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The Typographic Desk Reference

I love typography (+)   21/04/2009

A Brief reviewOne can never have too many books about type and typography. One of the most recent additions to my own library is Theodore Rosendorf’s The Typographic Desk Reference or, if you’re in a hurry, simply TDR.From the outset it’s worth stressing (+)

We love typography

I love typography (+)   15/04/2009

Houston, we have lift-offI’ve been a little quiet here of late. Now you know why. I’ve been working days and nights on a new site, something I see as a natural extension to this one. Meet WLT —, a collaboration bewtween myself and Kar (+)

Yes, we kern

I love typography (+)   05/04/2009

The Week in TypeI had intended to publish my review of Theo’s The Typographic Desk Reference today. I’ll publish that next week. And, I missed out on April Fool’s. I had so many ideas, from the new and free Adobe fonts with embedded ad glyphs (the humour’ (+)

The first one’s the hardest

I love typography (+)   23/03/2009

by Jeremy MickelI remember clearly the day I was waiting for the 6 train at 33rd Street and Park Avenue in New York. I had taken pictures of type on the street for some time, but there was something here that caught my eye. There was a plastic sign on a d (+)

Malabar type family released

I love typography (+)   17/03/2009

by Dan ReynoldsLast week, Linotype released my newest typeface family, Malabar. With six fonts for the Latin script, Malabar is a sturdy oldstyle serif. Designed for extensive reading, Malabar was originally part of a larger design project conceived for I (+)

Watchmen watchtype

I love typography (+)   11/03/2009

The Week in TypeLater than usual, but it’s here. I’ve been devoting some considerable time to several iLT-related projects, so a little behind on posting here. I hope to tell you more about those projects in the near future; if I can get around the coding (+)

Read between the leading

I love typography (+)   28/02/2009

The Week in TypeI always write this introductory paragraph last. As I’ve been working on this post all day, my eyes are now burning, and I’m flagging; so, let’s just get started. Loosen your belts — this is a big one.I’ll start with a beautiful photograph (+)

TDC2 2009 results

I love typography (+)   20/02/2009

And the Winners AreIt’s that time of year again. The Type Directors club (TDC) has just announced its 2009 typeface awards, with the winners being awarded the Certificate of Typographic Excellence in Type Design. Here are a several of my favourites:Malaba (+)

ifont, iPhone

I love typography (+)   15/02/2009

Kern Baby KernIt has been predicted that Apple will have sold 45 million iPhones by the end of 2009. And that’s before it hits China. There aren’t hundreds of type-related apps for the iPhone, but here are few; and a few type-related tips too. (Helvetica (+)

ifont, iPhone

I love typography (+)   15/02/2009

Kern Baby KernIt has been predicted that Apple will have sold 45 million iPhones by the end of 2009. And that’s before it hits China. There aren’t hundreds of type-related apps for the iPhone, but here are few; and a few type-related tips too. (Helvetica (+)

Chelsea, darling

I love typography (+)   08/02/2009

The Week in TypeThe move to my new host, Fused Network, went very smoothly. As iLT has been expanding pretty rapidly, a server with a little more oomph was required. If you’re looking for great hosting and fantastic support, then try Fused. David, the mai (+)

Projected type

I love typography (+)   31/01/2009

The Week in TypeWelcome to this week’s the week in type. Thanks to all those who commented on David’s great On diacritics article. Upon seeing Greg Meadows’ photos from the boneyard in last week’s the week in type, Matthew sent me some of his own:Note: I’ (+)

On diacritics

I love typography (+)   24/01/2009

By David BřezinaThe globalisation of the type market and rising interest in multi-lingual typeface design is a source of great optimism among many typographers. Yet despite the proliferation of these beautiful new typefaces, many still do not support some (+)

Greener type

I love typography (+)   20/01/2009

The Week in TypeNotice anything different? iLT has gone green. In addition I have a new masthead. For more than a year, one of my all-time favourite typefaces has graced the head of these pages; but it’s time for a change. I had given some thought to a co (+)

Inconspicuous Vertical Metrics

I love typography (+)   14/01/2009

by Alec JulienFive?There are generally taken to be five vertical measures of note in type design (from bottom to top): descender, baseline, midline*, caps-height, and ascender.But if you delve into the minutiae of font design, you soon discover that there (+)

To a typetastic new year

I love typography (+)   05/01/2009

The Week in TypeA belated Happy New Year to all. It’s that back-to-work time for everyone. Feeling inspired? I’m hoping that 2009 will pass by a little slower than 2008. Here’s iLT’s first post of 2009. Enjoy!You may have wished for one of these at Christ (+)

Reminga bold italic

I love typography (+)   30/12/2008

Quality Free FontA very brief post about a typeface from a type designer I’m particularly fond of. FF Reminga from Xavier Dupré is a great little text face with a sumptuous calligraphic italic. FontFont is offering the Bold Italic completely free of charg (+)

