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Lucas Benjamin Sharp

TypoJungle (+)   24/01/2011 Lucas is a graphic designer and art director living and working in New York City. He has devoted the last three years of his study to the field of typography at Parsons, and recently, as the apprentice of Joshua Darden. He is a (+)

Carson Magazine

TypoJungle (+)   23/01/2011 Arguably the world’s most famous graphic designer is returning to print.“He changed the public face of graphic design,” according to Newsweek, and now he’s doing it again. TED speaker and experimental graphic design pioneer David Ca (+)

RoAndCo Studio

TypoJungle (+)   15/11/2010 Really awesome works from the NY based multi-disciplinary design studio RoAndCo devoted to holistic branding that serves a range of fashion, art, and lifestyle clients. (+)


TypoJungle (+)   11/11/2010 Really great showcase from the new Helsinki based studio Tsto, a multidisciplinary creative agency serving in fields of graphic design, creative direction and consultancy in both digital and printed media. (+)

Grandpeople [update]

TypoJungle (+)   11/11/2010 Thanks to Gaute Tenold Aase for dropped us a line about the recent Grandpeople updates. Impressive works from Norway! (+)

A is a name

TypoJungle (+)   07/11/2010 Great typography from the Montreuil (France) based design studio A is a name. (+)

Eight:48 Issue 3

TypoJungle (+)   04/11/2010 Eight:48 Issue 03 is a special edition on the theme of poster design and features a forward from Caroline Roberts along with viewpoints from various studios including, Golden, Studio Output, No Days Off, Proud Creative and (+)


TypoJungle (+)   01/11/2010 Workshop is an independent graphic design studio specialising in design for print, branding, identity, books, exhibition and web. (+)


TypoJungle (+)   01/11/2010 Nice works from a Rotterdam based design studio Oona (Ontwerp Office naast Atelier). (+)

Ill Studio

TypoJungle (+)   28/10/2010 Great works from Ill-Studio, a multidisciplinary platform based in Paris. Headed by Léonard Vernhet and Thomas Subreville, it also brings together Nicolas Malinowsky, Thierry Audurand and Pierre Dixsaut. (+)

The Tender Spot and Turning Pages

TypoJungle (+)   25/10/2010 Typojungle Books updates with two awesome recent book releases from Gestalten: the first monograph on one of Germany’s most internationally renowned graphic designers Mario Lombardo “The Tender Spot” and a perceptive survey o (+)

Marcus Kraft

TypoJungle (+)   25/10/2010 Great showcase from the Zurich based graphic designer Marcus Kraft. (+)

Coralie Bickford-Smith

TypoJungle (+)   24/10/2010 Coralie Bickford-Smith is a senior cover designer at Penguin Books, where she has created several series designs. She studied typography at Reading university and has recently been sharing her experience withstudents at London Co (+)

Gestalten TV: Alex Trochut

TypoJungle (+)   18/10/2010

Source:GestaltenAlex Trochut – Change for the LetterIllustrator and typographer Alex Trochut synthesizes illustration and lettering like no other. The expressive, richly ornamented typography he creates ooze fluidity in which movement is practically palpa (+)


TypoJungle (+)   13/10/2010 Our friends at Reserves email us to introduce their latest font release: Velvet, a heavy rounded block retro face inspired by the typeset album covers of the protopunk rock band The Velvet Un (+)

Village Green

TypoJungle (+)   10/10/2010 Village Green is a London based creative studio and workshop. Check out their awesome works made for famous brands, editorial and music. Have a look! (+)


TypoJungle (+)   10/10/2010 Great archive of works from the Stockholm based design studio 1:2:3 (+)


TypoJungle (+)   07/10/2010 Really nice and clean identities, posters and editorial design from a Melbourne based design studio Verse estabilished by the co-producer od Process Journal. [via AisleOne] (+)

Pierre Vanni

TypoJungle (+)   03/10/2010 Really like the works of the Paris based graphic designer Pierre Vanni. Great! (+)


TypoJungle (+)   03/10/2010 Nice works from the Australian design studio Boccalatte. (+)

Ghazaal Vojdani

TypoJungle (+)   29/09/2010 Ghazaal Vojdani is an Iranian Graphic designer born in London recently graduated from the BA Graphic Design course at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. (+)

Rasmus Koch Studio

TypoJungle (+)   29/09/2010 Check out the awesome print-works from the Danish designer Rasmus Koch. Via September Industry (+)


TypoJungle (+)   27/09/2010 “It’s not what you say… It’s how you say it” is the new communication campaign for the Conqueror brand, create by the agency Reflex, Paris.The concept emphasises the importance that the choice of paper has on crafting and delive (+)

