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Writing on the Core Functions of Business: Marketing and Innovation (Visitar)

Typographic History & Perspectives – Michael Beirut

Melodies in Marketing (+)   28/06/2009

8min video link via DESIGNING *for HumansShare and Enjoy: (+)

GE: Healthymagination Campaign

Melodies in Marketing (+)   20/06/2009

Neat new campaign by General Electric that showcases various videos on its activities in the health care space. What’s interesting is on slide 5/14 on the About Page, they have this to say:“It’s GE’s commitment to making sustainable health a reality, begi (+)

The Tao of Communication

Melodies in Marketing (+)   19/06/2009

Last night I was considering the communications process from a Taoist philosophical perspective, considering the Subjective (listening, inspiration, stories, advice), and Objective (inquiry, theory, case studies, directives).Both leaders and followers, or (+)

Winners of the 21st DuPont Awards for Sustainable Packaging

Melodies in Marketing (+)   11/06/2009

[Video Link for Email/Other Subscribers - 6min]Every year, DuPont hosts a competition for various sustainable packaging designs & innovations, as decided by a jury of various individuals (none of which are DuPont employees). Hope you enjoy seeing some of (+)

Crowdsourcing Speaker Interview Questions with Twitter

Melodies in Marketing (+)   26/05/2009

I’d love for you to participate if you can. Thing is, I’m preparing a whole bunch of speaker interview questions for Sustainable Brands 09 and I’m swamped! So I created a series of Facebook pages with most all the speakers, sorted by category.To send a sp (+)

Social Media Marketing Best Practices with Beverly Macy

Melodies in Marketing (+)   22/05/2009

[Video Link for Email/Other Subscribers - 23min]As an marketing professor & consultant, Beverly Macy [blog] discusses how you can establish strategic objectives and ROI targets for successful social media campaigns. Find out how to get started in the Soci (+)

Replacing Synthetics with Natural Composites - Ecovative

Melodies in Marketing (+)   21/05/2009

I found myself a fan of a relatively new company Ecovative that eventually WILL hit the covers of Fast Company and other magazines. They are B2B and that excites me, since Terracycle is already the rage in consumer products. I covered them briefly before, (+)

Sustainable Brands 09 - The Place to Be

Melodies in Marketing (+)   12/05/2009

It really is the place to be. Why? Because I’m going, and you can meet me there! (ending silly vain attempt).I am writing for their SB09 Blog though and will be doing event coverage throughout the next 3 weeks. Follow me on Twitter @mvellandi if you’d li (+)

Terracycle on Product Development and Desirability

Melodies in Marketing (+)   07/05/2009

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on how Mars was teaming up with Terracycle to create new products along with some commentary on the role of sustainable products not just being useful, but also desirable for the long term. It’s one thing to create a re (+)

Great Copywriting for Environmental Marketing

Melodies in Marketing (+)   05/05/2009

So I came across this article, Seeking to Save the Planet, With a Thesaurus on the NY Times recently and it coincided very nicely with my recent post on effective communications for sustainable product branding. Namely that the language we use in marketin (+)

New Brand Relationship Model, by Erik Roscam Abbing

Melodies in Marketing (+)   04/05/2009

I’m a sucker for awesome infographics. Erik Roscam Abbing of the Brand Driven Innovation blog, posted a sweet graphical model that he’s developed to portray his model of corporate brands and the relationship between the organisation and the user, and betw (+)

Green Consumer Insights for 2009, by Scenario DNA {Presentation}

Melodies in Marketing (+)   04/05/2009

Excellent presentation on branding and communications in the green space, by consumer insights firm Scenario DNA. Much of it relates to similar studies done by Umbria, specifically online. Official description is as follows: “Consumers are gaining knowled (+)

Persuasive Design for Sustainability {Article}

Melodies in Marketing (+)   03/05/2009

Persuasive design for sustainability - Core77Came across this great article by Jeremy Faludi recently that I had to share. Largely based on interaction design principles, here’s the article’s outline:Tools: Make a behavior easier or more convenient; Calcu (+)

