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Slanted Magazine: para amantes del «Heavy metal»

Lletraferits (+)   04/05/2010

Lo que el cocido es a Madrid, son las góticas o «black letters» a la iconografía «heavy Metal» y precisamente a ellas, las góticas, le dedican los de Magmabranddesign su último número de «Slanted Magazine». 164 páginas de contenido «heavytipográfico» y un (+)

ABC Tote by Village Typefoundry

Swiss Legacy (+)   20/04/2010

ABC tote ©2009-2010 VillageJust found out that the very good Village Typefoundry has update with a new website. I also find this very cool tote…A 19″ × 16″ × 4″ jumbo tote bag screen printed in Metallic Silver and Fluorscent Orange inks on a heavyweight r (+)

Video Announcement For Bureau Des Affaires Typographiques

The FontFeed (+)   16/04/2010

Video plays an increasingly important role in the type industry. Besides documentaries like Helvetica, TypeFace, and the upcoming Making Faces: Metal Type in the 21st Century; and video interviews like our FontCast series; some new typefaces have been ann (+)

Slanted Magazine #10 – “Heavy Metal. Lovers.” Spring 2010 – Out Now

Swiss Legacy (+)   15/04/2010

Slanted Magazine #10 – “Heavy Metal. Lovers.” Spring 2010 – Out Now. Buy it here. (+)

Pebble as Metaphor for Directory

Brand New (+)   15/04/2010

The last time I looked through a Yellow Pages directory was probably 10 years ago and I believe I am not exaggerating. During those years I may have used their online version, but it was a rather obnoxious experience. These days, when anything is so simpl (+)

El Instrumento y la forma de la letra caligrafiada.

Caligrafía en Perú (+)   12/04/2010

Todos los calígrafos reconocemos que nuestro principal aliado y reto en el aprendizaje de la caligrafía es el instrumento, en este caso las plumas luego las tintas y el soporte que puede ser papel, metal, cartón, lienzo, pared, mármol, vidrio, pergamino, (+)

John Mayer & House Industries for LA

House Industries (+)   25/03/2010

The third specimen in our series of John Mayer tour posters. David Dodde and I gathered all pennies we made on last year’s design jobs and ground them up for pigment. A generous pull of metallic copper, white and fluorescent red ink layered on the uncann (+)

Sponsors needed for Rimmer documentary

Microsoft typography (+)   18/03/2010

Richard Kegler is working on a documentary about the work of Jim Rimmer titled, “Making Faces: Metal Type in the 21st Century”. (+)

Making Faces: Metal Type in the 21st Century (A documentary)

The FontFeed (+)   18/03/2010

Two years ago I shot footage (in HD video) for a documentary on possibly the only person who designed and fabricated fonts in both digital and metal formats. This person, Jim Rimmer, has died this year and this delayed project is in need of finishing. My (+)

Lo nuevo de Syntetyk

Lineasguia (+)   16/03/2010

En Syntetyk presentamos nuestro nuevo producto: mogom, anillos personalizados. Dispones de una aplicación online para crear tus mogom a partir de varias piezas distintas de metacrilato y pedirlas mediante Paypal. También hay pendientes a juego ....Crea tu (+)

Kinetic Typography - Full Metal Jacket

Youtube (typography) (+)   10/03/2010

Author: Mediasoldier Keywords: Added: March 9, 2010 (+)

Full Metal Jacket Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   03/03/2010

Author: EpochTitan Keywords: Added: March 3, 2010 (+)

Printing the new old way

House Industries (+)   22/02/2010

A quick video out-take from printing at Lead Graffiti last week. Nothing makes the case for keeping good old machinery around than printing on a Universal III (first made in 1959 for pulling reproduction proofs of metal type for offset printing in the da (+)

On city identity

LS graphic design (+)   09/02/2010

This video, made in 1997, is already an historical document: it was made in Director, not Flash, to present the logo for Glasgow ’99 that MetaDesign London design back in 1997. [via Spiekerblog] (+)

GIRUGAMESH - KOWARETE IKU SEKAI (Subs - Subtitulado Japanese - English - Español)

Youtube (tipografía) (+)   06/02/2010

Author: MusicalTranslator Keywords: Girugamesh Kowarete Iku sekai subs subtitulado japanese english español spanish japan traduccion traducido lyrics Rock Alternative Nu metal Hard Industrial Metalcore eldesatado cancion song musicaltranslator Added: Feb (+)

GIRUGAMESH - KOWARETE IKU SEKAI (subs subtitulado Japanese - English - Español)

