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(Visitar) Closes

Font lovel (+)   30/03/2009 will soon close it’s doors, after almost 9 years. Thanks to all the foundries that participated and the loyal readers. The website may come back in a different format, or not. (+)

Natalya Swashes by Insigne

Font lovel (+)   30/03/2009

Natalya Swashes provides a diverse set of flowing swashes and ornaments originally designed to complement the popular insigne script Natalya. The basis point for Natalya’s ornate swirls is the golden ratio, and this makes for especially harmonious swashes (+)

Flat-it HT Farmacia now on sale at

Font lovel (+)   30/03/2009

Holiday Type Farmacia is available at Myfonts.com30% OFF Through May 7. Inspired by retro shop front paintings, sign and advertisings. (+)

Fontfabric - Wigan Family

Font lovel (+)   23/03/2009

Available Now at My Fonts ON SALE $39 for both stylesWigan is a custom font which is applicable for any type of graphic design - web, print, motion graphics etc and perfect for t-shirts and logos. (+)

New from insigne: Enzia

Font lovel (+)   23/03/2009

Enzia is a friendly and flowing sans serif. Its bulbous terminals and open counters inject a flavor of ease and excitement. Enzia provides plenty of impact and is best used with short to medium length texts. Six different weights provide plenty of versat (+)

Comicraft’s March Madness & new Dave Gibbons fonts

Font lovel (+)   12/03/2009

  HOLD THE FRONT PAGE! STOP THE PRESSES! We have a new Headline for our Cover Story! Comics legend DAVE GIBBONS is all over the tabloids, the trades AND the quality papers. Yes, it’s the opening of the WATCHMEN movie, but we have a much BIGGER story; the (+)

Fontfabric - Rolka Family

Font lovel (+)   08/03/2009

Available Now at My Fonts ON SALE $29 for both stylesRolka is a custom font which is applicable for any type of graphic design - web, print, motion graphics etc and perfect for t-shirts and logos. (+)

Flat-it HT Cartoleria on Sale

Font lovel (+)   26/02/2009

HT Cartoleria is available now at!Inspired by retro shop front paintings, sign and advertisings. (+)

Angel Script from Neil Summerour

Font lovel (+)   16/02/2009

Available Now at TypeTrust $30 ON SALE $25Angel Script is a light, contemporary monoline script. There’s approximately 695 individual glyphs complete with Stylistic and Contextual Alternates, Titling Alternates, Swashes and even Old Style Numerals. Needle (+)

New from insigne: 44th President

Font lovel (+)   13/02/2009

“44th President” is based on the handwriting of President Barack Obama. Barack Obama is the 8th left-handed American president, and his left-handed stroke is quite obvious. The script flows swiftly with a clear and fluid motion, and includes a complete st (+)

Fontfabric Type Foundry

Font lovel (+)   13/02/2009

Fontfabric is an independent type foundry , which was launched at the close of 2008 by designer Svetoslav Simov who is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our goal is to create high-quality fonts which stand in a unique class of their own, and which will serve as a (+)

BD Kameron, BD Kinski & BD Robotron

Font lovel (+)   05/02/2009

Buro Destruct released «BD Kameron», «BD Kinski» and «BD Robotron» at (+)

New from insigne: Kasuga Brush

Font lovel (+)   29/01/2009

Kasuga Brush is a contemporary script with eastern influence and authentic brush drawn character. The script offers two variants. One is slightly distressed along the character’s edges while the other is painted with a dry brush for interesting texture. S (+)

BV Fonts - Major Updates

Font lovel (+)   28/01/2009

BV Fonts has had a major facelift and I’ve been busy updating all the freeware to opentype format. Theys have also been cleaned up and improved. Four have been completely remade: Comic Zine, Gothic Ultra, Kool Ding (added more dingbats to the existing one (+)

Fontosaurus Formally Back from the Dead

Font lovel (+)   25/01/2009

No fancy graphics, not a lot of fanfare, but Fontosaurus is finally and formally back from the dead with a whole new website.  The fonts are a little thin at the moment, with Noonan, Skylab, and Dresden Firestorm currently available, but more are coming i (+)

New from insigne: insigne Fleurons

Font lovel (+)   25/01/2009

Insigne Fleurons offers a wide range of diverse text ornaments to enhance your designs. These 52 ornaments can be used as components of a logo, background patterns or elements, border patterns or to add flourishes and refinement to your designs. Insigne F (+)

BD Nokio

Font lovel (+)   17/01/2009

Buro Destruct released «BD Nokio» Font available at (+)

FontSquirrel Free Font Site Launched

Font lovel (+)   17/01/2009

A new free font site has launched called Font Squirrel. All the fonts posted are hand-selected, high-quality and licensed for commercial use. Unlike most free font sites that aim to have a large number of fonts, this site seeks to have a smaller corpus of (+)

