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The Skinny (Visitar)

Veer at SXSW 2011

Veer (+)   08/03/2011

It must be March, because we're prepping to send a Veer contingent to Austin for SXSW Interactive. Here's a few ways you can find us (and pick up some merch) when you're not busy soaking up wisdom at the presentations.Swing by our booth (#1036) anytime to (+)

State mottos project

Veer (+)   16/02/2011

Fifty designers and fifty state mottos collide in the Fifty and Fifty project, curated by New York's Dan Cassaro.In his own words: “Fifty designers, one per state, will illustrate their state motto, creating something steeped in history but completely mod (+)

Win a trip around the world from Veer

Veer (+)   15/11/2010

The third week of the Free-For-All event has ended, and the winner of the $5000 shopping spree at REI is... Melissa Hallock of Rhode Island!So begins Free-For-All's fourth and final week, with a travel theme. Everyone who downloads this week will be enter (+)

The second winner of Free-For-All is...

Veer (+)   09/11/2010

The second week of the Free-For-All is history, and plenty of people got in on the images, fonts, and papercraft.Everyone who participated was entered in the draw for a $5000 Amazon spending spree. And the winner is.... Matt J. Fuller of Glenview, Illinoi (+)

Free-For-All first week winner

Veer (+)   01/11/2010

The first week of the Free-For-All event is over and was a huge success. Nearly 20,000 people downloaded images, fonts, and avatars for free, and were entered in the draw for a $5000 Apple Store spending spree.And the winner of that spree is Kim Remington (+)

Dave Mott is Veer's MVP!

Veer (+)   13/10/2010

Sound the buzzer! The turnout for the Veer Rebound Playoff on Dribbble was outstanding. When the buzzer sounded, there were 107 entries, countless comments, and nearly 1000 votes cast.In the end, 10 finalists were chosen by the Dribbble community, and eac (+)

The ghost of cameras past

Veer (+)   12/10/2010

For those grown accustomed to the immediate gratification of a digital image, the instant camera is a cute, but ultimately pitiful, symbol of days long past. "Remember when people stood there and watched the photo develop? So adorable." For others, it's s (+)

Catch the action at Veer's sponsored Dribbble playoff!

Veer (+)   06/10/2010

Floor seats to the best game in town? You've got 'em. From today, until Wednesday, October 13, see how the Dribbble creative community takes and reworks three B's from Alejandro Paul's swashy, sporty Fan Script.Dribbblers (who thrive in a tastefully baske (+)

Follow @VeerUpdate and decipher the anagram of the day to enter a draw for a special-edition iPad

Veer (+)   04/10/2010

Puzzles and great giveaways – two things we can’t get enough of. We love them so much that we’re turning the entire month of October into a bonanza of anagram and iPad™ fun. Sixteen anagrams to be specific, and four iPads customized by ColorWare.How can y (+)

Submit rejected work to Project Never

Veer (+)   04/10/2010

For all the disagreements. For all the hassles. For every time your best concept got slapped away with a casual, “we’re not going in that direction." For every time you heard "no."“Rejection never felt this good.” That's the theme of Project Never, which (+)

Creative, geeky AND fun: MIT's chain reaction event

Veer (+)   29/09/2010

Here's something for anyone who daydreams about being one of the engineers behind OK GO's This Too Shall Pass video rather than one of the band members. Now in it's thirteenth year, the MIT Museum's Friday After Thanksgiving Chain Reaction creates one mas (+)

Typography legend FTW

Veer (+)   28/09/2010

Matthew Carter was described in a 2005 New Yorker profile to be “universally acknowledged as the most significant designer of type in America.” He is also probably the most-read designer in the world, having created the ubiquitous machine fonts Verdana an (+)

PANTONE's economic stimulus plan

Veer (+)   23/09/2010

Those fiends at PANTONE have just introduced a line of color chip credit cards. There are five colors available, all chosen from the Fashion Color forecast for spring 2011. They even have a handy chart to help you decide which card best reflects your pers (+)

Lovely Lullatone

Veer (+)   22/09/2010

Lullatone is an "art, music and good ideas group" based in Japan. Their site has all sorts of fun stuff, from instructions on how to make your own xylophone from cardboard and rubber bands to the Raindrop Melody Maker that lets you make your own lullabies (+)

Congratulations to Dennis McMahon!

