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Poisongalore (+)   28/10/2010

Sandra Chamaret, Julien Gineste, Sébastien Morlighem Roger Excoffon et la fonderie Olive (+)

margaret calvert

Poisongalore (+)   15/10/2010

Jeremy May talks to Margaret Calvert (+)


Poisongalore (+)   19/09/2010

Georges Peignot: la tentation de l’Art Nouveau (+)


Poisongalore (+)   10/07/2010

STIX Fonts Version 1.0 ReleasedA new web-based character set perfectly renders the full range of characters and symbols needed in Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM) publishing. (+)


Poisongalore (+)   18/05/2010

Over 2,600 high-resolution free images scanned from more than 160 different old or rare books, with extracts, by Liam Quin. (+)

type books

Poisongalore (+)   17/05/2010

A gallery of type books… (+)

digital scriptorium

Poisongalore (+)   16/05/2010

The Digital Scriptorium is a growing image database of medieval and renaissance manuscripts that unites scattered resources from many institutions into an international tool for teaching and scholarly research. It bridges the gap between a diverse user co (+)

codex xcix

Poisongalore (+)   15/05/2010

Codex xcix is an occasionally updated weblog mostly about the history of visual arts and graphic design. Here all of the posts on C xcix, organized by subject heading (i.e. category) and presented in roughly historic, not temporal, order. (+)

aiga archives

Poisongalore (+)   14/05/2010

AIGA Design Archives (+)


Poisongalore (+)   13/05/2010

A typographic system of three fonts developed by Fabrizio Schiavi from an existing logo for a shot gun named Beretta Xplor Unico A400. (+)


Poisongalore (+)   07/05/2010

VEB Typoart e Karl-Heinz Lange (+)


Poisongalore (+)   27/04/2010

Suggerisce PT aka Tasso: Order, Disorder and Notgeld (+)


Poisongalore (+)   17/04/2010

Typocurious is an archive of print-based typographic material culled from the teaching files once owned by Alexander S. Lawson and Archie Provan, his colleague at the Rochester Institute of Technology School of Printing. Its biweekly posts will be direct (+)


Poisongalore (+)   16/04/2010

Top 100 types of all times. (+)


Poisongalore (+)   14/04/2010

TypolexikonGrundlagenwissenUNIVERSELLCorporate Design [ Definition, Ursprung und Geschichte ]Grafikdesign [ Definition, Etymoloie und Ursprung ]Schriftgeschichte [ Chronographie vom Kerbzeichen bis zur digitalen Schriftlichkeit ]Typographie [Definition, E (+)


Poisongalore (+)   07/04/2010

Jugend: Münchner illustrierte Wochenschrift für Kunst und Leben (+)


Poisongalore (+)   30/03/2010

Iridescent: Icograda Journal of Design Research is a peer-reviewed online journal that seeks to establish a benchmark for innovative design research. By publishing select high quality research and making it accessible to a broad international audience thi (+)

a’dam intranet

Poisongalore (+)   29/03/2010

Amsterdam – Intranetby EdenspiekermannAmsterdam – Intranet from Edenspiekermann on Vimeo. (+)

prima di tutto

Poisongalore (+)   28/03/2010

da alfa60:“Salve,vogliamo invitarvi a partecipare e firmare l’appello PRIMA DI TUTTO 2010.Il manifesto è una nuova traduzione italiana del famoso manifestoFirst Things First di Ken Garland. Nel 1964, 22 progettisti graficihanno firmato l’appello originale (+)


Poisongalore (+)   25/03/2010

Satzherstellung im traditionellen Bleisatz mit einer Monotype-Anlage, der anschließende Buchdruck erfolgt auf einem Original Heidelberger Zylinder. (+)

beiträge zur typographie

Poisongalore (+)   21/03/2010

Documents on Font Design in German and English (+)

design magazines

Poisongalore (+)   20/03/2010

Steven HellerHistory of Aggressive Design Magazines(tutti abbiamo un sosia, o quasi…) (+)

marija gimbutas

Poisongalore (+)   19/03/2010

The primary advocate of the idea that the markings represent writing, and the person who coined the name “Old European Script”, was Marija Gimbutas (1921-1994), an important 20th century archaeologist and advocate of the notion that the Kurgan culture of (+)


Poisongalore (+)   18/03/2010

Denise Schmandt-Besserat is professor emerita of Art and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Her field is the art and archaeology of the ancient Near East. Schmandt-Besserat’s present interest is the cognitive aspects of the token (+)

free radicals

Poisongalore (+)   02/02/2010

Jess Baines looks back at London's printmaking workshops of the 1960s and 70s, DIY sites of political and community activism that rejected the role of the artist to participate in a network of campaign groups, radical publishers and distributors. (+)


Poisongalore (+)   02/02/2010

Grazie a PT, segnalo A Makeover for the BART Map: In mid-September [2009], Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) released a redesigned map of its commuter rail system. (+)


Poisongalore (+)   02/02/2010

L'Aquila - Auditorium della Cassa di Risparmio - 24 gennaio 2010LO SCATTO DE L'AQUILACorso su Photoshop CS4 con Marianna SantoniÈ un evento completamente no profit pensato per dare una mano concreta ai colleghi de L'Aquila. (+)


