbol for….oh, here it is! Thanks, AIGA!The Dropclock will look sweet on our music computer!What are you looking at? Leave a note in the com (+)

Your Favourite Letters

The Ministry of Type (+)   19/03/2008

Pilcrow symbols from Helvetica and PalatinoFavourite to draw that is… Two interesting articles I’ve followed links to on the H&FJ site recently are the ones about the Sulzbacher Eszett and the Pilcrow (and Capitulum) (via Kottke and Ace Jet 170). It seem (+)

Meet me at the Pilcrow & Capitulum

India, Ink. (+)   13/03/2008

Like most punctuation, the paragraph mark (or pilcrow) has an exotic history. It’s tempting to recognize the symbol as a “P for paragraph,” though the resemblance is incidental: in its original form, the mark was an open C crossed by a vertical line or t (+)

At’s what I’m talkin’ about…

Text Wrap (+)   23/02/2008

The ubiquitous, iconic at symbol leaves a mysterious etymological trail. It was included on typewriters as early as 1885, and the roots of the symbol may go back to 16th century Europe. There was no place for @ in traditional typesetting, and there was n (+)

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