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Jeffrey Zeldman Presents

The daily report (Visitar)

Weirdest Type Design Ever?

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   27/10/2010

Movie poster captured by Heather Shaw. There are several variations, all equally baffling. I’m hoping there’s a concept behind it—that it’s bad design to make a point. (+)

Designer Flow Chart Picks Typefaces For Your Projects

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   28/09/2010

Tired of staring at your font collection, wondering what a trained graphic designer would do with all those typefaces? Unsure whether Times or Miller is the more appropriate choice for that vaguely left-leaning newspaper you have to design? Want to make (+)

Episode 20: Designing Web Applications, Managing Teams, and Creating Readability

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   22/09/2010

Rich Ziade, creator of the popular reading tool Readability, guests on Thursday’s episode of The Big Web Show, co-hosted by Dan Benjamin and taped before a live internet audience.Richard Ziade is the founding partner of Arc90, a consulting firm, product (+)

I guest-edit .net magazine

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   12/08/2010

A List Apart and .net magazine have long admired each other. So when .net editor Dan Oliver did me the great honor of asking if I wished to guest edit an issue, I saluted smartly. The result is now arriving in subscriber post boxes and will soon flood He (+)

Minneapolis Remembered

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   29/07/2010

The show’s over but the photos linger on. An Event Apart Minneapolis was two days of nonstop brilliance and inspiration. In an environment more than one attendee likened to a “TED of web design,” a dozen of the most exciting speakers and visionaries in o (+)


Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   15/07/2010

Starting in the fall of 2010, the Continuing Education Department of The Cooper Union, in conjunction with the Type Directors Club, will offer a Certificate Program in Typeface Design.More information about this remarkable program is available at coopert (+)

Fink on Web Fonts

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   08/06/2010

In Issue 307 of A List Apart for people who make websites:Web Fonts at the Crossingby Richard FinkEverything you wanted to know about web fonts but were afraid to ask. Richard Fink summarizes the latest news in web fonts, examining formats, rules, licens (+)

Battle of the e-Book readers: Stanza vs. iBooks

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   06/06/2010

Above, page one of “A Scandal in Bohemia,” the first story in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, as seen in Stanza, a free reader for iPad and iPhone. Stanza has a simple interface for finding, buying (and downloading free) e-books.S (+)

Live Today: Web Fonts Dialog

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   29/04/2010

Live today, Dan Benjamin and I grill Ethan Dunham of Fontspring and Font Squirrel and Jeffrey Veen of Typekit and numerous other good things on the web about one of your favorite subjects, “real fonts on your website.”Be part of this dialog that takes pl (+)

More Mod on the Digital Book

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   26/04/2010

A Reading Heatmap: Key passages illuminated by layering all readers’ highlights for the same text.LAST MONTH, he wowed us with Books in the Age of the iPad, a call to make digital books as beautiful as printed ones. This month, Craig Mod is back with Emb (+)

My Love/Hate Affair With Typekit

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   22/03/2010

Georgia and Verdana, Lucida and (to a lesser extent) Arial and Times New Roman have served us well. For fifteen years, these cross-platform default fonts have been faithful stewards of our desire to read, write, design, and publish web pages. Yet we desi (+)

David Berlow Type Specimens

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   25/02/2010

A collection of David Berlow’s prolific typographic work as co-founder of Font Bureau is showcased in this impressive booklet, a celebration of him receiving the Society of Typographic Aficionados (SoTA) Typography Award in 2007. Specimen pages show styl (+)

60+ Free WordPress Themes

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   21/02/2010

Via instantshift.comPulling the trigger just got easier. Now anyone can have a beautifully designed, standards-compliant WordPress site. The 60-plus recently created free WordPress themes (AKA template collections) listed by InstantShift’s Daniel Adams ar (+)

FontShop 51

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   16/02/2010

In Behance Gallery: Find the latest FontFont Releases at the FontShop (50 and 51) or download the 64-page FIFTY|1 Release Magazine. (+)

