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You work for them (+)   01/11/2010

What happens when you explore type without the typographer’s eye in mind? What happens when you take type out of the centuries old, black and white, static world of type specimens?CDKVW is a YouWorkForThem short that takes five various fonts… (+)

U&lc Back Issues - Free Downloads

You work for them (+)   01/11/2010

This has been making the type world rounds lately, U&lc has started posted some free PDF downloads of old back issues. They are not the best scans (did they scan these during a Christmas office party?) but they are free, available… (+)

URW, the world’s most fascinating font foundry.

You work for them (+)   12/10/2010

We are extremely excited to announce the addition of URW++ to our font library. URW++ has been at the forefront of digital typography since the early 1970‘s. From design classics like Paul Renner’s Futura to Oswald Bruce Cooper’s Cooper, they have designe (+)

Classic Design Wallpapers

You work for them (+)   06/10/2010

We are not sure why we never thought of doing this, but who cares now because our friend Network Osaka has done it. N.Osaka is a fellow admirer of swiss design (who isn’t though, really) and created these wallpapers for… (+)

New Type Foundry: Insigne

You work for them (+)   25/08/2010

We have had many new designer/foundry additions to our site in the past month, one of the biggest being the addition of the font foundry Insigne. Insigne will be bringing hundreds of new fonts to our font collection, with already over 200… (+)

Typography in Ice

You work for them (+)   04/08/2010

After the interesting discoveries we made while creating Typography in Water, we figured it was best to continue exploring this nature versus type theme. This time around we explored freezing type to see what sort of visual oddities might arise. While… (+)

It’s Nice That Cumulus and Foam Exists

You work for them (+)   29/07/2010

Cumulus and Foam has been making the press rounds lately with mentions in Print Magazine, It’s Nice That, Selectism, and linkage on NOTCOT, Unstrung, and involved in a so-called debate on QBN of what is considered beautiful. As well, our Behance project f (+)

Cumulus and Foam on Behance

You work for them (+)   13/07/2010

When Stefan Kjartansson first sent us Cumulus and Foam, we asked him what sort of conceptual keywords would he attach to his beautiful monster. He gave us terms like Abortion, Brothels, Rabies, Fake Orgasms, Bacteria, Victorian Wigs & Cappuccino Froth… (+)

Cumulus and Foam - Free Book

You work for them (+)   12/07/2010

Cumulus & Foam, the most beautifully grotesque font of our time. After many years of fine tuning and development, Stefan Kjartansson’s (designer of Black Slabbath) magnificent monster is now available for you to purchase. In honor of this very special occ (+)


You work for them (+)   18/06/2010

Studio Newwork have let us know that issue 5 is now available! You can pick it up online at Hugo & Marie or visit their site to see who’s carrying it in your neighborhood. Happy Friday! (+)

Official Sponsors of TypeCon 2010

You work for them (+)   16/06/2010

We are proud to announce we will be sponsoring this year’s TypeCon, the premier conference related to font design. This year’s event will be held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in West Los Angeles, from August 17-22, 2010. Check… (+)

New Type Foundries

You work for them (+)   03/06/2010

We would like to take a quick breather right now to announce some new font designers on the site. First, over the next few weeks/months we will be adding designs from the massive collection of Intellecta Design, a Brazilian type foundry focused on… (+)

Folder Type

You work for them (+)   12/05/2010

We had a few minutes of down time today after lunch and did some searching for ‘Font’ on Vimeo to see what was new. This isn’t new, but boy it sure is amazing! Talk about some free time!… (+)

Cumulus and Foam - Teaser

You work for them (+)   30/04/2010

Some of you may recall a little font release by the name of Black Slabbath that we launched back in 2008. Well, the designer of that fantastic font release is back at it again. Stefan Kjartansson is this designer in mention and… (+)


You work for them (+)   26/04/2010

Look out, Clark W. Griswold, because Soaka just parked on your front lawn. Soaka is the grotesque, raw, country cousin of our slab serifs Motown and Lollop, and brings the pain when you’re facing down those rough Cobra Kai design jobs in… (+)

Mr. Kiji

You work for them (+)   20/04/2010

Mr. Kiji graduated from RISD with a degree in industrial design in 2003 but since then has been focusing on his main passion, drawing! Most impressive to me is his ability to cover a wide range of styles & techniques, something… (+)

