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TypeNew (+)   27/06/2009

Rolet typeface, by Simon Page. (+)

Pablo Abad Updates

TypeNew (+)   26/06/2009

Pablo Abad updates with fresh work and a new typeface: Slaba. (+)

Huda Abdul Aziz

TypeNew (+)   26/06/2009

Student Huda Abdul Aziz. (+)

Colophon update

TypeNew (+)   24/06/2009

Colophon foundry have updated, including this type specimen book for font release Perfin. Via GrafikCache. (+)

Fontfabric Cube 02

TypeNew (+)   23/06/2009

…And this is Cube 02! Well, it’s not a font, is a vector collection. And again… free! (+)

Fontfabric Zag

TypeNew (+)   23/06/2009

Just bumped onto two new releases from Svetoslav Simov’s Fontfabric foundry. This one is called Zag, and you can get the bold cut for free! (+)

Evelin Kasikov

TypeNew (+)   22/06/2009

Evelin Kasikovs take on typography, hand embroidery on paper. (+)

Xavier Encinas

TypeNew (+)   22/06/2009

Xavier just updated his site with some new juicy work. (+)

Silvia Fantauzzi

TypeNew (+)   18/06/2009

Silvia Fantauzzi has some interesting work in her portfolio. I especially like the New York City logo she did at at Wolff Olins in San Francisco. (+)

Polygon Font

TypeNew (+)   18/06/2009

Polygon - A typeface by Andy Babb. (+)

Design Project

TypeNew (+)   17/06/2009

Design Project have uploaded a 2009 calendar they designed for Fedrigoni UK. Via Grafikcache. (+)

Lovely little k & g

TypeNew (+)   15/06/2009

Seems like a lovely little k now also arives. Have a look here too.Note earlier post. (+)

MOO! - Free Font!

TypeNew (+)   15/06/2009

Loligovulgaris released a new typeface, MOO!, and, guess what? It’s free! (+)

House of Burvo

TypeNew (+)   13/06/2009

Architect from House of Burvo has been updated with revised kerning pairs and smoother contours. And it is now on sale for the special price of… well, there is no price. It can be bought for whatver you think it’s worth! You can edit the price for how muc (+)


TypeNew (+)   12/06/2009

Hypefortype have launched! “It’s been a long struggle, a year long project in total from concept to completion. My ultimate ambition with HypeForType is to create a new and inspiring type foundry to showcase the best in todays typographic talent. It’s a p (+)

Free Font - VAL

TypeNew (+)   09/06/2009

Check and twist it out! (+)

Counter Print

TypeNew (+)   09/06/2009 is dedicated to the promotion and sale of Art and Design related material. Often out of print or hard to find, they aim to celebrate both forgotten gems as well as those heralded designers that we all admire. (+)


TypeNew (+)   08/06/2009

Fluid updates their site! (+)


TypeNew (+)   08/06/2009

Some updates from the masters over at Neubau. Creative Set, Revolver, Frame Magazine and Black Forest Water. (+)


TypeNew (+)   06/06/2009

My friend Corey Holms designed this great new geometric-modular typeface, Mode, from the remains of a rejected logo. Available at YWFT. (+)

Goodbye Galaxy

TypeNew (+)   05/06/2009

Check out the incredible work of the 20-year-old Khristian Mendoza. (+)


TypeNew (+)   05/06/2009

Loligovulgaris has just released SpaceMace. (+)

In An Expression of the Inexpressible

TypeNew (+)   05/06/2009

In An Expression of the Inexpressible, A contemporary graphic design exhibit, August 7—27, 2009, Dean Johnson Gallery, Indianapolis. (+)


TypeNew (+)   04/06/2009

GrandArmy located in Brooklyn, NY. (+)


TypeNew (+)   03/06/2009

Arco©, upcoming typeface from Nicola Massi. Available from YWFT. (+)


TypeNew (+)   03/06/2009

Tesca©, a condensed-modern grotesque typeface from Nicola Massi. Available from YWFT. (+)


