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I love typography (+)   28/02/2011

The Week in TypeBefore I dive into this week’s the week in type, I’d like to tell you a little more about Codex, the journal of typography. First, I’d like to introduce the Codex team: the Editor in Chief, Carolyn Wood and my Assistant Editor, Allen Tan. (+)

‘Dreams’, ‘Stars’ & ‘So Much To Do’

I love typography (+)   15/11/2010

3 new limited edition prints by Seb LesterI released three new limited edition prints today, ‘Dreams’, ‘Stars’, and ‘So Much To Do’. I’ll show all three prints in this article, but for practical purposes I’ll focus primarily on ‘Dreams’, one of my most... (+)

Reviving Caslon

I love typography (+)   01/11/2010

by William BerksonPart 2: Readability, Affability, Authority [read part one]When their words are put into print, writers want the text to be inviting and welcoming, so that readers will read what they have written. And they also want the text to have an a (+)

The making of Acorde

I love typography (+)   09/10/2010

by Stefan WillerstorferAfter five years of intensive work, my type family Acorde is finally on the market. It is a reliable workhorse for large, demanding design projects. The typeface’s name is derived from a corporate design typeface. However, Acorde is (+)

Ode, a Fresh Start for a Broken Script

I love typography (+)   01/09/2010

By Martin WenzelWhen designing a typeface, I prefer to explore a construction principle rather than revive an existing typeface idea. These principles or writing models are based on the tools and techniques originally used. Understanding these workings ar (+)

The origins of abc

I love typography (+)   07/08/2010

Where does our alphabet come from?We see it every day on signs, billboards, packaging, in books and magazines; in fact, you are looking at it now — the Latin or Roman alphabet, the world’s most prolific, most widespread abc. Typography is a relatively rec (+)

Reviving Caslon

I love typography (+)   26/07/2010

By William BerksonPart 1: the snare of authenticityHow much should a revival of a typeface look like the original? Well, just as with performing an old song—an analogy Matthew Carter has made—there is something you have to like in the original in order wa (+)

Biome — the making of a typeface

I love typography (+)   01/07/2010

by Carl CrossgroveA biome in nature is essentially an ecosystem. It’s also the name for my new typeface family. The 14-weight Biome™ Wide family is now available on Now that the design is complete, I’m able to look back on the process.The drawi (+)

An Introduction to OpenType Substitution Features

I love typography (+)   18/06/2010

By Martin Martin Wenzel & Christoph KoeberlinI have published this article as a page. You can read it here.Right now I’m unable to get the JavaScript working within a WordPress post. Once fixed, the page will redirect to a proper WordPress post with comme (+)

Founders Grotesk

I love typography (+)   25/05/2010

By Kris SowersbyThe impetus for Founders Grotesk originally came from Duncan Forbes of The International Office. We had often discussed the nature and usefulness of the classic grotesks, and the possibility of creating a new one. After trawling through my (+)

Why did I start a type foundry?

I love typography (+)   06/05/2010

By Christian SchwartzWhy would anyone in his or her right mind start a type foundry now? Well, to begin with, it’s often said that it’s a good idea to start a business in a recession. However, the type marketplace has gotten very crowded—there are more fo (+)

Creating Grand Gargantua

I love typography (+)   29/04/2010

By Paul DijstelbergeMOVABLE TYPE: perhaps nowadays few will know the exact meaning of these two words, but until the middle of the twentieth century a letter was a small piece of lead, and to use it for printing you literally had to move it around, by han (+)

The Vignelli Twelve

I love typography (+)   17/04/2010

We use way too many fontsThough I have the utmost respect for Massimo Vignelli, and am a fan of his work, his we use too many typefaces is just plain wrong. It’s by no means the first time Vignelli has voiced these views. If you have no idea what I’m writ (+)

José Mendoza y Almeida

I love typography (+)   03/04/2010

Dan Reynolds’ review of Bibliothèque Typographique’s first book, José Mendoza y AlmeidaDan Reynolds’ review of Bibliothèque Typographique’s first book, José Mendoza y AlmeidaWho is Jose Mendoza?José Mendoza y Almeida was perhaps the most internationally a (+)

A few things I’ve learned about typeface design

I love typography (+)   25/03/2010

By Gerry LeonidasTeaching on a postgraduate course feels very much like a spiral: the annual repetition of projects, each a vehicle for a journey of education and discovery for the student, blurs into cyclical clouds of shapes, paragraphs, and personaliti (+)

Emigre No. 70, the Look Back Issue

I love typography (+)   13/03/2010

Reviewed by James PuckettIn 1983 Rudy VanderLans, Zuzana Licko, Marc Susan, and Menno Meyjes began Emigre, a magazine about “…the global artist who juggles cultures, travels between them, and who is fluent in the cultural symbols of the world. An émigré.” (+)

