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Sexytype (+)   13/04/2010

Casiopea is a typeface with a pure and geometric design, it has straight and well defined lines. It can be used as a corporate typeface but also in signage systems, it is a little narrow and has a wide aperture to improve legibility. Casiopea has 494 glyp (+)

Tipos Latinos 2010

Sexytype (+)   29/03/2010

¶ Our work will be featured in Tipos Latinos 2010; Diego Sanz's Quincha is the first and the only (so far) peruvian typeface selected in this Latinamerican Biennial, such a great success for him and for all of us; Manolo Guerrero's Optica received a certi (+)


Sexytype (+)   18/11/2009

¶ This is Quincha, a strong typeface, inspired in the Incan civilization, where every piece fits perfectly with the next. Taking a square as a basis, and counting with 10 stylistic alternates and more than 700 contextual alternates, Quincha offers a wide (+)

Lucecita Maniac

Sexytype (+)   03/11/2009

¶ Lucecita Maniac has been released, this is a non kerned version of Lucecita with adjustments in both sidebearings to match the little dots. It is available at MyFonts as a pack which includes the background and the foreground, it has also support for ce (+)


Sexytype (+)   16/10/2009

¶ Miniblock is our new type release designed by Manolo Guerrero. This labyrinthic font has an experimental approach, as usual in typefaces of this maniac designer ;) The counters are interesting, specially in the leading because they form complex patterns (+)

Introducing Lucecita

Sexytype (+)   02/09/2009

¶ This is Lucecita, our most recent release based in led screens. It is a funny techno typeface for titles, it can also be used it in low resolution screens. You can purchase it at MyFonts with a 50% off during september ;)¶ Les presento a Lucecita, una t (+)

Optica released

Sexytype (+)   01/09/2009

¶ Optica has finally been released. Designed by my friend Manolo Guerrero to pay homage to the op art by colombian artist Omar Rayo. Described as an insane typeface design and awarded by the TDC, this typeface is ideal for titles and recommended for sizes (+)

Cocijotype beta

Sexytype (+)   31/08/2009

This is the lettering I did yesterday for the foundry, the idea had been around me for weeks or months, so, it was easy to draw the letters following my rough sketches. I also would like to tell you that the beta version of the website is running since ye (+)

Type for you

Sexytype (+)   29/08/2009

A lettering which is becoming a typeface. I did it for a competition at Type for you (+)


Sexytype (+)   29/08/2009

We are back again, I'm fed up of wordpress, I just don't like it and decided to keep this blog. This is or will be the header of Sexytype, as you can see it has a latin spirit, soft but strong. (+)


Sexytype (+)   05/08/2009

Cocijotype is proud to introduce Barrilito, a titling typeface based in linoleum & wood engraving with a lot of ligatures and contextual alternates, ideal for impressive titles, or even textures where the the form is more important than readability, somet (+)


Sexytype (+)   13/07/2009

Some months ago I wanted lo learn python programming, & I saw Drawbot, an application to learn python scripting, I had never made a graphic with scripts, it is very interesting. This is the script I did to start, it is just incredible to make this kind of (+)

We have moved

Sexytype (+)   02/03/2009

A better place to talk about typography. (+)

Happy type holidays!

Sexytype (+)   24/12/2008

It's supposed that this blog is about typography, maybe this post is a little out of the topic.When I knew that the python language existed I began to look for some information about it & found Drawbot an application, developed by Just van Rossum, to begi (+)

5 pts

Sexytype (+)   06/12/2008

5 pts has arrived, I bought it for the editorial design, look at those margins, they have good space, haven't they?The cover is very interesting.Type basics are good too:Designing type is like driving a car. If you drive a car, you always take the curve i (+)

The stroke, theory of writing

Sexytype (+)   22/11/2008

For a Mexican like me, it has been quite difficult get involved in the type world, specially because I come from one of the most marginalized counties from my country. That's why for me is a kind of achievement to have this book in my hands, finally I'm r (+)