TypeNew (+)   03/06/2009

New typeface in the making from Toko. Via AisleOne Twitter. (+)

Universe Revolved

TypeNew (+)   03/06/2009

To form the letters of Univers Revolved, a simple geometric formula was applied to the capital letters of the widely used Univers font. With the help of a 3-D computer program, each letter was revolved 360° around a vertical axis drawn at its left-most po (+)

Newblack’s Tokyo Sucks

TypeNew (+)   02/06/2009

Amazing type work in Newblack’s Behance profile. I’m in love with the project Tokyo Sucks! (+)

Tutoring posters

TypeNew (+)   01/06/2009

Great tutoring posters from the talented Xavier Lanau. (+)


TypeNew (+)   01/06/2009

The type designer Svetoslav Simov and calligrapher Jordan Jelev have realeased a blackletterish ultra-condensed typeface called Grant. Have a look. (+)

Buddy Carr + Antonio Carusone

TypeNew (+)   01/06/2009

Something typographic, minimal and beautiful was the starting point for the talented Antonio Carusone when designing a new limited edition skateboard for Buddy Carr Skateboards. (+)


TypeNew (+)   31/05/2009

Nice looking business cards from the design studio Neighbour. (+)

A Better Tomorrow

TypeNew (+)   31/05/2009

A Better Tomorrow - The book. (+)

Non-Format for ‘S’

TypeNew (+)   27/05/2009

Updates from Non-Format. Six page typo-image editorial contribution to S, the Danish lifestyle magazine, produced in collaboration with photographer Jake Walters. (+)

Reader family

TypeNew (+)   27/05/2009

Colophon informs us about the official release of the Reader family. Available in 6 base weights. View and buy (the whole family: £190) at Colophon Foundry. (+)

International Office

TypeNew (+)   27/05/2009

Interesting work from the international office. (+)

Adam Dedman

TypeNew (+)   27/05/2009

Adam Dedman is a 22 year old human male currently studying graphic design at University College Falmouth in the UK. (+)

Ravensbourne Degree Show: Introductions

TypeNew (+)   26/05/2009

Ravensbourne have a really impressive website for their degree show, showcasing the work of students from Graphic Design, Design for Moving Image and Animation. (+)


TypeNew (+)   25/05/2009

The exquisite type work from Inquietto, Barcelona (SP).Inquietto (+)

Marcus Kraft

TypeNew (+)   24/05/2009

Excellent work from Marcus Kraft, graphic designer based in Zurich, Switzerland (+)

Jas Bhachu

TypeNew (+)   24/05/2009

Jas Bhachu have created a font creator based on the concept of a rubiks cube. (+)

Patrick Fry

TypeNew (+)   21/05/2009

Patrick Fry updates. (+)

The Logotype Family

TypeNew (+)   21/05/2009

Phil Kiels The complete Logotype Family is now available from Font Shop. (+)


TypeNew (+)   20/05/2009

Quatro — A free font from Pprwrk Studio. (+)

This Studio

TypeNew (+)   18/05/2009

David Bennett of This Studio has uploaded a few more shots of his Alan Cook launch poster to his Flickr set. Via Grafikcache. (+)

SB Studio

TypeNew (+)   17/05/2009

SB Studio is the independent graphic design studio of Benji Holroyd, a freelance graphic designer based in Liverpool — collaborating with established design studios specialising in brand identity and development; art direction; printed communication; exhi (+)

Helvetica Forever

TypeNew (+)   17/05/2009

Helvetica Forever have just launched a new site (designed by Tim Sluiters) to coincide with a series of exhibitions curated by Lars Müller, Victor Malsy and Philipp Teufel. Via FormFiftyFive. (+)

Free Font!

TypeNew (+)   16/05/2009

Facet, from Fontfabric. (+)


TypeNew (+)   15/05/2009

XTRABOLD updates with a tiny selection of new work from the past 2 months. (+)

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