Buamai - Spring Cleaning

You work for them (+)   20/04/2010

Some of you may already know, but we have been developing and maintaining a little image blog/community called Buamai since late 2008. We recently did a little spring cleaning on the code and layout of the site, making for a much… (+)

TipografiaRamis & Positype now at YouWorkForThem

You work for them (+)   19/04/2010

We are proud to announce two more amazing type foundries have joined our library, say hello to TipografiaRamis & Positype. Launching with over 20+ fonts between the two of them, they bring us amazing new scripts, serifs and sans-serifs. We are… (+)

Burocrata by Network Osaka + PDF

You work for them (+)   15/04/2010

Set the wayback machine for January, 2010: Network Osaka sends us their beautiful new serif, titled Haute. Immediately, it starts on a rapid climb toward becoming one of the year’s biggest sellers, and becomes a top-notch addition to the YouWorkForThem Ex (+)

The World of Logotypes by Al Cooper

You work for them (+)   14/04/2010

Today we came across this amazing highlight reel of logo work, which has been posted into five different pages: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four & Part Five. Such a very nice roundup of imagery from Al Cooper’s book. (Via… (+)

The Typography Manual for iPhone

You work for them (+)   07/04/2010

We came across The Typography Manual in the Apple Appstore just a week or so ago when searching for type related apps and almost snagged it. We have not purchased it yet, but it looks to be a nice one for all… (+)

Underware Fonts now at YouWorkForThem

You work for them (+)   05/04/2010

As Yves Saint Laurent said, “fashions fade, style is eternal.” And there ain’t no style like Underware style. For more than a decade these pan-Euro design virtuosos have been mastering scripts and opentype technology, and it is our great privilege to… (+)

P22 Type Foundry now at YouWorkForThem

You work for them (+)   05/04/2010

YouWorkForThem cannot stress enough how psyched we are to have P22 onboard. These are old-school font masters who have been ruling artist-inspired digital fonts for almost 20 years, and they handle some of the worlds most renowned titles. Based on the… (+)

Need Supply & Press Gothic

You work for them (+)   28/03/2010

Our friends over at Need Supply Co have been making great use of Press Gothic recently, the excellent and affordable ($19.95) sans-serif from Canada Type. The images above show that even though this font has a conservative, bold and authoritative presence (+)

Ford Fiesta, Josh Boston & YouWorkForThem

You work for them (+)   28/03/2010

Mr Josh Boston just tipped us off to his most recent project, the Ford Fiesta San Diego Field Guide. The final project made great use of numerous YWFT fonts and handset designs, see if you can spot them all!… (+)

Vista Skateboard Magazine & WYLD

You work for them (+)   20/03/2010

Frederico Antunes just wrote in to let us know he used WYLD as well for a skate magazine he designed recently. Very nice usage and you can grab the PDF to see more examples. (+)

Show Us Your Type / Neue Magazine

You work for them (+)   18/03/2010

Some very interesting type compositions/designs going on over at Neue Magazine. The recent project is about Barcelona, which also features a design by our very own Jackkrit Anantakul and his handset design Gavin. (+)

The Pradalphabet by M/M Paris

You work for them (+)   18/03/2010

The French graphic designers MM/Paris have just published this release about a beautiful hand-set ,alphabet design they designed for the luxury fashion brand Prada. You can find more details at the MM/Paris website and also in this PDF they released.… (+)

iPhone Font/Alphabet

You work for them (+)   17/03/2010

Not sure we can classify this as an actual font, but we get the idea here. As URIKANE states, yes it seems he has way to much free time. (+)


You work for them (+)   22/02/2010

For the past five weeks, our in-house designer Jackkrit Anantakul has been sketching, scanning and designing his latest font (handset) design, entitled Gavin. When all was said and done, the concept sketches had over 1100 letter designs, from which we nar (+)

Need Supply & Sofia

You work for them (+)   15/02/2010

This calendar design is our most recent collaboration with our friends at Need Supply. For this project we were happy to consult them to use Olivier Gourvat’s Sofia, which turned out really nice. They also worked with illustrator Emerald Grippa for the wo (+)

Top Fonts of 2009 @ YWFT

You work for them (+)   02/01/2010

It is that time again where we count down from 1 to 10, our top selling fonts of the past year. While we see a shift in what was hot in 2009 versus the year before, we also see favorites… (+)

Need Supply Co. & YouWorkForThem Creative Collaboration

You work for them (+)   31/12/2009

We mentioned a few posts ago some big changes were coming in 2010, and over the next few weeks I will be announcing many of these. One of the interesting new things will be our recent new creative collaboration with… (+)

