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For the love of type


Borges' Jaguar

For the love of type (+)   15/11/2010

Here is the final work I created for the Stereotyped (Sound & Typography) exhibition at Object gallery in September 2010. The jaguar with letterforms in its fur was inspired by Argentinian writer Jorges Luis Borges' short story "The Writing of the God". I (+)


For the love of type (+)   23/08/2010

I'm sure many typographers and graphic designers often let their mind wander away from the ocularcentric nature of their craft and into the world of sound! Object gallery's upcoming exhibition, Stereotyped, may fulfil the gap between the seemingly distant (+)

Go Font Urself* Five

For the love of type (+)   11/08/2010

After two successful shows in Brisbane and Melbourne, the fifth instalment of Go Font Urself* will open tomorrow night (Thursday 19th August) in Sydney. The line-up includes We Buy Your Kids, Jeremyville, Friends of Type, Morning Breath and one of my pers (+)

A Typographer's Garden

For the love of type (+)   17/05/2010

This hedge type is by far one of my typespotting favourites. These giant leafy letters are about 2 metres high and were spotted along the Pacific Highway in Northern NSW at the Melaleuca Station Memorial Gardens. If there are any topiary artists out there (+)

Hello Tasmania

For the love of type (+)   17/05/2010

Anyone who is in Hobart this Wednesday evening (May 19th), I will be doing a talk for the Australian Graphic Design Association. The talk begins at 6pm and will be held at The Australian Institute of Architects, Hunter Street, Hobart. For more information (+)

Multi-dimensional Type

For the love of type (+)   03/03/2010

This must be the place was published this month in Incubate's 3D issue. Equipped with glasses this issue has many of the illustrations and photographs converted to 3D. Considering it's already three-dimensional in the 2D plane when you pop on the glasses (+)

Tuscan Type

For the love of type (+)   24/02/2010

Here is some background behind the Make Friends with the Alphabet poster for the type presentation last Monday. I found a 1970s kitchen wallpaper sample with some cute Tuscan lettering for part of the word 'omelette'. I used this as a reference point for (+)

Oh Mr Eaves!

For the love of type (+)   23/02/2010

Despite his absence on Valentine's Day I knew I would meet Mr Eaves sometime soon. Since Emigre's Zuzana Licko designed the sans-serif companions to Mrs Eaves late last year (Mr Eaves Sans/Modern), it was only a matter of time before I would meet the fami (+)

Font Aid

For the love of type (+)   17/02/2010

The Society of Typographic Aficionados has just released Coming Together: a collection of ampersands designed by participants from all around the world including Alejandro Paul, Jean Francois Porchez and John Downer. The font is for sale for $20US from Ve (+)

Typespotting from Sydney to Tel Aviv

For the love of type (+)   15/02/2010

Here are some cute and quirky letterforms and numerals on the houses in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. I want to live at number 347! And while we're in a typespotting mood, get your fix of Tel Aviv signage type here and here from photographer Mikaela Burs (+)

Get Your Font On Again

For the love of type (+)   15/02/2010

The Go Font Urself* team are at it again with the fourth show lined up for March this year. It will be exhibited in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney with 14 artists including a couple of my faves – Timba Smits and Sarah King. Get in quick and RSVP to the sh (+)

Typespotting in New Zealand

For the love of type (+)   24/01/2010

There is a myriad of instances of Archer in can't turn a corner without spotting those charming little ball terminals on the the city's summer posters and retail windows. Of equal charm are the remnants of old hand-drawn signage lingeri (+)

Fruits of my Labor

For the love of type (+)   05/01/2010

Australia's favourite Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, turned 80 this year and here are the invitations I created for his party. Black detailed type, a gold foil 80, and hand written names to match the main text on the invites, envelopes and name cards. Bound t (+)

Withered & Spongy Helvetica

For the love of type (+)   05/01/2010

This was a cute find in a Bondi second-hand store. What was once a labelling alphabet set is now a group of withering characters which nearly dissolve when touched. Poor Helvetica! Needless to say, the unassuming sales assistant endured my stories of the (+)

Nothing New Under the Sun

For the love of type (+)   26/11/2009

Following on from Yves Peters' Font Shop blog post earlier this year which discussed the  Esquire cover, Australian surf magazine Stab has jumped on the body-type-bandwagon. The cover is causing concern in the media today over the age of the model, and I' (+)

Love for For the Love of Type

For the love of type (+)   15/08/2009

Thank-you to my mystery tree-lopping-type-loving fan! (+)

Marilyn & My Brother

For the love of type (+)   26/07/2009

The lovely guys at Happenstance magazine recently hosted Fresh Meet in the gallery space underneath Marsu Homme in Darlinghurst, Sydney. Eight artists were given a mannequin part and told to go wild. For my arm my 1970s orange Brother typewriter was at th (+)

Never Give a Pretty Girl a Hand Grenade

For the love of type (+)   26/07/2009

My work for the Print Matters exhibition which opened last week: Never Give a Pretty Girl a Hand Grenade. A little bit of Hoefler Text Italic, ten illustrations and 3 hours worth of hand-sewn binding, it folds into a neat 150mm x 150mm book. (+)

Print Matters

For the love of type (+)   26/07/2009

Print Matters is a salon for independent publishing, artists book and various forms of printed matter. Hosted by the General Store (soon to open in Potts Point, Sydney) and curated by Ben Gavin it continues until August 2nd at The Chauvel in Paddington, S (+)

Carefully Descending

For the love of type (+)   16/06/2009

This latest work – Carefully Descending – was created in three days for the second Go Font Urself* exhibition. It was inspired by an E.E. Cummings poem titled Somewhere I have never travelled and by textures and detailing of hand-drawn maps I found in som (+)

Go Font Urself* 2

For the love of type (+)   16/06/2009

Go Font Urself* 2 is back for its second show after its popular debut earlier this year. The exhibition, curated by Marty Routledge, kicked off at Peer Gallery in Sydney last Wednesday night and will open tomorrow night in Melbourne at Don't Come. This ti (+)

Mrs Eaves in Berlin

For the love of type (+)   19/05/2009

Hallo! TYPO Berlin begins this Thursday with  my presentation on Saturday (see full program here)... but if you're in Berlin tomorrow look out for a different  kind of body text setting around town :-). (+)

Ampersand Castle

For the love of type (+)   04/05/2009

The ampersand is usually the object of experimentation and creativity in type design. More broadly it often become a source of excitement to designers and readers alike, with "sweeping curves, flirtatious finishes and bold statements" as Huw Wilkins at Sm (+)

Three reasons to attend agIdeas

For the love of type (+)   29/03/2009

agIdeas is happening in Melbourne from May 4-7 th 2009. With conference presenters including  Stephen Banham, Stefan Sagmeister and Tobias Frere-Jones, design workshops and studio visits, it should be a fantastic four days. (+)


For the love of type (+)   10/03/2009


I think you're neat, like Helvetica Neue

For the love of type (+)   04/03/2009

Despite the fact that Valentine's Day was over a fortnight ago, a little love in general is allowed on any day and if it's a love of type even more so! I forgot to post this earlier, but on February 14th I sent this little poem...Roses are redViolets are (+)

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