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The ampersand

A scribal abbreviation for and. Derived from the Latin word “et.” (Visitar)

Doric + Doric Shade

The ampersand (+)   08/09/2010

From the Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type Collection (+)

Infamous Press

The ampersand (+)   01/09/2010

A series of unreleased books from the late sixties and early seventies: “A Guide to the Use of Ampersand for Creative Writing”. By The Infamous Press (+)

House Industries Show at Reserve Gallery

The ampersand (+)   18/08/2010

Including this nice peanut-esque ampersand. (+)

Ike & Tina

The ampersand (+)   23/06/2010


Land of Ampersand

The ampersand (+)   17/06/2010

By Kaitie Daisy. (+)

An Ampersand full of stuff

The ampersand (+)   13/05/2010

Illustration by Dan Clarke (+)

Legs & Thighs

The ampersand (+)   25/03/2010


Beer & Cigs

The ampersand (+)   25/02/2010

Via fffound. (+)

Gynecologist & Obstetrician

The ampersand (+)   22/02/2010

A logo for a gynecologist & obstetrician practice. (+)

Bum Life

The ampersand (+)   21/02/2010

I see this stuff everywhere, but never with an ampersand.I really like that Kevin has tagged this: Does anyone want to make a crappy mumblecore movie and use this bro’s handwriting in the credits?Street art like this brings out the grumpy old man in me. (+)

Ampersands in the Tenderloin

The ampersand (+)   20/02/2010

These were sent in by Rob. Thanks Rob.These signs are pretty much around the corner from my house.K & S Produce MarketFish & ChipsLucky Cleaners & Laundry (+)

Lettering Sketchbook

The ampersand (+)   19/02/2010

By Linzie Hunter. (+)

Ampersand Rubix Cube

The ampersand (+)   19/02/2010

I have never solved one of these things ever. I don’t think I have the patience. Thanks Sarah. (+)

A Bird Shaped Ampersand

The ampersand (+)   18/02/2010

Possibly a waterfowl. (+)

Haäfe & Haph

The ampersand (+)   18/02/2010

Posted everywhere else on the internet so I will just say “Cool Stuff. Go Visit.“ (+)

This ampersand tattoo looks familiar.

The ampersand (+)   17/02/2010

Gordon & his blog about it.Yep, it’s Caslon. (+)

Daily Ampersand Project

The ampersand (+)   16/02/2010

The Daily Ampersand Project. It starts here on her blog and then you can see the end results here on her indexhibit site. Like many things, this was sent to me a long time ago and sat in my inbox forever while I was too busy to post.Pretty cool stuff. I a (+)

I almost never post.

The ampersand (+)   16/02/2010

Sorry.I have been busy with a few other random projects like drawing every single United States Senator, working on a cookbook, starting a small-batch gigposterish collaboration, and working. Blame Attention Deficit Disorder.More ampersands to come soon. (+)


The ampersand (+)   25/01/2010

This one is a beauty.From jacqui sharplesFrom jacqui sharplesFrom alan.98 (+)

Ward & Co.

The ampersand (+)   25/01/2010

DeLittle Wood Type Specimen from Flickr user ultrasparky. (+)

Popular Excursion Rates

The ampersand (+)   17/01/2010

on the C.F. & Y.V. of course. (+)

Found while headed to the Grand Canyon

The ampersand (+)   16/01/2010

A pretty cool looking ampersand-esque pretzel. I like it.Thanks Jesse (+)

An Ampersand Tumblr

The ampersand (+)   15/01/2010

A tumblr about ampersands, of course. (+)

Galante’s Bikes & Surreys

The ampersand (+)   15/01/2010

From Ocean City, New Jersey (+)

J.K. Wright Printing Inks

The ampersand (+)   14/01/2010

I found this one on WLT while checking out the Spampersand from the last post. (+)


The ampersand (+)   14/01/2010

or Spampersand?I tagged this as “edible” even though that really doesn’t apply to spam.Thanks Joe. (+)

A word about submitting content

The ampersand (+)   13/01/2010

I love receiving emails for suggestions for content on this site. I try to post as much cool stuff as possible from the stuff that you guys send in. Most of it is really great, but I admit I let the mailbox fill up for months without checking it because, (+)

30th Birthday Ampersand Tattoo

The ampersand (+)   13/01/2010

A reader sent this in.Inspired by Robert Granjon. (Sorry, only the French have stepped up and put together a Wikipedia page about Robert Granjon.) (+)

Green Neon

The ampersand (+)   18/12/2009

Mykl (+)

On cork

The ampersand (+)   17/12/2009

Mykl (+)

Large Metal One

The ampersand (+)   16/12/2009

Jessica found this at the antique fair. (+)


The ampersand (+)   15/12/2009

This one looks pretty familiar, but I can’t remember where where I saw it before. (+)

Not a Bad Combination, Really

The ampersand (+)   14/12/2009

Spotted at California’s Great America by Sarah. (+)

From a Crusty Old Glasses Case

The ampersand (+)   13/12/2009

Bird & Son,Opticians,Aurorra, IllFrom Jennifer (+)

Ampersand Tattoo with Guitar

The ampersand (+)   12/12/2009

From Jonathan. (+)

Fun Store

The ampersand (+)   11/12/2009

If you live in Pittsburgh, this is where you buy your fun.Sent in by Elliott. (+)

Ampersand Embroidery

The ampersand (+)   10/12/2009

Lots more if you click on the picture. (+)

Ampersand Neck Tattoo

The ampersand (+)   09/12/2009

Arms seem to be a popular place, but why not the back of the neck? (+)

Made of Sprinkles

The ampersand (+)   08/12/2009

From Brittnee. (+)

Naked Type

The ampersand (+)   08/12/2009

Naked Type. Sent in by my design school pal Micah. (+)

Billiards & Bar

The ampersand (+)   08/12/2009

Looks like a decent place.Sent in by Daniel. (+)

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