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Typo’s and New Types

1% (+)   14/12/2007

This is an awesome article collecting type samples that have characterised 2007 and may lead 2008. As a creative guy who often falls out of touch with pure typographic expression this was a great crash course.Link to Speak Up (via cpluv)Credit: Trick typ (+)

Inscribed in the Living Tile

1% (+)   11/10/2007

This article, plain and simple, blew me away. Presented at the ATypI Conference (Brighton, U.K., September 2007) by Joe Clark, a Toronto-based Accessibility Consultant, designer, and writer, this well-researched and comprehensive dissertation on the trium (+)


1% (+)   08/10/2007

Adam Tickle, Alistair Webb, and Matt Michaluk share a very special cake to celebrate Helvetica’s silver anniversary as one of the planet’s most ubiquitous sans serif faces. (+)

Sketchcast or Slothcast?

1% (+)   01/10/2007

Yes, I’m probably being unfair. I bumped into Sketchcast’s offering and was intrigued. It is a really good idea. It’s also so remarkably basic that it’s doomed to failure I fear (Doomed! Doomed!). sigh. Anything that says I can draw a blog and pos (+)

Bite Me

1% (+)   28/08/2007

I’m always on the looking for talented people who make ad guys appear to know what they’re doing (I need all the help I can get). Bite Animation are one of those crews. They’re a small motion graphics & design studio in Johannesburg who’ve done (+)

MyCuppa Promises That Perfect Blend of Coffee + Cream

1% (+)   24/08/2007

Now this is a cup I could wake up to every morning. Beautiful typography. Simple, clever, and functional design. A great gift for any graphics freak, whether they drink coffee or tea. (via information aesthetics) (+)

Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism Are A Similar Diversity

1% (+)   24/08/2007

Similar Diversity is an information graphic which opens up a new perspective at the topics religion and faith by visualizing the Holy Books of five world religions. Communalities and differences of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism are s (+)

The 27th Letter of the Alphabet, Per Se

1% (+)   17/07/2007

This sounds like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, but there used to be 27 letters taught to students in the early 19th century. X, Y, Z, and, per se, &. The mumbly students eventually morphed this into Ampersand, of course. Neatorama details this and or (+)

Watching Helvetica

1% (+)   14/06/2007

The San Francisco premier of Helvetica is tonight at the AIGA, but tickets are already SOLD OUT. Veer has more details. (+)

Bipolar Doormat

1% (+)   01/06/2007


Type Waffler

1% (+)   20/05/2007

If this was for sale, I would buy three. I love old typewriters. I also love waffles. I just imagine this might be a bit difficult to clean…Check out Chris Dimino’s typewriter waffle iron. (+)

Artist Creates KICK-ASS Personal Annual Report

1% (+)   15/03/2007

Feltron is my new personal hero. Not only is he a brilliant designer, but he is insane in the best possible obsessive-compulsive way. He has meticulously recorded, documented, and designed a beautiful annual report on his life in 2006. It includes air mil (+)

Veer: Ideas: Helvetica, the Film

1% (+)   07/03/2007

Take a look at the short clips. Whether you love Helvetica or hate it, you’ll see Brody, Spierkermann, Crouwel et al. sharing their thoughts on this classic typeface. Enjoy! (+)

Pulp Fiction in Glorious Animated Typography

1% (+)   01/03/2007

Kudos to Mark from 15posts for finding this beautiful work of animated typography. I watch this and I just want to eat it, it looks so good. I could almost watch a whole movie like this. Maybe. (Don’t you love how the little “Play” button from YouTu (+)

Smashing Free Fonts

1% (+)   09/02/2007

Smashing magazine puts together a list of 19 (21 actually) free fonts for download. Usually when you think of free fonts, it’s those shitty dirty deconstructed grunge knock-offs from the 90s. Or it’s another ‘hand writing’ font that’s missing mo (+)

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