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CHOOSE (typography)

Youtube (typography) (+)   28/02/2011

CHOOSE (typography)From:torito8810Views:2 0ratingsTime:00:47More inFilm & Animation (+)

T'smidje - Lais . typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   27/02/2011

T'smidje - Lais . typographymój pierwszy taki projekt - na próbę. wykonałem go w sony veagas'ie, więc nie dorównuje innym podobnym projektom z aae. myślę jednak, że nie wygląda to tak źle. najważniejszy jest znakomity podkład :) My first project to test. (+)

Better Place Better Time 2nd Typography Demo

Youtube (typography) (+)   26/02/2011

Better Place Better Time 2nd Typography DemoBetter Place Better Time 2nd Typography DemoFrom:FreakafaceViews:0 0ratingsTime:00:11More inMusic (+)

An Outstanding Artist’s “One Wish to Change the World”

Sharebrain (+)   26/02/2011

Back in October, talented French street artist “JR” was awarded the 2011 TED Prize. For those unfamiliar with it, the TED Prize offers one winner $100,000 for a charity of their choice and, more importantly, “One Wish to Change the World.” The “One Wish” (+)

Typography: Irvington High School Class President Video

Youtube (typography) (+)   26/02/2011

Typography: Irvington High School Class President VideoWATCH IN HD! This is my very first try using typography! I made this video for my friend Brandon Lam, who is now class president! Sorry if there are any errors or timing issues, give me constructive c (+)

Forgotten Accordion Harlequin

House Industries (+)   26/02/2011

Found this guy between a few books and assorted crap that needed to be cleaned up. We had some extra real estate on the Eames catalog press sheet and snuck this little folding specimen on for fun. (+)

AKS -- The Monologue (Typography Video)

Youtube (typography) (+)   26/02/2011

AKS -- The Monologue (Typography Video)From:CarabazzaViews:1 0ratingsTime:04:42More inMusic (+)

Four white hairs

Youtube (typography) (+)   26/02/2011

Four white hairsTypography and video script, directing, photography and post: Anat saad cast: Meytal Bar-NoyFrom:anatsaadViews:1 0ratingsTime:00:23More inFilm & Animation (+)

I Feel Fantastic Kinetic Typography - Clip #1

Youtube (typography) (+)   26/02/2011

I Feel Fantastic Kinetic Typography - Clip #1Up to the first chorus line! This is still a WIP.From:andrewthevideoViews:2 0ratingsTime:00:55More inEntertainment (+)

CheapProFonts - Newsletter 11-01

Typophile (+)   26/02/2011

Another newsletter and another CheapProFonts newcomer: David Kerkhoff is an up-and-coming type designer specializing in handmade and grungy written scripts - some of which are destined for our usual multilingual treatment.Please enjoy this bunch of recent (+)

1.3 Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   26/02/2011

1.3 TypographyThe new integrated Google API typography options in PlatformPro 1.3From:pagelinesViews:7 0ratingsTime:06:04More inHowto & Style (+)

Candy Here!, Candy There! Candy Nowhere?

Youtube (typography) (+)   25/02/2011

Candy Here!, Candy There! Candy Nowhere?Experimental typography stop motion video. Love for candy a six word obsession. Candy Here!, Candy There! Candy Nowhere?.From:ricardolgvheyViews:1 0ratingsTime:02:42More inPeople & Blogs (+)

Youtube (typography) (+)   25/02/2011

Canlas_R_StopMotion_Final.movStop motion typography porjectFrom:ZondaTypeRViews:0 0ratingsTime:01:00More inPeople & Blogs (+)

Faint (Remix) - Kinetic Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   25/02/2011

Faint (Remix) - Kinetic TypographyKinetic Typography of Linkin Park's "Faint"From:mattmonelliViews:1 0ratingsTime:01:10More inFilm & Animation (+)


Youtube (typography) (+)   25/02/2011 this the example of kinetic typography, a gig which i posted on fiverr. if you're interested shoot me email at amraa35 at gmail dot comFrom:smmmelbViews:19 0ratingsTime:00:27More inFilm & Animation (+)

Fairly Odd Parents Kinetic Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   24/02/2011

Fairly Odd Parents Kinetic TypographyA project I did for motion graphics class. It was made with Adobe After Effects. The clip is from Fairly Odd Parents, the episode "Pipe Down."From:TwincoonViews:14 4ratingsTime:00:24More inFilm & Animation (+)

Typodarium 2012 – Call for Entries

The FontFeed (+)   23/02/2011

Type designers and foundries are invited to contribute to the Typodarium 2012, the fourth edition of the typographic tear-​off calendar. (+)

Legacy Group Intro | Typography Version |

Youtube (typography) (+)   22/02/2011

Legacy Group Intro | Typography Version |This is the intro to all of our videos. Please enjoy! Links:From:OfficialLegendaryViews:0 0ratingsTime:00:15More inMusic (+)

Where Are the Women in Type Design?