Youtube (tipografía) (+)   27/01/2010

Author: eldesatado Keywords: Alternative metal Nu metal Hard rock Industrial metal Added: January 26, 2010 (+)

Cupid the Screen Printer

House Industries (+)   25/01/2010

David Dodde pulling a few metallic silver Valentype blocks. Only a few days left before these screens are destroyed… (+)

Lord of the Logos, in un libro i loghi metal di Christophe Szpajdel

Designerblog (+)   22/01/2010

Fan del metal in ogni sua declinazione, fermatevi a leggere. Esce in questi giorni per la casa editrice berlinese Gestalten un volume interessante che raccoglie le opere dell’artista Christophe Szpajdel, soprannominato dai fan appunto, Lord of the Logos.T (+)

Buchstabenmuseum, il museo delle lettere di Berlino

Designerblog (+)   19/01/2010

Per tutti voi graphic designer e maniaci del lettering, dopo la segnalazione del Neon Museum di Las Vegas, ecco un’altra meta di pellegrinaggio, questa volta un po’ più raggiungibile. Si tratta del Buchstabenmuseum, il Museo delle Lettere di Berlino.Un pi (+)

L’Allumi PTF: un caractère différent

Le Typographe (+)   19/01/2010

Sorti dernièrement chez Typofonderie, l’Allumi PTF est un sans serif fonctionnel qui se destine à la communication corporate. Grâce a un design métalique froid et épuré, l’Allumi PTF sera une réponse convaincante pour un magazine d’architecture ou de des (+)

House Love Letters

House Industries (+)   15/01/2010

Valentype blocks are ready to hang or just hangout on your favorite surface area. Your choice of any character in red or metallic silver on a solid maple slab. (+)

Agende 2010: la cartoleria artigianale inglese Sukie

Designerblog (+)   09/01/2010

L’inizio dell’anno è sempre un periodo di intense ricerche per scegliere l’agenda, il diario che accompagnerà gli eventi dei dodici mesi a venire. Poiché gennaio è già quasi alla sua metà, perché non scegliere un modello con le pagine non datate, da numer (+)

Large Metal One

The ampersand (+)   16/12/2009

Jessica found this at the antique fair. (+)

Kinetic Typography Full Metal Jacket

Youtube (typography) (+)   25/11/2009

Author: wordplay707 Keywords: motion typography kinetic graphic design graphics movies films full metal jacket Added: November 25, 2009 (+)

FontFont library now on Typekit

Typekit (+)   18/11/2009

Great news! Typekit users now have access to some of the highest quality typefaces in the world thanks to our new partnership with FontFont. We’re adding dozens of their professional fonts (like FF Meta, FF Dax, and FF Netto) to all account levels at no a (+)

Full metal jacket typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   13/11/2009

Author: TEAMALSTARE Keywords: full metal jacket typographic text kinetic text Added: November 13, 2009 (+)

Webfonts Week: An Interview with Erik Spiekermann

The FontFeed (+)   13/11/2009

Still speaking a-mile-a-minute and showing no signs of slowing down, Erik Spiekermann coyly calls himself an “old guy”. It’s true that he’s been around for every incarnation of type — metal, film, and digital — but he’s no fuddy-duddy when it comes to new (+)

Crazy Train With Lyrics

Youtube (typography) (+)   12/11/2009

Author: Corundem Keywords: Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne Music rock metal classic typography lyrics Added: November 11, 2009 (+)

[image: 1]CÓPIA?Alguém me dizia ontem que mais de metade

reactor (+)   30/10/2009

CÓPIA?Alguém me dizia ontem que mais de metade dos projectos de design que por aí circulam não são, legitimamente, da autoria de quem os assinou e, consequentemente, ficou com o trabalho e com os créditos. Este processo de apropriação terá diversas varian (+)

James White Interview

Inspiredology (+)   27/10/2009

Please introduce yourself, give us a brief bio, and how you got started in your design field. My name is James and I like video games, heavy metal, comics and cartoons. I’m a visual artist living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and have been working as a (+)


House Industries (+)   21/10/2009

Thanks to all who made it to the House show/shop at the Type Directors Club last night. A few reclaimed wood frames Adam made for the serigraphs.Both wood & metal type.Cathy and Robin of Heath Ceramics slumming it.Remember Girard.Kids love the blocks…moms (+)


Mundo das marcas (+)   19/10/2009

A marca WEBER é um verdadeiro ícone americano de lazer. Tradicionais nos quintais das casas americanas, suas grelhas/churrasqueiras de metal com tampa, sempre associadas aos momentos de lazer e convivência, acompanham os almoços e jantares festivos entre (+)

Lions in the cage

House Industries (+)   07/10/2009

Letting the metallic gold ink on the Benny Casa serigraphs dry. (+)

Full metal jacket typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   24/09/2009

Author: avalaker Keywords: Typographic animation full metal jacket Added: September 23, 2009 (+)

Neuland – The Future of German Graphic Design

Swiss Legacy (+)   23/09/2009

German graphic design has undergone a dramatic metamorphosis in recent years. Young professionals and students have been demonstrating heightened technical skills and strong, individualistic styles.The emerging design generation has broken with cultural a (+)

Another Intro...

