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Typekit and Google Announce Open Source Collaboration

Typekit (+)   19/05/2010

Here at Typekit, we believe good typography is good for the web. We’re working towards a world where all websites have both rich visual communication and content that is searchable, accessible, translatable and delivered as quickly as possible. This is wh (+)

Typekit Font Events

Typekit (+)   14/05/2010

Web fonts may be the best thing to happen to web design in years, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some tricky issues to overcome. One of the most annoying things is dealing with what’s become known as the FOUT or ‘Flash of Unstyled Text’. It’s what hap (+)

Use your Typekit account on unlimited websites

Typekit (+)   11/05/2010

We’ve been spending a lot of time listening to people talk about how they use Typekit. And there are a lot of ways to use fonts on the web. Independent designers, corporate creative directors, agencies, bloggers — just about anyone working on the web toda (+)

Collected Inspiration: The Typekit Design Gallery

Typekit (+)   10/05/2010

When we talk to new Typekit users, they consistently describe what we now refer to as the Four Stages of Web Typography:Amazement “Wow, I can actually use real fonts on my website now? That’s incredible!”Anticipation “Look at all these fonts! Just think o (+)

Typekit now supports fonts on the iPhone

Typekit (+)   06/05/2010

In our never-ending quest to provide fonts for all platforms and devices, we’ve rolled out support for Typekit fonts on the iPhone. This means you can now use @font-face across all supporting desktop browsers, as well as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.T (+)

Veer joins Typekit

Typekit (+)   04/05/2010

Now we’re going to have some fun … Veer type is available on Typekit! For starters, you can give your website or blog personality and panache with beautiful display faces from Veer’s Jukebox collection, “a treasure trove of typographic Americana” inspired (+)

Just Another Foundry joins Typekit

Typekit (+)   27/04/2010

We’re adding a lot more fonts to the Typekit library in the coming weeks, and rendering quality is one of our highest priorities. You can see that in our latest partnership with Just Another Foundry. We were impressed with how good FacitWeb, in particular (+)

Typekit and Drupal Gardens: Let a thousand fonts bloom

Typekit (+)   22/04/2010

Take a look at the Typekit home page and you’ll see our mission in big, beautiful letters: The easiest way to use real fonts on the web. Everything we do is aimed at offering simple yet powerful access to an ever-growing library of webfonts, regardless of (+)

Typekit now supports fonts for the iPad

Typekit (+)   09/04/2010

As we mentioned earlier this week, we’ve been testing web font support on Apple’s new iPad. Our early results were a bit disappointing: No OpenType or WOFF support, intermittent crashing with multiple font varieties, and non-standard text selection behavi (+)

Gawker turns to Typekit for iPad font support

Typekit (+)   06/04/2010

Yesterday, we wrote about our experiments using web fonts in the iPad. Today, we’re showing off an example in the real world. The folks over at Gawker Media have been hard at work developing iPad-specific versions of their blogs, and we’ve teamed up with (+)

Experimenting with web fonts on the iPad

Typekit (+)   05/04/2010

We’ve been counting down the days along with everyone else in anticipation of Apple’s iPad. While we were waiting, we started experimenting with the iPad simulator, seeing what works and what doesn’t. When we finally got our hands on the hardware, we spen (+)

Classic and Contemporary Fonts from P22, T.26 and Others

Typekit (+)   11/03/2010

We’ve just added a batch of new fonts to the Typekit library, including some amazing classic typefaces you’ve been waiting for. P22 Type FoundryP22 is renowned for its work with museums and foundations to ensure the development of accurate historical type (+)

Typekit at SxSW: Parties and Panels

Typekit (+)   10/03/2010

The annual South by Southwest conference is happening in Austin, Texas, this weekend, and Typekit will be there. We’re co-hosting a big Web Fonts Meetup and will be participating in a number of panels. Here are the details:Party: Web Fonts MeetupSunday, M (+)

By Popular Demand: New Fonts from Your Favorite Foundries

Typekit (+)   09/03/2010

We’ve been getting lots of requests for new fonts from our foundry partners, so this week we’ve added a bunch of them to the Typekit library.First, Mark Simonson’s fans alerted us that the popular Proxima Nova had an additional weight that Typekit was not (+)

Buy fonts at FontShop, host them on Typekit

Typekit (+)   23/02/2010

It’s hard to believe that it has only been three months since we launched Typekit — so much has happened in the webfont world in such a short time. We’ve been inspired recently by beautiful redesigns, increasingly sophisticated browser support, and many m (+)

Typekit now built into TypePad blogs

Typekit (+)   03/02/2010

Starting today, our friends over at Six Apart have made it incredibly easy to use Typekit with their TypePad blogging platform. Now, you can use fonts from our library to customize the hundreds of beautiful TypePad templates.TypePad has always been a grea (+)

exljbris and Typefolio join Typekit

Typekit (+)   28/01/2010

In response to many requests, we’re happy to announce that Jos Buivenga’s foundry exljbris Font Foundry is joining Typekit, including the very popular Museo, Museo Sans, and Museo Slab . Based in Arnhem, Jos makes his fonts free for all users and that’s w (+)

Typekit fonts now available in Readability

Typekit (+)   27/01/2010

Have you tried the Readability service yet? The concept is simple: whenever you land on a web page filled with flashing ads and a cluttered design, just hit the bookmarklet and it will reformat the page into a beautifully calm and highly legible template. (+)

Screenshots of all our fonts in every browser, on every platform

Typekit (+)   26/01/2010

Using real fonts on the web is turning out to be pretty amazing. You get all the benefits of HTML — searchable, accessible text that loads quickly — with visual appeal that used to required images or Flash. But you also get a whole new set of choices and (+)

Typekit supports WOFF in Firefox 3.6

Typekit (+)   21/01/2010

Earlier today, the Mozilla Foundation released version 3.6 of Firefox. While that may sound like an incremental release, it represents a significant milestone in the ongoing story of fonts on the web. This marks the first browser to support the emerging W (+)

Lock in introductory pricing for life!

