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Every soviet poster no matter the date of creation bears a stamp of expressiveness and graphical quality. The attention to details is awesome. The scope of techniques is endless. Soviet posters are a treasure chest with inspiration for any graphical desig (Visitar)

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A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   09/09/2009

Hi, friends! A Soviet Poster a Day Blog is no more! It has ceased to be. But there's no reason to cry as I have just started two other blogs: and Feel free to subscribe to "Dog Posters" and "War Posters". I had great tim (+)

The Lies Machine

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   18/12/2007

Lies Machine Gun (TASS Window #625)Kukryniksy, Lebedev-Kumach, 1942 In a man to man fight, the winner is he who has one more round in his magazine.Erwin RommelNo matter the actions,Killer Hitler can’t hide his failures,At Rzhev and Stalingrad.To deceive (+)

You play to win the game

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   13/12/2007

USSR is a mighty sports power!B. Reshetnikov, 1962 Serious sport has nothing to do with fair play. It is bound up with hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, disregard for all rules and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence: in other words it is war minus t (+)

Stuff that matters

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   12/12/2007

Staff makes absolutely all the difference. StalinG. Klutsis, 1935 This is a quote from the speech delivered by Joseph Stalin for the military academies graduates in the Grand Kremlin Palace on the 4th of May 1935. During this event he also uttered anoth (+)

Silence is gold

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   10/12/2007

Keep your mouth shut!N. Vatolina, N. Denisov, 1941 The energetic verse says the following: Keep your eyes open.These daysEven the walls have ears.Chatter and gossipGo hand in hand withTreason. This is one of the most famous posters of the WW2. It was cre (+)

The perfect citizen

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   06/12/2007

Smoke cigarettesI. Rosanov, S. Sakharov, 1950 Just smoke cigarettes. No brand advertized whatsoever. This was because in the Soviet times all the factories were controlled by the ministries, which were specifying the amount of goods to produce. So to me (+)

Marching into eternity

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   05/12/2007

To Defend USSRV. Kulagina, 1930 This striking poster was created by Valentina Kulagina, who was one of the most expressive woman poster artists of the first half of the 20th century. She was married to Gustav Klutsis (see his posters) - another represen (+)

Homo Homini...

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   03/12/2007

A man is a friend, comrade and brother to a man!B. Soloviev, 1962 This cheerful poster goes back to 1961. During the XXII Convention of Communist Party of the Soviet Union the Moral Codex of Communist Builder was adopted. This was a significant event, a (+)

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   28/11/2007

Glory to the explorers of space!A. Leonov, A. Sokolov, 1971 This is a remarkable poster, a result of collaboration between an artist Andrey Sokolov and a Soviet cosmonaut Alexey Leonov, who did the painting for this poster. In 1965 he and Pavel Belyaev w (+)

Work is the curse of the drinking classes

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   27/11/2007

Let’s thrash it!V. Deni, 1930 This is a beautiful anti-alcohol poster created by Victor Deni – who was one of the brightest soviet poster artists of the first half of the century. The poster shows a Red Worker standing in front of steaming factory pipes (+)

Leningrad is calling up

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   26/11/2007

Leningrad is calling upUnknown artist, 1930 The telegraph tape stuck to the poster says (note the absence of punctuation marks): ATTENTION EVERYBODYTHE WORKERS OF LENINGRAD FACTORIESFULFILL THE FIVE YEAR PLAN ONMAIN PRODUCTSIN THREE YEARSPROLETARIAT OF (+)

There and back

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   23/11/2007

To The West!Ivanov V.S., 1943 Our strength consists in our speed and in our brutality. Genghis Khan led millions of women and children to slaughter—with premeditation and a happy heart. History sees in him solely the founder of a state. It’s a matter of (+)

Dramatic Transformation

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   22/11/2007

Transformation of fritzes (The TASS Window №640)Kukriniksy, 1942 The poster verse says:These are not the animals with wild howlCrossing stormy river flow.This is Hitler kickingTroops eastward. Here where all the windows are loop-holes,And the bushes hid (+)

A bigger pack

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   21/11/2007

Smoke cigarettes “The Pack”M. Bulanov, 1927 A tobacco advertizing poster from the NEP era. The slogan says: Smoke cigarettes “The Pack”[Available] Nowhere but in Mosselprom The poster advertizes cigarettes named as simple as “The Pack”. The poster shows (+)

Man's power

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   20/11/2007

Man’s power – to help the woman!A . Rudkovich, 1970 Carrying on with the woman’s subject. Here is a nice social poster of the seventies devoted to elimination of spongers and parasites not only in the economy, but in private life of Soviet people as wel (+)

We bring fear to the bourgeoisie!