Insigne - La Havre

Font lovel (+)   14/01/2009

Le Havre is a geometric sans serif inspired by the golden era of the passenger ship, when getting to your destination was a delight in and of itself. Compressed capitals, a low x-height and geometric construction give this art deco inspired sans a unique (+)

Sentinel Type - Jabberwub

Font lovel (+)   11/12/2008

A fresh new decorative display face bubbling with life & spontaneity, Jabberwub belongs to a rare genus of creature fonts that type forgot—casual animated. A fun & bouncy eye-catcher dancing a whacky line between discord & rhyme, Jabberwub packs tons of f (+)

New from insigne: Youngblood

Font lovel (+)   11/12/2008

Youngblood is a non-connected formal script with tall, sweeping ascenders and two alternates. These alternate forms can be mixed and matched for a custom look, and Youngblood is stronger in weight and is better suited for display work than most script fo (+)

New Comicraft font SIGN LANGUAGE

Font lovel (+)   06/12/2008

Here it is — not a soundbite, not an unfulfilled campaign promise — SignLanguage is a font that makes the impossible possible, a font that cuts the taxes for 95% of American families, a font that closes down Gitmo and brings our troops home from Iraq. Sen (+)

BD Christmas Free Fonts

Font lovel (+)   03/12/2008

Buro Destruct just released five of their Typedifferent Pay Fonts as Free Fonts:BD AsciiMax, BD ElAutobus, BD Equipment, BD Ramen, BD Meter (+)

Michael Browers Releases Squarefill, Squarefix and Wingbrush

Font lovel (+)   03/12/2008

Michael Browers announced the release of three new fonts: Squarefill, Squarefix and Wingbrush. Squarefill and Squarefix are grunge fonts featuring Latin, Extended Latin and Cyrillic character sets. Wingbrush is a whimsical, hand-drawn brush font. For a li (+)

Outras Fontes releases Hachura

Font lovel (+)   26/11/2008

Outras Fontes announces the release of its new font. Hachura is an impressionist typeface designed by Ricardo Esteves Gomes. Its general proportions are based on the garalde models, with traditional roman serifs. It was initially made by hand using a draw (+)

Geometric Book - Hot Off The Press

Font lovel (+)   14/11/2008

Kapitza is proud to announce the publication of their first book:‘Geometric - Graphic Art and Pattern Fonts’ which has just hit theshops! What began as a seemingly straightforward exploration ofpattern font design became an in-depth, yearlong obsession. T (+)

s e n t i n e l   t y p e — Soft Serve

Font lovel (+)   05/11/2008

Falling somewhere between cushions and cat food, this flexible and inviting letter mixes simplicity with organic character and humor for a wide range of uses. Check out Soft Serve now at Myfonts. (+)

Michael Browers Releases Diegeometrische

Font lovel (+)   05/11/2008

Michael Browers announces the release of Diegeometrische, an all uppercase geometric-based serif typeface featuring: Latin, Extended Latin and Cyrillic character sets; over 1000 kerning pairs for optimal letter spacing; and a unique combination of serif, (+)

New from insigne: Biscuit Boodle

Font lovel (+)   05/11/2008

Biscuit Boodle is a fun and uplifting script from Portland Studios Illustrator Justin Gerard. The characters are brush drawn with a slight texture.The font comes packed with OpenType alternates and ligatures. Included are small caps, old style figures, ti (+)

New SMeltery Free Font

Font lovel (+)   30/10/2008

SMeltery presents MEgalopolis Extra, a significantly improved version of MEgalopolis (2004). Now in OpenType with lots of ligatures, alternate characters and more nice features. Just adopt it! (+)

New font from Comicraft: Doohickey Lowercase

Font lovel (+)   30/10/2008

So your widget’s stuck between the framistat and the whatchamacallit, there’s a spanner in the works and your avengers just won’t assemble. Hey, if you want to get any more work done, you know you’re gonna have to hook the hoojamajigger up to the Doohicke (+)

TypeCulture Releases Expo Serif Pro

Font lovel (+)   28/10/2008

TypeCulture introduces Expo Serif™ Pro, the serif companion to the popular Expo Sans™ typeface family. Expo Serif Pro is much more than merely a clone of Expo Sans with serifs. It was designed to show the same spirit but not to be an identical twin. Expo (+)

Aviano Updated

Font lovel (+)   28/10/2008

The popular Aviano family has been updated to include two new weights, and the entire family has been completely overhauled with letterform tweaks, new kerning and new OpenType features. Aviano is an extended titling face with influence from the power and (+)

PiS Coffins and Ghosts!