Poisongalore (+)   02/02/2010

Nome a parte…Discover Adobe® Kuler™ — the web-hosted application for generating color themes that can inspire any project. No matter what you're creating, with Kuler you can experiment quickly with color variations and browse thousands of themes from the (+)


Poisongalore (+)   02/02/2010

Brands of the World: over 125,000 downloadable logos, all in pristine eps format. (+)


Poisongalore (+)   02/02/2010

The Newseum displays more than 700 daily newspaper front pages in their original, unedited form. (+)


Poisongalore (+)   02/02/2010

È uscito “Progetto grafico” 16: un numero speciale di Pg!rogetto Grafico vince!La fine dell’anno ha portato un grande riconoscimento alla rivista Progetto grafico, il Premio speciale per la traduzione - Edizione 2009, attribuito all’unanimità dalla Commis (+)


Poisongalore (+)   16/01/2010

L’amico PT segnala l’ottimo TypeNews.Type News is a live, autonomous, aggregating system that sucks up then spits out all the latest news from the type industry. Updated every 5 minutes, it delivers a timeline of all things typographic from a number of po (+)

top fonts 2009

Poisongalore (+)   15/01/2010

La Top Ten 2009 della utile NewsLetter di MyFonts. (+)


Poisongalore (+)   06/01/2010


hemingway pro

Poisongalore (+)   18/12/2009

Segalini is back!Hemingway™ Pro is out at MyFonts and at Ascender (+)


Poisongalore (+)   17/12/2009

Dal 14 us è in rete da oggi un sito web dedicato ai Gadaldini, tra i principali tipografi modenesi del Cinquecento - (su gentile segnalazione di NZ). (+)


Poisongalore (+)   21/11/2009

Per gentile suggerimento di GT, eccovi:“Every now and again we take a look around, select “fresh” high-quality free fonts and present them to you in a brief overview. The choice is enormous, so the time you need to find them is usually the time you should (+)


Poisongalore (+)   22/09/2009

Os «Cadernos de Tipografia» incidem sobre temas relacionados com a Tipografia, o typeface design, o design gráfico, a análise social e cultural dos fenómenos relacionados com a edição, publicação e reprodução de textos e imagens.Os «Cadernos», publicados (+)

punzoni bodoni

Poisongalore (+)   17/09/2009

MP mi segnala (via simplcissimus) una meritoria iniziativa del Museo Bodoniano di Parma: adottare un set di punzoni originali da restaurare! (+)


Poisongalore (+)   31/08/2009

Associazione Culturale XYZFototeca Storica NazionalepresentanoOLIVE &BULLONIANDOGILARDI Lavoro contadino e operaionell’Italia del dopoguerra1950-1962mostra a cura di Fabrizio Urettinidal 12 settembre al 25 ottobre 2009inaugurazione11 settembre 2009 ore 18 (+)


Poisongalore (+)   28/08/2009

Il prode CP mi segnalaCall for EntriesDesign the official logo for DREAM Center, a program of the UNESCO/Tribute 21 Fund that provides arts education for children.Prize $3000Entries close 17 November 2009Click here for details (+)

pausa estiva

Poisongalore (+)   21/08/2009

;-)torno a settembre… (+)


Poisongalore (+)   16/08/2009

verflow-x: hidden; overflow-y: hidden;”>Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type CollectionA study collection held by the Design Division of the Department of Art and Art History at The University of Texas at Austin (+)


Poisongalore (+)   15/08/2009

Typography ServedUse TypographyThe Type Directors ClubThe Ministry of TypeTypeNeuTypographerTypesitesType TheoryType For YouSwiss LegacyUpscale TypographyEightfaceSpiekerblogTypefoundry (+)


Poisongalore (+)   27/07/2009

"Campania blur design. I progetti trasversali della produzione. Agenzie, studi, imprese, autori, scuoleCari colleghi,dal 5 all’11 Ottobre prossimo l’AIAP terrà a Napoli la Settimana della Grafica nel cui ambito si svolgeranno, mostre, convegni, workshop, (+)


Poisongalore (+)   27/07/2009

CP mi ha segnalato (tra altri) questi modellini di carta, piuttosto complessi ;-)Yamaha YZF-R1Il Cutty Sark (+)


Poisongalore (+)   27/07/2009

L’amico FrancoB mi ha indirizzato a questo sito, di grande interesse:”Il progetto Immagini per la matematica si propone di rendere fruibile al pubblico il patrimonio di immagini e animazioni a disposizione del Centro, creando uno strumento per la comunica (+)


Poisongalore (+)   27/07/2009

Kultur is JISC-funded project which is creating a model of an institutional repository for use in the creative and applied arts.While institutional repositories are proficient in managing text-based research such as articles, books, and theses, they are n (+)

Poisongalore (+)   27/07/2009

Il giorno 8 giugno 2009 si è costituita a Milano l’Associazione italiana degli storici del Design (Ais.Design) alla presenza di 15 studiosi italiani tra i quali i promotori dell’iniziativa Enrico Morteo, Vanni Pasca e Raimonda Riccini.L’Ais.Design ha lo s (+)

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