Sexytype (+)   21/11/2008

I did this lettering for a poster about women rights in Jalapa de Díaz, Oaxaca. I took as a reference Burgues Script but I wanted something unique. So I decided to play with curves and obtained this. (+)

Linotype Ginkgo

Sexytype (+)   19/11/2008

This is Linotype Gingko, I saw it two weeks ago in the Linotype newsletter & I liked it so much. It has some kind of purity, a generous aperture and a dutch taste, very nice letterforms by Alex Rütten, I feel some self-assure in this typeface, I really li (+)

A brand For Urban & Architectonic Design

Sexytype (+)   14/11/2008

Some days ago I decided to design a brand for my workgroup, they are mostly interested in architecture and enginering (I am the exception because I'm a graphic designer), the group's name is Diseño Urbano & Arquitectónico, I had been thinking about this b (+)

Type Design Competition 2009

Sexytype (+)   14/11/2008

For those type lovers & designers who are obsessed with letterforms,the TDC of New York has published the Call for entries for the TDC2 2009, you have until december 19th to send your work. It would be a proud to see more latinoamerican works there, I hav (+)


Sexytype (+)   27/08/2008

This is Corbel, it comes for free with Windows Vista. The designer Jeremy Tankard made a great work with this typeface, notice the large apeture to funtion perfectly at small sizes, the short ascenders permit a larger x height.Elzevirian numbers are anoth (+)


Sexytype (+)   27/08/2008

This is Corbel, it comes for free with Windows Vista. The designer Jeremy Tankard made a great work with this typeface, notice the large apeture to funtion perfectly at small sizes, the short ascenders permit a larger x height.Elzevirian numbers are anoth (+)

Change of language

Sexytype (+)   20/08/2008

I decided to change the language of my blog because I have a poor response from readers, no more spanish in posts, from now and so it will be wrtten in english. So welcome to the sexytype! (+)

Barricada en Sudtipos

Sexytype (+)   06/08/2008

Gracias al buen Ale Paul, Barricada se encuentra a la venta en myFonts como parte de la colección de Sudtipos, cuenta con características OpenType y ¡mucho sabor! (+)


Sexytype (+)   07/06/2008

Seleccionada en Tipos Latinos 2008, Barricada es una tipografía para títulos, llena de sabor, comencé a desarrollarla inspirado en los conflictos sociales que sucedieron en Oaxaca, la voz del pueblo fluía en la radio, la televisión y en las paredes; la g (+)

Tipos Latinos 2008

Sexytype (+)   06/06/2008

Hace algunas semanas se llevó a cabo la Bienal Latinoamericana de Tipografía Tipos Latinos 2008 en Veracruz, el evento más importante de tipografía a nivel latinoamerica que reúne el trabajo de tipógrafos latinoamericanos. En su tercera edición Tipos Lat (+)

Siempre he soñado con diseñar un disco para Café Tacvba, es un

Sexytype (+)   06/06/2008

Siempre he soñado con diseñar un disco para Café Tacvba, es un grupo que siempre me ha gustado, tanto por su música como por el diseño de sus discos, bastante experimental. No sé si llegue a ocurrir, pero mientras tanto he diseñado el frente y la vuelta (+)

Proyecto typomachin

Sexytype (+)   06/06/2008

El sexytype continúa, como podrán darse cuenta, pero ahora viene algo muy interesante además, se trata de Typomachin, la primera fundición tipográfica digital oaxaqueña, donde sacaremos trabajo hecho con sabor y pasión. Siempre quise realizar algo difere (+)


Sexytype (+)   23/12/2006

Cuánto tiempo sin escribir; este post es para que vean Euroface, una tipografía desarrollada entre 1994 y 1999 para señales de carreteras, parece hecha con un bote de mostaza para hotdogs, lo se, pero es más legible pasando en automóvil a 100 km por hora (+)

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