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Sarah Thorne

TypoJungle (+)   09/06/2010 Beautiful design for fashion from London! Sarah Thorne, enjoy. (+)

Give Up Art

TypoJungle (+)   09/06/2010 Works from London-based design studio Give Up Art. (+)


TypoJungle (+)   07/06/2010 The graphic design studio Cyan was established in 1992 by Daniela Haufe and Detlef Fiedler in Berlin. It specialises in visual identities for cultural and public institutions (advertising campaigns, posters, books, magazines, websites (+)

Andrew Woodhead

TypoJungle (+)   02/06/2010 Nice works from a Paris based designer Andrew Woodhead. (+)

C100 Purple Haze

TypoJungle (+)   02/06/2010 Clemens & Christian email us to introduce their latest updates with a lot of great projects. C100 Purple Haze, a multidisciplinary design consultancy from Munich. Have a look! (+)


TypoJungle (+)   30/05/2010 MilieuGrotesque is an independent publisher and distributor of typefaces and related publications. The brainchild of graphic designers Alexander Meyer and Timo Gaessner, MilieuGrotesque reflects their ongoing interest and i (+)

Ross Gunter

TypoJungle (+)   24/05/2010 Really nice works from London based designer Ross Gunter. (+)

Mitsuo Katsui

TypoJungle (+)   24/05/2010 Via But Does It Float a great selection of poster made by the famous designer Mitsuo Katsui (+)

Non-Format [update]

TypoJungle (+)   17/05/2010 Non-Format updates with a CD pocketpack for The Chap – Well Done Europe. Cool! (+)

Alexander Shoukas

TypoJungle (+)   17/05/2010 Really nice design and poster from the Amsterdam based graphic designer Alexander Shoukas. Great! (+)

Figure Studio

TypoJungle (+)   12/05/2010 Figure is the showcase of the designer Jeremy Hally with some great stuff. (+)

Melvin Galapon

TypoJungle (+)   06/05/2010 Curious, geometric and cool works from a London based designer Melvin Galapon. (+)


TypoJungle (+)   05/05/2010 Another cool selection of posters, print and typographic works from the France based design studio Akatre. Wow! (+)

Wood McGrath

TypoJungle (+)   03/05/2010 Cool works from the London based design duo Martin McGrath and Suzy Wood. (+)

Musa Work Lab

TypoJungle (+)   02/05/2010 Some cool recent works from the famous art direction and design studio Musa Work Lab, Lisbon. (+)

Picame #11

TypoJungle (+)   02/05/2010 Out now the new issue of Pìcame. Fresh & Cool inspiration directly from the recent Milan design week! You can also take a look at our typographic column (Type Area) with a special feature: Yomar Augusto. Enjoy. (+)

Glasfurd & Walker

TypoJungle (+)   02/05/2010 Pure and minimal design from the creative studio specialising in ideation, graphic design and artistic direction formed by Australian designer Phoebe Glasfurd and Canadian producer Aren Fieldwalker in early 2007. (+)


TypoJungle (+)   29/04/2010 Awesome new works from Mash, Australia. (+)

Tappin Gofton

TypoJungle (+)   27/04/2010 Awesome works from the London based studio founded by Mark Tappin and Simon Gofton. Wow! (+)

[Books] U&lc Vol 9.1 March 1982

TypoJungle (+)   27/04/2010 Thanks to our friend at Counter-Print to inform us about one of the most famous design magazine: U&lc. At our Typojungle Books you can view the vol 9.1 (March 1982) designed by Herb Lubalin. Check it out! This and other 10 is (+)

Christian Brandt

TypoJungle (+)   26/04/2010 Experimental Typography. Awesome. (+)

Raf Vancampenhoudt

TypoJungle (+)   25/04/2010 Raf Vancampenhoudt, a graphic designer from Belgium with some great stuff. (+)

Adobe Design Achievement Awards

TypoJungle (+)   25/04/2010 The Adobe® Design Achievement Awards celebrate student achievement reflecting the powerful convergence of technology and the creative arts. The competition – which showcases individual and group projects created with industry – lea (+)