Typographica (+)   22/02/2011

Being one of the rare type designers who happen to be female, I occasionally get this question from other (mostly male) designers. It’s difficult to find other female designers with whom to exchange experiences and share knowledge.The most common explanat (+)

Delaware State Motto

House Industries (+)   22/02/2011

A while back, Dan Cassaro invited me to participate in 50 and 50, a collective project in which 50 artists were asked to illustrate the mottos of their home states. Here’s one of my initial sketches (think turn of the century sign painter, John Ohnimus, (+)

Outstanding Photo Manipulation Tutorials for Photoshop

Sharebrain (+)   22/02/2011

Most Photoshop users know at least the basics of photo manipulation, but the amazing thing about Photoshop is that it seems you can always learn more.View and Vote (+)

Free WDF Blue Icon Set

Sharebrain (+)   22/02/2011

Today we bring you another icon set from the WDF vault – a collection of beautiful blue icons. This set comes in 3 different sizes: 32×32, 64×64, and 128×128 pixels. We have provided both the .PNG and .AI files.View and Vote (+)

Let us Design Twitter Bird in Photoshop

Sharebrain (+)   22/02/2011

Have you ever made Twitter Bird in Photoshop? If No then I'm going to tell you how you can make in Photoshop quite easily, just check and see.View and Vote (+)

Simon Renström

Swiss Legacy (+)   22/02/2011

I like Simon Renström portfolio. (+)

Beer Labels – the Unexpected Art Medium

Sharebrain (+)   22/02/2011

If you think that art can only be found in the galleries, museums, and art exhibitions, be ready to reconsider this because we are here to show you that art can, actually, be found literally everywhere; sometimes even in the most unexpected places, such a (+)

Creative And Smart Ideas of Advertising For Inspirations

Sharebrain (+)   22/02/2011

We can see how the creative designers must convey a message to their target audiences, target market their client or manufacturer of a product, so the their ads may attract the attention of viewers.View and Vote (+)

20 Semi-transparent Icons & 48 derivatives

Sharebrain (+)   22/02/2011

This icon set has 20 high quality semi-transparent glossy icons and 48 derivative icons. These icons can be even used as graphical elements on websites since the 512×512 version is included. Perfect for web designers and graphic designers.View and Vote (+)

Using HTML5 To Transform WordPress’ TwentyTen Theme

Smashing Magazine (+)   22/02/2011

  Last year, WordPress launched arguably its biggest update ever: WordPress 3.0. Accompanying this release was the brand new default theme, TwentyTen, and the promise of a new default theme every year. Somewhat surprisingly, TwentyTen declares the HTML5 (+)

Girls by Joshua Petker

Sharebrain (+)   22/02/2011

Joshua Petker was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1979 and received a BA in Western History from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. While pursuing a degree in History he maintained a growing interest in the arts that developed out of a fascina (+)

The Art of the Facebook Page Design

Sharebrain (+)   22/02/2011

Everyday more and more businesses around the world are creating presences on Facebook. Some companies opt to bring users directly to the page wall or other tabs (e.g. info, photos, RSS/blog, discussions and links) and use product images or company logos i (+)

Minor Details that can enhance Sales for Creatives

Sharebrain (+)   22/02/2011

Growing in the business is a very important thing however; it is definitely a hard task. Finding clients is never an easy thing which is why web designers and graphic designers are always looking for more and more opportunities to grow.View and Vote (+)

Air photography by Vincent Laforet

Sharebrain (+)   22/02/2011

Vincent Laforet is a New York based commercial and editorial photographer who is regularly commissioned to work on a variety of fine art, advertising, corporate and editorial projects. His approach to aerial photography has been singled out as one of the (+)

Twilight Kinetic Typography Motion Graphics

Youtube (typography) (+)   22/02/2011

Twilight Kinetic Typography Motion Graphics100% made by me. Kinetic Typography style animated quote for my BA Motion Graphics course. Quote from Twilight.From:emmaxxViews:0 0ratingsTime:00:48More inFilm & Animation (+)

3 days to live: kinetic typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   22/02/2011

