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A documentary film by Gary Hustwit (Visitar)

From Russia with love

Helvetica (+)   26/09/2007

I just got back from a weeklong adventure in Russia at the American Film Festival in Moscow… lots to write about. The best part of the trip was getting to spend time with the other filmmakers, there were only five documentaries in the lineup and all the (+)

Helvetica: the #1 independent film in the country!

Helvetica (+)   18/09/2007

We’re #1! We’re #1! Font fans are now rioting in the streets: the New York opening weekend of Helvetica topped the Indiewire chart as the top-grossing independent film in the country last weekend, on a per-screen $ basis. Wow! Thanks to the cast and c (+)

David Carson at New York screenings this weekend!

Helvetica (+)   13/09/2007

The man… The myth… The mouth. Carson has been living Zurich all summer, since, he says, “Helvetica changed my life.” I’m not making this up!He’ll explain in person at special matinee screenings this weekend, presented by Veer.Saturday 9/15 2:4 (+)

New York City tickets on sale now!

Helvetica (+)   10/09/2007

Tickets are now available for the long-awaited New York City cinema run, which starts this Wednesday at the IFC Center in Greenwich Village. There will be filmmaker and designer appearances throughout the week:Wednesday 9/12Director Gary Hustwit at 6:25pm (+)

More colette pix

Helvetica (+)   07/09/2007

A few more shots from the opening night of the colette Paris exhibit. Special thanks to Ralph Lauren Rugby for the drinks and food, and the free cap. And thanks again to Sarah, and to our awesome gallery manager Camille! (+)

Time Out London on Helvetica

Helvetica (+)   07/09/2007

Wow… we got an incredible review today in Time Out London. Here’s my cut-and-paste summary:“Could first-time American director Gary Hustwit be the architect of a New Banal documentary movement? With ‘Helvetica’ he produces a gleefully engaging i (+)

London cinema run starts tomorrow

Helvetica (+)   06/09/2007

Our multi-week cinema run at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London begins tomorrow… book tickets now. (+)

Helvetica at 50 opens at colette

Helvetica (+)   03/09/2007

The exhibit, mid-installationI was quite busy yesterday installing “Helvetica at 50″, an exhibit I curated at the colette Paris gallery. The day started in London, I barely made the train after Saturday night’s London premiere event at the ICA. We s (+)

DVD sneak peek #2 - Wim Crouwel

Helvetica (+)   28/08/2007

Here’s another one of the 41 short films that’ll be included on the DVD: Dutch designer Wim Crouwel discusses the Proposal for a New Alphabet, his revolutionary 1967 response to the emergence of digital technology in typography. (+)

Daily Telegraph on Helvetica

Helvetica (+)   26/08/2007

Nice story on the film today in London’s Daily Telegraph: “The replacement of a previous era’s idiosyncratic signage — hand-drawn, pictorial, full of energetic italics — by a font that is characterised by its focus on clarity and grid-like segme (+)

Recap: Portland/SF/Vancouver

Helvetica (+)   25/08/2007

Realized I hadn’t done a post on these screenings from the week before last. It was a busy week, with encore screenings in Portland and San Francisco, and the Vancouver GDC screenings with 1,000 people in attendance. Portland was dyn-o-mite: a screening (+)

New Screenings!

Helvetica (+)   23/08/2007

I know, it’s crazy, but they just keep on coming: Phoenix, Copenhagen, Winnipeg, Sheffield, Cleveland, Amsterdam, and more: (+)

Keep me away from the server…

Helvetica (+)   22/08/2007

So I was helping out with some work on the site this morning, and I inadvertently deleted this entire blog… I was freaking out, thinking back on the months and months of postings that were now lost, and pondering the impermanence of this digital medium. (+)

You gotta love metal type

Helvetica (+)   17/08/2007

Here’s some of the metal type we’ll be including in the limited-edition boxes. Vintage Helvetica Extended Bold… cast at the Stempel foundry in Germany. Nice. (+)

DVD sneak peek: Hermann Zapf

Helvetica (+)   17/08/2007

In these two interview clips from the DVD extras, legendary type designer Hermann Zapf discusses his work, and gives his thoughts on Univers, Helvetica, and coffee… (+)

DVD now available for pre-order!

Helvetica (+)   13/08/2007

The DVD edition of Helvetica is now available for pre-order, in two flavors. The retail edition of the DVD includes over 90 minutes of bonus interview footage from Massimo Vignelli, Erik Spiekermann, Matthew Carter, David Carson, Paula Scher, Stefan Sagme (+)

ICA London Premiere tix on sale

Helvetica (+)   07/08/2007

Tickets are now available for the September 1st premiere event at the ICA London. Join me, design writer Rick Poynor, and designer Michael C. Place (Build) for a screening, Q&A, and ICA bar event with special guest designer DJ sets! Get tickets quickly, t (+)

Do you come from a land down under?