Matthieu David

TypoJungle (+)   22/04/2010 Great works and typeface from a Paris based designer Matthieu David. (+)

Defense typeface

TypoJungle (+)   22/04/2010 Check out the new font release from Reserves foundry: Defense. A three weight bold slab-serif stencil display face that contains multiple OpenType features including over 70 standard ligatures (+)

[Books] NEWWORK #4

TypoJungle (+)   20/04/2010 We’re very glad to introduce that Typojungle Books updates with an example of excellence and style in the world of magazine with the issue 4 of NEWWORK, a large-format arts publication for connoisseur of fresh ideas designed (+)

Jung + Wenig

TypoJungle (+)   20/04/2010 Pure minimal design from the Berlin based atelier Jung + Wenig. (+)

Jonge Meesters

TypoJungle (+)   19/04/2010 Wow! Impressive poster, graphics and typographic works from Jonge Meesters, Amsterdam. (+)


TypoJungle (+)   18/04/2010 Great print works and typography from a Belgium based studio PLMD. (+)

Counter-Objects: Mat Cook

TypoJungle (+)   18/04/2010 Check out at Counter-Objects the new hand screened poster series designed by Mat Cook. (+)

Johannes Breyer

TypoJungle (+)   14/04/2010 Nice print works and great use of typography from Zurich. (+)


TypoJungle (+)   14/04/2010 Wonderful typography, art direction and graphic design works from a London based design studio Multistorey. (+)

Roos Jeklap

TypoJungle (+)   12/04/2010 Great editorial, typography and books design from Amsterdam. (+)

Emilio Macchia

TypoJungle (+)   12/04/2010 “Big” typography from an Italy based designer Emilio. (+)

Claudia Doms

TypoJungle (+)   11/04/2010 Nice works from an Amsterdam based designer Claudia Doms. (+)

Andres Requena

TypoJungle (+)   11/04/2010 Awesome Flickr set from Andres Requena. (+)

Dominik Schatz

TypoJungle (+)   31/03/2010 Domink Schatz. Munich based Graphic-Designer (and Model). Excellent. (+)

Brice Domingues

TypoJungle (+)   30/03/2010 The impressive works from the Marseille-France based designer Brice Domingues, featured also on “Regular – Graphic desgin today” (Gestalten) (+)


TypoJungle (+)   29/03/2010 Awesome poster and minimal design works from Sãopaulo (Brasil), Quadradão. (+)


TypoJungle (+)   28/03/2010 Impressive use of typography in all the works from a Lisbon based multidisciplinary studio Alva. (+)


TypoJungle (+)   25/03/2010 Awesome work from Simone Farner, Lea Schmidt and Ruth Amstutz. Pirol, graphic design studio based in switzerland. (+)

We made it

TypoJungle (+)   25/03/2010 We made it, is a graphic design studio run by Dominik Bachmann and Fabian Jenny. (+)

Astrid Seme

TypoJungle (+)   25/03/2010 A very large amount of experimental work by Astrid Seme. (+)

Aurelien Arnaud

TypoJungle (+)   24/03/2010 Really cool design works and illustration from the art director and co-founder of PNTS Aurelien Arnaud. (+)

Nivard Thoes

TypoJungle (+)   24/03/2010 Great design works and beautiful typeface from a dutch graphic designer Nivard Thoes. (+)

Designers United [update]

TypoJungle (+)   24/03/2010 Thanks to Dimitris at Designers United (Greece) to dropped us a line to show their recent cool updates. Have a look! (+)

Ctrl C

TypoJungle (+)   22/03/2010 Awesome poster from a Leipzig based graphic designer Florian Lamm. (+)

Stephen Smith

TypoJungle (+)   21/03/2010 Really nice works from Stephen Smith, a graphic designer born, raised, and studying in Toronto, Canada. (+)

David James

TypoJungle (+)   17/03/2010 Twenty years of works. Awesome fashion and editorial design! (+)

Rob van Hoesel

TypoJungle (+)   17/03/2010 Another impressive showcase from The Netherlands. Cool poster and minimal book design from Rob van Hoesel. (+)

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