My favourite Typefaces of 2008

I love typography (+)   25/12/2008

The Best of TypeThis year has been a great year for type, with many new releases. Some of them are exceptional. Following is a list of my personal favourites of the past year. This is by no means an exhaustive list; there are, in fact, many others deservi (+)

the week in type — Zócalo

I love typography (+)   18/12/2008

Come on MarleneFast closing in on 2009. I can’t believe it. What happened to 2008? The very lucky winner of the Seb Lester poster is mentioned toward the end of this post. Thanks to everyone who entered. This week’s the week in type is a big one, so make (+)

The Type Directors Club

I love typography (+)   14/12/2008

Call for SubmissionsFor over 60 years the Type Directors Club has been the leading international organization whose sole purpose is to support and promote excellence in typography wherever it’s found. The club was founded in 1946 by some of graphic design (+)

An interview with Seb Lester

I love typography (+)   11/12/2008

Mightier Than…Type designer and typographic illustrator Seb Lester is truly passionate about letterforms. His recent limited edition posters have been a huge success. His typefaces are used by the likes of Dell, Intel, The New York Times, The Sunday Times (+)

Free fonts from FontFont

I love typography (+)   07/12/2008

No LemonsI was going to save these until the next the week in type, but why keep people waiting. In the world of free fonts there are numerous lemons; however, these from the FontFont library are of exceptional quality. I’m pretty sure these will only be (+)

30 inspiring type treatments

I love typography (+)   04/12/2008

Deviant TypographyFor a while now, I’ve been tagging type-related work on deviantArt. I thought I’d share them with you, so here’s a sampling:Do you have a favourite?Next up is the week in for a random post from iLT (+)

the week in Type: good type

I love typography (+)   28/11/2008

Thanksgiving TypeI hope that my American readers had (or are having) a wonderful Thanksgiving. The winner of the Ugmonk t-shirt give-away is at the end of this post, in addition to a special offer for iLT readers. Lots of type goodness today, so let’s get (+)

Printing — how it used to be

I love typography (+)   21/11/2008

Your Life Work Series (1947)Just discovered this wonderful little gem from a post on TYPO-L (ATypI). It’s from a series of films produced by Holmes (Burton) Films, Inc. Enjoy!Thus press work is particularly fitted for young men who like to work with machi (+)

Printing — how it used to be

I love typography (+)   21/11/2008

Your Life Work Series (1947)Just discovered this wonderful little gem from a post on TYPO-L (ATypI). It’s from a series of films produced by Holmes (Burton) Films, Inc. Enjoy!Thus press work is particularly fitted for young men who like to work with machi (+)

Footnotes *†‡§

I love typography (+)   20/11/2008

FontFont Catalogue OnlineJust a quick one: not sure how I missed this the first time around, but the entire FontFont catalogue can be viewed online over at issuu. You can flip through the 2009 catalogue, zoom in for higher resolution, and even download it (+)

The week in type: die neue

I love typography (+)   17/11/2008

Ramping it upFirst, thanks to everyone who took part in the My favourite letters competition. Some great entries, and two great prizes for the winners. See the end of the post to discover who the lucky ones are. If you didn’t win, then rest assured there (+)

More from the mighty Seb Lester

I love typography (+)   13/11/2008

Sexy TypeLast week I featured Seb’s Mightier poster, one of which I purchased. The print quality really is quite exceptional. I don’t even have mine framed, yet I’m itching to buy another. Here are the latest from Seb Lester:The beautifully ironic Keep... (+)

The week in type: cassanova

I love typography (+)   11/11/2008

Minister for TypographyWelcome to This week in type*, the new name for Sunday Type. I know many of you have gotten used to the name, but for those new to the site, the former nomenclature could be a tad confusing. Thanks to the more than 100 of you who co (+)


I love typography (+)   05/11/2008

Blue or Red?I’ll post tomorrow. But for now, good luck to US voters. You might also want to vote for iLT:Oh, and as I’m in a particularly good mood, and I’d like to say thank you for your support of iLT, there’s a copy of Felici’s The Complete Manual of.. (+)

I Love Type Links 1

I love typography (+)   30/10/2008

The CompetitionAs a way of reducing the length of Sunday Type, I’ve decided to move the general links—bits and pieces—to a separate page. I don’t think I’ll show these posts on the home page, but by slicing Sunday Type in two (from time to time), I hope t (+)

Sunday Type: tomate type

I love typography (+)   29/10/2008

No Underwear Mon AmourIf you missed the interview with Ludwig Übele, then be sure to check it out. For excerpts of all the interviews on iLT, then simply click right…here. Until I can wrap my work schedule around iLT, then Sunday Type will still be publis (+)