Helvetica (+)   06/08/2007

Portland, near the Boathouse. (+)

TypeConned in Seattle

Helvetica (+)   06/08/2007

Handpainted sign by John DownerIt was exactly one year ago that I attended TypeCon in Boston, and showed three minutes of raw footage from the film. I know what you non-designers are thinking: “C’mon, there’s actually a convention for fonts???” Yo (+)

Sky writing

Helvetica (+)   03/08/2007

I can’t read German, but this is brilliant: An alphabet made up of photos of the negative space between buildings when you look up at them. Genius. (Via Mark Simonson’s Notebook) (+)

Goin’ down to Oxford Town

Helvetica (+)   02/08/2007

Beadie and Jess hand out the Britdoc awardsOnward to rainy Oxford, England, and the 2nd Annual Britdoc Festival. There were two dozen UK and international documentaries screening, but it seemed the focus was really on the workshops and the pitching forum. (+)

SF tickets gone

Helvetica (+)   02/08/2007

Tickets for the encore Helvetica screening in San Francisco next Monday are sold out. But the film will be returning to SF for a limited run at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in early October. (+)

Second Vancouver screening added

Helvetica (+)   31/07/2007

The main event is sold out, but an additional screening has been added to our August 7th GDC Vancouver Premiere at 9pm. Get on it, eh? (+)

SF tickets almost gone

Helvetica (+)   30/07/2007

Tickets for the encore Helvetica screening in San Francisco next Monday are almost sold out. Get tickets now. (+)

More YouTube craziness…

Helvetica (+)   27/07/2007

Another Helvetica-related YouTube creation: (+)

Getting into Character

Helvetica (+)   26/07/2007

I’m officially adding Melbourne to the “Cities I’d Like to Move to” list. It’s funny because I’d always imagined that Melbourne was a beach town, a down under version of San Diego. But it’s more like the Australian Chicago… urban and arts- (+)

Lead type and Homeland Security

Helvetica (+)   26/07/2007

American Airlines finally found my luggage, and when I opened up my suitcase I realized why it had been “lost.” When I was in Melbourne, a gentleman from the Melbourne Printing Museum gave me a few pieces of lead type from their active Linotype machin (+)


Helvetica (+)   24/07/2007

Tim from Q Brand in Christchurch sent me these photos of a friend of a friend of a friend of his, Nedjelco-Michel Karlovich. Nice ink! I’d get one too, if it weren’t for my ridiculously low pain threshhold. But anyone who gets a Helvetica tattoo gets (+)

A note from Jim Rimmer

Helvetica (+)   24/07/2007

Type legend Jim Rimmer will be joining me and author Douglas Coupland for a discussion at the GDC Vancouver premiere on August 7. With over 50 years of creating and working with typefaces, Jim is considered a Canadian icon and hero in the graphic design i (+)

Melbourne to London = Hell

Helvetica (+)   24/07/2007

Just got to London after 36 hours of flying… Melbourne to Auckland, Auckland to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to New York, New York to London. And to top off the flight from hell, they lost my luggage! So I won’t be able to post photos from the spectacular (+)

The Guardian on Helvetica

Helvetica (+)   20/07/2007

Andrew Dickson profiled the film this week in The Guardian:“If Hustwit looks chuffed, it’s easy to understand why. His first attempt at a full-length documentary, shot on a credit-card budget and made up of interviews with designers and typographers, (+)

New Portland screening added

Helvetica (+)   20/07/2007

Helvetica is coming back to Portland, Orgeon, for another night at the Hollywood Theater, Saturday August 4th. Director Q&A follows the screening, so start thinking up some good questions. “Is your next film going to be about Times New Roman?” is not (+)

Kia Ora New Zealand

Helvetica (+)   19/07/2007

One of the best parts of this whole film project is that I’ve gotten the chance to visit so many cities I’ve never been to before: Copenhagen, Istanbul, Oslo, Montreal, Dublin, and more. My luck continued this week with my first visit to New Zealand. (+)

Encore screening in San Francisco

Helvetica (+)   18/07/2007

By popular demand, we’ll be bringing Helvetica back to San Francisco for another evening at the Embarcadero Cinemas, Monday, August 6 at 7pm. Get tickets now. (+)

