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Found type, print and stuff (Visitar)


Ace Jet 170 (+)   11/02/2011

Ampersand loving Janine brought her new, and pretty amazing, Gemma Correll letterpress print into Thought Collective this week. It's pretty amazing. (Oh, I've said that already). Still, it is. (+)

Found Type Friday #93

Ace Jet 170 (+)   11/02/2011

My wife's mysterious alter-ego Edie Sloane has a most interesting sewing box. (+)


Ace Jet 170 (+)   16/11/2010

The Hischemeister was over here last week. Speaking as one of the Build fringe events and generally hanging around for the main event. I was sat a couple of rows back during the conference and watched her do the Build "X" drop cap while Frank Chimero was (+)

Title Tests

Ace Jet 170 (+)   14/11/2010

Making slow but steady progress with the Bespoke Editions project. Tweaking title pages and finalising internal text styles. Title page motifs have proved tricky; getting something cunning and meaningful, rather than merely decorative has been a challenge (+)

Edie Sloane

Ace Jet 170 (+)   04/11/2010

For lord knows how long the soundtrack to evenings at Ace Jet Towers has been the steady daggadaggadaggadaggadagga of Karen's sewing machine. She's been making lovely things for as long as we've lived in NI. Longer really. First it was just things for ou (+)

First Blood

Ace Jet 170 (+)   26/10/2010

Mike and Kate Hyde are Bespoke Editions. Here's their idea: We've reached tipping point with ebooks; the physical book is, clearly, no longer the most appropriate medium for the delivery of everyday texts. But for important, classic and treasured texts, i (+)

Found Type Friday #90

Ace Jet 170 (+)   24/09/2010

 Seb Lester's work is amazing, stunning and jaw-dropping. And astonishing. And also phenomenal. The man that brought us the mighty Soho and Neo Sans is a master letterer and collector of found type. (+)

Linotype: The Film

Ace Jet 170 (+)   17/09/2010

Doug Wilson has started work on a new documentary about the Linotype Typesetting machine. This, is exciting news. (+)

Found Type Friday #87

Ace Jet 170 (+)   03/09/2010

I've sat on this horizontally mounted tomb stone at the Ulster Folk Museum a few times but never stopped to scrutinise it before. There's some weird use of punctuation going on and some beautifully cut letters.   (+)


Ace Jet 170 (+)   21/08/2010

Mark Ferguson's been remote-snooping. He sent questionnaires to various studios (including johnsonbanks, NB:Studio, Mother, The Case, 300million, Build and many more) quizzing them on their relationship to their immediate environments. Mark then compiled (+)

Brucie Bonus

Ace Jet 170 (+)   18/08/2010

  I suspect knowing full well of my weakness for an interesting bit of mappery, designer Dan Cassaro dropped me a line about, then dropped me a copy of, his self-published, Springsteen inspired Springstreets; a fictitious street map with all locations and (+)


Ace Jet 170 (+)   17/08/2010

Helvetica on Mad Men. Via Nick Sherman via Gary Hustwit. (+)


Ace Jet 170 (+)   16/08/2010

Andy (Lots of Things But Currently Mostly This) McMillan kindly lent me his recently acquired copy of the, quite frankly, amazing and stunning Kraken Rum brand book. The book tells the frightful story of the mythical beasty and details it's evolution, an (+)


Ace Jet 170 (+)   11/08/2010

A new work from Hat-trick and Nick Asbury. (+)

Found Type Friday #86

Ace Jet 170 (+)   06/08/2010

Courtesy of Tom Gifford. (+)

Prickly Pair

Ace Jet 170 (+)   05/08/2010

 Designer Topher Sinkinson and illustrator Rob Halverson have a thing for cactus and have developed a range of home stuffs at Portland design studio makelike. It's all a bit weird and a bit nice too. Take a look, you can download their pdf catalogue here. (+)

Nice books (but can't make coffee)

Ace Jet 170 (+)   04/08/2010

Alice McKee has come to work with us. This is good on a number of levels. For example, it gives me the opportunity to pilfer her book collection, which she's stashed in the studio now that she's homeless. Well OK, not exactly homeless, she's back with her (+)


Ace Jet 170 (+)   01/08/2010

Does everyone know about FS Me? I didn't until the promo booklet was bundled in with Fontsmith's specimen book. FS Me was designed with Mencap and was specially developed to be more legible for anyone with learning difficulties. Creative Review covered it (+)

Found Type Friday #85

Ace Jet 170 (+)   30/07/2010

Well that's it for my holiday snap, you may be pleased to hear. You should think yourself lucky, I held back all the more conventional scenery shots, but I might drop in a few more bugs over the next week - that Stag was not the biggest mini-beast we befr (+)

Found Type Friday #85

Ace Jet 170 (+)   23/07/2010

Dear The Rest of Europe,While I dearly love you all and recognise that you all have your merits, I love Italy most. Others, rightly, love France, with it's long breads and thin chips, it's superb steaks and beautiful pastries, it's wonderful art and rema (+)

They Made This

Ace Jet 170 (+)   10/06/2010

This is brilliant. I did a Stuff Exchange with Alistair at We Made This. Basically because I wanted to get my hands on one of their superb Twickenham Carnival posters. I did my best to offer a suitable trade but can't help feel that I came out of the dea (+)


Ace Jet 170 (+)   07/06/2010

Helen, from ace type design studio Fontsmith very kindly sent me a copy of their latest specimen book, which is superb. You can check out all their booklets, in digital format here. And, of course, their fonts here.   (+)

