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Melingo - Se igual. Motion typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   28/02/2011

Melingo - Se igual. Motion typographyEjercicio para DGR5 de la escuela de comunicación visual Prodiseño. Canción: Melingo - Se igual. Fuentes utilizadas: Garamond Premier Pro y Gill Sans STD. Motion Graphics, animación tipográfica.From:mauriciovivaszViews (+)

A History of Eric Gill and His Typefaces

Youtube (typography) (+)   29/01/2011

A History of Eric Gill and His TypefacesThis was a typography exercise about Eric Gill the creator of the Gill Sans, Perpetua and many more typefaces.From:PixelationStudiosViews:2 0ratingsTime:01:22More inFilm & Animation (+)

Yo odio la Gill Sans (Juan Pablo Cambariere)

VisualMente (+)   13/05/2010

La opinión completa en Tipográficamente (+)

Carolina Arredondo por la Gill Sans

Tipográficamente (+)   04/05/2010

1) Qué tipografía usas frecuentemente? (Por qué?)Me atraen mucho las nuevas propuestas tipográficas, la caligrafía a mano alzada, la forma de una letra, pero siempre vuelvo a las “mismas clásicas modernas”, sans serif o palo seco que es como también se le (+)

Paula Iannuzzi (Lampeduza) por la Garamond

Tipográficamente (+)   15/04/2010

Qué tipografía: 1) Usas frecuentemente? (Por qué?)Frecuentemente uso la Gill Sans por que me parece sutil y diferente, me gusta por que es medio geométrica pero tambien tiene varias curvas al estilo humanista!, la uso mucho para textos en la facultad!2) P (+)

Ricardo Cervera por la Frutiger

Tipográficamente (+)   14/12/2009

Qué tipografía:1) Usas frecuentemente? (Por qué?)Para titulares en mis diseños editoriales suelo usar la Frutiger, por ser formal, sobria y legible. Otra alternativa es la Gill Sans. En textos uso Palatino o New Century, pienso que cumplen muy bien su fun (+)

Da Johnston a Gill

Giò Fuga Type (+)   08/12/2009

Un paio di video sui caratteri di Eric Gill dal Perpetua del 1927 al Gill Sans del 1928 basato sull'Underground di Edward Johnston.Il primo video è stato prodotto in inghilterra da Meorwithlou87 e da Samantha Heard, mentre il secondo in Italia da IchibaDe (+)

Patricia Ramírez por la Clarendon

Tipográficamente (+)   14/08/2009

Cuando trabajo en alguna pieza de diseño soy bastante clásica a la hora de usar tipografías, recurro continuamente a familias tipográficas como: Garamond, Helvética, Univers, Clarendon, Bembo, Bodoni, Frutiguer, Gill Sans; este arraigo quizás tenga más qu (+)

Don’t Believe the Type!

Hoefler & Frere-Jones (+)   07/06/2009

We will, we will Rockwell. Rock the Caslon. I Meta Girl. ITC Clearly Now. Tempted by the Frutiger ’nother. Weiss Do Fools Fall in Love? Rockwell Amadeus. Dax The Way (uh huh, uh huh) I Like It. Please Mistral Postman. If I Could Turn Back Times. Gill Sans (+)

Motion Graphic Tipográfico en honor a la tipografía Gill Sans (+)   11/05/2009

 Si hace unas semanas os dejaba un Motion Graphic donde se hacía un homenaje a la familia de tipografía Helvética, en esta ocasión os dejo este donde nos muestras a la tipografía Gill Sans y diferentes logotipos, lugares y emblemas que hacen uso de ella. (+)

Gill Sans Explained

Youtube (typography) (+)   29/03/2009

Author: duccnguyen Keywords: 87560403 106 Added: March 29, 2009 (+)

Explicándote la tipografía Gill Sans

Blog Image & Web Solution (+)   13/03/2009

Excelente animación del artista gráfico francés Matthieu Dufour que ns explica todo lo que nos hace falta conocer sobre una de mis tipografías consentidas, la Gill Sans.[vía Typography Served]Tags: tipografía, motion graphics, gill sans (+)

