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Laika, a dynamic typeface

TypeNew (+)   21/10/2009

Laika, a dynamic typefaces. Devised a system in which a typeface would not be defined static anymore but would be able to change it‘s shape and appearance at any moment reacting to a broad spectrum of inputs. I love it! (+)

João Paulo Teixeira

TypeNew (+)   21/10/2009

Typographic posters from João Paulo Teixeira, from Brazil. (+)


TypeNew (+)   21/10/2009

The Typotheque Web Font Service enables you to use custom fonts in your website using the @font-face rule in CSS. (+)


TypeNew (+)   21/10/2009



TypeNew (+)   19/10/2009

Mark Canesos new digital type lab (+)


TypeNew (+)   15/10/2009

Interval from Mostar Design. (+)

Neuforma Type Video

TypeNew (+)   14/10/2009

Type video from Hypefortype and (+)

Khajag Apelian

TypeNew (+)   09/10/2009

For those interested in non-latin alphabets, Khajag Apelian has some pocket tricks on Armenian and Arabic alphabets. And for those interested on latin letter, check it too. (+)

Mike Giesser

TypeNew (+)   06/10/2009

Mike Giesser just launched his new portfolio. He’s also on the hunt for full-time or freelance work in Melbourne, Aus. (+)

Lubalin Now

TypeNew (+)   06/10/2009

Negro among others will participate at the The Center of Design and Typography at the Cooper Union. November 5th, New York. (+)


TypeNew (+)   06/10/2009

Pantograph, a new face from Colophon Foundry. (+)

Go font ur self

TypeNew (+)   02/10/2009

GO FONT UR SELF* is dedicated to exploring and pushing the diverse range of techniques employed in type design of past, present and future through original pieces of work from talented typographers worldwide. (+)

Made Thought

TypeNew (+)   29/09/2009

Love the work over at Made Thought. (+)

Sticky advice

TypeNew (+)   29/09/2009

Sticky advice given by Adrian Shaughnessy, Tony Brook, Wim Crouwel, Michael C. Place, Ben Stott, Mark Farrow, Storm Thorgerson, Daniel Eatock and Hamish Muir. Buy over at Blanka. Via Swiss Legacy. (+)


TypeNew (+)   29/09/2009

CLEVER FRANKE is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Amazing work. (+)

Dom Taylor

TypeNew (+)   29/09/2009

Dom Taylor let’s us know about his recent updates. (+)

Typeface categories poster

TypeNew (+)   25/09/2009

Poster that classifies typefaces by seven major groups: Slab Serif, Serif Old Style, Serif Transitional, Serif Modern, Sans Humanist, Sans (Neo)Grotesque and Sans Geometric. By Martin Plonka. Via AisleOne. (+)


TypeNew (+)   25/09/2009

20 new posters on Blanka. (+)

Fonts that click

TypeNew (+)   23/09/2009

Printmag are doing a webcast on Tuesday next week called Fonts that click. Christian Schwartz will be discussing the present and future of type for the web. He’ll talk a bit about @font-face, and the pros and cons of the different ways to implement non-st (+)


TypeNew (+)   21/09/2009

Motown is a geometric slab serif with 5 weights. (+)


TypeNew (+)   20/09/2009

Some updates from Mike Jarboes type foundry Reserves. (+)


TypeNew (+)   20/09/2009

DSType releases Finura. Check it out. (+)


TypeNew (+)   18/09/2009

The russian Transformer Studio has a brilliant brand project for Provocator, a sport clothing brand. Check the beautiful type work here and here. (+)


TypeNew (+)   15/09/2009

Circul8 is a modular grid based type based on circles and the relationship between them. (+)

Dan Tobin Smith

TypeNew (+)   15/09/2009

The marvelous Dan Tobin Smith updates! New works including projects for Wallpaper magazine and Jay-Z. Via Grafikcache. (+)

Second Wave

TypeNew (+)   15/09/2009

Second Wave is a sans serif, hand-set, display font based on 60s modular type. (+)

Effektive Pixel8

TypeNew (+)   14/09/2009

Effektive updates. On showcase here is a upcoming typeface called Pixel8. (+)

Plastic Bionic

TypeNew (+)   11/09/2009

French graphic designer and illustrator Julien and his Plastic Bionic. (+)