The library of the Gutenberg Museum

I love typography (+)   28/02/2010

By Dan ReynoldsI. IntroductionLarge or small, letters seem to inhabit their own universe. Re-arrangeable in any combination, they can spell out all conceivable messages, be they poetic, bureaucratic, or anything in between. But sometimes a text is just ab (+)

Designing Armitage

I love typography (+)   18/02/2010

By James PuckettThis is the doorway to The Claremount, an apartment building in Manhattan. I think that it was built in the 1890s. Those letters over the door just reached out and grabbed me from across the street and I had a typeface coming on.The Clarem (+)

Art and Text

I love typography (+)   02/02/2010

Reviewed by James PuckettArtist Joseph Kosuth’s 1965 work One and Three Chairs presented a static composition that represents an idea three ways. It was heady stuff, addressing what conceptual artists saw as a crisis of reconciling the realization of conc (+)

My favourite fonts of 2009

I love typography (+)   20/01/2010

But will it fly?Perhaps the most difficult part in compiling this list is not what to include, but what to leave out. There are, then, many other typefaces that should be in this list, but aren’t. Their omission says nothing of their quality, but rather t (+)

My favourite fonts of 2009

I love typography (+)   20/01/2010

But will it fly?Perhaps the most difficult part in compiling this list is not what to include, but what to leave out. There are, then, many other typefaces that should be in this list, but aren’t. Their omission says nothing of their quality, but rather t (+)

Twenty-ten type

I love typography (+)   04/01/2010

The Week in TypeHoping that everyone is feeling refreshed, invigorated and inspired after Christmas and New Year. That we are now in 2010 is arbitrary, but it is at the same time a marker, the end of something, and the beginning of something else; a kind (+)

The Making of Vesper

I love typography (+)   14/12/2009

By Rob KellerVesper was developed over the course of almost three years. For this article, I’ve divided the process into two stages: #1 during my studies at the University of Reading; and #2 After Reading. Hopefully through this highly-condensed-yet-still (+)

Our own alphabet

I love typography (+)   13/12/2009

One Hundred DaysI don’t usually do these single-item posts, but just had to share this. An alphabet created using items from the Mitchell Library’s broad and eclectic collections—with wonderful results. Some of the letters are accompanied by videos explai (+)

Graphic Masterpieces of Yakov G. Chernikhov: The Collection of Dmitry Y. Chernikhov

I love typography (+)   08/12/2009

Reviewed by James PuckettYakov G. Chernikov (1889–1951), was a Russian artist, designer, and architect learned in classical and modern styles. As a draftsman he was on par with Piranesi and Rembrandt; his most forward-thinking drawings resemble the style (+)

Wishing on a typeface

I love typography (+)   04/12/2009

By Nadine ChahineNadine Chahine is a type designer for Linotype GmbH, where she is also Branding & CI Manager, and Arabic Specialist. She designed Frutiger Arabic with Adrian Frutiger and Palatino Arabic with Hermann Zapf, for which she won the Certificat (+)

The Right Type of Education

I love typography (+)   19/11/2009

By Abi HuynhLast year Mathieu Christe and Berton Hasebe wrote a very thorough article detailing the general day to day of the Type and Media masters program. With this article we hope to outline an historical overview of the course and provide a brief loo (+)

Type: A Visual History of Typefaces & Graphic Styles

I love typography (+)   06/11/2009

Reviewed by James PuckettI was excited when Taschen announced the first volume of Type: A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles, described as “This exuberant selection of typographic fonts and styles traces the modern evolution of the printed let (+)

Sex, lies, & type

I love typography (+)   24/10/2009

The Week in TypeWelcome to a slightly later than usual week in type. Lots happening in the world of web fonts — links to the best content below. There’s also free stuff, so don’t click away.I’m thrilled by the launch of a new type foundry, Mota Italic.... (+)

Type Camp

I love typography (+)   06/10/2009

By Jessica R. YurasekLet’s face it, most of the general public does not really understand typography. So when I first tell people that I attended something called ‘Type Camp’ this summer, I tend to garner a lot of puzzled looks. But, smiling bemusedly, th (+)

Karbon type

I love typography (+)   22/09/2009

The Week in TypeI’m struggling to keep up with all that’s new in type. Exciting times. Lots of great new releases, and some very novel and creative uses of type and lettering. Let’s jump straight in.I am tempted to try something like this:Click here to vi (+)

Tungsten type

I love typography (+)   16/09/2009

the week in typeLet’s begin with something tougher than steel from H&FJ. Meet the just-released Tungsten. [insert superlatives here]Would be great to see a few more weights added. She’s condensed without feeling cramped, and described by its makers as aco (+)

Nineteenth Century Designers & Engravers of Type

I love typography (+)   09/09/2009

Reviewed by James Puckett“The truth of the terse but expressive ‘dead and forgotten’, comes home with peculiar force to the searcher after information about the individuals who have developed the art and craft of typefounding.”– William E. LoyThe Industri (+)