Melbourne screening almost sold out…

Helvetica (+)   14/07/2007

The Melbourne screening (part of the 4th annual Character conference) on July 22nd is almost sold out! Don’t miss the first chance to see Helvetica on Aussie soil, along with three type-related short films and a post-screening discussion. Get tickets or (+)

Jetset in Melbourne

Helvetica (+)   13/07/2007

The Narrows, a gallery in Melbourne, Australia, opens a poster exhibition from Experimental Jetset today, which will run until August 4, 2007.From The Narrows site: “Experimental Jetset (Marieke Stolk, Erwin Brinkers and Danny van den Dungen) have shape (+)

America’s Finest Burrito

Helvetica (+)   11/07/2007

The San Diego screening last night was a homecoming of sorts, I lived here for about fifteen years in the mid-80’s to late-90’s. So the pre-screening reception felt more like a wedding reception than a film party: dozens of round tables filled with ol (+)

Vancouver tix on sale

Helvetica (+)   11/07/2007

Tickets for the August 7th Vancouver premiere, hosted by the GDC, are now on sale. This evening will feature a gala afterparty and a post-screening discussion with me, novelist and Helvetica fan Douglas Coupland, and type legend Jim Rimmer. Get the full d (+)

Britdoc schedule announced

Helvetica (+)   11/07/2007

Britdoc has announced their screening schedule, and day passes are now on sale. Helvetica will screen in Oxford on Wednesday, July 25th at 6pm. If you’re involved in documentary film in the UK, you’re already going to this festival. If you need more i (+)

Guinness is good for you. Really.

Helvetica (+)   06/07/2007

Five days of Irish rain (Irish Rain… that’s actually a good name for a new fabric softener) couldn’t stop two excellent events last week. Dublin, aka The City that Bono and the Edge Built, is packed with designers who turned out for a standing-room (+)

San Diego tickets going fast

Helvetica (+)   03/07/2007

The San Diego screening July 11th at MCA La Jolla is shaping up to be one hell of an event. AIGA San Diego is hosting a reception before the film at 6pm with appetizers from Hash House A Go Go, beverages from the Tractor Room and live jazz by Chris Presco (+)

I am Amsterdamned

Helvetica (+)   25/06/2007

On to Amsterdam (one of my favorite cities) and two sold-out screenings at the classic cinema/bar Kriterion. As part of the event, a group of second-year design students from the Rietveld Academy came out and did custom-painted window lettering and instal (+)

Macedonian Madness

Helvetica (+)   23/06/2007

Tuesday I arrived in Thessaloniki, Greece, for the 3rd International Conference on Typography and Visual Culture. It was font-geek central, Macedonian style. Braving 95-degree heat, I put one of the film posters up at the conference registration center, b (+)

New York cinema run announced

Helvetica (+)   21/06/2007

New Yorkers, get ready for all the Helvetica you can handle. We’re happy to announce that Helvetica will have its NYC cinema run at the IFC Center, starting September 12. We’ll have a slew of superstar designers from the film there for the opening wee (+)

Metropolis and Frieze on Helvetica

Helvetica (+)   20/06/2007

Two of design’s foremost critical voices, Ellen Lupton and Emily King, give their takes on the film in the new issues of Metropolis and Frieze, respectively. (+)


Helvetica (+)   20/06/2007

After two great premiere screenings in Chicago at the Gene Siskel Film Center (shout out to the staff at the Film Center, plus late night diners John Lee, Jenny, and Malcolm), I headed to the Washington DC area for the AFI/Discovery Channel Silverdocs Fes (+)

Contents of my suitcase, Chicago

Helvetica (+)   19/06/2007

Apparently I’m on a checked shirt kick. (+)

Sans Francisco

Helvetica (+)   16/06/2007

Got into San Francisco Tuesday night, hooked up with my friends Biki and Brian and went to see Hot Chip at the Fillmore. I’d actually never been to the Fillmore before (I didn’t go to the shoot we did there for the Wilco film) so that was cool. On Wed (+)

Una historia de misterios

Helvetica (+)   16/06/2007

Okay, my Spanish is a little rusty (i.e. non-existent) but I believe these dudes in Barcelona have channeled the sprirt of Helvetica through a Ouija board… check it out: (+)

Nice Chicago Tribune review…

Helvetica (+)   15/06/2007

…and Shelby gets a shout-out! There have actually been quite a few nice articles published recently, if I get a sec I’ll post a few links.Movie review: ‘Helvetica’ By Michael Phillips Chicago Tribune movie critic (4/4 stars)The wonderful new docu (+)

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