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Robin Nicholas, Creator of Arial Typeface, Comments On Web Fonts

Type for you (+)   04/06/2010

Here is a video of Robin Nicholas creator of Arial discussing his creative inspirations and his thoughts on the evolution of fonts.This has also been created to celebrate Monotype Imaging’s public beta launch of Web Fonts ( (+)

New Type T-shirts from DADADASTUDIO

Type for you (+)   26/05/2010

Dadadastudio, a very interesting design studio from Lithuania produced a great tshirt series.DADADA type t-shirt collection:The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over a Lazy Dog.This t-shirt project is devoted to the beauty of type. The collection consists of t-shirt (+)

O ensino da tipografia em Portugal

Type for you (+)   24/05/2010

Sorry to all English readers, but the following text is in Portuguese only.Sent by Ruben Dias, to promote a typography conference in Portugal.Conferência de Tipografia ESAD.CR 2010 Tipografia não é apenas o sitio onde se vai mandar  imprimir os cartões, o (+)

Google Font Directory

Type for you (+)   24/05/2010

Google has launched it’s own Font API. All fonts in the Google Font directory are available for use on your website under an open source license and served by Google servers.TFTT Frankie. (+)

ILoveTypography favorite typefaces of 2009

Type for you (+)   22/01/2010

Don’t miss it, a great list!Congratulations to Rui Abreu, a portuguese fantastic entry to the top 2009 fonts with Catacumba.And I also love Phaeton, what a beauty.Share This (+)


Type for you (+)   14/12/2009

TypeStar is a lyric visualizer created by Scott Garner that renders lyrics of a song in realtime according to a number of preset visualization schemes.Application is available as Mac, Windows and Linux download.(via This (+)

AACD Unique Types

Type for you (+)   09/11/2009

“Unique Types is a special collection of fonts inspired by children suffering from physical disabilities. Each font is created under the Creative Common license and is free of rights and limitations on use.”The idea of this project is to inspire designers (+)

Typography Meets Infographics Meets Typography

Type for you (+)   05/11/2009

For the celebration of its 20th birthday Fontshop as created an excellent inforgraphic document. Let me remind also that this is growing for the next weeks.Share This (+)

HypeForType Exclusive Faces Volume.02

Type for you (+)   27/10/2009

HypeForType just launched their Exclusive Faces Volume.02 featuring the typography work of names such as Non-Format, Research Studios, Suprb, MWM Graphics and Richard Perez.Go check them out!Share This (+)

Shane Bzdok – Our competition winner

Type for you (+)   21/10/2009

We would like to thanks all the participants, visitors and collaborators for the work that they’ve done until this moment, a special thanks to Hype For Type for the collaboration in the typeface competition that was a very nice surprise. The winner was Sh (+)

Michael Lebovitz – Dynamic Typography

Type for you (+)   20/10/2009

Michael Lebovitz from Big Spaceship made a great work with user interaction and typography.Using a controller, Michael made possible to elongate or widen the Laika typeface. The other option was trough user position and reflecting that position in changes (+)

Letters with stop motion

Type for you (+)   19/10/2009

Here is my first attempt with typographic stop motion.Hope you like it. Share This (+)

Rules of Typography

Type for you (+)   14/10/2009

This is a project of Evan Stremke, a poster where he lays down the Rules of Typography, not only this is a great reminder to have on any design studio but it’s also free for download.Share This (+)

We have a winner!

Type for you (+)   11/10/2009

After some thoughts on the submissions we had, we have come to find a winner of the competition that us, Typeforyou and Hypefortype created. The winner of this competition was Shane Bzdok with a very nice crafted typeface that we in the end thought it was (+)

New York Times

Type for you (+)   01/10/2009

To celebrate the launch of the Turkish version of the journal, the New York Times created a video of the most remarkable landscapes of Manhattan and Istanbul using typography. A great piece of work where type once more proves to be something unquestionabl (+)

Yamaguchi Takahiro Urbazined Font

Type for you (+)   28/09/2009

Yamaguchi work is around calligraphy, graffiti, typography and sound and his new installation at Open Space Exhibition 2009 in Tokyo he presents a font he created while riding a bike equipped with a GPS on the streets of Shibuya.(via PSFK)Share This (+)

Alex Haigh interview

Type for you (+)   28/09/2009

Hello Alex.1- Tell us a little about yourself and your background.I’m a freelance senior designer / art director originally from Sheffield. I run a small studio called Thinkdust and also work alongside large digital agencies on large accounts for well kno (+)

Typeface Classification

Type for you (+)   23/09/2009

Very nice work by Martin Plonka, creating two posters with Typeface Classification.Give it a check.Share This (+)

TypeForYou typeface competition.

