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The origins of abc

glossário tipográfico (+)   21/09/2010

>WHERE DOES OUR ALPHABET COME FROM?We see it every day on signs, billboards, packaging, in books and magazines; in fact, you are looking at it now — the Latin or Roman alphabet, the world’s most prolific, most widespread abc. Typography is a relatively re (+)

Wood Type Museum

glossário tipográfico (+)   16/02/2010

This Web Museum is established for the purpose of educating the general public, and the next generation, on the beauties of wood types and engraved blocks. Our mission is to gather, save, preserve, and interpret wood types and information about them.As th (+)

Jan van Toorn

glossário tipográfico (+)   14/12/2009

Rick Poynor Jan van Toorn: Arguing with Visual MeansJan van Toorn, subject of a meticulously researched retrospective that opened today (21 March) at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, is one of the most distinguished and provocative figures in an exceptional gen (+)

Kohei Sugiura

glossário tipográfico (+)   13/12/2009

Speakers Profile: Kohei Sugiura by Zara ArshadKohei Sugiura by designboomat the recent icograda world design congress in beijing, the japanese graphic designer kohei sugiuragave a lecture entitled 'one is two, two is many, and many returns to one'.we quot (+)

Min Wang

glossário tipográfico (+)   13/11/2009

© designboomthe beijing olympic games will begin on august 8, 2008 - and if it’snot already the case, you can expect to see the game's iconographyon just about everything in the coming weeks. with such a massiveglobal audience guaranteed, the job of commu (+)

Periodic Table of Typefaces

glossário tipográfico (+)   11/10/2009

>Large image link HEREPrints are available HEREThe Periodic Table of Typefaces is obviously in the style of all the thousands of over-sized Periodic Table of Elements posters hanging in schools and homes around the world. This particular table lists 100 o (+)

Jean François Porchez

glossário tipográfico (+)   30/07/2009

>This month marks the second anniversary of our acclaimed series of interviews. Thank you all for your compliments and encouragements! We celebrate the event with a lengthy interview conducted in French (don't worry — we did translate it)…Ever since he va (+)

¿Que es Carácter Tipográfico?

glossário tipográfico (+)   02/06/2009

>"Carácter tipográfico es un lugar para todos aquellos que gustan, entienden u otorgan un valor importante a la tipografía y a la letra en general. Es un medio digital a partir del cual proponemos informar o participar en la creación de una cultura tipogr (+)

Buchstaben Museum

glossário tipográfico (+)   08/05/2009

Ziel des Buchstabenmuseums in Berlin ist es, die Exponate in einem repräsentativen Museum der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich zu machen. Geplant sind Dauer- und Sonderausstellungen sowie begleitende Aktionen, um weiterhin das Bewusstsein für Typografie und das (+)

Petit guide de typographie

glossário tipográfico (+)   19/04/2009

Quand et comment abréger,où mettre des capitales,quels caractères choisir,qu'est-ce qu'un sigle,comment utiliser les espaces…En accord avec l’éditeur, l’auteur, Eric Martini, reprend ici la quasi-totalité des recommandations présenté dans le Petit Guide d (+)


glossário tipográfico (+)   21/03/2009

Lúcia Bergamaschi Costa WeymarUniversidade Federal de Pelotas e Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul.Resumo: Este artigo resulta de uma proposta pedagógica acerca de design gráfico.A proposta em questão é de caráter teórico e prático e pr (+)


glossário tipográfico (+)   21/03/2009

McCoy, Katherine, with David Frej, 'Typography as Discourse', ID Magazine, New York, March/April 1988, pp. 34-37.The recent history of graphic design in the U.S. reveals a series of actions and reactions. The fifties saw the flowering of U.S. graphic desi (+)

Tipografía vernacular:

glossário tipográfico (+)   21/03/2009

La revolución silenciosa de las letras del cotidianoVera Lúcia Dones*Este artigo pretende fazer um registro da tipografiavernacular e de algumas expressões gráficas de letristasanônimos da região metropolitana de Porto Alegre. Acomplexidade de estéticas g (+)

Classification Vox-AtypI

glossário tipográfico (+)   20/03/2009

Polices de caractères Des commentaires de polices très sérieux, enrichis de définitions pour les néophytes et d'illustrations pour vos beaux yeux ?Cliquez à votre guise :BancoBaskervilleBodoniCaslonCheltenhamCochinDidot millimétriqueGalliard GaramondGaram (+)

glossário tipográfico (+)   16/03/2009

by James is a web site devoted to the art and appreciation of typography. It offers a unique typographic resource for students, educators, and professionals, showcasing talent from around the world. [Ler mais...](...) Egyptian H (+)


glossário tipográfico (+)   07/03/2009

"AscendersThe strokes of letters b, d, f, h, k, l which project above the level of the 'x' height of the typeface""Standing TypeType or formes that have been printed but not broken up and distributed back into the case.""Wrong FountA letter of the wrong s (+)