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   19/11/2007

Worker and peasant women – all should go to the polls!N. Valerianov, 1925 The poster says: Worker and peasant women – all should go to the polls!Gather under the Red Banner along with men,We bring fear to the bourgeoisie! Women in traditional peasant sar (+)

Everything for the Victory

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   15/11/2007

Everything for the VictoryWomen of USSR for the FrontA. Kokorekin, 1942It were not only the Soviet Soldiers who were the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. 15 mln of Soviet women were accomplishing a great labor feat on the home front. The evacuation whi (+)

It’s the Hero’s heart who fights the fight

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   14/11/2007

Glory to heroes of Brest FortressO. Savostjuk, B. Uspenskiy, 1969 This is a poster created to commemorate the great defense of Brest, performed by Soviet soldiers in 1941. The poster shows a soldier holding a RPG-40 antitank grenade ready to make a thro (+)

I'm so crazy I don't know this isn't possible

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   13/11/2007

Let's conquer the virgin blue!V. Gorlenko, 1964 Sometimes the ideas for Soviet Posters seem to be quite hilarious. Take this one from the sixties. It shows a great number of ducklings, who carry slogans which say: “Let’s conquer the virgin blue!” They a (+)

Long Live the World October

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   12/11/2007

Long Live the World OctoberG. Klutsis, 1933 The International Communist Revolution was an idea by Karl Marx mentioned in his Communist Manifesto. He thought that the class struggle would wipe the borders and all workers and peasants would finally live h (+)

From Russia with Love

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   10/11/2007

Intourist. Transsiberian expressM. Litvak, 1930 Here is a great example of the advertising posters of the thirties. This one is aimed at foreign audience as it is promoting the Transsiberian Express journey. The poster shows a curved surface of the Earth (+)

The way machine sees us

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   08/11/2007

The EleventhV. Stenberg, A. Stenberg, 1928 Laughing Man: You could put it like that, I suppose. "I am the machine that reveals the world to you as only I alone am able to see it" Motoko: Dziga Vertov. He was a Russian film maker, wasn't he? Ghost In The (+)

You say you wanna revolution

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   07/11/2007

90th Anniversary of the October RevolutionBukheevy, 2007 Don't you know it's gonna be all rightall right, all rightRevolution by John Lennon, The Beatles Today is the 90th Anniversary of the October Revolution. This was a milestone event in the history (+)

From the craddle

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   06/11/2007

“Soviet Posters in France” Art ExhibitionA. Yakushin, 1974 In Russian a poster is called “плакат”, or placard. The word itself originates from the verb “plaquer” – to stick, or to glue in French. France played the main role in development of poster... (+)

The people's Army

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   02/11/2007

Workers' and Peasants' Red Army15 anniversary Art ExhibitionA. Deyneka, 1933From wild forest to the British seas - Red Army is the mightiest!"One of the famous revolutionary marches of the Civil WarThis is an art exhibition poster devoted to the Soviet Re (+)

Monumental Power!

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   31/10/2007

Moscow is the capital of the USSREl Lissitzky, 1940What an absolutely brilliant poster it is! It was created by El Lissitzky, who was one of the originators of Suprematism movement along with Kazimir Malevich. Lissitzky’s genius was versatile, as during h (+)

Nowhere but in Mosselprom!

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   30/10/2007

Nowhere but in MosselpromA. Rodchenko, V. Mayakovsky, 1925This is one of the most significant Soviet advertising posters ever. This is a result of a collaboration between Vladimir Maykovsky– who was the most noted poet of the twenties, and Alexander Rodch (+)

Keep in revolutionary step!

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   29/10/2007

Keep in revolutionary step!V. Zhabsky, 1975This is a poster from the seventies – and to my mind this is not the best graphical work of soviet poster heritage. But it is certainly worth mentioning because of its distinctive style. The slogan says: “Kee (+)

Heavy washing

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   26/10/2007

Go to banya after working hoursUnknown artist, 1932Bid them wash their faces,And keep their teeth clean.William Shakespeare, The Tragedy of CoriolanusRussians always liked bathing in banyas, which is a traditional Russian steam bath. It is quite similar t (+)

I broke the traffic code

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   25/10/2007

I broke the traffic codeUnknown artist, 1939The poster shows a man with an inscribed red Russian letter “Я”, meaning personal pronoun “I” in Russian. The man is on crutches as his leg is lacking. This is why the letter “Я” doesn’t have a l (+)

Better to feed one cat, than many mice

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   24/10/2007

Bread for Motherland!V. Kononov, 1978In 1970 the new Five Year was being drafted in the same manner as the previous ones. But the worker’s riots at Gdansk Shipyard made the Soviet Government change its plans. The Prague Spring events and their dreadful (+)

Here’s our profit!

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   23/10/2007

Here’s our profit!V. Koretsky, 1965By 1964 Khrushchev’s reforms in industry and agriculture were not quite successful. Growth was slowing down, erection of Berlin Wall and Cuban Missile Crisis damaged greatly the image of USSR in Europe and worsen the (+)

Down with scamps, who harass women!