Effective Service Design {Presentation}

Melodies in Marketing (+)   03/05/2009

Great presentation I came across online. Transforming products to services is one strategy for sustainable design. Since my professional background traces to product management and development, service design is a bit of a new field for me to learn & unde (+)

Cadbury’s Sustainability Director Talks On Cocoa, Fair Trade, and Supply Chains

Melodies in Marketing (+)   02/05/2009

[Video Link for Email/Other Subscribers - 16min]From an event titled Business Fights Poverty, comes this speech by David Croft, Cadbury’s Sustainability Director. The title of the presentation is: “Putting Market Access Into Practice: Reaching the Bottom (+)

Survey Shows Product Sustainability Attributes Considered by 54% of Folks

Melodies in Marketing (+)   01/05/2009

More Than Half of Shoppers Consider Product Sustainability Attributes in Purchasing Decisions - Deloitte StudyI’m not the usual one to be deeply considering surveys on “green” products, but you might be interested in checking out the concise press release (+)

Southern California Desert & Nature Photos

Melodies in Marketing (+)   27/04/2009

A little break from the usual bout of topics, I bring you today a slideshow of photos I had taken while on a day trip to the Arizona border and back. It includes landscapes, plants, flowers, grasshoppers, and a family of owls!Taken with an 8mp Canon SLR w (+)

8 Principles of Resiliency

Melodies in Marketing (+)   24/04/2009

A few days ago, I read a fantastic article: Foreign Policy: The Next Big Thing: Resilience. In it, environmental futurist Jamais Cascio describes some of the primary differences between the philosophical construct of sustainability versus resiliency, and (+)

Intense Axe-Wielding Reductionism and Sustainable Design

Melodies in Marketing (+)   24/04/2009

Reductionism is both a classic technique for placing greater user focus on select elements of an object/process, and for lean & sustainable product development. One major design proponent of reductionism is John Maeda, dean of Rhode Island School of Desig (+)

New Leaf Paper’s Awesome Floor Display for Office Depot Stores

Melodies in Marketing (+)   24/04/2009

Office Depot Turns a Brighter Shade of Green; Expands Retail Partnership with Environmental Sustainability PioneerSo famous paper products manufacturer New Leaf Paper recently announced they’ll be exclusively selling either a floor display or endcap in 1, (+)

Sustainable Packaging Design Interview with Wendy Jedlicka

Melodies in Marketing (+)   23/04/2009

The Costs and Benefits of Better Design | GreenBiz.comWendy is the author of Packaging Sustainability: Tools, Systems and Strategies for Innovative Package Design (I got the book last week and am dying to eat it up), and gave a pretty good interview.“It’s (+)

SunChips Pleases Litterbugs and Worms with Compostable Bags

Melodies in Marketing (+)   23/04/2009

Okay, I just had to have some fun with the title. The Sun Chips brand of Frito-Lay, a division of PepsiCo, announced the following in their press release:“This month, the SunChips brand is taking the first step towards this transformational packaging. The (+)

Terracycle to Create Products from Mars Inc. Brands

Melodies in Marketing (+)   23/04/2009

Mars Inc., Terracycle Partner for Waste Reduction Program - Waco Tribune“TerraCycle will repurpose waste packaging from Mars’s U.S. operations into products ranging from cell phone holders and laptop sleeves to messenger bags, significantly reducing the a (+)

9 Traits of Successful Innovators

Melodies in Marketing (+)   20/04/2009

After coming upon this great article by Stefan Lindegaard, I decided to draw it up in an infographic for quick reference and your enjoyment.Please read his article for a detailed description on each attribute.If you like this illustration, feel free to us (+)

Social Media and SEO - Tony Adam, Yahoo

Melodies in Marketing (+)   19/04/2009

[Video Link for Email/Other Subscribers - 40min]As an expert, Tony discusses the role Search Engine Optimization plays in both internet marketing and social media marketing. Listen to how Yahoo approaches SEO and how your brand can maximize its online pre (+)

Word of Mouth Visualized

Melodies in Marketing (+)   17/04/2009

Design Thinker David Armano posted a graphic design contest about 3 weeks ago for a free pass to the Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s Seminar in mid May. So I busted out the following graphic in about 5 hours of work, to convey some of my thoughts on (+)