Font Geek? There’s an app for that

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   19/12/2009

If the geek on your list loves playing The Rather Difficult Font Game by Kari Pätilä, and if that geek owns an iPhone or iPod Touch, she will adore The Font Game app, created by Kari Pätilä (game designer, web stuff), John Boardley (ilovetypography founde (+)

Fab Font Favelet

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   19/12/2009

This is a bookmarklet made for web designers who want to rapidly check how different fonts and font styles look on their screen without editing code and refreshing pages. Download the amazing and oh-so-practical Soma FontFriend bookmarklet. (+)

Am I Blue

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   18/10/2009

Our classic orange avatar has turned blue to celebrate the release of Designing With Web Standards 3rd Edition by Jeffrey Zeldman with Ethan Marcotte. This substantial revision to the foundational web standards text will be in bookstores across the U.S. o (+)

Links for a Thursday

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   06/08/2009

In this installment: a free tool to create EOT Lite webfonts; An Event Apart interviews CSS web comic creator; Apple is exonerated of censoring iPhone dictionary; and “a new breed of documentary photographers.”“A New Breed of Documentary Photographers”Cur (+)

Web fonts, HTML 5 roundup

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   20/07/2009

Over the weekend, as thoughtful designers gathered at Typecon 2009 (“a letterfest of talks, workshops, tours, exhibitions, and special events created for type lovers at every level”), the subject of web fonts was in the air and on the digital airwaves. Wo (+)

Web Fonts Now, for real

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   17/07/2009

David Berlow of The Font Bureau has proposed a Permissions Table for OpenType that can be implemented immediately to turn raw fonts into web fonts without any wrappers or other nonsense. If adopted, it will enable type designers to license their work for (+)

iPhone & desktop wallpapers for font freaks & typenuts

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   01/06/2009

Download beautiful, free, type-themed & type-inspired iPhone and desktop wallpapers. Or create your own: submissions are welcomed. Visit iphone & desktop wallpapers for font freaks & typenuts.Tags: design, typography, desktops, wallpapers, iphone (+)

Real fonts on the web, part 2

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   28/05/2009

Introducing Typekit:We’ve been working with foundries to develop a consistent web-only font linking license. We’ve built a technology platform that lets us to host both free and commercial fonts in a way that is incredibly fast, smoothes out differences i (+)

The .net interview

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   26/05/2009

“There was a point in the 90s when I felt like a sucker for doing HTML and CSS.”The .net Zeldman interview is available for your downloading pleasure (4.2 MB PDF). For more of the best in web design and development, visit webdesign, web (+)

ALA 282: Life After Georgia

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   21/04/2009

In Issue No. 282 of A List Apart, For People Who Make Websites:Can we finally get real type on the web?Does beauty in design have a benefit besides aesthetic pleasure?Real Fonts on the Web: An Interview with The Font Bureau’s David Berlowby DAVID BERLOW, (+)

“Taking Your Talent to the Web” is now a free downloadable book from

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   16/04/2009

Rated Five Stars at since the day it was published, “Taking Your Talent to the Web” is now a free downloadable book from the front cover! (TIFF image, 1.8 MB)Download the book! (PDF, book galley, 9.5 MB)I wrote this book in (+)

More Zeldman Fun From BigThink

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   06/04/2009 is your BigThink channel for all your BigThink Jeffrey Zeldman needs. Now playing at that URL are three Zeldman interview clips for your pleasure:“Jeff” Zeldman dissects online journalism“Jeff” Zeldman outlines the history of.. (+)

Tobacco, booze, sexism, and ascenders

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   19/03/2009

Mad Men, Mad Props: Type designer Mark Simonson on the typography (including anachronisms) used in the brilliant TV show Mad Men.Comments off.Tags: madmen, fonts, typefaces, typography (+)

Real type on the web?

