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23 Incredible Macro Photographs

Inspiredology (+)   14/03/2011

Many times it takes a unique perspective to find beauty in a place that you may not otherwise have looked. Macro photography shows objects in nature and other aspects of life in a way that brings out a new kind of beauty. The following macro photographs a (+)

Office Hours

Swiss Legacy (+)   15/02/2011

Above: Rachel de JoodeOffice Hours is about Work/Life-balance.The idea is to get a closer look at the work spaces of interesting people from different fields –a deeper insight into their way of organizing time and space. At the moment the project is cente (+)


Youtube (typography) (+)   15/02/2011

BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE.movtypography animation of the song "best days of my life"From:chisemiViews:1 0ratingsTime:01:33More inMusic (+)

Inspired from the movie “Life As We Know It”. A...

(+)   12/02/2011

Inspired from the movie “Life As We Know It”. A funny movie performed by Katherine Heigl.Follow me if you like my designs. lots of other designs thereSubmitted by otnielchristofer. (+)

Signing Your Life Away

Youtube (typography) (+)   07/02/2011

Signing Your Life AwaySigning Your Life Away by Stephen James Smith, kinetic typography by Kevin mcGloughlin, more media and contact info for the poet below theglorsessions@gmail.comFrom:ivahedablefulViews:14 0ratings (+)

Food: Any substance that is or can be consumed by living...

(+)   05/02/2011

Food: Any substance that is or can be consumed by living organisms, especially by eating, in order to sustain life. By Aälejandro Díazs.Submitted by aalejandrodiazs. (+)

Calligraphy Book - Looking for Submissions

Typophile (+)   25/01/2011

Dear Typophiles, I am a freelance design and lifestyle writer ( I am currently a new book about calligraphy and am looking for submissions from around the world.... Please get in touch if you work in this area and would lik (+)

Hard Work Portraits

Sharebrain (+)   16/11/2010

Miners and welders, loggers and metallurgists – these and many other people of hard manual labor literally work hard to secure the industrial progress we have today and ensure all the benefits and comforts of modern life style. Of course, more and more au (+)

The Tasty Life Vol33 Cafe de

Youtube (tipografía) (+)   16/11/2010

Author: toyobeverage Keywords: Added: November 15, 2010 (+)

RoAndCo Studio

TypoJungle (+)   15/11/2010 Really awesome works from the NY based multi-disciplinary design studio RoAndCo devoted to holistic branding that serves a range of fashion, art, and lifestyle clients. (+)

Helvetica In Motion by Positive Pictures1 minute animation...

(+)   15/11/2010

Helvetica In Motion by Positive Pictures1 minute animation using an interview snippet from the movie “Helvetica” of Mike Parker. Song by T.V. On The Radio: Love Dog.(Watch animation HERE)Submitted by lovedesignslife. (+)

Jesus and The Third Loaf - Al-Hayat Al-Dunya (The Life ...

Youtube (typography) (+)   14/11/2010

Author: ChainedReality Keywords: Added: November 14, 2010 (+)

Leaf Logo Designs – Incorporating Natural Beauty into Corporate Style

Sharebrain (+)   08/11/2010

There are many reasons to use leaf image as part of corporate logo designs. Leaves can symbolize the natural cycle of life and death, expressing the idea that spring will always come after winter, bringing new sprouts of life purity, freshness, and beauty (+)

Crisp Moments of Street Life

Sharebrain (+)   05/11/2010

Life as the philosophic category can have different forms and meanings – we can distinguish social life, personal life, physical life, spiritual life, etc. Street life is also among those specific forms of life. With a firm affixment to outdoor environmen (+)


Swiss Legacy (+)   05/11/2010

RoAndCo is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in New york and led by award-winning Creative Director Roanne Adams. The studio is devoted to fashion, art, and lifestyle clients. (+)

Al-Hayat Al-Dunya (The Life of This World)