An Interview with Ludwig Übele

I love typography (+)   26/10/2008

by Rouslan ValiulinAfter studying graphic design in Germany and Finland, Ludwig Übele worked for a number of years in the industry until he decided to concentrate on type design, and set off for the Netherlands. Since graduating from KABK’s TypeMedia cour (+)

Sunday Type: mightier type

I love typography (+)   22/10/2008

The Heart of the MatterThanks to the more than 300 people who sent in their answers to the identify the s’s competition. The winner is announced below. Another big thank you to all those who regularly send in links and nice emails. Today’s is a big one, s (+)

Sunday Type: inspiring type

I love typography (+)   15/10/2008

Finger Lickin’ GoodAnother busy week, and a later than usual Sunday Type. Owing to work commitments that have a habit of intefering with iLT, those articles I promised will be posted, though a little later than scheduled. Several big articles are on their (+)

Sunday type: kokoro type

I love typography (+)   07/10/2008

We Heart TypeI have come across so much type inspiration this week, that there just isn’t the space or the time to post it all, so I might post some other snippets during the week. In addition to what’s below, be sure to check out Jon Tan’s great little a (+)


I love typography (+)   03/10/2008

The MovieMade me smile. New promotion for Suitcase Fusion 2. “In a world torn apart by so many typefaces…”Starring Stone Serif, Dom Casual,… and a special appearence by Marla Semi-Wide Roman.Link.FF Netto, new from FontFont. (+)

Diacritical Challenge

I love typography (+)   03/10/2008

Squiggly BitsThis poster makes reference to the paucity of diacritics in English. And, when they are employed, they’re often used on loan words—like the French café, for example. Here’s a little pre-Sunday Type challenge for you: name all the diacritics ( (+)

Obama Village

I love typography (+)   30/09/2008

Galaxian HeartsThis is a politically neutral post, but I thought it was so well done, that I just had to share it:Village has also released several additions to Chester Jenkins’ Galaxie Polaris family:Version 3 of Galaxie Polaris features some minor impro (+)

Sunday Type: lettercult type

I love typography (+)   29/09/2008

Type & LetteringI will begin with a recently launched web site, Lettercult. Thanks to regular link contributor Peter van Impelen, I’ve had the pleasure to read this fine blog. There are already interviews with Mark Simonson and the wonderful Gemma O’Brien (+)

Friday Flickr Found Type

I love typography (+)   27/09/2008

Gutbustingly GoodInvariably, these kinds of post are couched in grandiloquence, “The World’s Best, most stunningly awesome typographically awe-inspiring found type.” And although, the search engines might love it, I just can’t do it. So here’s some stuff (+)

Sunday Type: czech type

I love typography (+)   21/09/2008

Final RegistrationWhat a hectic couple of weeks. Well, time to forget all your worries, sit back and enjoy some type and lettering. The winner of the Designing Books competition is mentioned at the close of today’s article. Thanks to all those who have se (+)

Museo Sans released

I love typography (+)   18/09/2008

A new face face from exljbrisApologies for the lack of a Sunday Type last week. I’ll be back on track from this Sunday, when I’ll also announce the winner of Designing Books.Just one brief announcement today. Hot on the heels of an extended Anivers, Jos B (+)

Reading Class of 2008

I love typography (+)   12/09/2008

MA Typeface DesignA new web site to showcase the work of this year’s students of the MA in Typeface Design at the univeristy of Reading.You can also download a PDF group specimen—the same one that will be distributed at the ATypI conference in St. Petersb (+)

Designing books: practice & theory

I love typography (+)   10/09/2008

A Brief ReviewA book that carries the names Jost Hochuli and Robin Kinross on the cover is enough to get just about anyone’s synapses salivating.* Designing books: practice and theory, published by Hyphen Press is the best single volume on the subject of (+)

Sunday Type: tsang type

I love typography (+)   09/09/2008

Words as PicturesThanks for your feedback to my questions about posting frequency and the length of these Sunday Type posts. I’ve decided to shorten Sunday Type just a little (though I will sometimes supersize it), and also post relevant newsworthy items (+)

FF Meta Serif Microsite

I love typography (+)   04/09/2008

Meta goes MicroI wouldn’t usually publish short items like this, but I like it, so here it is. FontShop has just launched a micro-site devoted to FF Meta Serif. Some interesting content, including this downloadable PDF poster:and excerpts from email corre (+)

Sunday Type: circumflex type

I love typography (+)   01/09/2008

Get Fit With FontsWelcome to another Sunday Type. Thanks to everyone who has mailed me links. To those who have mailed me questions, please be patient. I have at least 200 unanswered iLT mails, and I’m working through them in my spare time (and there’s no (+)

Sunday Type: dilbert type

I love typography (+)   26/08/2008

one big bullet pointMathieu and Breton’s article on their experience of KABK’s Type and Media masters course has proven insanely popular. The students at Reading are nearing the end of their masters in Type Design, so hopefully we’ll be hearing from them  (+)

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