TypeNew (+)   09/09/2009

There are no straight lines in Everafter. The vectors were all drawn and tweaked by hand (and mouse) for a softened, wobbly appearance. The result is a naive serif type that doesn’t take itself too seriously. (+)


TypeNew (+)   09/09/2009

Raw Design Studio let’s us know that they have updated their site. (+)


TypeNew (+)   09/09/2009

Ariel Di Lisio releases new work in collaboration with Sokozine Magazine, using Ninja Font by Ariel him self. (+)

Richard Sarson

TypeNew (+)   08/09/2009

Richard Sarson updates his site with some tasty type and pattern related work. (+)

Mihail Mihaylov

TypeNew (+)   08/09/2009

Typographic posters from Mihail Mihaylov, see his Flickr page here. (+)

Designers Books

TypeNew (+)   04/09/2009

Designers Books. Created by Sébastien Hayez, with the contributions of Mark Blamire (Blanka), Joe Kral, Jonathan Turner (Insect54), Alastaire Jones, Henning Krause (Berlintypes) & Jaap Proost. (+)


TypeNew (+)   04/09/2009

HOAX, graphic design studio from Utrecht, The Netherlands. (+)

Maths Dreamed Universe

TypeNew (+)   03/09/2009

New poster from The Luxury of Protest — “Maths Dreamed Universe” : visualising the aesthetic beauty of mathematical equations. Available exclusively from Stereohype. (+)

Next generation luxury

TypeNew (+)   02/09/2009

The FLOWmarket, next generation luxury, updates with a new site and store. FLOWmarket materializes our immaterial needs. (+)

Gabriel Morales

TypeNew (+)   31/08/2009

New work from Gabriel Morales. (+)

Pay What You Want | Ends 06/sept/09

TypeNew (+)   31/08/2009

Pay What You Want | Ends 06/sept/09 Hi TypeNeu! Sorry for the hard sale, but just want to make sure no-one misses out on this offer: Pay What You Want on HouseOfBurvo font BDH, contemporary Art-Deco display font great for logos, headlines etc. Check it ou (+)


TypeNew (+)   30/08/2009…soon: Label: Detroit Underground (Release 12)Cover: Manual Screen PrintingColour: Night GlowQuantity: limted numbered edition of 500Formgebung+Design: Stefan Gandl/NeubauPre-View+Listen: (+)

A friend of mine

TypeNew (+)   28/08/2009

A friend of mine updates. Via Grafikcache. (+)

GOOD Mural

TypeNew (+)   27/08/2009

GOOD Mural – 3330 Larimer Street by Cypher13. You can also watch a video of the creation here. (+)

We are young

TypeNew (+)   27/08/2009

We are young updates with a new site. I really like the typographic profile for Vivienne Westwood Academy. (+)

Objectified limited-edition

TypeNew (+)   26/08/2009

Two limited-edition versions of Objectifed: a USB and DVD version. Also available is a special Blu-ray disc edition of the film. Design by Build. (+)

A celebration of July: poster collective

TypeNew (+)   25/08/2009

Returning for its second year, ‘A Celebration of July‘ displays 31, A1 posters each representing the day of a creative individuals from across Europe. Open to public: Tuesday 18 – Friday 28 August. Time: 10.00am – 6.00pm weekdays and 10.00am – 4.00pm Satu (+)

House of Burvo

TypeNew (+)   23/08/2009

House of Burvo launches a new site along with another ‘pay-what-you-want’ offer and previously un-seen projects. (+)

Your Friends

TypeNew (+)   23/08/2009

Your Friends is an Oslo based graphic design studio, founded by Carl Gürgens and Henrik Fjeldberg. (+)


TypeNew (+)   20/08/2009

Patrick Fry recently completed a new project called ‘No.Zine‘. It is a self initiated series of zines featuring a collection of young artists, writers, illustrators, photographers and designers. The idea is that each of the zine’s content is based around (+)

Okay Type

TypeNew (+)   18/08/2009

Okay Type is a brand new small type boutique from Brooklyn, NY. (+)

Keep it complicated

TypeNew (+)   18/08/2009

Icelands Sveinn Davíðsson (located in Berlin) also known as Keep it complicated have updated his portfolio. Sveinn also share a studio with Siggi Eggertsson. (+)

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