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John Mayer Atlanta Poster Peek

House Industries (+)   17/03/2010

David Dodde sent us a little taste of No.2 in the John Mayer House Industries poster series. The gig is tomorrow so that means Scotty is gonna post the full report and shots of the fancy wood version over at Mayer HQ soon… Once again, Ed Benguiat’s Buffa (+)

Ed Benguiat maestro tipografico

Adventure Graphics (+)   26/09/2009

El maestro tipografo Ed Benguiat es uno de los mas importantes diseñadores de fuentes y logotipos en esta era moderna del diseño y la publicidad. Creador de las tipografias usadas en logotipos para el New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Esquire, y Playbo (+)

leftover letters

House Industries (+)   02/09/2009

Sacred Scroll “E”, stainless Girard Slab capital “A” and a prototype Benguiat Buffalo “A”. (+)

Photo Type Styles

House Industries (+)   06/04/2009

An old Photo-Lettering, Inc. competitor doing their best Benguiat impersonation. For some Ed-endorsed action, have a look at our Ed Benguiat collection. (+)

Cash only

House Industries (+)   14/01/2009

National Cash Register Co. logo detail, courtesy of Mr. Ed Benguiat. (+)


House Industries (+)   06/01/2009

We recently unearthed a few hidden boxes of House Magazine No. 2 from 2000 AD. Features include Ed Benguiat, René Chalet, Coop’s Japanese toys and more. Get one before they’re really gone. (+)

Alan Fletcher _Graphis Magazine

glossário tipográfico (+)   12/06/2008

A Few Words In Tribute To Alan Fletcher (1931-2006)Wherever Alan is, I’m sure he will show them a few things that all those gone by have missed.- Ed BenguiatThe news of Alan’s passing is sad news indeed. He will be missed. Hearing this new brought back a (+)

Signing Foreheads

House Industries (+)   16/01/2008

We spent yesterday with our favorite living legend of type design: Mr. Ed Benguiat. (+)

sobre a fonte Tiffany

Marginalia (+)   10/08/2007

ITC Tiffany typeface foi desenhada por Edward Benguiat, baseada em duas typefaces anteriores, a primeira desenhada por Ronaldson e produzidas pela foundry extinta (século XIX) MacKellar, Smith e Jordan em 1884, e a "Caxton" realizada pela famosissima, mo (+)

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