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Apología de la caligrafía y el garabato

Tipografias (+)   19/09/2010

>CARLOS RIOJAUna reivindicación de la escritura individual, íntima señal de nuestra identidad.Uno de los problemas más comunes en el diseño gráfico, especialmente al comienzo de la actividad profesional, es el afán por diseñarlo todo. No se puede dejar na (+)


Tipografias (+)   15/02/2010

>January 2010: MikadoBy Jim Thompson, IPM Board of Trustees"The wood-type for this month is Mikado and was apparently inspired by Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic opera of the same name. The show opened in London in March of 1885 and in New York later that sa (+)

Lettering & Type

Tipografias (+)   01/01/2010

>Lettering & Type > [ler mais...] (+)

Fête des Lumieres

Tipografias (+)   14/12/2009

>LYON 5 > 8 DEC (+)


Tipografias (+)   14/11/2009

>icograda _beijing (+)

Les Rencontres internationales de Lure

Tipografias (+)   30/07/2009

>Depuis plus d’un demi-siècle, Les Rencontres internationales de Lure sont à la fois observatoire, carrefour et forum de passionnés de la communication visuelle (typographie, graphisme…). Leur vocation est de promouvoir la culture graphique et de contribu (+)

Granshan 09 Type Design Competition

Tipografias (+)   29/07/2009

>Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia announces the second International competition of type design: GRANSHAN 2009 The Competition judging will take place in Yerevan from 05 to 09 of October 2009.Categories of the Competition:1. Armenian text fo (+)

Tipografias (+)   29/07/2009 (+)

The League of Moveable Type

Tipografias (+)   29/07/2009

>a collection of open source typeWe're done with the tired old fontstacks of yesteryear. Enough with the limitations of the web, we won't have it. It's time to raise our standards. Here, you'll find only the most well-made, free & open-source, @font-face (+)

Andrea De Rosa

Tipografias (+)   07/06/2009

> (+)

CKD Design

Tipografias (+)   06/06/2009

> (+)

R2 Design

Tipografias (+)   03/06/2009

>Stop posterR2 poster for Good 50x70, 3rd editionGood 50x70 aim is to increase public opinion awareness of who fights to improve life across the (+)

Hachura ™ _Outras Fontes

Tipografias (+)   02/06/2009

>Outras Fontes is an independent digital type foundry based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was founded in 2006 and it is currently managed by Ricardo Esteves Gomes, a graphic designer and researcher. The name "Outras Fontes" simply means Other Fonts. Our w (+)

Evelin Kasikov _portfolio

Tipografias (+)   01/06/2009

>I am an Estonian graphic designer currently living in London. I love the craft of print and I have studied traditional printmaking techniques: intaglio, letterpress and lithography. After working several years in design and advertising I moved to London (+)


Tipografias (+)   31/05/2009

>MOUSE, parabéns pelo EXCELENTE trabalho destes 3 GRANDES anos :)ttttt… (+)

Dangerous Curves

Tipografias (+)   31/05/2009

>Doyald (+)

256tm _Thomas Huot-Marchand

Tipografias (+)   22/05/2009

>256tm fonts are compressed as .zip files. Use Stuffit Expander for Mac, or Winzip for Windows, or simply click on the files to extract the fontsLes fontes 256tm sont compressées en archives .zip. Utilisez Stuffit Expander sur Mac, ou Winzip sur Windows, (+)

Free Fonts _FontShop

Tipografias (+)   08/05/2009

>By downloading any of the free fonts on this page you agree to these conditions: Though we offer these font downloads free of charge, the fonts themselves are copyrighted by the respective designers and foundries and their use is regulated by their respe (+)

Eduardo Manso

Tipografias (+)   19/04/2009

> (+)

Handwritten _Typographers

Tipografias (+)   19/04/2009

>Hit pause for a moment and consider how greatly we – people in the digital age – are indebted to typographers. Almost all of our visual communication is delivered using the products of their craft: newspapers, SMSes, instant messages, emails, web pages, (+)

Hugo d'Alte

Tipografias (+)   27/03/2009

> (+)

NEWWORK Magazine 03

Tipografias (+)   15/03/2009

>NEWWORK magazine is a large-format arts publication for conneusiers of fresh ideas. Designed and published biannually by studio NEWWORK, each issue features new work from a wide range of artists and creators in the worlds of fine art, design, high fashio (+)

Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute

Tipografias (+)   07/03/2009

>The typefaces on this page have been designed for you to use and enjoy free of charge. Use them in your Personal and Commercial projects and designs. (...)… (+)

Type in Flash

Tipografias (+)   07/03/2009

>LOGO, FONT & LETTERING BIBLE All contents copyright 2004 by Leslie Cabarga, published by HOW Design BooksHere are some ways of handling type in Flash. I created this demo for the book, FLASH MX: Complete Course by Bill Sanders, from Seybold publisherstip (+)

Absolut Sequel

Tipografias (+)   07/03/2009

> (+)

Hannes von Döhren

Tipografias (+)   06/03/2009

>In August 2008, we introduced Quench®, a contemporary display family by Berlin-based Hannes von Döhren. Since that successful release, Hannes has followed with three more items: Opal™, which is a noble, luxury text face, and Snoogle™ and Snoogle Dingbats (+)


Tipografias (+)   05/03/2009

>Here are four young designers who have created some exceptional typefaces. January/February 2009TYPEA QUINTESSENTIALLY TALENTED TYPOGRAPHIC QUARTETby Allan HaleyType design tends to be a self-taught skill—one that a formal education can augment, but not (+)