Amazon Expands Packaging Feedback Program

Melodies in Marketing (+)   16/04/2009

So after recently reading about the expanded Amazon program as part of its Frustration-Free packaging initiative, I decided to check it out myself and give you a visual of how it looks:This is not just an environmental initiative, but a great example of c (+)

Replacing Styrofoam with Mushrooms and Agricultural Waste

Melodies in Marketing (+)   16/04/2009

Ecovative Design is a firm established by two young entrepreneurs who invented a process for making an alternative to expanded polystyrene (aka Styrofoam from Dow Chemical). The unique part is that the material is made from fungi and agricultural waste. T (+)

Sony PlayStations Recycled into Chairs {Article}

Melodies in Marketing (+)   15/04/2009

Recycled PlayStations Have Front-Row Seat in Reee Chair Design - Design NewsPli Design Ltd. originally designed the Reee chair for the Eden Project, a massive greenhouse and environmental center in England, using recycled plastic. After delivering 50 chai (+)

Sustainable Packaging Attitudes Vary Among Generations {Article}

Melodies in Marketing (+)   14/04/2009

Survey Reveals Generation Gaps on Sustainability Attitudes - Packaging Digest“The Sage Group conducted a web-based research study called, “My Views on Environmentally Friendly Packaging,” and delivered it to nearly 800 multiple-generation “friends” via an (+)

Payless ShoeSource Launches Zoe & Zac Green Footwear Line

Melodies in Marketing (+)   14/04/2009

Payless ShoeSource Announces the Launch of Zoe & ZacWhile I don’t shop shoes often, it is refreshing to see a specialty shoe retailer put together a brand that isn’t overtly green, particularly in its branding and product design. The new line promises sus (+)

Volvo World’s Strongest Truck 2

Melodies in Marketing (+)   13/04/2009

The folks at Muskedunder Interactive in Sweden made an online game for their client Volvo last year, in promoting the FH16 700 Truck. According to an update email I received from Magnus:“Mainly because of the fantastic performance of the game, [they’ve ha (+)

Sony Interactive and Social Media - Ann Glenn

Melodies in Marketing (+)   13/04/2009

[Video Link for Email/Other Subscribers - 37min]Ann Glenn is a savvy (un)marketer who has helped Sony use social media tools to market top entertainment brands and franchises like Quantum of Solace, Spider-Man, and Angels and Demons. In this presentation (+)

Unilever’s Sustainable Brand & Business Strategy - Santiago Gowland

Melodies in Marketing (+)   11/04/2009

[Video Link for Email/Other Subscribers - 49min]From Sustainable Brands International in December, comes this interesting presentation from Santiago Gowland - VP Brand & Global Corporate Responsibility, Unilever. He speaks about the company’s Brand Imprin (+)

Heidelberg Launches Green Printing Web Portal {Review}

Melodies in Marketing (+)   10/04/2009

Heidelberg - Green PrintingHeidelberg Druckmaschinen is the world’s largest manufacturer of offset printing machines with over 40% market share. Recently it launched a web portal dedicated to green printing. From their press release I quote:“Green Manufac (+)

To Be Sustainable Organizations, Must Balance Empathy and Power {Article}

Melodies in Marketing (+)   09/04/2009

To Be Sustainable Organizations Must Balance Empathy and Power[Slideshow Link for Email/Other Subscribers]Karl brought up an interesting subject which you can see from the slideshow above, and from his (and his readers’) thoughts in the link above. After (+)

My Interview on Social Media and Marketing

Melodies in Marketing (+)   09/04/2009

Flooring The Consumer: Social Media Series: Mario Vellandi on Bridging New & OldA few weeks ago C.B. Whittemore, an online pal who’s passionate about marketing and in particularly retail, asked me to participate in a Q&A about my thoughts on social media, (+)

Kimberly-Clark Adds Recycled Paper Products to Scott Brand {Article}

Melodies in Marketing (+)   08/04/2009

Kimberly-Clark Launches Recycled Products - Reuters“The launch this month of Scott Naturals makes Kimberly-Clark the first major paper products maker to have a full line that taps into the growing market for environmentally friendly products…Charmin and B (+)