Youtube (typography) (+)   01/11/2010

Author: AFox911 Keywords: Added: November 1, 2010 (+)

The Contrasting Faces of China in Art Photography

Sharebrain (+)   29/10/2010

Today Cruzine presents a photo gallery dedicated to China. This country, which was hidden from the Western world behind the Great Wall for centuries to protect its traditions and preserve its lifestyle and culture, amazes the whole world today with its ra (+)

Kanye West Good Life

Youtube (typography) (+)   28/10/2010

Author: nickkbrenton Keywords: Added: October 28, 2010 (+)

Barnes & Noble's Nook Goes LCD - While Amazon and NYT Go iPad...

The Future of Reading (+)   28/10/2010

The new Nook, announced yesterday, with an LCD screen: B&N claim 8-hour battery life.I forecast quite some time ago that when the first LCD screen-based eBook reader with acceptable battery life appeared, it would blow away eInk-based devices like Amazon' (+)

Download 21 Fun Free Fonts

Sharebrain (+)   23/10/2010

Awesome Collection of Fun Free Fonts that resemble the theme for Terminator, Ice Age, Bugs Life, Star Wars, Batman, Coca Cola, Ferro Rosso, Hawaii, Flowers, Walt Disney, Hollywood, Jurassic Park, Tron, and more.View and Vote (+)

Life Cycles Editing Contest (Typography)

Youtube (typography) (+)   22/10/2010

Author: DeansFlow Keywords: Added: October 22, 2010 (+)

Estudio de comportamiento de usuarios online – Infografía interactiva

Isopixel (+)   15/10/2010

Entender lo que los consumidores hacen no es suficiente. Los clics no muestra la fotografía completa, para tener una imagen real de la gente es necesario conocer su historia, sus necesidades y sus emociones.El estudio de The Digital Lifestyles, en ese sen (+)

India Photography Showcase

Sharebrain (+)   14/10/2010

Once known to be a cradle of the civilization, India still remains a notable player in the world economic, political, and cultural life. This country once gave people buttons and pajamas, dental drill and corrosion-resistant iron, optic fiber and USB, che (+)

50 Ways to Get Your Life in Order

Sharebrain (+)   11/10/2010

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of chaos in your life. As Albert Einstein once stated, “Three rules of work: out of clutter find simplicity, from discord find harmony, in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Unexpected challenges are what m (+)

Typography Test: Part 2 [The Description Is Your Friend]

Youtube (typography) (+)   11/10/2010

Author: OnMyLastLife Keywords: Added: October 10, 2010 (+)

Typography Test [Sony Vegas; Read Description]

Youtube (typography) (+)   09/10/2010

Author: OnMyLastLife Keywords: Added: October 8, 2010 (+)

Change Your Life

Youtube (typography) (+)   07/10/2010

Author: 007isdcraig Keywords: Added: October 7, 2010 (+)

Removing the Years Makeover [Photoshop Tutorial]

Sharebrain (+)   06/10/2010

Aging is a natural process of life. Unfortunately, it leaves marks like wrinkles and dark spots that betray our actual age. While these marks also signify maturity and the deep well of knowledge we’ve harvested all those years, we often want to do away wi (+)

The Helvetica Blu-ray high-definition disc in a special...

(+)   06/10/2010

The Helvetica Blu-ray high-definition disc in a special limited-edition independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture. conceived and designed by Dutch design team Experimental Jetset.(more here)Submitted by lovedesignslife. (+)

CakePHP from Scratch: Theming in real life example – Part one

Sharebrain (+)   05/10/2010

As I already explained, we are going to build a jobs board application using CakePHP. If you followed our previous tutorials, you should already have a full working application. It is currently in default CakePHP look and feel. Today, we are going to chan (+)

Rise And Shine - Half Life 2 Kinetic Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   02/10/2010

Author: tarienn Keywords: Added: October 2, 2010 (+)

Three days grace - Life Starts Now (typography)

