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I guest-edit .net magazine

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   12/08/2010

A List Apart and .net magazine have long admired each other. So when .net editor Dan Oliver did me the great honor of asking if I wished to guest edit an issue, I saluted smartly. The result is now arriving in subscriber post boxes and will soon flood He (+)

Designing The “World Of Programming” Infographic

Smashing Magazine (+)   06/06/2010

  Information graphics (or infographics) are used to display information in ways that are more creative than plain old text. These days, they surround us in the media, published works, road signs and manuals. Lately, the Internet has been flooded with in (+)

Give Up! - 1st Peter 4:7-11

Youtube (typography) (+)   29/04/2010

Author: FloodSanDiego Keywords: Added: April 29, 2010 (+)


Font Bureau Type 101 (+)   01/04/2010

It could have been a lot worse but things are a bit wet at Font Bureau’s Rhode Island office this week. (+)

Finding Nemo Kinetic Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   04/12/2008

My first attempt at kinetic typography, and my first real attempt at flash. I would have used After Effects, but the project guideline specified Flash. Author: floodedstud Keywords: Kinetic 1 Added: December 3, 2008 (+)

A burgeoning wetropolis

Veer (+)   14/11/2008

If we were handing out awards for dreaming big, today's would go to Bulgaria. Sixty ears ago, a flood caused their ancient city of Seuthopolis to be submerged at the bottom of a lake. Now they're taking it back in the name of tourism.At the hard-to-miss c (+)

Kinetic Typography Educated Consumers Global Climate Change

Youtube (typography) (+)   12/11/2008

Music video/Animation for Add Water by Educated Consumers (SeezMics + t.E.C.k) Author: definitivedoodle Keywords: Kinetic Typography Educated Consumers Global Climate Change Warming Hip Hop Add Water Flood Animation Added: November 11, 2008 (+)

POST: 219

TypeNew (+)   21/10/2008

Exhibition regarding flood and drought / catalogue / example posters from Rapinder Athwal (+)

Haul them away...

House Industries (+)   02/04/2008

A few of our flood damaged Neutra Boomerang chairs. (+)

Friday news flood

Microsoft typography (+)   01/02/2008

Not sure if this is a first but the new Samsung P2 MP3 player lets the user choose between three user interface fonts. Printing Historical Society announces a conference, “From Hot Metal to Hot Keys: 50 years of turmoil.” Club21 ships Sigma. James Mosley (+)

In the Cards

Youtube (typography) (+)   09/01/2008

Illustrated animation for an expressive type project based on a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote. Author: designflood Keywords: animation typography motion illustration colored pencil Added: January 9, 2008 (+)

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