Encyclopædic type

I love typography (+)   28/08/2009

The Week in TypeIt’s been a little while since the last week in type. I have so many links, so many new releases, so much news to share, I wonder where I should begin. I know, let’s start with a great site based on a very simple idea — Typedia is an encyc (+)

Type Radio

I love typography (+)   16/08/2009

Now we’re TalkingIt’s been quite some time since I mentioned the brilliant Type Radio. It’s a podcast I’ve been listening to for ages, and they now have a huge archive of type-related interviews.Thanks to Paul Hunt and Mark Simonson, I came across this wo (+)

The making of FF Duper

I love typography (+)   12/08/2009

By Ivo GabrowitschBerlin-based Martin Wenzel might be best-known for his TDC-awarded sans serif family FF Profile. He runs his own studio, focusing on type and communication design and teaches type design at the Design Academy Berlin. Martin also runs his (+)

The Font-as-Service

I love typography (+)   07/08/2009

By Elliot Jay StocksWhen Johno first asked me to write about Typekit, I jumped at the chance. I’d received a beta invite to try out the service about a week before, but deadlines had got in the way of actually getting round to it. Now I had the perfect ex (+)

Calluna — a text typeface with flow

I love typography (+)   29/07/2009

by Jos BuivengaCalluna started out as a little test I did to see if I could add serifs to Museo, to make a slab serif. Because of its pipe bend serifs I suddenly saw the connection between serif and stem, and some sort of direction.I’d always wanted to ma (+)

Web fonts — where are we?

I love typography (+)   19/07/2009

Untangling the tangleWith all the talk about web fonts, I think it’s time I tried to outline the present situation. I’ve not attempted to do so before, owing to the complexity of some of the material, and the speed at which things are moving.Web designers (+)

iQ font

I love typography (+)   17/07/2009

Driven by designThe week in type is coming very soon. In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy this video from Pierre Smeets and Damien Aresta.More information about the project on Pierre and Damien’s web site, More images on Flic (+)

Mojo Type

I love typography (+)   05/07/2009

The Week in TypeLet’s jump straight in with some great photos from the Type & Media graduation exhibition. Really impressed, not only by the quality of the types, but by the specimens. Here’s a detail from the graduation poster:And here are a few of my fa (+)


I love typography (+)   22/06/2009

The Week in TypeWelcome to another roundup of what’s new in type. If you missed the interview with French type designer Alice Savoie, then be sure to take a look. Alice’s next typeface, Capucine will be released through the Process Type foundry. Follow th (+)


I love typography (+)   22/06/2009

The Week in TypeWelcome to another roundup of what’s new in type. If you missed the interview with French type designer Alice Savoie, then be sure to take a look. Alice’s next typeface, Capucine will be released through the Process Type foundry. Follow th (+)

An interview with Alice Savoie

I love typography (+)   12/06/2009

Le TypographeAlice Savoie started out with a foundation course in Applied Arts and then studied graphic design and typography for four years in Paris. She then set sail for the UK to follow the MA in Typeface Design at Reading University. Upon graduating (+)

Genuine imitations

I love typography (+)   03/06/2009

by Aegir HallmundurEvery year The St Brides Foundation holds a lecture in memory of Justin Howes, a great typographer and historian who was instrumental in supporting the St Brides Printing Library. He re-established the firm of HW Caslon, published books (+)

A short, intensive course in type design

I love typography (+)   29/05/2009

By Dan RhatiganThis July, the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading is offering a week-long, condensed version of the MA Typeface Design course it has been offering for the last ten years. It may only last 5 days, b (+)

In space, no one can hear you kern

I love typography (+)   24/05/2009

The Week in TypeI will soon announce ILT’s gargantuan give-away. There are 40 prizes, from vouchers to buy type, and books, to posters and Helvetica Moleskines. As soon as ILT hits 40,000 RSS subscribers, I’ll run the competition. Basically, I’ll do it li (+)

Moyenage: Blackletter for a Modern Age

I love typography (+)   18/05/2009

By Dan GayleIf you’ve ever been to the Library of Congress and seen the Gutenberg Bible and the Giant Bible of Mainz, you will understand the sheer joy that one can find from looking at a page of quality-set blackletter.Or, if you’re less Bible and more N (+)

Show some restraint

I love typography (+)   11/05/2009

The Week in TypeLet’s get right down to business, and start with something really beautiful. Seb Lester, who I’ve mentioned on these pages before, recently released a new poster. The picture below really doesn’t do it justice. The silver print on gorgeous (+)

The second coming

I love typography (+)   30/04/2009

By Nick ShermanIf you’re a designer and haven’t already heard about Typographica’s relaunched site and Favorite Typefaces of 2008 list, chances are you’ve been stranded on a desert island, far away from any relevant news sources. And even then, the list h (+)

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