Youtube (typography) (+)   02/10/2010

Author: outofjack Keywords: Added: October 1, 2010 (+)

10 Seriously Effective Ways to Be a Creative Genius

Sharebrain (+)   26/09/2010

Your creative thought and thinking can give you many benefits and good life. Lets discuss some of the effective and handy ways to be more creative and how can you think better in your daily life.View and Vote (+)

Choose Life

Youtube (typography) (+)   25/09/2010

Author: nuldum Keywords: Added: September 24, 2010 (+)

Free Vector Heraldry Elements

Sharebrain (+)   24/09/2010

Working on some heraldry design project can be challenging for a designer, because heraldry is always about a combination of unique style or appearance with the meaning of each heraldic symbol. Trying to make the life of graphics designers easier and thei (+)

Franklin Street WordPress Theme

Sharebrain (+)   23/09/2010

The Franklin Street theme was designed specifically for displaying a large and diverse range of content on the front page. Some Random Dude is essentially a lifestream blog where I pull in content from my online accounts. The main problem was that the con (+)

I Need a Life - Borne Ruffians - Typography Test

Youtube (typography) (+)   21/09/2010

Author: jackofknaves Keywords: Added: September 20, 2010 (+)


Sharebrain (+)   20/09/2010

Using negative space in logo design is not easy and takes creativity. Negative Space creates an interesting visual effect to the human eye. With this process logos are brought to life and mean much more. To show you what we mean we have gathered some amaz (+)

Soundtrack to my life (Chorus only) with animated lyrics

Youtube (typography) (+)   18/09/2010

Author: etnie1031 Keywords: Added: September 17, 2010 (+)

Life is ours. Ours to share.Submitted by romarchuca.

(+)   17/09/2010

Life is ours. Ours to share.Submitted by romarchuca. (+)

My life would suck without you - Kinetic Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   10/09/2010

Author: ahiru86 Keywords: Added: September 9, 2010 (+)

Nostalgia is a feeling that arises from the feeling of no longer...

(+)   09/09/2010

Nostalgia is a feeling that arises from the feeling of no longer being able to relive certain moments of life.Submitted by ostgameplay. (+)

Two Triangles are Better than One

Brand New (+)   02/09/2010

The Dutch public broadcasting organization VPRO (an acronym that translates into "Liberal Protestant Radio Broadcasting Company") started its life in 1926 as a religious radio broadcaster. Over the years it became more liberal and less religious until, in (+)

CutOutPaper | Submitted by lovedesignslife.

(+)   01/09/2010

CutOutPaper | Submitted by lovedesignslife. (+)

ScreenFonts: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The Last Airbender, The Girl Who Played with Fire, Inception, Life During Wartime

The FontFeed (+)   31/08/2010

My oh my, these Font Of The Day posts didn’t look so impressive, but they sure put a dent in my publishing schedule. I hope you managed to enjoy a cool 20% off on some FontFonts. Yesterday morning my favourite radio station left their summer programmes be (+)

Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt lead such Helvetica...

(+)   30/08/2010

Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt lead such Helvetica lifestyles. Submitted by morabaa. (+)

Helvetica in Jailhouse Rock by Fabio...

(+)   30/08/2010

Helvetica in Jailhouse Rock by Fabio Demarchi. www.fabiodemarchi.comSubmitted by lovedesignslife. (+)

Plataforma BP Thunderhorse

Copypeist (+)   30/08/2010

La plataforma petrolífera de Thunder Horse , es la mayor plataforma semisumergible jamás construida. Se sitúa a 240 kilómetros de Nueva Orleáns tiene 130 metros de altura y cada uno de sus apoyos 23 metros de anchoSee more here:Plataforma BP Thunderhorse (+)

“Last night helvetica saved my life” Poster by Famepixoh and -...

(+)   28/08/2010

“Last night helvetica saved my life” Poster by Famepixoh and - based on a true story! :)Submitted by lovedesignslife. (+)

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