Typekit (+)   15/01/2010

Since launching Typekit in August, we’ve been offering our early users lower prices at all account levels. It’s our way of saying thank you for supporting our service as we grow and add new features.Soon, we’ll be changing our rates and some of the detail (+)

Customize your WordPress blog with Typekit fonts

Typekit (+)   22/12/2009

Got a blog at Now you can use Typekit! We’ve just rolled out a way to easily use fonts on the world’s largest blogging platform. With Typekit and WordPress working together, customizing the look of the nearly 10 million blogs they host now (+)

Porchez Typofonderie and Delve Fonts join Typekit

Typekit (+)   21/12/2009

Just in time for the holidays, a new wave of fonts for you to enjoy. We have two new foundries and more fonts from our current foundry partners. Have a look: For the last fifteen years, Jean Francois Porchez has been designing custom fonts for a remarkabl (+)

Featured site: Harvard Business Review

Typekit (+)   18/12/2009

Yesterday, the Harvard Business Review launched a redesign of both their magazine and web site. Using the elegant sans serif National from Village type co-op, the venerable publication is not only updating its look, but its approach to content as well. Go (+)

New Fonts and Improved Hinting From Our Partners

Typekit (+)   08/12/2009

Following the addition of four new foundries to Typekit last week, we have a wave of new fonts and specially hinted fonts from foundry partners like Mark Simonson, Underware, Paragraph, Insigne Design, and Buro Destruct.First, Mark Simonson is adding Chan (+)

Four New Foundries join Typekit

Typekit (+)   04/12/2009

What better way to spend a Friday than trying out new fonts on Typekit? We’ve got great additions to the library from independent designers from all over the world. All Typekit users have new fonts to work with today, as we’ve added new typefaces to the e (+)

Featured Site: The New York Times

Typekit (+)   02/12/2009

It’s hard to argue with the rich typographic tradition of the New York Times. For over 150 years, the paper has defined the look and feel of news and created an unrivaled journalistic standard. We’re proud to help bring that tradition to the web with toda (+)

Featured site: GigaOm

Typekit (+)   24/11/2009

Designers are getting excited about web fonts for lots of reasons. Not only do they have more choice, but web design can start to have some of the typographic power print designers have long enjoyed. Those who make their living producing content have bee (+)

FontFont library now on Typekit

Typekit (+)   18/11/2009

Great news! Typekit users now have access to some of the highest quality typefaces in the world thanks to our new partnership with FontFont. We’re adding dozens of their professional fonts (like FF Meta, FF Dax, and FF Netto) to all account levels at no a (+)

Typekit is live

Typekit (+)   10/11/2009

For the past few weeks, we’ve been offering an invitation-only sneak peek at the Typekit service. Now, we’re happy to announce that we’re open to the public. You can head over to Typekit and start using it immediately!We’ve learned a lot about how browser (+)

Typekit in Mexico City

Typekit (+)   26/10/2009

Today is the opening of the Association Typographique Internationale’s Typ09 conference in Mexico City and the Typekit team will be there all week. Bryan is giving a talk titled “How @font-face Changes The Type Industry,” explaining the effects of technol (+)

New fonts from PSY/OPS, DizajnDesign, and César Puertas

Typekit (+)   13/10/2009

Since we began developing Typekit, we felt strongly that offering a subscription to a library of fonts would have lots of benefits to designers and developers. For example, when we add new fonts, you can start using them right away. No need to decipher a (+)

Rendering Fonts in Today’s Browsers

Typekit (+)   15/09/2009

All new technologies come with unique quirks — and using fonts with CSS and @font-face is no different.When experimenting with linked fonts, we have noticed that there can be a delay between when a page loads and when a font displays. It’s by no means ide (+)

Building our font library

Typekit (+)   20/08/2009

We’ve been testing Typekit over the last few weeks with a small group of foundries, type designers, and web designers. The results have been incredibly valuable, helping us learn more about how fonts perform in browsers as well as a host of other issues. (+)

Serving and Protecting Fonts on the Web

Typekit (+)   21/07/2009

When describing Typekit to both web and type designers, we often say that we’re “offering a level of protection that the type industry needs.” Considering all the discussion there has been recently about differing formats and safeguarding fonts, we though (+)

Why we support the new .webfont proposal

Typekit (+)   16/07/2009

There has been a flurry of activity in the W3C Web Fonts Working group lately, much if it responding to a proposal from Tal Leming and Erik van Blokland for a new format for linked font files. In their proposal, they outline an XML “wrapper” that describe (+)

Typekit at TypeCon

Typekit (+)   14/07/2009

We’re heading to Atlanta this week to attend TypeCon 2009, the annual meeting of the type community. We’re happy to be lending our support as a sponsor this year. If you’re attending, look for your Typekit drink ticket at registration. First round is on u (+)

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