Youtube (typography) (+)   23/09/2009

Author: MyFullmetalValentine Keywords: adobe after effects typography intro introduction give you hell all american rejects Added: September 22, 2009 (+)


Youtube (tipografía) (+)   18/09/2009

Author: evans13 Keywords: metaltor motion graphics cali colombia diseño grafico graphic design studios rwm animación after effects cs3 cs4 trhas metal Added: September 17, 2009 (+)

Comisario salón SUTERM

Youtube (tipografía) (+)   06/09/2009

Author: IDS54 Keywords: Comisario banda metal Tuxtla Gutiérrez musica toquin concierto gutierrez suterm trash rock comisario Added: September 6, 2009 (+)

Sang Nordique Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   24/08/2009

Author: ihab1000 Keywords: akitsa sang nordique black metal typography 3d maya animation Added: August 24, 2009 (+)

Publicidad: Consigue un pelo más fuerte con el champú Joymain (+)   24/08/2009

¿Qué os parece esta ilustración publicitaria?. Os explico: Es una ilustración para anunciar un champú que fortalece el cabello y le procura que esté más sano.La ilustración es un pelo fuerte y sano que corta un gran cuchillo metálico.Dice mucho la imagen, (+)

Sold Out, but not Selling Out

House Industries (+)   20/08/2009

After leaving pissed off interns, disgruntled employees, frostbitten toes from January Berlin press checks, bewildered blue jumpsuited pressmen and severely depleted NATO strategic silver metallic ink supplies in its wake, the House book has officially re (+)

FF Unit Slab · The No-Nonsense Slab Serif

Typophile (+)   18/08/2009

When Kris Sowersby, Christian Schwartz, and Erik Spiekermann were designing the parameters for FF Meta Serif, they spent quite some time on details like the thickness and the shape of the serifs — should the face veer towards a slab with blocky, heavy ser (+)

Creative Mornings DIY nametags

Veer (+)   14/08/2009

Creative Mornings is a 10-minute creative lecture series organized by SwissMiss, Tina Roth Eisenberg. There's one going on right now at New York's MoMA that you are far, far too late to RSVP to.Past lectures are available online, along with a charming DIY (+)

The Lost Poster

TypeNew (+)   13/08/2009

The “lost” poster colorway, designed by Build. A2 size (16 1/2″ x 23 1/2″), letterpress printed in metallic black and silver inks on Cranes Lettra 300gsm paper, numbered edition of 100 copies. Available through the Objectified Shop. (+)

MGS - In a Box Typography - Timing Only

Youtube (typography) (+)   13/08/2009

Author: aslambilal Keywords: Metal Gear Solid Typography After Effects In Box Sigint Naked Snake MGS Added: August 12, 2009 (+)

Marcelo Mataloni por la Meta

Tipográficamente (+)   04/08/2009

¿Qué tipografía:1) usas frecuentemente? (¿Por qué?)La versatilidad de la Meta y la claridad de la Rotis hacen que usualmente me incline por ellas. Son familias fácilmente aplicables a diversos usos, y sus variables permiten generar distintas texturas tipo (+)

Tools of the trade

House Industries (+)   14/07/2009

My Dad decided it was time to retire his original metal “Freehand Pinstriping” clipboard today. We’ll find a cozy spot for it in the House Industries custom lettering archive. (+)

Killswitch Engage - Rose Of Sharyn Kinetic Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   22/06/2009

Author: LimHyunGi Keywords: Killswitch Engage Typography Rose Of Sharyn metal Added: June 22, 2009 (+)

Tipografía especial para ondas de elliott

Youtube (tipografía) (+)   19/06/2009

Author: 7pasos Keywords: Elliott Wave font type Metatrader ondas Elliott 7pasos 4x Added: June 18, 2009 (+)

ReMap 2

g4graphic (+)   08/06/2009

ReMap is a contemporary art program taking place in the area of kerameikos Metaxourgeio (KM) between June 16th and Oct 4th 2009, parallel to the 2nd Athens Biennale. Stay tuned.ReMap 2 (+)

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