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Show and tell (Visitar)

Snake Charming at Cooper Type

House Industries (+)   14/03/2011

In April, I’ll be giving a workshop on basic Python programming for typeface design at The Cooper Union. The workshop is part of the school’s certificate program in typeface design, but there are about five slots still open for anyone who may be interest (+)

Forgotten Accordion Harlequin

House Industries (+)   26/02/2011

Found this guy between a few books and assorted crap that needed to be cleaned up. We had some extra real estate on the Eames catalog press sheet and snuck this little folding specimen on for fun. (+)

Delaware State Motto

House Industries (+)   22/02/2011

A while back, Dan Cassaro invited me to participate in 50 and 50, a collective project in which 50 artists were asked to illustrate the mottos of their home states. Here’s one of my initial sketches (think turn of the century sign painter, John Ohnimus, (+)

Chipboard Screen Tests

House Industries (+)   12/02/2011

Make-ready art. (+)

Iron-On Interlock

House Industries (+)   10/02/2011

Ed Interlock makin’ the scene on some customized kids apparel. (+)

Paper Towels and a Business Card

House Industries (+)   07/02/2011

Rubber stamp cleaners from the Partners and Heath shows. (+)

Fair Warning

House Industries (+)   29/01/2011

New York Gift Fair, Booth #3975Javits Center, January 30-February 2 The House Industries rigging crew plowed through heavy snow, surly forklift drivers and a possible assault charge when Rich accidentally whacked an unsuspecting fellow exhibitor with boo (+)

More Eames Eyetalic

House Industries (+)   24/01/2011

Eames Century Modern helps my wife share some of the junk we find that often fuels a House project or two… (+)

The Sum of the Parts

House Industries (+)   16/11/2010

…can be more fun than putting them together. Thanks to a generous friend, we have come into possession of a Specialties TA Pro 5 Vis crank that will eventually live on an ongoing House-Hampsten project. (+)

For Immediate Release

House Industries (+)   15/11/2010

Not sure what our hand-lettered logo for MotoGP rider, Nicky Hayden, has to do with adhesion testing polycarbonate substrates or channel grooving with a duo vertical panel saw, but the October 2010 issue of Sign Builder Illustrated decided to feature the (+)

Fonte Couture

House Industries (+)   09/11/2010

One of the many classy letter styles that the inimitable E. Everett Fernandez designed for the StripPrinter portable film-lettering machine. (+)

Keepin’ It Casual

House Industries (+)   09/11/2010

My Communication Arts article on mid-twentieth century informal script lettering recently hit newsstands. The column, which appears in the magazine’s Advertising Annual 51, also includes a few more lettering gems like the Rene Gruau piece above. Thanks f (+)

X-acto Arigato

House Industries (+)   09/11/2010

Helped Mia with her thank you paper dolls for Japanese House Industries reps Will, Yayoi and Matty Cannon. The little one and her No.11 katana. Took her a few rounds to nail Matty the Cat’s form and coloring. The scraps, studies, prototype and brush warm (+)

Tin Eye

House Industries (+)   08/11/2010

Just got around to unpacking some of the duh-signy metal tins Steph and I imported from Japan. Scored the Olle Eksell för Mazetti at Elephant, a small, well curated/edited Scandinavian design boutique in Harijuku. I know…sounds crazy but lets face it, th (+)

Brothers in Arms

House Industries (+)   06/11/2010

Every so often something comes along…and without any knowledge of provenance, you can smell the passion and sweat that goes into the work…be it a motorcycle, cup of coffee or a hang tag. It starts to smell even better when you later learn they were born (+)


House Industries (+)   06/11/2010


Beach & Colby

House Industries (+)   05/11/2010

The 2 great tastes that taste great together. (+)


House Industries (+)   03/11/2010


Cooper Union Workshop Reprise

House Industries (+)   03/11/2010

I’ll be conducting another lettering workshop this weekend at The Cooper Union. Although the seminar is part of the school’s certificate program in typeface design, there are still a few openings available to the public. Phone 212-353-4195 or email type@ (+)

House In Baltimore

House Industries (+)   02/11/2010

House in Baltimore!November 4, 2010 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm Metro Gallery1700 North Charles StreetBaltimore, (+)

Returned to Sender

House Industries (+)   29/10/2010

We only have a handful of Eames catalogs left on the shelves. Just give us a good address and we’ll get one out to ya… (+)

Shahn Sale

House Industries (+)   27/10/2010

The lettering alone is worth a thorough browse. (+)

Git on the

House Industries (+)   25/10/2010

Macintosh Business Users Society of PhiladelphiaTuesday, October 26thDorrance Hamilton Hall, University of the Arts, 320 South Broad Street, Philadelphia.Presentation by Rich Roat starts around 7:30 p.m. From the main entrance turn right when you come in (+)

Iceland by Bike

House Industries (+)   25/10/2010

House Industries adventure touring team members Kaisa and Christoffer Leka sent these photos from their bike trip in Iceland. (+)

Can’t Have Nuthin’ Nice

House Industries (+)   23/10/2010

Didn’t take long for Awitan to get Krylon on one of Michael’s Bags. (+)

Granoque Cross 2010

House Industries (+)   22/10/2010

The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Road Show rolled into town last weekend for two days racing at Granogue. Photo by Joe Mallis With the help of Alex at Woolistic, we surprised them with some special edition merino wool trainers to ward off the post-race chill. (+)

Fun for the Family!

