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Show and tell (Visitar)

Gentlemans Typography

House Industries (+)   14/09/2010

Eames Century Modern helps this month’s issue of GQ talk about Sly Stallone… …and how to be a man in LA without sitting in traffic. (+)

Photo-Lettering Index

House Industries (+)   08/09/2010

On paper or plywood. (+)

Job Postings

House Industries (+)   07/09/2010

1. Full-Time Type Design Internship House Industries is seeking a motivated, enthusiastic and talented lover of typography to draw little letters and make them into unique and innovative working typefaces. Must be a reliable self-starter who can take mult (+)


House Industries (+)   03/09/2010


Block Party

House Industries (+)   03/09/2010

In case you were thinking that we’re kicking back in our palatial Yorklyn studio and collecting massive markups on our $175 Eames House Blocks, lemme share a few detail shots I took at Grand Rapids-based Lindenwood. The raw material is eight-quarter rough (+)

Premier Class Lettering

House Industries (+)   01/09/2010

As I blogged back in July, we have been working with Alpinestars and Ducati factory MotoGP team rider Nicky Hayden on a special lettering project. Since Nicky hales from nearby Owensboro, Kentucky, we thought it would be cool to do a special version of h (+)

The Factory

House Industries (+)   31/08/2010

I did a little ride-by on the House Industries-David Dodde skunk works and production facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan to see how things are coming together. We’ll be talking about this new space a lot more in the near future, but I thought I’d put up s (+)


House Industries (+)   31/08/2010

Miss the House & Reserve show? Rick just let us know that he’s got a few more “Type Nerd” t-shirts and ampersand bags at the Reserve Store. (+)

House in Japan

House Industries (+)   27/08/2010

I’m heading to Japan in a few days… Artalking & BetterLetter present: Andy Cruz from House IndustriesFriday, September 17, 2010Oakwood Premier Tokyo MidtownAkasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052Doors Open at 19:00. House design presentation (English with Japa (+)


House Industries (+)   27/08/2010

Yesterday our friends Yayoi and Will put the finishing touches on this season’s Prime Living installation at ISETAN department store in Japan. The install includes a mix of our Girard & Neuhart objects plus a few C1932 pieces. If you’re in Tokyo, it’s up (+)

New House Prints

House Industries (+)   23/08/2010

Seven new House serigraphs hand-pulled by David Dodde on acid-free French Paper. This series features black, white and metallic artwork from the Photo-Lettering archive and the Eames Century Modern font collection. The paper serigraphs look sharp in a fr (+)

New Internet Dating Profile Image

House Industries (+)   21/08/2010

…by Pittsburgh-based illustrator Michael Smith. (+)

Opening Tonight

House Industries (+)   20/08/2010

House at The Reserve GalleryAugust 20th 7pm – 11pm420 North Fairfax AvenueLos Angeles, California 90036 (+)

Challenge Program Invitation

House Industries (+)   19/08/2010

We’re helping the Challenge Program rustle up some more cash for their new building, so I spent the day with Ray and Jill at Lead Graffiti to print a fundraiser invite. Here’s Chris Gardner’s rendering of DIGSAU’s design reversed in polymer, inked up and (+)

Sunburst Backs

House Industries (+)   18/08/2010

A peek of an ampersand’s backside as House accredited type nerd Ben Kiel and House pro rider Jason Filipow unwrap/hang the House & Reserve show. (+)

Drying Ampersands

House Industries (+)   16/08/2010

Preview of a few glyphs that will be on display this Friday at the Reserve Gallery in LA. (+)

Blessed are those...

House Industries (+)   16/08/2010

THAT RESPECT ANOTHER’S TOOLS. Can’t tell what I like better, Mister Jalopy’s stencil work or the Canal St. Kate Spade label? (+)

Recycled House Catalogs

House Industries (+)   16/08/2010

Repurposed as wallpaper by Minitoko. (+)

NY Gift Fair

House Industries (+)   15/08/2010

Andy, Adam and I took a ride up turnpike to set up for our booth at the annual tchotchke souk that is International Gift Fair in New York’s Jeremy Javits center. If you’re of the mind to run the gauntlet, we’re in booth 4043 August 15-19. (+)

Art Tools

House Industries (+)   12/08/2010

A House & Reserve ampersand screen and David Dodde’s squeegie tree. (+)


House Industries (+)   12/08/2010


House at Reserve

House Industries (+)   11/08/2010

Join us in West Hollywood for a House Industries show at Reserve Gallery featuring new prints, custom Reserve/House T-shirts & totes and plenty of House gear. Be sure to bring a Canter’s potato knish to soak up the PBR and a personal security retinue to (+)

blak-core neon

House Industries (+)   06/08/2010

Blaktur in pink at the new Core77 store in Portland. Thanks for the support guys. (+)

Ultimo vincitore!

