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For the love of type


Reading into The Reader

For the love of type (+)   02/03/2009

Yesterday I saw the award-winning film The Reader and – without giving away too much of the film – in one of the most pivotal scenes I couldn't help but find myself jumping into font-identification-mode. Sans...geometric...the ascender of the lowercase 'h (+)

Go Font Ur Self*

For the love of type (+)   25/02/2009

Last night was the opening night of Go Font Ur Self*, "an exhibition exploring type based artworks that reinvent the uniqueness of our alphabet" at Peer Gallery in Glebe. It was definitely an exhibition to tantalize all typo-senses of any font fanatic: gi (+)

Type Gun & the B B Bird

For the love of type (+)   20/02/2009

Diorama Drama opened on Wednesday night at Somedays Gallery. The B B Bird diorama was accompanied by this type gun made from metal type from a Ludlow & Linotype machine, wood type letters, dress pattern paper, a 'G' trigger and a pencil sharpener for the (+)

Two too cute types & Valentype

For the love of type (+)   12/02/2009

Two too cute type discoveries! Firstly, I bought a some sewing machine patterns last week and opened it to find transfers for letters for embroidery enclosed. A lovely little surprise :-). Second is this gorgeous little invite for an exhibition which star (+)

You're not my type

For the love of type (+)   27/01/2009

Typographic pick-up lines, love letters, hate letters and lots of kerning. These little gems were printed in the COFA letterpress studio on handmade paper made by my grandmother. They are part of a small collection of sweet cards to be made just in time f (+)


For the love of type (+)   13/01/2009

Diorama Drama is a group exhibition being held at Somedays Gallery through February 2009. It belongs to the program of the inaugural Glorious Undead Festival. As part of the show I will be creating a life-size imaginary world of type and lett (+)

Giant Type

For the love of type (+)   03/01/2009

Who knows the typeface? Or better yet, the location.... (+)

A year of type

For the love of type (+)   31/12/2008

Happy New Year!  (+)

Phonetic Alphabet Project: Alpha

For the love of type (+)   13/12/2008

The start of the phonetic alphabet project. The original letterforms based on the alpha symbol. More coming... (+)

Leitura Display Swash 'H' for Afternoon Tea

For the love of type (+)   11/12/2008

FontShop just released their top twenty typefaces for 2008. I made an H cake from my personal favourite – Leitura designed by Dino Dos Santos. Still to be iced.... Yum! (+)

Human Typewriter Project

For the love of type (+)   29/11/2008

A friend of mine recently ran this awesome type project.When each person's assigned letter was hit, they had torun, jump and stamp their inked up letter onto a 20mream of paper. I was there to take some pix. The best! (+)

Mrs Eaves in Action

For the love of type (+)   26/11/2008

The poetry book Dead Dad Bye/Soul Healing Afoot which I designed is being launched this Sunday in Brisbane. Typeset in Mrs Eaves (which recently had a Bold Italic weight added to the family). Can't wait to see the final printed copies :-). (+)

Type Sharpies

For the love of type (+)   24/11/2008

I recently saw this lovely Sharpie which writes in Helvetica and I hope I get a few for Christmas. Turns out Microsoft has jumped on the bandwagon and released the Arial Sharpie. Doesn't quite have the same effect unfortunately.  (+)

Broken Blogger Type

For the love of type (+)   24/11/2008

Blogger isn't letting me upload videos and it is making me angry. (+)


For the love of type (+)   30/09/2008

A sneaky homage to The Fleuron (the journal of typography edited by Stanley Morison in the late 20s) with the "Advertisements" title page placed in Tharunka, the publication sans ads! Plus, some backwards back-cover letters and a marker running out of ink (+)

Type Scandal

For the love of type (+)   30/09/2008

Who knows who stars in Gill's woodcut? (+)

Soft Swift

For the love of type (+)   28/08/2008

A variation on Unger's Swift Heavy Italic made from rose petals. (+)

Milky Type

For the love of type (+)   27/08/2008

Taking Hoelfer Titling Light Swash from Hoefler Frere Jones for a test drive with a projector and a viscose milky, coffee substance... (+)

Get with the times, new roman

For the love of type (+)   03/08/2008

This is making the rounds on the web, but I LOVE it (this is where the title of this post comes from)!  Or if you're planning a type holiday...maybe travel to Type City by Veer. For anybody who can read German, here is an interesting discussion from a cou (+)


For the love of type (+)   28/07/2008

Last week I found out my submission to the International Society of Typographic Designers was successful and today I received my new membership letter in the mail, including the latest issue of the ISTD journal TypoGraphic. Some good reading over the next (+)

And God said let there be Futura Light

For the love of type (+)   28/07/2008

One of the typographic decorations at my recent come-as-your-favourite-typeface party was this light. The best-dressed was the lovely Vi who came as Gill Sans Ultra Bold, and for those who forgot – or were too lazy – to dress up, we had some old faithful (+)

write here, right now (part 3)

For the love of type (+)   08/07/2008

These posters supplemented the teaser element of the Write Here, Right Now campaign. They were to be placed in bus stops which would later be converted to temporary writing spaces including whiteboards & magnetic writing walls. A map highlights the locati (+)

for the love of Linotype

For the love of type (+)   05/07/2008

I found this lovely surprise at an antique store near Byron Bay yesterday. (+)

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