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   22/10/2007

Down with scamps, who harass women!K. Rotov, 1930Dictatorships do cut down on rape, and pillage, not to mention sexual harassment, by the simple expedient of sending people to labor camps for life or cutting off their hands without a trial.Barbara AmielIn (+)

Can't reach Germany? Yeah, right.

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   19/10/2007

Long live the mighty aviation of the socialism country!V. Dobrovolsky, 1939No enemy bomber can reach the Ruhr. If one reaches the Ruhr, my name is not Goering. You may call me Meyer.Hermann Goering addressing the Luftwaffe (September 1939) as quoted in Au (+)

Diarrhea, cha cha cha!

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   18/10/2007

Our children must not have diarrhea!G. Shubina, 1940It is still just unbelievable to us that diarrhea is one of the leading causes of child deaths in the world. Melinda GatesThe poster says: “Our children must not have diarrhea!” The text at the bott (+)

No escape from the people’s revenge!

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   17/10/2007

No escape from the people’s revenge!I. Rabichev, 1941In fighting against a guerilla warfare, the ratio is nine versus one or ten versus one.Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono - an Indonesian retired military general and statesman and the sixth President of Indone (+)

The power of ideas

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   16/10/2007

The pipe of StalinV. Deni, 1930Ideas are far more powerful than guns. We don't allow our enemies to have guns, why should we allow them to have ideas?Joseph StalinStalin was an avid smoker. But unlike Winston Churchill who was a cigar man, Stalin liked pi (+)

Down with kitchen slavery!

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   15/10/2007

Down with kitchen slavery! Let there be new household life!G. Shegal, 1931In 1917 the majority of laws of Russian Empire were repealed. Instead the first Soviet Constitution of 1918 declared full rights of women in divorcements, private property, children (+)

Another brave new world

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   12/10/2007

Let Pluralism Live Long!Author unknown, EightiesThose who hope that we shall move away from the socialist path will be greatly disappointed. Every part of our program of perestroika […] is fully based on the principle of more socialism and more democrac (+)

Telling fish stories

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   11/10/2007

Purity – to Seas!V. Karakashev, L. Levshunova, 1973Only the gamefish swims upstream,But the sensible fish swims down. Ogden Nash, When You Say That, SmileHere is a social poster which relates to the United Nations Conference held in London in 1973. Duri (+)

Making no bones

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   10/10/2007

All start with “Г”D. Moor (Orlov), 1941I want war. To me all means will be right. My motto is not "Don't, whatever you do, annoy the enemy." My motto is "Destroy him by all and any means." I am the one who will wage the war!Adolf HitlerThis is a post (+)

If the shoe fits, it's too expensive

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   09/10/2007

Resintrust GaloshesV. Bayuskin, 1925Galoshes are waterproof overshoes made of vulcanized rubber. In the last century they were worn over boots and shoes to protect them in rough conditions. Nowadays in Russia they are used only with valenki (a traditional (+)

Death to world imperialism

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   08/10/2007

Death to world imperialismD. Moor (Orlov), 1920We must bear in mind that imperialism is a world system, the last stage of capitalism — and it must be defeated in a world confrontation. The strategic end of this struggle should be the destruction of impe (+)

Communism? Easy!

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   08/10/2007

Lenin and electrificationShass - Kobelev, 1925“The economic historian Paul A. David […] noted that while the lightbulb was invented in 1879, it took several decades for electrification to kick in and have a big economic and productivity impact. Why? B (+)

That’s the way to shoot

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   05/10/2007

That’s the way to shoot – every shell is a foe.V. Koretsky, 1943This is my rifle. There are many like it but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my rifle is useless. Witho (+)


A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   04/10/2007

Glory to the Soviet Science!Unknown artist, 1957The United States now sleeps under a Soviet moon.Nikita Khrushchyov - the leader of the Soviet Union after the death of Joseph Stalin50 years ago on October 4 1957 Soviet Union launched the first artificial (+)

No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   03/10/2007

Glory to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War! Glory to the Stalin’s falcons!P. Vandyshev, L. Torich, 1941This airforce poster was created in 1941 - right after the beginning of the World War 2.In the foreground there is an aircraft gunner who operates (+)

In victory, you deserve Champagne, in defeat, you need it

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   02/10/2007

The best grape wine - The Soviet ChampagneN. Martynov, 1952“Soviet Champagne” has always been a part of every Soviet holiday and anniversary feast. It was the one and only brand available for the people. The “Soviet Champagne” brand was created in (+)

Still on duty

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   30/09/2007

Our forces are innumerableV. Koretsky, 1941Victor Koretsky is the author of this poster. He is one of the most noted Soviet poster artists. His trademark technique was combination of black and white photos with pencil graphics and bright gouache fillings. (+)

If we don't end war, war will end us

A Soviet Poster A Day (+)   28/09/2007

Victory!O. Savostjuk, B. Uspenskiy, 1969This poster was created in naive manner which resembled children’s drawings. Hammer and Sickle on the red flag above celebrates the victory over the fascist regime in a form of thrown down black German banners at (+)

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