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a place for large gatherings (Visitar)

Most Used Typogrophies In Web Design

venue (ven-yoo) (+)   12/12/2007

The first 6 typographies that are listed are considered Web Safe. That means that they are contained in most internet browsers.They are:HelvéticaArialVerdanaGeorgiaTrebuchetCentury GothicLucida GrandePalatinoGaramondBaskervilleCaslonUniversMyriadRockwell (+)

13 Ways To Choose Typography

venue (ven-yoo) (+)   27/08/2007

1. Because it works.It seems that certain fonts were just born to fit into certain images, perfect fits.2. Because you like the history of the fontSome fonts are just legendary, ask Arial or Times New Roman.3. Because you like the name.We’re sometimes ju (+)

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