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   13/11/2008

A proposal for a fonts working group is under discussion at the W3C. The minutes of a small meeting held on Thursday 23 October include a condensed, corrected transcription of a discussion between Sampo Kaasila (Bitstream), Mike Champion (Microsoft), John (+)

Postage stamps by type designers

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   11/11/2008

Neville Brody, Wim Crouwel, Adrian Frutiger, Eric Gill, Erik Spiekermann, and Hermann Zapf are among the creators of postage stamps by type designers on display at Kat Ran Press. Tags: design, typography, postagestamps (+)

Mental models. Yipes! Stripes!

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   09/09/2008

In Issue No. 267 of A LIST APART, For People Who make Websites…Look at it Another Wayby INDI YOUNGBefore you can solve a user’s problems, you must see them as that user sees them. Once you understand what drives people’s behavior, not only do new ideas fl (+)


Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   16/08/2008

Darden Studio has relaunched its website and released Jubilat, a fabulous slab serif. We've been beta-testing Jubilat all year; it's my principle typeface for An Event Apart in 2008. (Last year's principle An Event Apart typeface was Darden Studio's Freig (+)

Dear New York Times Mobile

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   02/06/2008

Dear New York Times Mobile Edition: While we applaud your use of typographically correct punctuation—a cause we ourselves have long advocated—we’d appreciate it even more if you would do it like professionals. Author in Unicode, the cross-platform standa (+)

Zeldman on Talk Radio Today

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   14/03/2008

Live today from 3:00 to 4:00 pm Eastern Time, I'm this week's guest on "Design Matters with Debbie Millman," the leading internet talk radio show on the "challenging and compelling canvas of today’s design world." (+)

Monday links

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   03/03/2008

Chopsticks by Segura. A greener LA via Boston. Stealing patterns, making models. Samurai errata and SXSW bowling. (+)

An Event Apart New Orleans

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   04/01/2008

An Event Apart, the design conference for people who make websites, kicks off its 2008 season with An Event Apart New Orleans, a monster, 19-hour, two-day creative session. Join us April 24–25 at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside for two intense, 9.5-hour (+)

Appreciating web design; setting type

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   20/11/2007

Appreciating web design for what it is instead of wishing it were something it's not; plus a better best practice for setting type on the web via CSS. And from the past: why typographically correct punctuation matters, and how to make it happen on the we (+)

Just My Type of Site

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   20/09/2007

i love typography cites 15 examples of typographic excellence in web design. A List Apart,, FontShop, Jesús Rodríguez Velasco, and BearskinRug Shop lead a pack of inspiring sites worth studying. (+)

Web type, iPhone content

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   28/08/2007

In Issue 244 of A List Apart, father of CSS Håkon Lie advocates real TrueType fonts in web design, while Iconfactory’s Craig Hockenberry describes in detail how to optimize websites for iPhone. (+)

Happy Cog redesigns AIGA

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   01/03/2007

How do you redesign the flagship site of the professional association for designers? Very carefully. (+)

Register for An Event Apart Boston

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   11/01/2007

Registration is now open for An Event Apart Boston 2007. Enjoy two days of design and code plus meals, a party, and a bag of swag for $795. Save more with discount code just for readers. (+)

ALA 230: Make the logo smaller

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   09/01/2007

Learn to love whitespace and think intuitively about web standards. (+)

Safari better than Firefox?

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   27/11/2006

Safari handles text much more beautifully and accurately than Firefox. (+)

ALA 223: tricks, guides, and giggles

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   12/09/2006

Learn something new or explore something classic in a triple issue of A List Apart. (+)

Thursday links

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   10/08/2006

Typography, design, art, illustration, internet politics, and more. (+)

Friends in Need

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   15/06/2006

Joe Kral needs dough, Nick Finck needs an editor. (+)

Wrapping Chicago

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (+)   03/06/2006

At An Event Apart Chicago, everything clicked. (+)

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