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Homenagem a Hermann Zapf

Café Fcraft (+)   21/12/2009

O calígrafo, tipógrafo e designer de livros Hermann Zapf foi o criador de diversos tipos como a Optima, Palatino, Zapfino, Michelangelo, Sistina.Alemão, Zapf foi autodidata na arte da caligrafia. Começou seu trabalho ainda nos anos 40, desenhando tipos pa (+)

Ricardo Cervera por la Frutiger

Tipográficamente (+)   14/12/2009

Qué tipografía:1) Usas frecuentemente? (Por qué?)Para titulares en mis diseños editoriales suelo usar la Frutiger, por ser formal, sobria y legible. Otra alternativa es la Gill Sans. En textos uso Palatino o New Century, pienso que cumplen muy bien su fun (+)

Wishing on a typeface

I love typography (+)   04/12/2009

By Nadine ChahineNadine Chahine is a type designer for Linotype GmbH, where she is also Branding & CI Manager, and Arabic Specialist. She designed Frutiger Arabic with Adrian Frutiger and Palatino Arabic with Hermann Zapf, for which she won the Certificat (+)

Eduardo Barrantes D. por la Palatino

Tipográficamente (+)   18/08/2009

1.-Cuando el encargo o proyecto es de lectura larga, me inclino por las Serifas como la Goudy old style, Palatino o Baskerville (aunque esta última es difícil de ubicar a pesar de ser muy hermosa de hecho no es ahorrativa en cuanto a caracteres por rengló (+)

Fernanda Aleixo por la Bodoni

Tipográficamente (+)   12/08/2009

Qué tipografía:1) Usas frecuentemente? (Por qué?)Utilizo Helvética, Univers, Frutiger, Garamond, Bodoni, Optima, Kabel, Myriad, Palatino, Tahoma, Verdana (para web). Las voy alternando de acuerdo a la aplicación, titulares, bloques de texto o web. Para ma (+)

Tipografía "PALATINO"

Youtube (tipografía) (+)   20/05/2009

Author: MariSurFs Keywords: tipografias Added: May 19, 2009 (+)

7) Scritti - Calligrafici: (Classificazione Novarese) Parte prima: dalle “Littere” alle “Cancelleresche”, fino alle “Barocche”

Giò Fuga Type (+)   04/01/2009

Coluccio Salutati: littera antiquaLittera italicaLudovico Vicentino degli Arrighi, legature presenti nella “Operina”, 1522Giovanni Antonio Tagliente, calligrafia, 1524 Giovan Battista Palatino, 1540 Ferdinando Ruano, “Lettera cancelleresca... (+)

The story of Palatino Arabic

Arabic Type (+)   29/06/2008

I joined Linotype in February 2005 as an intern working on Arabic fonts. As many people know, Prof. Hermann Zapf has a great working relationship with Linotype and he comes to the office quite often. Shortly after I joined, Bruno Steinert introduced me to (+)

Palatino Arabic proportions

Arabic Type (+)   14/04/2008

Though this might look like a typeface struck down with a bad case of measles, the red dots are the guidelines for the overall proportions of Palatino Arabic.Palatino Arabic follows the proportions of classical Naskh as can be seen in the image above. Th (+)

Palatino Arabic

The Ministry of Type (+)   10/04/2008

Part of my job involves developing websites in multiple languages, and earlier this week the decision was made to produce an arabic version of a particular very flash-heavy website we did. It’s going to be an interesting challenge, as the website in ques (+)

Award-winning Palatino Arabic is now available

Arabic Type (+)   10/04/2008

I’m happy to report that Palatino Arabic is now available via the Linotype channels. (+)

Your Favourite Letters

The Ministry of Type (+)   19/03/2008

Pilcrow symbols from Helvetica and PalatinoFavourite to draw that is… Two interesting articles I’ve followed links to on the H&FJ site recently are the ones about the Sulzbacher Eszett and the Pilcrow (and Capitulum) (via Kottke and Ace Jet 170). It seem (+)

Palatino Arabic won a TDC award

Arabic Type (+)   25/02/2008

I am very happy to report that Palatino Arabic, which I had worked on with Prof. Hermann Zapf, has won an Award for Excellence in Type Design from Type Directors’ Club in New York!!!Palatino Arabic is in the style of classical Naskh but with a Thuluth fl (+)

Most Used Typogrophies In Web Design

venue (ven-yoo) (+)   12/12/2007

The first 6 typographies that are listed are considered Web Safe. That means that they are contained in most internet browsers.They are:HelvéticaArialVerdanaGeorgiaTrebuchetCentury GothicLucida GrandePalatinoGaramondBaskervilleCaslonUniversMyriadRockwell (+)

Whither Palatino?

Text Wrap (+)   10/11/2007

Graphic designers have punished Hermann Zapf’s beautiful 1948 design, Palatino, for over a decade by avoiding it. It’s crime? Ubiquity. It was everywhere after the desktop publishing revolution put it into the hands of the hoi polloi in the late 1980s. I (+)

Akira Kobayashi: ‘Sansserif types and their humanistic backgrounds’

Fawny (+)   14/09/2007

Presentation on, essentially, Avenir Next and Palatino Sans (+)

Easter Egg Hunt_páscoa

Tipografias (+)   21/03/2007

Through April 10, 2007, is sponsoring an “Easter Egg Hunt!” We’ve hidden Easter Eggs in various locations throughout our website, e.g., on pages where information about our latest font releases and products like Palatino™ Sans or Agil (+)

Discover our new Palatino Sans Families; Get a Test Font with Any Purchase

Typophile (+)   23/01/2007

Linotype’s LinoLetter for January 2007 – Discover our new Palatino Sans Families; Get a Test Font with Any PurchaseCheck out the full version of this month's newsletter at the Linotype website: Prev (+)

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