Jorge Leon

TypoJungle (+)   23/09/2010 Jorge Leon is a graphic designer living and working in Gran Canaria. Have a look at his folio of great typographyc works. (+)

Richard Robinson

TypoJungle (+)   23/09/2010 Nice works from Richard Robinson Art Direction and Design, a London based multi-disciplinary design studio founded in 2004, specialising in music and fashion. (+)

Non-Format [update]

TypoJungle (+)   20/09/2010 Two new impressive works from Non-Format. Awesome, as usual! (+)

William Ricketts

TypoJungle (+)   02/09/2010 Nice works from a 22 year old graphic designer recently graduated from Lincoln School of art & design, specialise in print and typography. (+)

RP Type Foundry

TypoJungle (+)   30/08/2010 RP is a small scale digital type-foundry established in 2009 by Radim Peško. The foundry is focused on the development of fonts that are both formally and conceptually distinctive. Cool website and typeface. (+)

Fabio Ongarato

TypoJungle (+)   26/08/2010 An example of impressive and contemporary design. Have a look at the showcase of Fabio Ongarato Design, Australia. (+)

Eight:48 Issue 2

TypoJungle (+)   24/08/2010 The second issue of Counter-Print’s newspaper, Eight:48, centers around the theme of ideas and inspiration.Titled, What’s the Big Idea?, it is forwarded by Roger Fawcett-Tang and contains original articles from Bruno Maag and Jonathan (+)

Hammer & Tong

TypoJungle (+)   24/08/2010 Cool selection of editorial and design projects from Hammer & Tong, Melbourne. (+)

Sam Chirnside

TypoJungle (+)   24/08/2010 Nice folio of a Melbourne based designer Sam Chirnside. Cool abstract works and Typography. (+)

YouWorkForThem New Fonts

TypoJungle (+)   10/08/2010

Ne10: Designed by Corey Holms, this stencil font takes its inspiration from a neon sign. This monoline sans-serif face works in both large and small scales, making it versatile at bridging the gap between corporate and urban communication.Augustus: Design (+)


TypoJungle (+)   05/08/2010 Great concept, design and cool new website for Toko, Sidney. Have a look! (+)


TypoJungle (+)   05/08/2010 Great graphic design works from London-based Sawdust. (+)

Houman Momtazian

TypoJungle (+)   01/08/2010 New website for the recently graduate designer Houman Momtazian. (+)

Ritxi Ostariz

TypoJungle (+)   29/07/2010 Estudio Ritxi Ostáriz, located in the Basque town of Sopelana (Spain) is specialized in graphic and editorial design as well as art direction. Really great works! (+)

P – O – L

TypoJungle (+)   26/07/2010 P – O – L is the coolest showcase of the Barcelona based graphic designer Pol Pérez. Really nice works! (+)

Axel Peemoeller

TypoJungle (+)   18/07/2010 Great use of typography, cool posters and “drag and drop” showcase. Axel Peemoeller design, have a look! (+)

Ben Jennings

TypoJungle (+)   18/07/2010 Clean and cool works from the young talented Australian designer Ben Jennings. (+)

Type Fabric

TypoJungle (+)   15/07/2010 Nice works from the Swiss duo Samuel Egloff and Catrina Wipf. Have a look! (+)


TypoJungle (+)   04/07/2010 Typographic works from Attack, New York-based design studio. (+)

Angus Macpherson

TypoJungle (+)   30/06/2010 Really cool works (especially Type Specimen) from a third year talented graphic design student studying at Leeds College of Art, Angus Macpherson. (+)


TypoJungle (+)   30/06/2010 Cool new website, awesome full screen images from the Norway based design studio Grandpeople. (+)

Museum Studio

TypoJungle (+)   27/06/2010 Another awesome selection of works from Sweden, Museum Studio, Stockholm. (+)

Studio Parallell [update]

TypoJungle (+)   27/06/2010 Many thanks to Hugo at Studio Parallell to email us their new works. Nice! (+)

Tim Fishlock

TypoJungle (+)   23/06/2010 Cool three-dimensional and paper alphabet created by the designer Tim Fishlock. Have a look! (+)

Ketchup + Mustard

TypoJungle (+)   16/06/2010 Nice typeface from Raleigh, North Carolina. Check out on twitter at @saucebomb (+)


TypoJungle (+)   16/06/2010 Beautiful design work from London-based studio Purpose. (+)

Michiel Schuurman

TypoJungle (+)   10/06/2010 Lovely works by Michiel Schuurman studio – via @Shaughnessy (+)

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