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Microsoft typography (Visitar)

The Raster Tragedy

Microsoft typography (+)   14/03/2011

Beat Stamm has just completed a revised and extended version of his article, the "Raster Tragedy." (+)

Verdigris Pro

Microsoft typography (+)   10/11/2010

MVBfonts has just released MVB Verdigris(R) Pro, a revised and expanded version of Mark van Bronkhorst's Renaissance-style text type family, in OpenType format. (+)


Microsoft typography (+)   03/11/2010

The launch of, “the new home of Armenian typeface design and typography,” took place on Oct. 9, which in Armenia is celebrated as Holy Translators Day, honoring the origins of the Armenian alphabet. The launch was covered on Horizon TV in L (+)

Indigenous types

Microsoft typography (+)   01/11/2010

Dr. Marina Garone Gravier has just received an honorable mention in the Francisco Javier Clavijero Prize for her doctoral thesis on the History of Typography for Indigenous Languages. (+)

Psych & type

Microsoft typography (+)   01/11/2010

Microsoft’s Kevin Larson, of the Advanced Reading Technologies team, is interviewed in the November 2010 issue of Monitor on Psychology, the magazine of the American Psychological Association. (+)

Type Americana

Microsoft typography (+)   15/10/2010

The School of Visual Concepts in Seattle is hosting a two-day educational event called Type Americana, Nov. 12–13, 2010. It includes 8 talks on American type history, a hands-on type design workshop with Sumner Stone, and another workshop printing with bl (+)

Four specimens, two books

Microsoft typography (+)   12/10/2010

Typotheque has released four of its limited-edition type specimens, and two new books. (+)

The font is not the territory

Microsoft typography (+)   12/10/2010

The custom cartography company Axis Maps has brought out its first Typographic Maps, which map cities (to begin with, Chicago and Boston) entirely with words. (+)

This is your home on fonts

Microsoft typography (+)   12/10/2010

There’s a bit of a trend for adding typographic features to home decor. From an AP story: “Numbers and letters are hot off the press this season in decorative items, dishware and soft furnishings.” (+)

Unicode 6.0 released

Microsoft typography (+)   12/10/2010

Unicode 6.0 has just been released. This version includes more than 2000 new characters, including many emoji symbols as well as the Indian Rupee symbol. (+)

Hallmark Design Collection

Microsoft typography (+)   30/09/2010

Ascender Corporation has just released the Hallmark™ Design Collection, a premium set of script and lettering-style typefaces from nearly four decades of Hallmark Cards. (+)

Matthew Carter wins MacArthur

Microsoft typography (+)   28/09/2010

Matthew Carter, the highly respected designer of Verdana, Georgia, Miller, ITC Galliard, Bell Centennial, and innumerable other widely used typefaces, has been awarded a 2010 MacArthur Fellowship. Carter’s reaction: “It’s very nice, at my age, to be told (+)


Microsoft typography (+)   24/09/2010

ATypI has announced its second international type-design competition, Letter.2. A jury of renowned professionals will make a selection of the typefaces from the last ten years that represent excellence in type design. (+)


Microsoft typography (+)   24/09/2010

ATypI has announced its second international type-design competition, letter.2. A jury of renowned professionals will make a selection of the typefaces from the last ten years that represent excellence in type design. (+)

New Web-font standard gathers steam

Microsoft typography (+)   01/09/2010

The W3C WebFonts Working Group had its first face-to-face meeting in Los Angeles on August 17, just before the start of TypeCon 2010. Three weeks earlier, on July 27, the First Public Working Draft of the WOFF specification was published – an important st (+)

Dublin: Word!

Microsoft typography (+)   31/08/2010

Next week, the international typographic world will descend on Dublin for the 54th annual conference of ATypI (Association Typographique Internationale), with the very appropriate theme of “The Word.” (+)

The Art & Tradition of Typography

Microsoft typography (+)   20/07/2010 (+)

Ready, steady, media

Microsoft typography (+)   20/07/2010

Ready-Media, a new company started by Roger Black, Eduardo Danilo, Sam Berlow, Robb Rice, and David Berlow, is bringing template-based editorial design to mainstream magazines and newspapers. “We’re making systems for pages, not pages themselves,” says Ro (+)

Ascender releases 2010 Font Pack

Microsoft typography (+)   13/07/2010

Ascender Corporation has just released the Ascender 2010 Font Pack. The new and updated fonts are chock full of advanced OpenType typographic features that work with Microsoft Office 2010’s OpenType capabilities. (+)

ATypI Dublin programme posted

Microsoft typography (+)   06/07/2010

The programme for this year's ATypI conference in Dublin, Ireland, has just been posted, including the main conference programme and the pre-conference sessions grouped under the title "PreFace." (+)

Rimmer of Loxley

Microsoft typography (+)   06/07/2010

P22 has just released RTF Loxley, one of the last type designs from Jim Rimmer, who bridged the wide gap between hand-made metal type and digital fonts in creative ways. Loxley is a face with lots of character, designed originally for a planned edition of (+)

RIP Louis Moyroud, photo-type pioneer

Microsoft typography (+)   01/07/2010

Louis Moyroud, co-inventor with René Alphonse Higonnet of the Lumitype, died recently at the age of 96. The Lumitype (known in the United States as the Photon) was the first commecially practical phototypesetting machine, ushering in a revolution in how t (+)