Sign maker seeks immortality

Microsoft typography (+)   28/12/2008

“Just like Eric Gill masterminded the typeface of Gill Sans Serif for the London Underground, I would love to come up with a Mapp typeface so that the Mapp legacy would live on so that young sign writers coming up could then look it up in a book of typefa (+)

Trabalho Tipografia

Youtube (tipografía) (+)   12/11/2008

Música - o Assassinato do CamrãoGrupo - Os Originais do SambaForam utlizadas as seguintes fontes:Monotype CorsivaHaettenschweilerInformal RomanGigiWide LatinRockwellViner Hand ITCMagnetoTempus Sans ITCRage ItalicVladimir ScriptBroadwayColonna MTGill Sans (+)

Gill Sans Motion Graphics

Youtube (typography) (+)   30/10/2008

Just a little story about Gill Sans, one the most recognizable fonts of all time.. Author: jshawtaylor Keywords: Motion graphics typography Added: October 30, 2008 (+)

What a typeface says

Veer (+)   02/10/2008

What does a font say about the person using it? Lars Willem Veldkampf takes a shot at answering this minutes-old question in a series of images where using Helvetica means you are a conformist and using Gill Sans means you are the son of a stonecutter. Sp (+)

And God said let there be Futura Light

For the love of type (+)   28/07/2008

One of the typographic decorations at my recent come-as-your-favourite-typeface party was this light. The best-dressed was the lovely Vi who came as Gill Sans Ultra Bold, and for those who forgot – or were too lazy – to dress up, we had some old faithful (+)

The ubiquity of Gill Sans in London

Youtube (typography) (+)   27/06/2008

For lovers of typography and design, it's hard to miss the wonderful overabundance of Gill Sans (and the equally joyous absence of Helvetica) while in London.Yes, I drove my wife crazy shooting footage of fonts on our honeymoon.Filmed in 2007. Author: ce (+)

Gill Sans

Youtube (typography) (+)   21/04/2008

This was a uni project where we had to imagine there was a film called Gill Sans, and each font from the family was a character in the film.This is just our first attempt Author: meorwithlou87 Keywords: communications visual arts eric gill sans typograp (+)

Excelentes tipografias gratuitas: Graublau Sans Web, Nevis e Munro

Ex Vertebrum (+)   11/04/2008

A Smashing Magazine indicou algumas fontes grátis excelentes agora em abril.A Graublau lembra a Delicious, do Jos Buivenga. Já a Nevis tem um estilo mais clássico, à lá Futura e Gill Sans.A Graublau Sans Web (regular and bold) foi projetada por Georg... (+)

The Art of Eric Gill

Youtube (typography) (+)   14/03/2008

Eric Gill was one of the twentieth century's most admired sculptors. He was also a letter-cutter, typographic designer (of Gill Sans, among other typefaces), calligrapher, architect, writer and teacher. His best-known works include the Stations of the C (+)

chocolate type

Oh, pickles! (+)   15/02/2008

If you’re not already stuffed full of Valentine’s Day chocolate, do take a look at some oh-so-delicious chocolate type. Gemma at fortheloveoftype made these incredible chocolate frosted cupcakes with Gill Sans type decoration! Any chocolate cupcake is ok (+)

2007’s hottest fonts

The pure interest (+)   25/01/2008

From FONTS.COM, this list got sent to my email yesterday of the hottest fonts of 2007.I’ve definitely used at lesat 1/2 of them this year, mainly Frutiger, Gill Sans, Futura, Optima and Helvetica. I was a bit disappointed to see that Papyrus and Monotype (+)

Averiguar la tipografía de una compañía | TypoWiki

Cristian Eslava (+)   20/12/2007

Esta wiki alemana recoge las tipografías utilizadas por compañías como Adobe, BMW, Kodak, Opel y muchas más. Si la fuente tipográfica está basada en otra también nos lo dicen. Listado actual:3sat Gill SansCompártelo (+)

GILL SANS Eric Gill, 1930

Xabel (+)   30/11/2007

Al finales de los años 20 la “Futura” consigue su éxito en Alemania y Stanley Morison (ver “Times”) busca para la empresa británica “Monotype” una letra equivalente. Y a finales del año 1928 Stanley se acuerda del escultor y gráfico Eric Gill que... (+)