About three hours

Ace Jet 170 (+)   04/06/2010

I presume you've already got your copy. So you don't need me to say how beautiful this is and how lovely the printing is. Or how great those diagrams are.   (+)

Quiet Art Shouty Poster Stack

Ace Jet 170 (+)   27/05/2010

The latest Stack features beautiful whispering contemporary arts mag Under/Current plus big and bold magazine-that-thinks-it's-a-poster POSTR. More great magmatter and affirmation that, "Stack is good".    (+)

Top Design Bloke Stalked By Found Type, Print and Stuff Blogger

Ace Jet 170 (+)   26/05/2010

I got so distracted by our trip to Lowden last week that I've totally skipped the official reason why Michael Johnson visited us. Michael had been invited by Queen's University to do their Creative Industries Fellowship Lecture. It was a great talk about (+)


Ace Jet 170 (+)   05/05/2010

This is not a party political broadcast: I don't know what it's been like on the mainland but here in Belfast we've all enjoyed the predictable glut of party political stuff pushed through our doors. On the whole, generic, poorly designed and boring. The (+)

Formats for books:

Ace Jet 170 (+)   29/04/2010

Rebecca at Birmingham's International Project Space (which can be found in my old college in Bournville) very kindly sent me a couple of copies of the booklet produced in conjunction with their current exhibition: Formats for books: Hyphen Press and desig (+)


Ace Jet 170 (+)   27/04/2010

  Talking of films: I was gutted I couldn't make it to see Typeface a couple of weeks back. Gutted. Big job on/had to work. Thankfully, ace reporter and very soon to be ex-desk-buddy Jodie rose to the occasion with this full and in-depth review:A thought- (+)

Stone Penguins

Ace Jet 170 (+)   20/04/2010

Nearly missed these on the CR Blog: John Squire designs for the Penguin Decade Series. (+)

Operation: Workspace #01: 72pt Verona

Ace Jet 170 (+)   19/04/2010

 Karen emailed me last Thursday from home. She'd found Junkaholic's blog entry about their shed-based micro-studio and said, "I want one!". Don't blame her, it's brilliant and it got me all fired up: I want one too and we can do better! Well, actually tha (+)


Ace Jet 170 (+)   16/04/2010

For anyone who wasn't able to make it last night, most of the exhibition can be seen here.(This has been a public service blog post) (+)

81 of the most modern experiments

Ace Jet 170 (+)   13/04/2010

    The National Memorial Arboretum was just a stop-off on our way to eat with my folks at a place called Barton Marina. A canal marina it was barge central and also has a few nice boutique shops. A highlight for us was The Book Barge which is a superb fl (+)

Found Type Friday #81

Ace Jet 170 (+)   02/04/2010

Interestingly petrified newspaper found on plot-based slab. (+)

Hold the front page

Ace Jet 170 (+)   30/03/2010

I wasn't there but I know a man that was. Andy McGoodondigitalbuildrefresh kindly brought me a couple back from his travels.   (+)

The Penrose Annual 1964 Volume 57

Ace Jet 170 (+)   12/03/2010

Hot on the heals of Volume 56 comes 58 with some more amazing content. Including a great piece by F H K Henrion on the rationalization of papers and inks (accompanied by pages from his catalogue for Simplex Piling); a facsimile copy of Werkman's The Next (+)

About Face

Ace Jet 170 (+)   08/03/2010

On 25th March local heroes Andy (Build Conference etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc…) McMillan and the Web Standardistas are screening, for the first time on this ireland of ours, Typeface. It looks great. Can't wait. Have done poster. You can find out more ab (+)

The Shapes of Bruno Maag

Ace Jet 170 (+)   06/03/2010

The Maagster has an exhibition in Vienna. Going from the photos, it looks pretty amazing. See more and read all about it on the FontFeed. (+)


Ace Jet 170 (+)   05/03/2010

   Here's another of those King Penguins. The obviously appealing Book of Scripts. Although, at times, you have to forgive some less than great reproductions. (+)

King of Kings

Ace Jet 170 (+)   03/03/2010

Probably should have kept this one until last, because it's the best really, but here's the first of those King Penguins I found at Castle Ward. An amazing piece of work on the cover; the richness of the colour plates inside is a bonus. (+)

Stamp Collection

Ace Jet 170 (+)   03/03/2010

Pop on over to the We Made This blog for the inside story of David Pearson's magnificent covers for Cormac McCarthy's books. (+)

Meet Work Skive Sleep

Ace Jet 170 (+)   02/03/2010

Ben at Herb Lester Associates has sent me one of their most useful of maps. A map that charts the most pleasant and civilised places, around London, for a secret liaison, a sneaky skive or an out-of-the-office very-important business meeting. If you're lo (+)


Ace Jet 170 (+)   27/02/2010

James on the amassblog has said, pretty much, everything I was going to say about ee. For me it was reading Dark Angels recently that made me think about my desire and failure to appreciate poetry. And in particular the orthographers favourite. James has (+)


Ace Jet 170 (+)   24/02/2010

Found another GTF-designed Globe Theatre programme. Same story as the other one.  (+)

DaMa Editions

Ace Jet 170 (+)   15/02/2010

A lovely new bundle of my very favourite Dalton Maag type specimens dropped through the door a couple of days ago and We Made This haven't blogged about it. Woo hoo! Beatcha!…ehum…er…well, er…highlights include the fantastic and robust Grueber, inspired b (+)

Rubbing me up the right way

Ace Jet 170 (+)   15/02/2010

And then I got this really nice package from Veer. It's like being back in the 70s again; rub down lettering, just like the good old day. Yes, yes, We Made This got their's first but hey, my pics are better. If you're quick, you can register for your own (+)

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