Veer (+)   16/09/2010

The winners of the Where Did You Take Your Activity Book? photo contest have been announced. Congratulations to Dennis McMahon whose photo, shown above (and taken in Colorado's Great Sand Dunes National Park) was declared most amazing.Eleven runners-up re (+)

Painting with iPad

Veer (+)   16/09/2010

Making future magic from what I can gleen is a blog by Dentsu London used as a platform for magical future ( more future media forms as opposed to sci-fi ) looking things they or others have made - this is one of them - in collaboration with BERG. BERG al (+)

Wilkosz + Way

Veer (+)   14/09/2010

Bert + Ernie, Han + Luke, ketchup + mustard. Of all the dynamic duos I am fond of, Wilkosz + Way is my favourite. The Calgary-based photographers extraordinaire have recently revamped their website, which features an interesting glass negatives series, am (+)

Canter's Delicatessen & Deliscript

Veer (+)   08/09/2010

Type designer Michael Doret has written an interesting account of how his Deliscript has come full circle, inspiring new branding by Canter's Delicatessen – the brand that originally inspired Doret's font.Confusing, right? In his own words:“...I had set w (+)

Restarchitektur and how to read it

Veer (+)   03/09/2010

Restarchitektur translates to 'remainder architecture'. At least, that's what Babelfish tells me. in his Restarchitektur series, German photographer Marcus Buck shows disappeared buildings through the marks they left behind. His photos remind me of a clip (+)

Win a special-edition iPad from Veer!

Veer (+)   01/09/2010

You might love this. We had some iPads customized by the folks at ColorWare and one of them is up for grabs this week.All you have to do is enter the Where Did You Take Your Activity Book? contest, ending September 7, 2010. Grab your copy of the Super Inc (+)

Enjoy the Super-Incredible Activity Book for Creatives online!

Veer (+)   30/08/2010

If you didn't get your hands on a printed copy of the Super-Incredible Activity Book for Creatives in our latest mail-out, we've got you covered. There are plenty of other ways to enjoy Veer's seventh annual activity book – including printable PDFs and a (+)

Plush chops & butcher shops

Veer (+)   30/08/2010

We've posted about Lizette Greco before - she's the artist/mom behind the fantastical stuffed creatures based on her children's drawings. Here, the trio has created their very own butcher shop, with childish renditions of cuts of meat, cleavers, and handm (+)


Veer (+)   27/08/2010

An interactive piece by Qubibi on the theme of India for the magazine Pen. I tried translating through babelfish and this is part of what I got -> accumulates [karuma] by the fact that the rolling and the child are made, falls eventually to Ganges an (+)

Letter Playground

Veer (+)   26/08/2010

Nate Williams put together this submissions based letter interpretation project kind of like Word it but nice and trim, one letter at a time...I've been trolling through these for a while now...not sure how long it's been up but it's great, see for yourse (+)

Read comics...IN PUBLIC!

Veer (+)   25/08/2010

August 28th is International Read Comics in Public Day. This event was organized by a small group of radicals aiming to overthrow the novel-and-newspaper hegemony we've suffered under for too long. Or maybe they just want to hang out and read cool stuff o (+)

Lisa Brawn woodcuts

Veer (+)   24/08/2010

Lisa Brawn makes woodcuts from salvaged wood. She paints the woodcuts and her colour choices seem to suit each piece perfectly. I saw some of these at Art Central a few months back and they are darn good looking in person. I am with want.She uses Phaeton (+)

Only Revolutions and record sleeves

Veer (+)   18/08/2010

The antediluvian art of the album cover doesn't get much love these days, which makes it even more exciting to come across something special. Biffy Clyro hasn't yet set the world on fire, but the art for their 2009 release Only Revolutions is striking and (+)

Ratatat | Drugs

Veer (+)   18/08/2010

Inspired by stock photography's clichéd inauthentic 'stock' look Carl Burgess did up this great video Drugs by Ratatat. I must admit my first impression in the first few seconds was...this is sort of creepy but also kind of crappy...what the hell is this! (+)

Wallpaper for your iPhone 4

Veer (+)   17/08/2010

You asked, you were terribly patient, and we've delivered... three new wallpapers for every modern device – including versions that look sharp on the iPhone 4's retina display. We'll be updating all of the older iPhone wallpapers as time permits.Take your (+)

Designed to annoy

Veer (+)   16/08/2010

Industrial designer Eric Askin has created an unusual cigarette pack prototype, designed to frustrate and discourage users. Where conventional packages are convenient, his is cumbersome. With an odd diamond shape and narrow opening, Askin's package transf (+)

A short film about word association

Veer (+)   13/08/2010

Running away, runway, airplane, birds flying, a fly... let your eyes and mind wander over Words, a short film of visual word association by Everynone. (+)

Janette Beckman, Archive of Attitude

Veer (+)   11/08/2010

Photographer Janette Beckman has a talent for finding the epicenter of cultural movements. She photographs music and fashion subcultures at the height of their relevance and energy. The Project Space gallery in Los Angeles has a retrospect of her work ope (+)