House Industries (+)   05/08/2010

Congratulazioni to Daniela from Genova, Italy for winning the final Eames House Blocks give-away. Brazo Fuerté, our CFO, has returned from his summer vacation in Club Med and put the kibosh on the promotion. This fall, when he goes on his power retreat t (+)

Zie Züpper Zieger

House Industries (+)   02/08/2010

Ms. Lechner of Munich was last week’s Eames House Blocks contest winner. Vertiefung getan Ms. Lechner! Still waiting on an email from Lou saying glückwünsche and confirming your shipping address? Enter/re-enter each week for a chance. (+)

Sunday Shopping

House Industries (+)   02/08/2010

Some House font serendipity while grabbing some reading material at the bookstore tonight. ReadyMade’s new issue shows how Erik van Blokland’s Eames Stencil is both a showhorse and a workhorse, while Rodrigo Corral Design’s cover for Gary Shteyngart’s ne (+)

The Kentucky Kid

House Industries (+)   28/07/2010

Twisting a throttle and dragging a knee is a mere fraction of the time commitment required to ride the fastest and most technically sophisticated motorcycle in the world, so I was glad to have a few minutes to discuss a special Alpinestars/House Industri (+)

Hell Bent for Leather

House Industries (+)   28/07/2010

Alpinestars represents the highly engineered layer of leather that keeps a MotoGP rider’s flesh and bones intact when they hit the pavement at high speed, which is fairly often when your occupation is to push a brutally powerful and incredibly complex pr (+)

Number 23 Vespa Alpinestars Special

House Industries (+)   28/07/2010

Rich Roat’s special edition No. 23 Chocolate Thunder Vespa from the House Industries/Alpinestars amateur racing team at Laguna Seca. (+)

Typographic extracurricular activities

House Industries (+)   27/07/2010

Sometimes after staring at bézier curves for the current language expansion to Neutraface for weeks on end, taking a weekend afternoon to remember that type is tangible is the best kind of design therapy. Fortunately, Lead Graffiti is a short trip away, (+)

Now available on the interwebs

House Industries (+)   26/07/2010

In Feburary, Rich and I printed a poster for Richard Sachs using the yet-to-be-released Eames Stencil. Back then, you could get the poster if you happened to be at the National Handbuild Bicycle Show, but now you can purchase them from Richard directly. (+)

Second week's winner

House Industries (+)   26/07/2010

Mr. Bob Macy, who’s just up the road in Lancaster, PA, was last week’s winner of the Eames House Block contest. Be sure to register each week by Thursday to put your name in the hat. (+)


House Industries (+)   22/07/2010

David Pearson customized Blaktur for this cover design from Penguin Books soon to be released Great Ideas series. Thanks to Jeremy Mickel for the heads-up. (+)

In use

House Industries (+)   21/07/2010

Wooden Eames font packaging in “art” mode on the wall of Cathe Holden’s studio. (+)


House Industries (+)   21/07/2010

One of the House euro urban rally team vehicles. (+)

July 15 Sweepstakes Winner

House Industries (+)   15/07/2010

Mr. Kevin Chappel of Austin, Texas is the lucky winner in this week’s Eames House Blocks drawing. Kevin, thanks for playing. Your blocks are on their way! Be sure to enter here for next week’s drawing! (+)

Tour d'Europe

House Industries (+)   13/07/2010

House Factory touring team cyclists Kaisa and Cristoffer Leka have just completed an illustrated travelogue of their 2009 sojourn across Europe, so we thought we should celebrate the unboxing of our “House” copies. No cyclophilic bookshelf or coffee tabl (+)

On the swing & in the studio

House Industries (+)   12/07/2010

House Eames Blocks are now shipping… (+)

Getting our Flex-on

House Industries (+)   12/07/2010

We figured black and red flexography on natural corrugated cardboard was the authentic packaging direction to take for the Eames Alphabet Blocks. The cutting die. An OG HM shipping box. The “36” pack of Eames splints. (+)

House Dedicated Logistics

House Industries (+)   12/07/2010

The Eames House Blocks and the next run of Eames Century Modern packaging landed late last week, so yours will be on the way today if you’ve been waiting. We had to implement some innovative delivery programs, including our new House porter bike. The bui (+)


House Industries (+)   01/07/2010

When Mr. Awitan has to wait longer than expected for a Lowes sales associate. (+)


House Industries (+)   29/06/2010

Thanks to the organizers of the Valencia’s biennial type conference for this little gem. As a parting gift for the event, Ivan Castro, Marc Salinas and friends had this one-of-a-kind monster tiki mug sculpted by master potters in neighboring Toledo. ¡Muc (+)

Eames Blocks

House Industries (+)   28/06/2010

Eames Alphabet Blocks (+)


House Industries (+)   24/06/2010

Adam and I helped our dad with some hot rod inventory yesterday and came across this department store drag slick complete with the pre-Helvetica Pennys logo and a tasty little directional device embossed on the sidewall. (+)

& sample

House Industries (+)   22/06/2010

Apron test using the Ampersand fabric. (+)

Mr. B

House Industries (+)   10/06/2010

Bookplate we did for an end of the year teacher gift with a little typographic help from Eames and another Mr. B. (+)


House Industries (+)   10/06/2010

Our recent visit to Taliesin West made me want to revisit this interview. So good. (+)

Extended Test Drive

House Industries (+)   05/06/2010

Two year outdoor wear testing for Girard Slab in untreated copper. (+)

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