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Pepsi, WalMart and Best Buy logos: Better or Worse?

AIGA New Hampshire. Vermont (+)   03/11/2008

In 2028, graphic design students will look back at 2008, and what will they conclude about the state of design? Based on the new logos Pepsi, Walmart and Best Buy released this year, maybe that the design world embraced a ban on All Caps, or that blue and (+)

Get Out the Vote

AIGA New Hampshire. Vermont (+)   09/10/2008

The presidential election is less than a month away but, there’s still time to visit AIGA’s Get Out the Vote online gallery to view, download, print and hang your favorite posters around your community. Use design to help encourage voter participation in (+)

Anthropomorphic Fonts?

AIGA New Hampshire. Vermont (+)   01/08/2008

Who would your favorite fonts be if they were people?A little font humor for your Friday, courtesy of (+)

Typography to Love

AIGA New Hampshire. Vermont (+)   11/07/2008

A few weeks ago, my brother and his fiancee were working on their wedding invitations. They wanted to do much of the design themselves, but they got a little stuck and asked me for some help when it came to the typography. After a few quick questions abou (+)

See Hear Speak of the Design Week

AIGA New Hampshire. Vermont (+)   13/05/2008

Here’s what I have been checking out this week:Creative work. Design always seems more exciting in different languages.Key commands never looked so great.Need a new desktop?A closer look at recent movie posters.I have to believe all the neat ones are set (+)

See, Hear, Speak of the Design Week

AIGA New Hampshire. Vermont (+)   03/05/2008

U is scary!I think the sign from Rosey Jekes should be on this blog.Rats, this looks cool. Too bad I’m more than a year out of college!WIll be looking at these when we design this years multi-page orderform.t.y.p.o.r.g.a.n.i.s.m. (+)

Typesetting figures

AIGA New Hampshire. Vermont (+)   29/04/2008

Whenever you set figures, you have two important choices to make about the style of figures you use. Lining or oldstyle forms? Tabular or proportional spacing? If you don’t know the difference, you’re probably making the wrong decision most of the time.L (+)

See Hear Speak of the Design Week

AIGA New Hampshire. Vermont (+)   15/04/2008

Here’s what I’m looking at this week:Mornings with NPR in illustrationExplanation about how type families workOne of the best-designed kids books/tv show I’ve seenAnother fun screen saverBrilliant opening graphicsWhat are you checking out this week? Leav (+)

See Hear Speak of the Design Week

AIGA New Hampshire. Vermont (+)   10/04/2008

Here’s what I’ve been checking out this week:I think W is my favorite!Oh, I do love the look of these!What’s the symbol for….oh, here it is! Thanks, AIGA!The Dropclock will look sweet on our music computer!What are you looking at? Leave a note in the com (+)

Design Politics 2

AIGA New Hampshire. Vermont (+)   03/04/2008

Check out this article from The New York Times about the Obama campaign’s choice of the Gotham typeface. “…there’s an oxymoronic quality to Gotham, which is why I think it’s become so popular. It has a blunt, geometric simplicity, which usually makes wor (+)

See Hear Speak of the Design Week

AIGA New Hampshire. Vermont (+)   31/03/2008

Here’s what I’m looking at this week:I love to look behind the scenes at peoples work in sketchbook formA really nice, simple, bold Willie letterpress poster. The others are great, tooDesigners are starting to visually weigh in on the ‘08 Olympics locati (+)

See Hear Speak of the Design Week

AIGA New Hampshire. Vermont (+)   17/03/2008

Here’s what I’m looking at this week:AIGA & Adobe create an affordable font collection for teaching and learning about typography. And, The design community wishes for more typography education. You Are Beautiful around the globe.Center for Cartoon Studie (+)

See Hear Speak of the Design Week

AIGA New Hampshire. Vermont (+)   02/03/2008

Here’s what I was looking at this week:Marian Bantjes recaps making her beautiful 2008 handmade valentinesShepard Fairey’s brilliantly bold Obama poster Debbie Millman discusses how to test effectiveness of designSmashing Magazine put together a great ty (+)

Movie Night

AIGA New Hampshire. Vermont (+)   21/02/2008

Helvetica: A Documentary film by Gary HustwitHelvetica is a feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design, and global visual culture. It looks at the proliferation of the 50-year-old typeface as part of a larger conversation about the (+)

Anatomically Correct pdf

AIGA New Hampshire. Vermont (+)   20/02/2008

Anatomically Correct.pdfAll the illustrated terms included in one downloadable Letter size pdf file.  (+)

Part 3 :: Anatomically Correct :: Stem to x-Height

AIGA New Hampshire. Vermont (+)   20/02/2008

The final post of this series on type anatomy. Stem A straight vertical stroke, or main straight diagonal stroke in a letter which has no vertical stroke.Stress The direction of thickening in a curved stroke.Stroke A straight or curved line.Swash A fancy (+)

Part 2 :: Anatomically Correct :: Hairline to Spur

AIGA New Hampshire. Vermont (+)   13/02/2008

 As promised, the second installment of a three part post on typographic anatomy. Enjoy. Hairline A thin stroke usually common to serif typestyles. Link The stroke connecting the top and bottom of a lowercase g. Loop The lower portion of the lower case r (+)

Part 1 :: Anatomically Correct :: Arm to Ear

AIGA New Hampshire. Vermont (+)   07/02/2008

“The thingamajig with the little bump”. We’ve all had clients describe bits and pieces of typography this way. But recently I was present when a group of young designers were discussing typographic anatomy. Lets just say the discussion was as anatomicall (+)

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