Mysterious minimalist Canadiana

Veer (+)   11/08/2010

This video is one of a series created by Parks Canada in the 1970s and 1980s to celebrate the country's national parks. They aired for years on publicly-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation television, burrowing their way into the collective unconsciou (+)

Yetis, zombies, & robots

Veer (+)   11/08/2010

For fans of yetis, zombies, robots, and opening containers to find a smaller one inside… these hand-painted matryoshkas are a side project of Vancouver-based animator Andrew Ford. They are not animated… but would look nice sitting very still on your desk (+)

Swap your shop

Veer (+)   09/08/2010

You already know how to Travel In Your Tribe and stay with like-minded professionals and enthusiasts during your travels. Now the folks at Swap Your Shop have posed the question “Why not take your work with you?”. It's a new community site that helps you (+)

A young Turner?

Veer (+)   30/07/2010

What did you think when you saw the image above? That's a nice watercolour? Quite pleasing on the eye? Your view of it might change slightly when you realise that the artist is just seven years old. Kieron Williamson's first exhibition recently opened in (+)

A super-incredible sneak peek

Veer (+)   29/07/2010

What's 7" x 5.75", 100 pages long, and packed full of diversions? Keep an eye on your mailboxes and inboxes next week for something super-incredible. (+)

A man and his giant soap bubbles

Veer (+)   29/07/2010

Do not ask why this man is alone in the woods with a giant bubble wand. Nor should you worry about the trials bound to be had by someone bringing several gallons of bubble mixture out into the wilderness. Rather, just sit back, look at all the pretty colo (+)

Veer PhotoOp 2010

Veer (+)   28/07/2010

A few weeks back held a large 4 day shoot event in Calgary. You may have seen some of the action on Twitter with the hashtag #PhotoOp2010.We called it "PhotoOp 2010". We invited 9 photographers from different backgrounds (assignment, interiors, traditiona (+)

A new look and new features at Veer

Veer (+)   15/07/2010

Change is good. That's the rallying cry at Veer this week, where (you may have noticed) we've just refreshed the website and introduced some new features and conveniences to make your creative day easier.* images are more affordable and individual fonts s (+)

Apple's 1984 ad is depressing, needs robots

Veer (+)   09/07/2010

What would happen if you took the storyboard for Apple's iconic 1984 commercial and tested it on a focus group? Confusion, boredom, and the request for brighter colors. Oh, and maybe some robot dancing. This video was created to open the 2007 Hatch Awards (+)

Buy art, help animals

Veer (+)   09/07/2010

Illustrator Kelly Light had a great idea to raise money for the clean up effort in the Gulf of Mexico. She asked for art card donations from her illustrator friends and started selling them online for a $10 donation. She quickly raised $6000 for two chari (+)

Scavenging scavengers

Veer (+)   07/07/2010

Post-apocalyptic robots and exoskeletons made entirely of reclaimed wood. That's BLANKS, a series of sculptures by artist Tyler Jackson set in a world of scavengers and poisonous gases. Between the recycling and the environmental wasteland, there's some d (+)

Your opinion means nothing to Comic Sans

Veer (+)   29/06/2010

Recently, Comic Sans responded to the critics. Such language! (+)

Typefaces face the ink test

Veer (+)   29/06/2010

Sure Impact is attention-getting, but do you need to use it for everything you print? If your office expenses have gotten out of control, you might want to consider switching to something a little less ink-guzzling. Changing to, say, Garamond, will not on (+)

Field Notes go country

Veer (+)   28/06/2010

Draplin and Coudal, already have a loyal cult following for their Field Notes brand of pocket notebooks, with regular releases in limited edition colors. The latest release is more epic. This week there are 50 new sets – one for each American state – cont (+)

California is a place

Veer (+)   25/06/2010

California is a place. You probably already knew that. But what about California is a place? That's an idea, a project and a website. Go there and you can watch four beautiful short films, each telling a California story that feels universal. The site is (+)

Starbucks commercial features Affair

Veer (+)   24/06/2010

Typefaces play starring roles in this great commercial from Starbucks, which casts Affair by Alejandro Paul as the fiery femme fatale. An excellent choice by our coffee overlords. (+)

Ten bucks on those guys in green

Veer (+)   11/06/2010

The 2010 World Cup is here, and it's time for clueless North Americans to choose a team to root for. For me, that means weighing a number of important factors - coolness of uniform, presence of amusingly crazy team member or coach, strangeness of on-field (+)

Please do not touch the artwork

Veer (+)   11/06/2010

There are benefits to not being a fabulously wealthy hip hop entrepreneur. I mean, there are some problems I will just never have to deal with: how to clean the solid-gold bathtub, maintaining optimum humidity levels in the sneaker warehouse, house guests (+)

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