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Design Float is a Digg style, community driven news aggregator dedicated to the design industry. (Visitar)

Links for 2007-07-23 []

Design Float (+)   28/07/2007

Calikartel Magazine - Fashion photography, advertising and art directionLee Davies Graphic Design3 Vote(s) (+)

Links for 2007-07-14 []

Design Float (+)   28/07/2007

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories - Making the World a Better Place, One Evil Mad Scientist at a TimeVIDVOX2 Vote(s) (+)

Interview with Eric Olson, Designer of Klavika

Design Float (+)   23/07/2007

This series was originally conceived for Japanese designers, to introduce well-crafted Western fonts and the contemporary designers behind them. In the end though, we enjoyed these interviews so much ourselves, we decided to publish them in the Engl1 Vote (+)

Eric Olson and his new font Seravek

Design Float (+)   22/07/2007

Eric Olson, designer of Bryant and Stratum has just released5 Vote(s) (+)

Links for 2007-07-13 []

Design Float (+)   19/07/2007

Luna MaurerHerbert W. Kapitzki2 Vote(s) (+)

Stephanie DeArmond

Design Float (+)   19/07/2007

5 Vote(s) (+)


Design Float (+)   18/07/2007

This is pretty interesting... Computer generated text, using2 Vote(s) (+)

Links for 2007-07-01 []

Design Float (+)   18/07/2007

Michael Fakesch1 Vote(s) (+)

Paula Scher "Type is image"

Design Float (+)   18/07/2007

Paula Scher, finalist of the National Design Awards for 2007 in graphics, shows how the type can be image, check it out.4 Vote(s) (+)

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