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My Vaio UX

Cocoia (+)   14/03/2011

In the category of ‘mobile computing that never made it’ and ‘things the iPad utterly killed’, the UMPC is (was?) a term for very small PCs that can do everything your average laptop or desktop can, but in a small form factor. Since PC makers figured the (+)


Cocoia (+)   03/11/2010

Boy, it’s been a while. I really need to update everyone on what’s up and what’s coming up.- I’ve been working hard for the Mothership for the last months (hence the blog silence) and really enjoying the big workload. I’m very thankful to work with a lot (+)

iPhone 4 icon PSD file

Cocoia (+)   09/06/2010

I’ve updated the iPhone / iPad icon PSD I released not too long ago with some fixes and a 114×114 pixel icon template for designing icons for Apple’s hottest new device. Download it here. I cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies, flaws and errors in (+)

Making droids look good

Cocoia (+)   03/06/2010

It’s always a huge leap for a designer to come up with designs for a platform you’re not familiar with. I remember feeling extremely uncomfortable at first when I designed my first iPhone icons and interfaces, and while the iPad was a logical extension of (+)

Redesigning Steam for Mac

Cocoia (+)   05/05/2010

Steam for Mac will be available for download in a week’s time. Steam, for the uninitiated, is the world’s largest gaming platform, serving in essence as an ‘iTunes for games’. Steam lets you buy, try, and play games, stay connected with other gamers and f (+)

Free books for your iPad

Cocoia (+)   08/04/2010

Few people know that the iPad is actually very open when it comes to books. While the only means to purchase books for it is the iBookstore on the iPad itself (so far), it’s possible to import ePub files into iTunes and sync them to your device. Here’s so (+)

Mamba Giveaway Extended

Cocoia (+)   06/04/2010

I got some questions about the giveaway, but I was traveling and unable to update you all on the status.I’ve been awarded three extra Razer Mamba mice to giveaway, so I’m extending the giveaway for 10 more days. See the original post for more information (+)

Swiss Interface Syndrome.

Cocoia (+)   12/04/2008

I have been noticing a disturbing trend in custom interface design of third party applications for Mac OS X. As it is no longer an exception for software developers to build interface elements that are entirely unique to their application, the threshold (+)

Helvetica (Documentary) on TV.

Cocoia (+)   06/11/2007

The Serif reports that a shortened version of Helvetica, the eponymous documentary about the typeface, will be shown tonight. It will show on BBC 1 at 10.35 PM Greenwhich Mean Time. I haven’t seen it yet, but going from what I have heard, it’s very much w (+)

Tutorial: Toolbar buttons.

Cocoia (+)   27/06/2007

Okay, I thought it was time for a concise tutorial. We all know the Safari toolbar icons; they are, basically, buttons. To design these properly, you want some elements to be in order; a texture, basic shading, the beveling of the glyphs inside. In this t (+)

Nailed that poster.

Cocoia (+)   15/04/2007

Wohoo, even more purdy images. I just had to show this one. It’s purrrrdy. Dear iSight Expert and Praetorian Beta testers, there are some good things in the pipeline! I think I’ll do some updates tomorrow or in the next few days, perhaps release a def (+)

Heart-eating experiment continued.

Cocoia (+)   13/04/2007

Building further on my experiments with OpenGL.As you can see, some color modulation and a post-process blur with additive blending does give it an edge. It’s nice, soft, and scenic. It can output a cool 40 images per minute, in it’s current, raw form (+)

Typographic Wednesday; TDC Winners!

Cocoia (+)   04/04/2007

For this small weekly, I wanted to put the spotlight on the heroes of this year in typography; the Annual Type Director’s Club selection, including one of my favorite, part-Dutch foundries; Underware. These very good designers bring out innovative and v (+)

Typographic Wednesday; Dreamfonts and redesigns.

Cocoia (+)   21/03/2007

It’s wednesday again, time for the weekly type feature. Some people claim this weblog has no base to make typographic posts on, but I disagree; type design, by it’s very nature, is hacking the way we read. I wanted to start this post with a font that (+)

Typographic Wednesday; Helvetica: The Movie, Wim Crouwel, and more.

Cocoia (+)   14/03/2007

It’s Typographic Wednesday again, time for some nice insider news from the typography scene. Helvetica; the movie has started showing! I am very excited and I will be sure to buy the movie as soon as it comes out. It’s already been dubbed ‘the most (+)

Typographic Wednesday

Cocoia (+)   07/03/2007

It’s the first typographic Wednesday, a wednesday selection of what has been going on in typography last week. Two new releases, and some nice imagery - let’s take a look.The biggest news, of course, was March second - the first glimpse at Meta Serif (+)

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