Typography Glossary

glossário tipográfico (+)   07/03/2009

Explore the world of typography and digital type through words, definitions, and mini-tutorials on using fonts in desktop publishing. Take a look at the terminology of type and fonts, especially as it applies to desktop publishing.These are just the brief (+)

Typography Primer

glossário tipográfico (+)   07/03/2009

Typographic Terms at the end of this document...[Ler mais...] > Adobe (+)

Ariel Malka

glossário tipográfico (+)   06/03/2009

chronotext is a growing collection of software experiments exploring the relation between text, space and timebeyond typographyThe potential locked up in text at the digital age is huge: en route for some unvisited territories...newsThe iPhone is asking t (+)

Hannes von Döhren

glossário tipográfico (+)   05/03/2009

Hannes von Döhren was born in Berlin/Germany in 1979. After completing his studies (graphic design) in 2005, he worked in an advertising agency in Hamburg/Germany. Since 2007 he has been working as a freelancing graphic designer in Berlin, which allows hi (+)

Web Typography Sucks

glossário tipográfico (+)   15/02/2009

South by Southwest 2007Online typography resourcesElements of Typographic Style Applied to the WebA List Apart typography articlesThe Trouble With EM ’n EN (and Other Shady Characters)Digital Web typography articlesCompose to a Vertical RhythmFive Simple (+)

Text Treatment and the User Interface

glossário tipográfico (+)   15/02/2009

By Tobias KomischkePublished: January 22, 2009“Much of the information user interfaces present is textual. Therefore, we should not underestimate how the right text treatment can measurably improve user productivity and increase user satisfaction.”Before (+)

Josef Müller-Brockmann

glossário tipográfico (+)   14/02/2009

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJosef Müller-Brockmann, (May 9, 1914 – August 30, 1996), was a Swiss graphic designer and teacher. He studied architecture, design and history of art at both the University and Kunstgewerbeschule in Zurich. In 1936 he (+)

Helvetica _história, designers e imagens

glossário tipográfico (+)   14/02/2009

Image Now Galleryfifty years of helvetica 05 -30.11.07one: an exhibition in mono03 - 17.11.06forty-eight posters, Josef Müller-Brockmann31.05 - 25.06.04 (+)

Paul Mijksenaar

glossário tipográfico (+)   13/02/2009

Prof. Paul Mijksenaar is principal of Mijksenaar. The Dutch company with offices in Amsterdam and New York specialises in wayfinding. Its clients include Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, New York City Transit, Dutch Rai (+)

Barbican Identity Guides

glossário tipográfico (+)   13/02/2009

Stunning guideline book for Barbican by UK based firm North Design. The book features a section on how grids are applied to the identity.Barbican Identity Guides > [pdf]Barbican Identity Guides > [Flickr] (+)

Berthold Types _OldFace

glossário tipográfico (+)   12/02/2009

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaBerthold is a name long associated with type design. H. Berthold AG was one of the largest and most successful type foundries in the world for most of the modern typographic era. Established in 1858 by Hermann Berthold (+)

autor _Jorge Bacelar

glossário tipográfico (+)   29/01/2009

Livros LabcomTítulo A Letra: Comunicação e Expressão Autor Jorge Bacelar [Livro pdf]bocc Biblioteca On-line de Ciências da ComunicaçãoApontamentos sobre a história e desenvolvimento da impressão[ PDF 29 KB ] - Jorge Bacelar, 1999Designarcisismo[ PDF 21 KB (+)

Henrique Cayatte _entrevista

glossário tipográfico (+)   17/01/2009

Que designers queremos ser?2007-04-18T12:40:28.805-07:00Henrique Cayatte é um dos mais conhecidos e premiados designers portugueses, tendo ganho, no ano passado o Prémio Carreira, atribuído pelo Centro Português de Design. Sendo um dos mais criativos na s (+)

Andrew Howard

glossário tipográfico (+)   15/01/2009

Andrew Howard é designer gráfico, curador e crítico de design. Vive e trabalha em Portugal desde 1989, onde tem desenvolvido uma colaboração intensa com diversas instituições culturais, entre as quais a Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, a Fundação de Serralve (+)

The Graphic Design of Peter Saville

glossário tipográfico (+)   11/01/2009

"Saville's method, then as now, lies in fixing on a style or look slightly ahead of popular taste. He achieves the sort of ambiguity and complexity of resonance more usually associated with art," writes Rick Poynor in his essay.The legendary cover of the (+)

