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Possibly not the best way to discuss ‘plain text’

Fawny (+)   10/11/2010

David Pogue’s mishmash of ASCII and em dashes (+)


Fawny (+)   30/09/2010

Have you seen my calling card? Perhaps, if you are especial, the red one? (+)

Battle of the business card

Fawny (+)   23/09/2010

Patrick Bateman, American Psycho: “Look at that subtle off-white colouring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh, my God – it even has a watermark” (+)

Another failure of public typography

Fawny (+)   07/09/2010

Women’s College Hospital in Toronto proposes to plaster Arial caps (with neutral apostrophe) all over their windows (+)

What Windoids think typography is

Fawny (+)   13/07/2010

Comic Sans Swash (+)

(L )

Fawny (+)   18/06/2010

Is Lisa Cholodenko’s new lesberrific movie entitled The Kids Are Alright or The Kids Are All Right? At one time, either (+)

Where Microsoft beats Apple

Fawny (+)   12/04/2010

Microsoft beats Apple in typography. This abomination cannot stand. Here, then, some ways to fix the problem (+)

Gerry Leonidas’s sermon from the mount

Fawny (+)   29/03/2010

Gerry Leonidas (airily): “To paraphrase Goudy, the problem is not... that the old-timers stole all the best ideas, but that the old ideas are in danger of being rediscovered from scratch” (+)

Mar 25 on Church St, hell froze over

Fawny (+)   28/03/2010

Xtra finally experiences a hot-beef-injection-like influx of italics (+)

Unsinkable luxury liner seeks skipper

Fawny (+)   23/01/2010

SEGD is hiring a new boss. Could it be the “signage” organization’s first competent hire? (+)

1 ≠ I

Fawny (+)   11/01/2010

It’s great that Al Gore noticed a ranging-figure 1 was hard to read. It’s hard to read because of the fake bullshit rule that acronyms have to be typeset in small caps (+)

The magazine’s oppressive Adobe Caslon

Fawny (+)   06/01/2010

Suddenly the shittily-designed and -typeset New Yorker has an “oppressive font” (+)

Talking with the taxman about thin spaces

Fawny (+)   24/10/2009

Guess what: Firefox nerds can’t figure out why anybody would want to use a thin space (+)

Hold me closer, Hopeless Diamond

Fawny (+)   24/10/2009

Jonathan Barnbrook’s faceted typeface (+)

A ‘wayfinding’ book that doesn’t suck

Fawny (+)   07/09/2009

Finally. Since the rest of them pretty much do. But The Wayfinding Handbook by Gibson does not (+)

Ascender v. House

Fawny (+)   13/08/2009

Compare and contrast the commitment to quality and high standards of House Industries and AscenderFonts (+)

This movie is sincere, say the squiggles

Fawny (+)   19/06/2009

Squiggly illustration and type drawn with ballpoint pen both connote “sincerity” (+)

South African exolinguistics

Fawny (+)   03/05/2009

How convincing does the alien language in District 9 sound? (And look?) (+)

SEGD hires Pentagram

Fawny (+)   30/04/2009

Society for Environmental Graphic Design hires Pentagram to unfuck its site (+)


Fawny (+)   18/04/2009

What happened at this year’s UofT Engineering Praxis II presentations (again TTC-related) (+)


Fawny (+)   17/04/2009

Here’s a warm washcloth, Valentin. Go clean yourself up before you earn that iron ring (+)


Fawny (+)   10/03/2009

How to ruin the typography of a novel in verse about L.A. lycanthropes (+)

‘Detail in Typography’

Fawny (+)   24/02/2009

Pronounce this name (HOLDS UP SIGN READING “JOST HOCHULI”) (+)

People are books too!

Fawny (+)   06/02/2009

Bobby Bringhurst: “[B]ooks are invisible.” No, they are not (+)

TypeCon of yore

Fawny (+)   22/01/2009

What I had proposed for TypeCon 2008 (+)

Fonts too big?

Fawny (+)   22/01/2009

Relative readability: 16px screen type is like 11pt print type (+)


Fawny (+)   12/01/2009

My article for Scroll is now onliné (+)

‘While You’re Reading’

Fawny (+)   13/10/2008

The rather disappointing While You’re Reading by Gerard Unger (+)

Keep Bill Hill off the Web

Fawny (+)   07/09/2008

Please, Bill! Let us do the development work. And for the love of God, hire some real designers (+)


Fawny (+)   10/08/2008

Enough with the Eureka Carpark already (+)

How not to advance the discussion of Web fonts

Fawny (+)   22/07/2008

Bill Hill’s posting on Web fonts is offputting to the point of repugnance (+)

TypeCon: Learning from mistakes?

Fawny (+)   28/06/2008

TypeCon organizer GRRLZ: Did they realize the errors of their ways or are they just hypocrites? (+)

‘Looking Good: A Guide for Men’

Fawny (+)   15/06/2008

A gay classic? If so: Wittingly or un-? (+)

Type treatments in TTC public art

Fawny (+)   26/02/2008

Two TTC station artworks will include typography. So let’s not blow it (+)

18 years to replace the dot matrix

Fawny (+)   20/12/2007

If we’re given 18 years to replace dot-matrix signs on transportation vehicles, should we even bother? (+)

Kindle complaints, sight unseen

Fawny (+)   23/11/2007

“Kindle” is a great name for a gay dog and a half-arsed name for a consumer product (+)

TTC Type & Tile Triumph 2

Fawny (+)   05/11/2007

26 people came out for the second TTC Type & Tile Tour (+)

TTC Type & Tile Triumph

Fawny (+)   28/10/2007

The first TTC Type & Tile Tour was a roaring success (50 people!) (+)


Fawny (+)   25/10/2007

Would you like negative sharp or positive blurry? (+)

TTC Type & Tile Tour

Fawny (+)   24/10/2007

Touring Toronto subway type ’n’ tiles this Sunday (+)


Fawny (+)   19/09/2007

Exposing the loneliness of the typographer (+)

Where are the women in typography?

Fawny (+)   19/09/2007

An oft-posed question. While the true answer is ‘The typeface does not know you’re a girl,’ here is an alternative response (+)

Capsule reviews of ATypI sessions

Fawny (+)   18/09/2007

Quickie reviews of sessions at ATypI Brighton 2007 (+)

Kevin Larson: ‘Better than a poke in the eye’

Fawny (+)   16/09/2007

Presentation by Kevin Larson: What exactly is eye fatigue? (+)

‘Inscribed in the Living Tile’

Fawny (+)   16/09/2007

Yes, my book-chapter-length treatise on TTC signage is finally done (+)

Albert-Jan Pool: ‘DIN 1451’

Fawny (+)   15/09/2007

Presentation by Albert-Dan Pool, designer of FF DIN, on pretty much the entire history of DIN (+)

Matthew Carter: ‘Bruce Rogers and his Centaur type’

Fawny (+)   15/09/2007

Presentation by Matthew Carter on Bruce Rogers, especially as a book designer and überperfectionist (+)

Karen Cheng: ‘Teaching type in the city’

Fawny (+)   15/09/2007

Presentation by Karen Cheng on teaching sophomore graphic-design students to design type (+)

Phil Baines: ‘From the Motor Car Act to motorways’

Fawny (+)   15/09/2007

Presentation by Phil Baines on, inevitably, motorway signs (+)

Akira Kobayashi: ‘Sansserif types and their humanistic backgrounds’

Fawny (+)   14/09/2007

Presentation on, essentially, Avenir Next and Palatino Sans (+)

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