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George Carlin - Modern Man in Motion Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   24/11/2008

Memphis College of ArtInteractive MediaThe late great George Carlin Author: EricDh131 Keywords: george carlin comedian modern man motion typography kinetic type animated text moving words Added: November 24, 2008 (+)

April screenings

Helvetica (+)   02/04/2008

The screenings continue… this month there are events in Memphis, Nova Scotia, Waterloo, Auckland, Santa Barbara, Weisbaden, Rochester, London, Christchurch, and Vancouver. Check the screening schedule for details (scroll down). (+)

Typography Video - Norma Jean

Youtube (typography) (+)   19/11/2007

the song "Memphis will be Laid to Waste" in motion typography. all done with after effects type and a 3d camera.this is my attempt anyway. i don't claim to be adept at the art of typography--this is my first try. But i honestly don't like this sort of m (+)

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