House Industries (+)   21/10/2010

It’s nice to see that Disney’s FamilyFun magazine has picked up the Alexander Girard fonts for editorial use. The hours spent on the thirteen weights/widths of Girard Slab seems to have paid off, as the magazine is making good use of them throughout. (+)

L'House à MIT

House Industries (+)   20/10/2010

What do you get when you mix House Industries, the Swiss consulate, University of Art and Design Lausanne and Massachusetts Institute of Technology? We’re not sure either, but come see what all the fuss is about next week when I’ll be lecturing with Swis (+)


House Industries (+)   19/10/2010


Alphabet Tape

House Industries (+)   19/10/2010

Back in stock. (+)


House Industries (+)   15/10/2010


Lettering at Cooper

House Industries (+)   15/10/2010

I’ll be conducting a pair of weekend lettering workshops during the next few weeks at The Cooper Union. Though the seminars are part of the school’s typeface design certificate program, seats are also available to the public. Swing by if you’re in town. (+)

Todd Time

House Industries (+)   15/10/2010

Todd St. John & Gary Benzel of Hunter Gatherer….always in my top 10 of living designers. Having kids in school makes this one a bit more relevant. (+)

Cart One of Many

House Industries (+)   15/10/2010

Serigraph make-ready, inventory and archive moving on up to the new House Factory Workshop storage facility. Dig that iron wheel. (+)

House Merch at the Common

House Industries (+)   14/10/2010

Be sure to check out the House merch table at The Common in San Francisco. Opening tonight! (+)

Granogue Cyclocross

House Industries (+)   14/10/2010

…this weekend. And we have some cozy warm treats for the squad. More photos coming if I can clean the mud out of my camera from last year. (+)

House in Marie Claire

House Industries (+)   13/10/2010

Fashionably sold out or just our bad timing? (+)

Maiden Japan

House Industries (+)   12/10/2010

Just received our sample box of House Ind. Homestead T-shirts from Japan. Akira says they’re 100% cotton but I swear there’s some butter content. These units were only available in Japan but we’re sending a handful from our private stock to sit on the Hou (+)

puffy amiyumi

House Industries (+)   11/10/2010

Last night my girls (Ava & Mia) were stoked to give the girls of Puffy (Ami & Yumi) two of Marylin’s girls (Milly & Rosy). Thanks Kazu for making us look like the cool mom and dad…even though it was school night! (+)

Japan at home

House Industries (+)   11/10/2010

Most of the House Ind. color palette, paper and wood substrates we’ve been pedaling recently have been “inspired” by some of the Japanese folk craft we have in our home. When my wife found out that we were going to be in Japan last month, her priority wa (+)

Everyday Pleasures

House Industries (+)   02/10/2010

Since the mountain of House33 artwork is currently hibernating in off-site storage, I’m grateful that I get to wear and sit on some of my favorite pieces every day. The jacket is our custom House33 Vanson and seat is made from super tough 33-pattern fabri (+)

Process Lesson

House Industries (+)   30/09/2010

House artist David Dodde creates his entry for Artprize. We’ll let David tell the story. (+)


House Industries (+)   27/09/2010

During my recent mid-west road trip, Alpinestars arranged a ride for me around the Indianapolis Grand Prix course on the back of a two-seater Ducati piloted by the legendary Randy Mamola. After a mandatory trip to the medical building for a quick workup, (+)

Fish Story

House Industries (+)   20/09/2010

Like any fish story, this one will keep getting better. We first use various woods from renewable, reclaimed or sustainable sources, the most appropriate of which is pine from 100-year-old logs fished out of the Grand River in Grand Rapids. They didn’t qu (+)

Tokyo Tonight

House Industries (+)   16/09/2010

Just a few hours until I release our catch of wooden koi from Lake Michigan into the hands of our Japanese guests at tonight’s House event. Cutting the carp kata by hand. (+)

Girard Tees for the Wimmins

House Industries (+)   16/09/2010

We had to do a big run of these for a department store in Japan, so we skimmed some off the top for the rest of the world. Check them out here. Also, Lu said we need to thin out the stock a bit, so here’s a 50% off discount code on all clothes: OUTTAMYFA (+)

Get Schooled

House Industries (+)   15/09/2010

…in Tokyo with Andy Cruz and his koi. Artalking & BetterLetter present: Andy Cruz from House IndustriesFriday, September 17, 2010Oakwood Premier Tokyo MidtownAkasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052Doors Open at 19:00 House design presentation (English with Jap (+)

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