Classificação estilística:

glossário tipográfico (+)   10/01/2009

na senda de um paradigma tipográficoJorge dos ReisOs classificadores de coisas, que são aqueles homens de ciência cuja ciência é só classificar, ignoram, em geral, que o classificável é infinito e portanto se não pode classificar.FERNANDO PESSOAIniciada e (+)

A Number of Numbers _by Pentagram

glossário tipográfico (+)   17/12/2008

The Burmese system uses lines once written on palm leaves.Each year Pentagram issues a small holiday book as a greeting to its friends, clients and colleagues. The partners take turns researching and designing these books, which usually contain some kind (+)

Anatomía del Tipo (I)

glossário tipográfico (+)   09/12/2008

por Milko A. García Torres Estos contenidos pertenecen al "Curso práctico de diseño gráfico".Ediciones Génesis S.A., Madrid.El arte de la tipografía consiste en hacer legibles y atractivas visualmente las palabras y los signos gráficos que las acompañan. (+)

Bruno Munari al Museo dell’Ara Pacis

glossário tipográfico (+)   16/11/2008

Museo dell’Ara Pacis. Roma9 Ottobre 2008 - 22 Febbraio 2009a cura di Beppe Finessi e Marco Meneguzzo, progetto di allestimento di Marco Ferreri, progetto grafico di Italo LupiLa mostra nasce da un approfondito lavoro di ricerca e da un progetto affinato n (+)

Short Letterpress Documentary

glossário tipográfico (+)   16/11/2008

From: creativetechsTake a short visit to Firefly Press in Somerville Massachusetts. John Kristensen, proprietor. This wonderful little documentary speaks to the craftsmanship and love of traditional design that drew many of us into the world of graphic de (+)

The Art of Looking Sideways by Alan Fletcher

glossário tipográfico (+)   21/10/2008

The Art of Looking Sideways' by Alan Fletcher is the ultimate guide to visual awareness, a magical compilation that will entertain and inspire all those who enjoy the interplay between word and image, and who relish the odd and the unexpected. (+)

The Art of Hermann Zapf

glossário tipográfico (+)   15/10/2008

A video of him working! > Here you can see an excerpt from the video! < (+)

Brody Neuenschwander _Biography

glossário tipográfico (+)   05/10/2008

. . . "If this is calligraphy, then it is calligraphy without precedent." []"Nasceu em Houston, Texas, em 1958. Tendo sempre demonstrado um interesse vasto pela arte, história, literatura e caligrafia, graduou-se em 1981, na Universidade de (+)


glossário tipográfico (+)   05/10/2008

by Manfredo Massironi[Ler mais...] > Belle Lettere Book > pdf (+)

Ellen Lupton

glossário tipográfico (+)   01/10/2008

Photo by Jason Knauer, 20071 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10Born 1963, Philadelphia, PARecognized for her invaluable role as an educator, author and curator in the field of design and for her intellect and mastery of words. Ellen Lupton makes this industry smarter. If (+)

A escrita alfabética

glossário tipográfico (+)   01/10/2008

s mais antigas inscrições alfabéticas em grego datam do século -VIII e mostram já alto grau de evolução; é possível, portanto, que seu desenvolvimento tenha começado no final do século -IX. O alfabeto grego é o mais antigo alfabeto conhecido a fazer uso d (+)

glossário tipográfico (+)   01/10/2008


FB Stainless

glossário tipográfico (+)   23/09/2008

>Like so many typefaces, the Stainless™ design grew out of experimentation. While drawing in his sketchbook one day, Cyrus Highsmith began to rough out a serifless version of his slab serif design, Dispatch™. As he drew strokes and counters, he realized t (+)

An Interview with Zuzana Licko

glossário tipográfico (+)   17/09/2008

Stephen Coles | September 29, 2005Zuzana Licko co-founded Emigre — one of the first independent digital type foundries — in 1984. This interview with Licko was conducted on the eve of Emigre’s 15th anniversary in 1998.How do you get ideas for new typeface (+)

Black Slabbat _YouWorkForThem

glossário tipográfico (+)   15/09/2008

Designed by Stefan KjartanssonStyles: Regular, AlternativeThere’s only one thing about this new typeface that isn’t colossally black: the razor-thin white space. It slices through and between geometric characters, creating a juxtaposition of contrasts and (+)

FF Meta Serif _FontShop

glossário tipográfico (+)   07/08/2008

It took three years and three designers to develop FF Meta® Serif. All through the ’90s, Erik Spiekermann made several attempts at designing a counterpart for his groundbreaking FF Meta®. Fans of Meta frequently asked him which serif face would best compl (+)

Typeface Anatomy and Glossary

glossário tipográfico (+)   06/08/2008

Font: FF Clifford Here’s a glossary of common type terminology, which along with the FAQs may answer many font related questions. If the information you need isn’t here, call us. (+)

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