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Fernanda Porto

g4graphic (+)   14/03/2011

Fernanda is a brazilian Designer working in Sydney. Her projects it kind make feel good. Colourful, nice clean typography and many simple graphic symbols makes happy faces. Fernanda Porto Related posts:Julien MercierLiam BonarAlexander Fjelldalà2James Ki (+)

Smiling Night Animals – Jules Julien

g4graphic (+)   15/02/2011

Jules creates unique illustrations. This projects for flyers for Zook Club in Singapore.Jules Julien Related posts:PUSH – Art ClubJulien VallèeJulien MercierIllustrators NightTwelve Animals by Garflex Creations (+)

Mckenzie James

g4graphic (+)   11/02/2011

Mckenzie James is an emerging Canadian photographer with a passion for editorial photography. Inspired by the classic black and white photographers, he took up photography at age 14, eventually leading him to study fine art at the Ontario College of Art (+)

Printshop = Workshop

g4graphic (+)   07/02/2011

Workshop is now also Printshop. Friendly, affordable, water based screen printing.Printshop Related posts:WorkshopWorkshopWorkshop – UpdatesA design workshop in NYCType Workshop by Underware (+)

Us – Benedetta Falugi

g4graphic (+)   02/02/2011

Benedetta is a photographer from Italy.Benedetta Falugi Related posts:Fabrizio MingarelliDagoberto MartínezViviane SassenRoeland VerhallenFrom The Pocket – Jeremy Edwards (+)

Tom Bücher

g4graphic (+)   19/01/2011

Tom Bücher Related posts:Tom Bücher (+)

mediaPro – Sawdust

g4graphic (+)   18/01/2011

Printed material for a London based event focused on the future of integrated marketing and communications. I like the shadows that the thin typography printed on a plastic clear film leaves and creates a 3D feel.Sawdust Related posts:Sawdust for Fabrice (+)

Thomas Peet

g4graphic (+)   13/08/2009

Tom from Newcastle England has a promising new portfolio.Thomas Peet (+)

Erica Yujin Choi

g4graphic (+)   13/08/2009

Erica is a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, receiving a BFA in Graphic Design. She appreciates all aspects of design, and wishes to gather experience and take her lifelong passions for design into the field. She works with various med (+)

Faltjahr 2010 – Johann Volkmer

g4graphic (+)   12/08/2009

Click here to view the embedded video.Amazing minimalistic (in color) pop up calendar.Johann Volkmer (+)

Tapeography – Ersinhan Ersin

g4graphic (+)   12/08/2009

Hand made font by Turkish Graphic Designer letters are made from the tape’s ribbon and pieces of themechanics.Ersinhan Ersin on DeviantART (+)

Matt Ellwood

g4graphic (+)   09/08/2009

With a love for typography, a strong eye for composition, the combination of photography & illustration often feed his work, Matt, a graphic design student studying at Northumbria University, Newcastle, England, aims to produce work that is both conceptua (+)

Trnfest Posters – ZEK

g4graphic (+)   08/08/2009

Custom teaser posters were made for Trnfest 2009 – the popular music and arts festival in Ljubljana.We cut the logo out of the background and used previous layers of posters to provide the graphical fill-in.ZEK (+)

Paperobject – Happycentro

g4graphic (+)   08/08/2009

Nice Paperobjects. I love the magenta the most.Happycentro (+)

Snapshots – Greg Sand

g4graphic (+)   08/08/2009

Greg Sand is an artist and photographer who explores the issues of existence, time and death. he works primarily with digital photography to produce work that addresses the nature of photography and its role in defining reality.Greg Sand (+)

Mickey Jackson Mouse

g4graphic (+)   02/08/2009

Mickey Jackson Mouse is the artwork by atelier Alessio Blanco for Walt Disney Company. Created few weeks before Michael Jackson died, it has been acclaimed by critics as a tribute to the great artist. The artwork is now at Times Square in Hong Kong for th (+)


g4graphic (+)   30/07/2009

The second (01) issue of PIE newspaper is more delicious.PIE (+)

PaperWorks(s) – Horst Kiechle

g4graphic (+)   29/07/2009

Hard – detailed – and amazing paper work.Horst Kiechle (+)

Arqitech – Siggeir Hafsteinsson

g4graphic (+)   29/07/2009

Some computerized  magic.Siggeir Hafsteinsson (+)


g4graphic (+)   27/07/2009

Click here to view the embedded video.“How it would be, if a house was dreaming”The conception of this project consistently derives from its underlying architecture – the theoretic conception and visual pattern of the Hamburg Kunsthalle. The Basic idea of (+)

Everyday Archeaology – Joana Casaca Lemos

g4graphic (+)   26/07/2009

The pursuit of what is material, whether the novelty of fashion or technological function, is controlled by a belief in the spiritual fulfillment objects provide. However, what happens when a typological system is created that asks us to analyze our ‘rela (+)

New Help

g4graphic (+)   22/07/2009

What’s wrong with you? Need Help? New wonderful line of Help Products.Help I Need Help (+)

iQ Font

g4graphic (+)   22/07/2009

Click here to view the embedded video.Two typographers and a pro race pilot collaborated to design a font with a car.The car movements were tracked using a custom software, designed by interactive artist Zachary Lieberman.PLEASELETMEDESIGN (+)