What’s in Your Box of Kleenex? - GreenPeace Campaign

Melodies in Marketing (+)   08/04/2009

[Video Link for Email/Other Subscribers - 2min]I’ll let the video speak for itself and not pass any judgment on Kimberly Clark nor Greenpeace. It never ceases to amaze me what video, social media, and activism can do for a communications campaign. Throw i (+)

FedEx Winning Entry in Corporate Citizenship Film Festival

Melodies in Marketing (+)   08/04/2009

FedEx Takes Off with Top Honors in First Corporate Citizenship Film Festival - CSR WireOrganized by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, it was one of 25 videos entered in the competition. Hitachi placed Second, and Price Waterhouse Cooper (+)

Bioplastic Developments and Hurdles {Article}

Melodies in Marketing (+)   08/04/2009

Bioplastics Show Potential But Some Hurdles Remain - Beverage DailyThis article briefly covers bioplastic’s history, recent developments such as bio propylene and pla with lower carbon footprints than recycled PET, and examines some important remaining sy (+)

EPA Issues New Guidance on Environmental Models {Article}

Melodies in Marketing (+)   07/04/2009

EPA Issues New Guidance on Environmental Models · Environmental LeaderIn order to help make environmental impact and life cycle assessment models credible, the EPA has issued a guidance paper (PDF) from which is quoted:“This guidance recommends best pract (+)

Sustainable Packaging Coalition Develops COMPASS {Resource}

Melodies in Marketing (+)   07/04/2009

COMPASS (Comparative Packaging Assessment)Developed by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition at the request of member firms, COMPASS is described on their About page as follows:“An online software tool for packaging designers and engineers to assess the hum (+)

Sprint and Social Media - Justin Goldsborough

Melodies in Marketing (+)   05/04/2009

[Video Link for Email/Other Subscribers - 40min]Justin runs social media over at Sprint and in this presentation discusses how and why they chose to employ interactive/social media at the corporate level. When I heard him speak, the fun thing was just lis (+)

The Science of Buying - Martin Lindstrom

Melodies in Marketing (+)   04/04/2009

What makes people buy? The question’s been so oft asked and answered by multitudes of marketers, designers, and behavioral scientists over decades that I’m quite sure we can skip the standard textbook answers from these three camps. In the last 4 years th (+)

Aligning Customer Value With Green Value {Article}

Melodies in Marketing (+)   04/04/2009

How to Align Customer Value With Green Value - Leading Green - HarvardBusiness.orgBob Lurie critically addresses two constraining assumptions in questioning whether or not customers will pay a premium for green products:They do not have any tangible benef (+)

Shopper Input Promotes Sustainable Packaging {Articles}

Melodies in Marketing (+)   03/04/2009

Audit May Boost Light Weighting of Packaging - Beverage DailyTesco Runs In-Store Market Research To Cut Packaging - Env. LeaderIn itself, a great idea on multiple fronts:Customer insight yields areas for product improvement and recycling service designDec (+)

Increasing Online Donations: Design & Usability {Article}

Melodies in Marketing (+)   03/04/2009

Donation Usability: Increasing Online Giving to Non-Profits and Charities (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox)Usability Expert Jakob Nielsen gives the lowdown on:User ResearchWhat Donors WantWhat Kills DonationsIntegrating Local Chapters with National/International (+)

Timberland Makes Boot Soles with 42% Recycled Rubber {Article}

Melodies in Marketing (+)   03/04/2009

Timberland Turns Old Tires into New Shoes | Sustainable Life MediaNice! The increased use of recycled content percentages is always quite welcome (at least under most circumstances). You see, the general idea is to use whatever material inclusion process (+)

GoodWorks Blog by Advertising Age

Melodies in Marketing (+)   02/04/2009

GoodWorks - Advertising AgeFamed publication Advertising Age has put up a new blog dedicated to social/cause and environmental marketing. Welcome to the party!We look forward to your stories for this unique niche sector of sustainable journalism.Share and (+)

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