Font lovel (+)   28/10/2008

Polenimschaufenster and Coffee and Ghosts teamed up for the release of PiS Coffins and Ghosts!This font is based on the credit titles from the 1960s Edgar Wallace movie “Der grüne Bogenschütze”. You can download it here. It is free for personal and non-co (+)

New from insigne: Blue Goblet Ornaments

Font lovel (+)   28/10/2008

Blue Goblet Ornaments are the ornament complement to Blue Goblet, a fun and whimsical brush script. These lively and cheerful ornaments can be resized and rotated easily without any loss of quality and can easily be converted to outlines and modified. Com (+)

Lavender Script & Giant Head

Font lovel (+)   13/10/2008

Lavender Script is a brush-drawn script face in the copperplate style, it’s very opentype savvy!  The new freeware font Giant Head is a huge hand-drawn slab serif!  The Vinyl Icons Collection is now available in Windows & Mac Leopard formats! (+)

Harold’s Fonts - Republique

Font lovel (+)   03/10/2008

The 4 RÉPUBLIQUE fonts were inspired by the lettering on a style of Paris Metro signage, designed by the architect Adolphe Dervaux and first installed in 1924. For a limited time get it for free, hurry before the offer expires! (+)

New from insigne: Sommet Rounded

Font lovel (+)   25/09/2008

The Sommet series has been updated with a rounded variant. Sommet rounded retains its predecessor’s high-tech web 2.0 character but features blunted terminators, making for a much warmer and friendlier impression. Sommet Rounded includes four weights and (+)

Michael Browers Launches Redesign of

Font lovel (+)   25/09/2008

Michael Browers announced the redesign of his website, The new design offers information on his retail fonts, custom fonts, and logo & lettering services. Additionally, the redesign introduces a “fonts in use” section. (+)

New from insigne: Newcomen

Font lovel (+)   10/09/2008

Newcomen is a highly versatile titling face that includes 87 OpenType alternates and 38 ligatures. Individual characters can also be selected and mixed and matched in OpenType capable applications for distinctive custom designs. The family includes four w (+)

New Comicraft font CUTTHROAT LOWER

Font lovel (+)   14/08/2008

Shiver me Timbers and Splice me Mainbrace! There’s strange goings on in Smugglers’ Cove… Our popular CUTTHROAT lettering font has acquired a set of lowercase letters, and been seen with the likes of some odd international characters! See for yourself at.. (+)

BD Motra

Font lovel (+)   06/08/2008

Buro Destruct released «BD Motra» Font available at (+)

Isigne - Mahalia

Font lovel (+)   06/08/2008

Mahalia draws inspiration from vintage hand-lettering, but adds a modern, European twist. Strongly slanted at a 25 degree angle, Mahalia draws immediate interest, but is still graceful. Mahalia includes many useful OpenType features, including a set of no (+)

Comicraft’s Half Price Font Invasion!

Font lovel (+)   30/07/2008

That’s right! From now through the end of Monday, August 4th, you can purchase as many of our fonts as you like for half price! This sale includes our latest releases, such as MR. MAMOULIAN, ELEPHANTMEN and CUTTHROAT LOWER CASE, along with the rest of our (+)

BD Virtual

Font lovel (+)   23/07/2008

Buro Destruct fontfoundry released today “BD Virtual” (+)

New from insigne: Xalapa

Font lovel (+)   17/07/2008

Xalapa is a wavy and rugged script. The font comes packed with OpenType alternates and ligatures. Included are fifteen titling alternates, small caps, oldstyle figures and a full set of stylistic alternates to ensure that your designs are unique every tim (+)

Sunny Flim-Flam from Typodermic Lays the Groundwork

Font lovel (+)   17/07/2008

Carouselambra is a tribute to the lettering on Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy album sleeve. Creamery-fresh Debusen is soft. Soft like a kitten soaked in butter. That’s what makes Debusen so friendly. It’s nothing but a friendly, buttery kitten. Mmmmm. (+)

New Comicraft font ELEPHANTMEN

Font lovel (+)   17/07/2008

Worn and torn, dry and cracked, resistant to wind and rain… the skin of the elephant is a thing of dry beauty and ancient wisdom. Now Comicraft has created a font much like the skin of an Elephant, as seen in the pages of the comic book of the same name, (+)

News from SMeltery

Font lovel (+)   15/07/2008

SMeltery has a brand new website, and to honor it 3 old free fonts has been updated.The first little update concerns BAnkrutt, the geometric & stencil fraktur. It has been remastered in basic OpenType format, some glyphs were redrawn and kerning was impro (+)

New from insigne: Dienstag

Font lovel (+)   13/07/2008

Dienstag is an extended sans-serif and a new companion to insigne’s popular Montag family. Dienstag is a bit more formal than its predecessor as it lacks Montag’s rounded terminators. Montag and Dienstag both share the same metrics and the two can be swap (+)

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