Zapf gong: pour la mérite

Microsoft typography (+)   17/06/2010

On May 25, Hermann Zapf was given Germany's Order of Merit for his type design, calligraphy, and typography. Is this the first time a type designer has has a cross pinned to his lapel by a government minister? (+)

Design: giving it away

Microsoft typography (+)   09/06/2010

The text of John D. Berry’s Dot-font: talking about design has been posted as a free download from in PDF, Microsoft Word, and plain-text formats. (+)

Type specimens & Latin American type

Microsoft typography (+)   06/06/2010

A one-day conference on "Type Specimens and the Study of Print Culture" will be held on June 23 in Mexico City, at the National Library of Mexico's Bibliographic Research Institute, says Dra. Marina Garone Gravier of the Institute. (+)

Armenian, Cyrillic, Greek type design

Microsoft typography (+)   06/06/2010

GRANSHAN 2010, the 3rd International Eastern Type Design Competition created especially for Armenian, Cyrillic and Greek fonts, is issuing a call for entries. Deadline is August 15. (+)

Veer Announces New Types

Microsoft typography (+)   03/06/2010

Veer announces a number of new additions to its extensive type collection while contributors receive award recognition (+)

New font from P22 and IHOF

Microsoft typography (+)   03/06/2010

P22 and the International House of Fonts proudly announce the release of the Foxtrot Pro Family. (+)

Ascender Launches

Microsoft typography (+)   19/05/2010

This new Web Fonts Service Helps Web Designers & Developers Enhance Brand Consistency, On-Screen Readability. (+)

2010 SOTA Catalyst Award Winner

Microsoft typography (+)   19/05/2010

The Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA) has announced Satya Rajpurohit of Ahmedabad, India, will be the recipient of the 2010 SOTA Catalyst Award. The award was created by SOTA to recognize a person thirty years of age or younger who demonstrates si (+)

IHOF 10th Anniversary Sale

Microsoft typography (+)   17/05/2010

Receive 30% off all IHOF fonts through May 31st. (+)

Typefonderie Open House

Microsoft typography (+)   12/05/2010

Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 May 2010, Typofonderie will be open to the public. Its time to ask your very special question you never find a way to ask before by phone or email! (+)

Klim releases new typeface

Microsoft typography (+)   06/05/2010

Founders Grotesk, designed by Kris Sowersby, is now available. (+)

Typotheque Webfont News

Microsoft typography (+)   26/04/2010

Typotheque is now licensing the engine behind their Webfont service. (+)

New French type foundry

Microsoft typography (+)   16/04/2010

A new online digital type foundry is opening in France, under the wonderful name Bureau des affaires typographiques (Bureau of Typographic Affairs, or B.A.T.). Based in Paris, it “aims at fostering innovative and quality French typography throughout the w (+)

Ascender announces new Web Font service

Microsoft typography (+)   14/04/2010

Ascender Corporation announced a new web fonts service on its site to appeal to web designers and web developers. (+)

Typecon: Call for submissions

Microsoft typography (+)   14/04/2010

The Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA) is now accepting programming proposals for its twelfth annual conference. TypeCon2010 will be held August 17-22, in Los Angeles. (+)

Typography link goes multilingual

Microsoft typography (+)   09/04/2010

The Windows 7 "Fonts for Windows" web page is now live in 26 languages. (+)

Font Aid IV book released

Microsoft typography (+)   07/04/2010

A 52-page book containing the Font Aid IV submissions is now available through (+)

Monotype announces FlipFont availability

Microsoft typography (+)   07/04/2010

Monotype Imaging Brings FlipFont to Samsung Android-Powered Mobile Phones, Beginning with Galaxy S (+)

Trajan's design manual?

Microsoft typography (+)   01/04/2010

John Berry reports on the discovery of what may be a visual-identity manual for the ancient Roman empire. (+)

Font news for April 1

Microsoft typography (+)   01/04/2010

Dramatic, ground-breaking typographic events have shaken the font world on this first day of April. (+)

ATypI deadline extended

Microsoft typography (+)   01/04/2010

The ATypI Programme Committee have extended the deadline for submitting proposals for papers at the 2010 ATypI conference in Dublin. The new deadline is 16 April. (+)

SOTA Catalyst Award: Call for Entries

Microsoft typography (+)   22/03/2010

The Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA) is pleased to announce a new award for young people who have created original work in type design, type history, or other areas related to typography. (+)

ATypI Dublin 2010 | call for papers

Microsoft typography (+)   22/03/2010

ATypI's 2010 conference committee is requesting proposals for presentations and workshops at this year's ATypI conference (Dublin, Ireland, 8-12 September). The conference theme is "The Word." The deadline is fast approaching: proposals must be received b (+)

Sponsors needed for Rimmer documentary

Microsoft typography (+)   18/03/2010

Richard Kegler is working on a documentary about the work of Jim Rimmer titled, “Making Faces: Metal Type in the 21st Century”. (+)

New fonts available at FontShop

Microsoft typography (+)   14/03/2010

Calibri, Constantia, Corbel, Cambria, Candara and Consolas are now available through FontShop.  (+)

New video at

Microsoft typography (+)   14/03/2010

Christian Hartig, Jan Middendorp and Vincent Connare discuss fonts in a new video posted by (+)

New typeface by Carl Crossgrove

Microsoft typography (+)   10/03/2010

Terrestrial Design presents the Biome typeface family, designed by Carl Crossgrove. (+)

GTF releases Arventa typeface system

Microsoft typography (+)   08/03/2010

GTF is proud to present the latest typeface project of Ingo Preuß, the Arventa system. (+)

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