Fedra Sans Condensed Alt

Tipografias (+)   15/02/2009

>Design : Peter AugustovičTypotheque has designed the basic typographic template for the Slovak Euro stamps. Fedra Sans Condensed Al Bold is used for the denomination of the stamps, domicile is in Fedra Sans Display Thin, and the name of the monument is i (+)

Talkin’ ’bout font generations

Tipografias (+)   15/02/2009

>ATypI 08: The Old · The NewBeloselsky-Belozersky Palace, St Petersburg17-21 September 2008Reviewed by Sofie Beier‘Do you guys always talk this much about yourself in presentations?’ asked Vladimir, a Russian, after listening to several speakers from the (+)

realities:united (realU)

Tipografias (+)   14/02/2009

>In 2000 the brothers Tim Edler and Jan Edler founded realities:united (realU), a studio for art, architecture and technology. realities:united develops and supports architectural solutions, usually incorporating new media and information technologies.Mus (+)

Playful Type

Tipografias (+)   13/02/2009

>Ephemeral Lettering and Illustrative FontsEditors: R. Klanten, H. HelligeGraphic designers have always developed and designed new fonts for application in individual projects. Playful Type discovers a new and young generation of designers who are applyin (+)

Dan Flavin

Tipografias (+)   13/02/2009

>Dan Flavin was born on April 1, 1933 in New York City. In the mid 1950s he served in the US Air Force as an air weather meteorological technician in Korea, after which he returned to New York and attended art history classes at the New School for Social (+)

Feisar _Paul van der Laan

Tipografias (+)   11/02/2009

>Feisar, designed by Paul van der Laan, was initially drawn as a 12 PPM bitmap typeface for the user-interface of the veejay application Resolume.Since its debut the design has gradually expanded into a complete font family of several bitmap variants for (+)

green earth

Tipografias (+)   10/02/2009

>competition results !theme:green earth'green'create a graphic artwork that illustrates the environmental protectionand how human beings and nature could coexist in a greener world.'earth'give the gift of a greener world at christmas. create a graphic art (+)

“A Rebelião dos Signos: A Alma da Letra”

Tipografias (+)   29/01/2009

>Designers ibéricos apresentam livroHistória da letra vista a quatro mãosLançada a edição em castelhano para Espanha e América Latina, em 2009 a obra de Joan Costa e Daniel Raposo sobre a história, usos e evolução dos signos chega ao mercado português e.. (+)

Antoine+Manuel _graphiste et designer

Tipografias (+)   29/01/2009

>EXPOSITION14 janvier / 12 avril (+)

Carlos André e Eduardo Aires _design editorial

Tipografias (+)   15/01/2009

>lançam Fotobiografia (im) Possível de Rodrigues LoboTinta FrescaDepois da Fotobiografia de Afonso Lopes Vieira apresentada no final de 2007, a editora leiriense Imagens&Letras volta a “surpreender com uma obra de elevada qualidade gráfica e científica, u (+)

Literary acquisition through voice:

Tipografias (+)   15/01/2009

>a new notation for enhancing literacy, representing all voice expressions in a single systemJorge Dos Reis Tavares Duarte"My research has two aspects. First, can letter shapes represent, without ambiguity, the different oral sounds in speech and chant? S (+)

Peter Saville _fonts download

Tipografias (+)   11/01/2009

> (+)


Tipografias (+)   09/01/2009

> (+)

Cristina Reis _Teatro da Cornucópia

Tipografias (+)   21/12/2008

> (+)

New Work: ‘02138’

Tipografias (+)   17/12/2008

>Cover of the redesigned, now dead 02138.02138 was the luxury lifestyle magazine of the Harvard elite, sent exclusively to the school’s top 50,000 alumni (out of 320,000 Harvard alums worldwide—yes, you can go to Harvard and still be considered not good e (+)

Papá Noel: ¿mascota corporativa?

Tipografias (+)   17/12/2008

>Mariana CostaPapá Noel: ¿mascota corporativa?Córdoba | 15/12/2008 | La figura de Papá Noel como mascota corporativa. Sus orígenes, algunas razones del logro de su ubicuidad y un planteo sobre las formas en que se representa actualmente. [Ler mais...] >.. (+)

A Number of Numbers _by Pentagram

Tipografias (+)   16/12/2008

>This year’s book, A Number of Numbers, has been designed by Michael Gericke and his team.Go to the A Number of Numbers (+)

ciclo de Conferências promovidas pelo ISEC

Tipografias (+)   09/12/2008 (+)

ciclo de Conferências promovidas pelo ISEC

Tipografias (+)   09/12/2008

>Na sequência do ciclo de Conferências promovidas pelo ISEC na área de Design e Produção Gráfica, vimos por este meio convidar-vos a assistir já esta 5ª feira a uma sessão com Paulo Heitlinger, autor do livro "Tipografia - Origens, formas e uso das Letras (+)

Eric Olson _Process Type Foundry

Tipografias (+)   24/11/2008

>In a relatively short time span Eric Olson’s Process Type Foundry has become one of the most successful micro-foundries in the US. His retail fonts, such as a the cool, clean Bryant and the highly fashionable Klavika, enjoy increasing popularity in print (+)


Tipografias (+)   16/11/2008

>(signed & personalised)Numbered Edition (limited to 100 CPS)Signed by Wim Crouwel, Angelique Spaninks (Director of MU) & Neubau (Gandl/Grünberger)Feel free to watch Wim Crouwel’s opening speech for the Neubauism Exhibition at MU in... (+)

Ours: Democracy in the Age of Branding

Tipografias (+)   15/11/2008

>Thursday, October 16th, 2008 - Sunday, February 1st, 2009Democracy: it's ours. Or is it? With the U.S. presidential elections upon us, Parsons The New School for Design presents an exhibition investigating the potency of democracy as a brand featuring an (+)

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