Mathew Barnes – Updates

g4graphic (+)   20/07/2009

I love the work ofMathew Barnes (+)

Homesick – Miriam Casanellas

g4graphic (+)   20/07/2009

Miriam created a beautiful project about Homesick feeling.” ‘Homesick’ is a personal project based on my own feelings. The aim of the project is to represent the things that I miss in a pictographical way and tell everyone that I feel homesick. The projec (+)

Illustrative Festival Berlin 2009

g4graphic (+)   20/07/2009

From Neocraft to Graphic NovelIllustrative art festival returns to BerlinParis, Zurich and now Berlin: ILLUSTRATIVE 2009 will return to the creative capital to celebrate the cutting-edge works of contemporary graphic art for the fifth ti (+)

Carolina Franco

g4graphic (+)   20/07/2009

Carolina Franco (+)

Totem 49 – Damien Poulain

g4graphic (+)   17/07/2009

Solo show at Kemistry Gallery, london
4th June – 18th July 2009

Inspired by ancestral sculptures and religious fetishes, in Totem 49 designer Damien Poulain has reinterpreted the notion of the symbolic nature of the totem by creating fortynine hand-paint (+)

Nico Sala

g4graphic (+)   15/07/2009

Nico René William Sala is a designer from The San Francisco Bay Area.Nico Sala (+)

Edgar Bak

g4graphic (+)   15/07/2009

Edgar Bakvia Form Fifty Five (+)

FREITAG Limited Art Edition 2009

g4graphic (+)   15/07/2009

Click here to view the embedded video.The Contemporary Art of Art Recycling: Normally we cut up trucks. For this collection we cut up art. The furiously Limited Art Edition of FREITAG bags is made from banners of the world’s most sizzling Contemporary Art (+)

Font Soup

g4graphic (+)   13/07/2009

Font Soup is an independent type foundry that is primarily targeted at helping students and graduates break into the competitive world of being a type designer. Every 2 months Font Soup releases a selection of briefs aimed at giving designers the opportun (+)


g4graphic (+)   13/07/2009

South-southwest (+)

Andrew Lister

g4graphic (+)   13/07/2009

Hoping for Sunshine Preparing for Rainvia Dirty Mouse (+)


g4graphic (+)   13/07/2009

Super Serious is a collection of work by Chad Kloepfer, highlighting projects from the year 2000 to present. Chad studied at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where he received his BFA in graphic design. He worked at Wired Magazine as designer an (+)


g4graphic (+)   13/07/2009

Studio Round is a Melbourne based design company.Round (+)


g4graphic (+)   10/07/2009

Creativity is a process a gymnast, a craft, a person, a constant, and very importantly, the ability to sleep at night.KOMBOH (+)


g4graphic (+)   10/07/2009

Online showcase of 2009 graduates of BA(Hons) Graphic Design & BA(Hons) Illustration at the University of Brighton.GDI’09 (+)


g4graphic (+)   10/07/2009

A London based design studio with clean, fresh design.Branch (+)

Peace, Love and Ice Cream

g4graphic (+)   10/07/2009

Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific Singapore has released a new print and poster campaign for Ben & Jerry’s that is really fun. Psychedelic typography and headlines that are reminiscent of drug-fueled lyrics from the 1960s combine to create unique, albeit crypt (+)

Crawley Library – Why Not Associates

g4graphic (+)   07/07/2009

Typographic tree columns created in collaboration with Gordon Young at Crawley Library.Why Not Associates (+)

Scratching The Surface

g4graphic (+)   07/07/2009

Click here to view the embedded video.An extremely amazing project by Alexandre Farto aka Vhils.Alexandre Farto aka Vhils (+)

Toko Design

g4graphic (+)   03/07/2009

Toko Design was established in 2002 by Eva Dijkstra and Michael Lugmayr.Formerly based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and since 2007 operating out of Sydney,where both continue to work for national and international clients in a broad range of fields.Toko (+)

Connect The Dots – Edith Levin

g4graphic (+)   02/07/2009

New york city based designer Edith Levin created this collection of dinnerware featuring a connect the dots motif. The series of pieces were created based on the theme of childhood. Each piece features a connect the dots puzzle in the shape of a common fo (+)

Hey Studio

g4graphic (+)   02/07/2009

Hey Studio is based in Barcelona and vreated by Tilman Solé & Verónica Fuerte.Hey Studiovia Dirty Mouse (+)

Folch Studio

g4graphic (+)   01/07/2009

Folch Studio was born four years ago in the city of Barcelona, directed and managed by Albert Folch and Omar Sosa. The Studio specializes in editorial design, art direction, publicity and corporative image. Along with Miquel Polidano, Carol Montpart and I (+)

Sergio Alves

g4graphic (+)   01/07/2009

Sergio Alves is a young designer from Porto (Portugal) whose main focus has been on design projects for cultural events – mainly in the creation of large posters where the importance of typography play is evident. Other areas of interest are the editorial (+)

Skin Illustration

g4graphic (+)   29/06/2009

Justin M. Maller knows how to “treat” a woman’s body.Super Lover & shop (+)

James Warfield

g4graphic (+)   29/06/2009

A rich portfolio with different media formats and aesthetic approach for every project.James Warfieldvia graficache (+)

Haley Fiege

g4graphic (+)   29/06/2009

A very tasty portfolio from a Graphic Designer that likes good food too.Kingdom of Awesome (+)

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