3 days to live: kinetic typographymy very first try in kinetic typography styleFrom:magulabViews:1 0ratingsTime:00:17More inFilm & Animation (+)

Mmv Still Waiting [Typography Test]

Youtube (typography) (+)   22/02/2011

Mmv Still Waiting [Typography Test]I wanted to try the typography thingy oo it was fun :o OMG this video looks like a series opening its inspirational oo.. wait... Noo. M-must finish...Mafia R-romance F-first.From:devil1linViews:17 1ratingsTime:00:22More (+)

Meet the Sniper Kinetic Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   22/02/2011

Meet the Sniper Kinetic TypographySchool project completed for a Motion Techniques class. The objective was to animate a combination of graphics and type to something using After Effects. For this reason, I decided to use and animate the soundtrack from V (+)

Inspiration Through Digital Art & Photo Manipulation

Sharebrain (+)   22/02/2011

Take a moment to be inspired by today's showcase of digital art through photo manipulation and outstanding graphic design works from across the web.View and Vote (+)

Why and How to Make Your Website Mobile Phone Compatible

Sharebrain (+)   22/02/2011

Internet and mobile, two amazing inventions of technology have made our lives easier and convenient. Since the user of both has increased so much, you will find so eight out of ten people using internet via cell phones because it helps them in staying con (+)

My Little Girlfriend ♥

Youtube (typography) (+)   22/02/2011

My Little Girlfriend ♥"Kinetic Typography" video...ish... Whatever. I finished about a minute of it. TOOK ME A MONTH, THOUGH. I don`t know if I`ll finish the whole song. [ Disclaimers: ]Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, all (+)


Villatype (+)   21/02/2011


Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

insigne Design (+)   21/02/2011

On my way to India with my fiancé, now wife and (that’s entirely different story that I will go into in a later blog posting) I had the opportunity to see "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps on the in-flight entertainment. To my pleasant surprise, Aviano Sla (+)

Shady Characters - a new blog about punctuation

Typophile (+)   21/02/2011

Shady Characters is go!I've just launched a website called Shady Characters looking at the stories behind some unusual marks of punctuation such as the pilcrow and the interrobang.The first long post (about the early history of the pilcrow) has just gone (+)

Social Network Text

Youtube (typography) (+)   21/02/2011

Social Network TextI'm working on a project for my reel that entails taking the first sequence in David Fincher's The Social Network and turning it into Typography using Maya and After Effects. I was inspired by the Kinetic Typography videos online. This (+)

ZGMOFA - Typoustics

Youtube (typography) (+)   21/02/2011

ZGMOFA - TypousticsTypoustics explores the integration between 3D letter forms and the acoustics of recorded phonics. We explored how typography can be depicted as architecture and stand alone in an environment. With the use of personal recordings, we mas (+)

Scarlet Begonias unfinished typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   21/02/2011

Scarlet Begonias unfinished typographyI dunno why I never uploaded thisFrom:Bri4nsoupyViews:17 1ratingsTime:00:13More inFilm & Animation (+)

Ghetto Burning typography TEST

Youtube (typography) (+)   21/02/2011

Ghetto Burning typography TESTok, this is what ive got so far, i made this for 30 mins, no background yet, just Typo and Audio .. i dont know if im gonna continue this one, coz this is just a test.. to see how the outcome would be.. pls, if you have any s (+)

Operation Wide Ruled

Youtube (typography) (+)   21/02/2011

Operation Wide RuledA kinetic typography video focusing on visual language and metaphor. Done under instruction from both Alex Egner & Michele Wong at UNT in the Communication Design program.From:aastewartjrViews:0 0ratingsTime:02:02More inFilm & Animatio (+)

Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival

Swiss Legacy (+)   21/02/2011

I just received an email from very talented Lausanne based designer Demian Conrad, and it made me laugh at loud.See more images of the project here. (+)

Only Fools And Horses title songs : KINETIC TYPOGRAPHY

Youtube (typography) (+)   21/02/2011

Only Fools And Horses title songs : KINETIC TYPOGRAPHYAs I've only got WMM and PhotoStudio (not even Photoshop-but just as good) its not as good as the other Kinetic Typographys out there...but i'm quite impressedFrom:StephenDHendersonViews:0 0ratingsTime (+)

YWFT Herzog Typeface

Swiss Legacy (+)   21/02/2011

Originally drawn in 2008 by Travis Stearns of YouWorkForThem, we revisited the Herzog drawings in 2011 and developed them into a fully functional opentype font release. YWFT Herzog comes with two style options (regular and alternate), with each style cont (+)

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