Type for you (+)   21/09/2009

Type For You and Hype For Type competition as come to an end, we will look trough the submissions and the winner should be announced soon. Stay tuned for more news.Share This (+)

Web Trend Map

Type for you (+)   09/09/2009

“ collects, summarizes and publishes all of the trending links on individual maps onto a Macro-Aggregate represented as Top Trending Links.”This is an excellent service to explore and create your own web trend map.Share This (+)

MA Typeface Design 2009

Type for you (+)   18/08/2009

Here you can download PDF specimens of the typefaces made at the MA Typeface Design at the University of Reading from 2009.You can also see the Reflection on Practice essays on the font development, also contact details to the designers.MATDShare This (+)

Typography Art

Type for you (+)   17/08/2009

This are some really impressive examples on how typography can be used to create something unique.Via pixelelementShare This (+)

TypeForYou Competition

Type for you (+)   17/08/2009

Share This (+)

SKATE con Cinco Letras

Type for you (+)   13/08/2009

This is one of the best typography exercises I’ve seen for some time.Angel Sanz created the idea and 5 artists created the word SKATE with 5 different letters using the urban elements of skateboarding.nts of skateboarding. Along with Angel, Alex Trochut d (+)

PALE typeface

Type for you (+)   13/08/2009

Pale is a very nice typeface created by Ossi Gustafsson.More images here and available here.Share This (+)

Hand Drawn Typography

Type for you (+)   13/08/2009

Smashing Magazine made an excellent post about hand drawn typography, and the examples are really amazing.Beautiful Hand Drawn TypographyShare This (+)


Type for you (+)   13/08/2009

This is an excellent experiment by Ersinhan Ersin, using music tape he made some illustration and typography.TapeographyShare This (+)

Typography Facade

Type for you (+)   11/08/2009

This is an amazing piece of work made on a facade in Portugal. (via The Refined)View more.Share This (+)

Sebastian Lester

Type for you (+)   06/08/2009

Sebastian Lester, trained in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins, he now works in London as a type designer and typographic illustrator.And let me tell you that is typography work is very much the best I’ve seen for some time now. Excellent work.Visit (+)

iQ font

Type for you (+)   17/07/2009

Typographers Pierre & Damien / joined pro race pilot Stef van Campenhoudt and interactive artist Zachary Lieberman (, to create an excellent experience in the creation of a font. The font is also available to download.View the vi (+)


Type for you (+)   26/06/2009

Pascal Glissmann just emailed us with his new project: fridayfonts.“Since the common SND (Sunday Night Depression) usually already starts on Saturday morning, Friday has become the new Saturday in terms of favorite weekdays: so which name could better rep (+)

Folder Type

Type for you (+)   24/06/2009

This is an excellent animation made of more then 22,000 empty folders, colored and animated, typography everywhere. Folder TypeShare This (+)

Typography of the San Francisco MoMa

Type for you (+)   23/06/2009

This is an excellent flickr set of the typography you can see at the San Francisco MoMa.Share This (+)


Type for you (+)   15/06/2009

From the first visuals featured on rock and roll record sleeves throughcontemporary music videos and magazines, graphic design has played andintegral role in visualizing music.For instance, Andy Warhol’s artwork for the Velvet Underground and PeterSaville (+)


Type for you (+)   15/06/2009

American Artifact: The Rise of American Rock Poster Art”, the documentaryabout the history and resurgence of the American rock poster, unveils thefirst six posters in a series of original movie posters being done for thefilm.The movie, which premieres in (+)


Type for you (+)   15/06/2009

Hypefortype has launched! Alex says: “It’s been a long struggle, a year long project in total from concept to completion. My ultimate ambition with HypeForType is to create a new and inspiring type foundry to showcase the best in todays typographic talent (+)


Type for you (+)   20/10/2008

 A photoset on Flickr about the meaning behind each typeface.Share This (+)

Pantone 807.

Type for you (+)   10/10/2008

Nice workShare This (+)


Type for you (+)   09/10/2008


Type for you (+)   08/10/2008

Art Direction & Graphic Design from FranceShare This (+)

Typographic linocuts

Type for you (+)   06/10/2008

Mark just send me a link to this beautiful typographic lino carving set on Flickr.Share This (+)

Designing Minds: Marian Bantges

Type for you (+)   06/10/2008

Designing Minds has a video portraying the world-renowned designer, illustrator and typographer Marian Bantjes during her appearance at the recent Design Matters Live event presented by Adobe and the AIGA. Previous guests include Stefan Sagmeister, Marian (+)

BAQ Rounded (Reproduced)

Type for you (+)   30/09/2008

ReVisited/ReDesigned/ReInvented.This is a brand new re-designed version of an existing typeface I designed last year, BAQ Rounded. The old original typeface had a lot of imperfections, jagged corner jilts, and uneven angles. So, I have taken another look (+)

HIRUKO by Thinkdust

Type for you (+)   10/09/2008

 My friend Alex just launched a new typeface, named Hiruko, coming in four weights: Regular, Light, Alternate and Oblique.Have a look at this cool typeface: HIRUKOShare This (+)

Marian Bantjes

Type for you (+)   05/08/2008

Marian Bantjes “Love Stories” will be part of the next issue of Monograph (available to subscribers of Creative Review).Share This (+)

TDC 2008

Type for you (+)   07/07/2008

Congratulations to Dino dos Santos, for the winning entry in this year Type Directors Club, with the typeface Ventura.See all the results here.Share This (+)

Mario Feliciano Interview

Type for you (+)   18/06/2008

Nice! Mario Feliciano, probably the most famous Portuguese type designer, was profiled in Creative Characters.Share This (+)

Orbe release

Type for you (+)   16/06/2008

Orbe is finaly out. Check it out at Share This (+)

Inkthis 3 Facelift

Type for you (+)   11/06/2008

The final showing of FACELIFT will take place at Coningsby Gallery in London.FACELIFT is a showcase of 40 individually crafted letterforms developed byboth new and established creatives from across the globe resulting in anall new Inkthis typeface. The pr (+)

One Flag Design Competition

Type for you (+)   11/06/2008

Adbusters launched One Flag, inviting designers all over the world to create a flag that embodies the idea of global citizenship.Design is at war with itself. We are taught that design is about finding solutions. But the success of these solutions is jud (+)

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