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Frutiger Serif

Type for you (+)   20/05/2008

Fresh news from Linotype with Frutiger Serif:“Adrian Frutiger has earned great respect over many years as one of the world’s most prominent and talented typeface designers,” said Frank Wildenberg, managing director of Linotype GmbH. “It’s an honor to add (+)


Type for you (+)   18/04/2008

FontShop brins you FontStruct, a free font building tool: FontStruct lets you quickly and easily create fonts constructed out of geometrical shapes, which are arranged in a grid pattern, like tiles or bricks.Once you’re done building, FontStruct generate (+)


Type for you (+)   14/04/2008

FACELIFT is the 3rd annual exhibition by event curators Inkthis. The project showcases a unique typeface featuring 40 individually crafted letterforms developed by both new and established image makers from across the globe presenting a style-heavy blend (+)

TYPO Berlin 2008 >Image

Type for you (+)   11/04/2008

“The role that design and typography plays in this will be explored at the TYPO Berlin 2008.”Share This (+)


Type for you (+)   01/04/2008

My friend Alex Haigh as updated his portfolio site and and also made this new font, named Sukato.Share This (+)

Typographica favorite typefaces of 2007

Type for you (+)   27/03/2008

 Typographica revealed their 25 favorite typefaces of 2007, an amazing selection of typefaces, from people like Erik Spierkermann and others.Share This (+)

Type Talk interview with Paul Rand and Mario Rampone

Type for you (+)   27/03/2008

On Paul Rand site:There are essentially two kinds of typography: The familiar kind for reading, and the other, simply for viewing, like a painting. Some say that readability is most important. There are really two important things about typography: reada (+)


Type for you (+)   19/03/2008

Tomás Valle, from Barcelona, just send us this great video.From the lenticular cover that changes with the angle of your hands, all the way to the Z, ABC-3D is as much a work of art as it is a pop-up book. Each of the 26 dimensional letters that move an (+)

Editor & Art Director

Type for you (+)   18/03/2008

Great type work on those spreads.Share This (+)

PROCEED AND BE BOLD – Documentary Trailer

Type for you (+)   12/03/2008

Laura Zinger just wrote us, with the trailer for the documentary PROCEED AND BE BOLD starring Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr..Related: PROCEED AND BE BOLD - Bringing Race and Art to the masses Share This (+)


Type for you (+)   07/03/2008

Wouters from the fantastic letman, and his nephew Gradus, improvise some letters.Share This (+)

Parallel Strokes

Type for you (+)   03/03/2008

Parallel Strokes is a collection of interviews with twenty-plus contemporary typeface designers, graffiti writers, and lettering artists around the world. The book is introduced with a comprehensive essay charting the history of graffiti, its relation to (+)


Type for you (+)   03/03/2008

My friend and fellow designer Alex Haigh created a new font named Aiko. The font is fully develop including latin characters.Share This (+)


Type for you (+)   24/02/2008

Typesites is a weekly showcase of websites with interesting typographic design.Share This (+)


Type for you (+)   22/02/2008

Share This (+)

Maxime work

Type for you (+)   22/02/2008

Maxime Delporte, a french graphic designer living in Brussels, has some great type work at his site.Presented here is a comparative study between the human feet and serif letters.Share This (+)


Type for you (+)   18/02/2008

I finally put up a small type showcase. Check it out at    Share This (+)

Baseline new site

Type for you (+)   14/02/2008

Baseline magazine new site .Share This (+)

Twenty six type of animals

Type for you (+)   28/01/2008

Nice type experiments from Jeremy Pettis.Share This (+)

Ten Typefaces of 2007

Type for you (+)   25/01/2008

 FontShop announced the 10 typefaces of the year 2007. Their is also a CD, FontStars 2007, with this ten fonts.Share This (+)

Play with type

Type for you (+)   23/01/2008

For more type experiments from Jack Featherstone, graphic design student at Chelsea College Of Ar, check his blog.Share This (+)


Type for you (+)   19/01/2008

TypeNeu is a social platform and source of inspiration for all you typophiles out there. We report on the past, present and the future of typographic culture. Typophile is a common diagnosis, and yes this is the cure.Go and take a look! They we’re kind e (+)

BAQ Rounded type by Thinkdust

Type for you (+)   16/01/2008

BAQ Rounded is a new typeface designed by Thinkdust - Alex Haigh and available to purchase now.Share This (+)

Jason Munn (The Small Stakes) Interview

Type for you (+)   08/01/2008

Great interview with Jason Munn, where we can take a look at his studio and discover a little more about this talented designer, who’s work I truly admire. Love the the simplicity and the impact.I discovered this interview via Dave from grain edit, who s (+)

Michael Bierut interview

Type for you (+)   08/01/2008

Here is an interview with graphic designer Michael Bierut, where he talks about the evolution of type, the various covers of The Catcher in the Rye, the ugliness of ITC Garamond, and all sorts of other intriguing things.Source: The AtlanticShare This (+)