13 tipografías que cada diseñador necesita

Vecindad gráfica (+)   25/10/2007

Según David Airey estas son las tipografías que debes tener o que las conoces muy bien: #1 Akzidenz Grotesk #2 Avenir #3 Bodoni #4 Caslon #5 Clarendon #6 Franklin Gothic #7 Frutiger #8 Futura #9 Garamond #10 Gill Sans #11 Gotham #12 Helvetica #13 Unive (+)

Gill Sans is a pure and simple but not and artificial sans

Creative Graphics (+)   18/10/2007

Gill Sans is a pure and simple but not and artificial sans serif. It is based on the typeface Edward Johnston designed in 1916 for the signage of the London Underground. Gill’s type is more classical in proportion and contains his signature flared cap (+)


lliw design (+)   04/10/2007

The successful font Gill Sans™ was designed by the artist and type designer Eric Gill in 1931. The roots of Gill Sans can be traced back to Old Face typefaces and more directly to his teacher Edward Johnston’s London Underground type. Gill’s alphabe (+)

some font advice

Publication Design (+)   24/09/2007

I am sick to death of Gill Sans and thought I would offer you some alternatives. Some of these can be found through Font Bureau, some can be found for free (see the free fonts link below or this one here) and some can be found in other places with a bit o (+)

Horton—August 15, 2007—Gill Sans

This Day in Type (+)   15/08/2007

created by Horton using the font Gill SansRate this Art (+)

Type Used by Famous Companies For Their Logos

Creative UAE (+)   22/07/2007

If you want to know which font and type style lot of famous companies are using, you should check this website.Adobe is using Myriad und Minion Regular is using ITC Officina Sans Book BBC is using Gill Sansfor more details list click here (+)

(t) "Odio la Bookman, por su peso exagerado"

VisualMente (+)   10/07/2007

(José Ignacio Quintana, editor de infografía científica deGraphNews de Ecuador)Para texto de lectura utilizo: Caxton, Nimrod, Century Old Style, Century SchoolBook y Times (medida falsa). Para Titulaciones utilizo Gill Sans, Frutiger y Helvéticas.Para (+)

16 Regras Tipograficas - para melhor legibilidade

História do design & Arte (+)   10/07/2007

01] Para uma boa legibilidade, utilize fontes testadas e aprovadas pelo tempo.Frankiln Gothic, Frutiger, Futura, Gill Sans, Helvetica, Garamond, Goudy Old Style, Sabon, Times New Roman02] Preste atenção para não usar muitas fontes diferentes de uma s (+)

(t) "La Clarendon nunca me deja mal"

VisualMente (+)   05/07/2007

(Dany Berczeller, tipógrafo chileno)Qué tipografías...: 1) Usas frecuentemente? (Por qué?)Las tipografias las ocupo segun epocas, intereses y funciones. Algunas que nunca me dejan mal son Gill Sans, Din, Helvética, Clarendon... por nombrar las que me (+)

(t) "La Gill Sans tiene una proporción bellísima, con raíces clásicas"

VisualMente (+)   06/06/2007

(Fernando Gutiérrez, consultor español, creador de la revista Matador)Qué tipografía: 1) Usas frecuentemente? (Por qué?)Trade Gothic es una letra que se adapta bien a todas las situaciones. Es la letra con la que yo inicio todas mis aventuras.2) Pref (+)

Eric Gill got it wrong; a re-evaluation of Gill Sans

Type for you (+)   23/03/2007

An article by Ben Archer at Typotheque: a face to face between Eric Gill and Edward Jonhston, with a strong inclination for the last one.Gill Sans is the Helvetica of England; ubiquitous, utilitarian and yet also quite specific in its ability to point to (+)

Eric Gill got it wrong; a re-evaluation of Gill Sans

Tipografias (+)   22/03/2007

by Ben ArcherGill Sans: Pride of England?Gill Sans is the Helvetica of England; ubiquitous, utilitarian and yet also quite specific in its ability to point to our notions of time and place. As a graphic designer’s in-joke once put it ‘Q. How do you do (+)

Questioning Gill Sans

Typographica (+)   12/03/2007

In 1928, Eric Gill set about to improve on Edward Johnston’s type for the London Underground. The result was Gill Sans. In a piece for Singapore’s designer magazine, Ben Archer argues that Gill failed: I contend that the majority of character shapes i (+)

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