Agostina makes appearance in Crank: High Voltage

You work for them (+)   12/11/2009

Our hot font release of 2009, Agostina, recently made an appearance in this years hollywood action film Crank: High Voltage. Used during two different sequences in the film, Agostina puts on its dancing shoes and shines. Much thanks to the… (+)


You work for them (+)   27/10/2009

We have been having a great month for fonts, with many new designers joining the team and designing many new handsets and opentype collections. One of our latest designers to join the team is Ashkahn. We though we would take… (+)

Richard Sarson

You work for them (+)   30/09/2009

Really enjoying some of the type work by Richard Sarson, very clean, simple and smooth. (+)

Profile: Ben Tuber

You work for them (+)   18/09/2009

Ben recently won our typography grant over at Society6. We thought we should show you some of his work and let him introduce himself with this little interview.Name: Ben TuberCompany: Working on it.Website: Also working on it (in the meantime just go… (+)

Lorem Ipsum Vade Mecum

You work for them (+)   24/08/2009

LOREM IPSUM VADE MECUM is a publication we’ve pieced together to provide our community with insightful content about typography and other design topics while utilizing our versatile font collection. LOREM includes articles from Design Assembly, Willi Kun (+)

Typecon 2009 Poster Show

You work for them (+)   03/06/2009

We are proud to be a sponsor of this year’s TypeCon 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia. If you don’t know what TypeCon is, it is the leading conference in America on all that is Type. On top of being one of the main… (+)

Heavy typefaces help Dutch Giants

You work for them (+)   02/06/2009

For the month of June, 50% of proceedings of ywft bestseller Black Slabbath will be donated to Justin Van Hoy as he bravely battles leukemia. Buy Black Slabbath, attend a Dutch party in a city near you or donate directly on his website. (+)

OpenType 101

You work for them (+)   01/06/2009

One of the most common questions is that people can’t get their OpenType fonts to work. We would like to spread some knowledge and let you all know how to access your fonts etc. One great resource is Adobe’s OpenType section. They have a video tour, chara (+)

Richard Perez is Skinny Ships

You work for them (+)   28/05/2009

I think I might have seen the work of Richard Perez first on ffffound and then traced it back to his site, but then immediately I started seeing him in a few other spots and was really impressed. He can do the fun 50’s illustration that we all love these (+)


You work for them (+)   25/05/2009

Apply is a free texture tool that allows you to customize any font you wish with an array of inky splatters and sprays. Copy your type layer and paste in place, then change the top layer to the Apply OpenType font to easily get the desired effect. Downloa (+)

Profile: Matt Desmond

You work for them (+)   18/05/2009

 I’m trying to get this posted before Matt walks in the door. He’s been coming into our office lately to work on some new fonts, because this office is a designated typographic zone. When Matt isn’t making fonts he’s filming, experimenting with photograph (+)

YouWorkForThem in Top 10

You work for them (+)   08/05/2009

We are a little late on this, but the Fleuron posted a list of their Top 10 Type Foundries You Should Know About. We are happy to be included amongst them.What are some of your favorite type foundries (other than us, of course)? (+)

Matter Zine

You work for them (+)   27/04/2009

About a month ago we released a new font, Matter. We felt it would be beneficial to go an extra mile and create a small PDF zine to further show the typographic value of Matter.Download the Matter Zine (Right-Click, Save As) (+)

Canada Type Collection: 02

You work for them (+)   27/04/2009

From the big wigs over at Canada Type we now have their second bundled collection. This set includes 14 different type families and a total 31 different font weights and variations. So go ahead, revive and freshen up your font collection with this super d (+)

PB&J Poster

You work for them (+)   21/04/2009

If you’re in Minneapolis tonight, PB&J (Peter, Bjorn, and John) are playing a show with Chairlift at the Fine Line Music Cafe. This beautiful poster was screen printed by Mr. EMQUINN and features a YouWorkForThem typeface Augustus designed by Karl Frankow (+)

Michel: Process

You work for them (+)   13/04/2009

A behind the scenes look at our new handset font, Michel. The letters were created by a wild, untamed river of ink carried by water’s movement across the page. (+)

Stencil font category

You work for them (+)   27/03/2009

Matt Desmond’s new font, Bandoleer, got us into a little bit of organizing before the weekend so we added a Stencil category under Fonts.Stencil Fonts (+)

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