Type for you (+)   02/01/2008

Amazing work by Letman:Description for the work above: Since there was no budget at all for these flyers, we agreed that i would be paid in food.So I sat down every monday-evening at the Cantine, enjoyed a free meal and some drinks while drawing that wee (+)

Skin type

Type for you (+)   02/01/2008

Nice type experiment by Thijs Verbeek.Share This (+)

British airways commercial

Type for you (+)   28/12/2007

Check out the nice animation at This (+)

Limb Type Japan

Type for you (+)   20/12/2007

Limb type Japan, 2007.Share This (+)


Type for you (+)   11/12/2007

Nice portfolio from Lowman.Share This (+)

La petite mort

Type for you (+)   28/11/2007

Xnographics Studio from Barcelona, just send an email telling us about this great motion piece they´ve made.Share This (+)

Typophile Film Fest 4 opening credits

Type for you (+)   27/11/2007

Check out this year’s Typophile Film Fest 4 opening credits.Share This (+)

What is a Pylon?

Type for you (+)   25/11/2007

Ascenders, arms, crossbars, counters, spines, shoulders, tails, stems and spurs, altogether there are over 20 components in the anatomy of type. There remains a gap in the vocabularly of this most respected of crafts, however. In the designing or cutting (+)


Type for you (+)   24/11/2007

Since 1995.Lovely work from Iñigo Jerez…Share This (+)

Favorite book covers from Joseph Sullivan

Type for you (+)   24/11/2007

The book design review.Share This (+)

Brothers Quay

Type for you (+)   23/11/2007

I’ve been through some dvd’s and ended up watching the Quay brothers dvd again. It reminded how beautiful the typography they use on their titles and sets is. Type is a very important element in all of their work and the animation is simply astonishing. (+)


Type for you (+)   21/11/2007

From France, Thomas Huot-Marchand gives us Minuscule, a typeface for extremely small sizes, which could be used under the commonly acknoweledged threshold of legibility (around 7 points). Five versions have been developed, optimized for a use in 6 (Minus (+)


Type for you (+)   20/11/2007

Nice flash application.Share This (+)

Typeworkshop by Underware

Type for you (+)   12/11/2007

A typeworkshop hold by Underware at the HKB - Hochschule der Künste Bern, Switzerland.Share This (+)

AtypI Brighton 2007 talks

Type for you (+)   10/11/2007

Some videos (and also audio podcasts) of ATypI Brighton 2007 talks:Oliver LinkeGerald FleussHumphrey StoneLida Lopes Cardozo KindersleyJuliet ShenKen GarlandKaren ChengYaki MolchoJoe ClarkCheck it out over at This (+)

ATypI Brighton 2007 Videos

Type for you (+)   10/11/2007

Here are the videos from the conferences from ATypI Brighton 2007.Oliver LinkeGerald FleussHumphrey StoneLida Lopes Cardozo KindersleyJuliet ShenKen GarlandKaren ChengYaki MolchoTimothy Donaldson–>Joe ClarkShare This (+)


Type for you (+)   09/11/2007

This is the place where my typefaces live. And where NothingDiluted’s Belfast™ stays on holiday. Neutura™ was formed in 2003 to spread my typefaces and to channel the negative energy that marketing cunts leave behind in their wake of absolute astute bell (+)

Underware interview

Type for you (+)   07/11/2007

Ian just wrote us to tell us he has interviewed Underware over at Neojaponisme.Share This (+)

teaching type

Type for you (+)   04/11/2007

TeachingType is an initiative by tutors, students and people interested in typography, typographic education and related subjects.On this subject don´t miss out “So you want to create a Font, Part 2” on iLT.Share This (+)

Typography in the Behance network

Type for you (+)   02/11/2007

New spotlight over at Behance network, this time dedicated to typography. Go take a look…Share This (+)

Spam one-liners

Type for you (+)   02/11/2007

Linzie hunter show us a great use to the tons of spam that reach our mail. A nice set of experiments with hand-lettering on Flickr.Share This (+)


Type for you (+)   01/11/2007

Sleevage is a blog with lots of music covers, from the LP’s of the 60’s to the digital artworks of now. Very nice opportunity to look at some nice type work.If you like music, and would like to write for them, tell them so. Share This (+)

Logo Book

Type for you (+)   30/10/2007

Spin has designed the new Logo Book, written by Michael Evamy, published by Laurence King. 352 pages of logo design history, since Paul Rand to modern days. The next time you are tempted to design a logo, take a look at this book. Chances are, it has alr (+)

Type for you (+)   30/10/2007

Nice work and domain name…Share This (+)

Unos tipos duros

Type for you (+)   30/10/2007

Unos Tipos Duros updated their site, with a spanish type retrospective since 1900 to 1936.Share This (+)

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