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Jo De Baerdemaeker 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   30/01/2011

Belgian multilingual typedesigner and researcher Jo De Baerdemaeker gratuated in 1999 at the art academy Sint Lukas in Brussels. After that he studied at the Plantin-Moretus Society in Antwerp and University of Reading.We ask him how his interest in typog (+)

Kustaa Saksi 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   09/11/2010

Finland born illustrator Kustaa Saksi is nowadays living and working in Amsterdam. He has been working with various clients in the world of fashion, music and entertainment. His world of imagination illustrates wonderful surrealistic landscapes, strange c (+)

Veronika Burian 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   14/10/2010

Veronika Burian got her first degree in industrial design, but her interests shifted more and more towards typography. Discovering her true passion for type, she graduated with distinction from the master’s programme in typeface design in Reading, UK. In (+)

James Bull 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   06/10/2010

In 1998 James Bull founded, together with Ben Wolstenholme and Joe Sharpe, the branding agency Moving Brands, after they graduated in Graphic Design from Central Saint Martins. Moving Brands is an independent brand and digital agency with offices in Londo (+)

Erwin Bauer 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   26/09/2010

Erwin K. Bauer is a trained agriculturist and graphic designer. His interdisciplinary design studio Bauer Konzept & Gestaltung was founded in 1996 and is located in the Alpenmichzentrale building in Vienna.Since we’re at the European Design Awards, we ask (+)

Barry de Bruin 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   20/09/2010

Barry de Bruin is one of the partners of Rotterdam based graphic design studio ping-pong. According to this selfmade man the world will explode if he doesn’t skip every other step of this one specific ‘stairs of doom’. Since Barry likes to cook we ask him (+)

Defundo - Live at Integrated 2009

Typeradio Podcast (+)   14/09/2010

Live recording of Typeradio’s presentation at the Integrated 2009 conference in Antwerp by international typographic quartet Defundo. Performed songs are ‘Lorem Ipsum’, ‘Typeradio’s 5th’, ‘Typeradio’ and ‘Finale’.File Download (11:22 min / 16 MB) (+)

Stefan Sagmeister 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   23/08/2010

We did the first interview ever for Typeradio in 2004 with graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister. Now five years later we look back and ask him what changed in those last couple of years. Did he acquire new rituals in the meantime? We talk about his second s (+)

Adbusters 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   11/08/2010

In this second part of the interview with Will Brown and Douglas Haddow of Adbusters magazine we talk about the actual achievements of Adbusters. Trying to inspire people to think differently and live more independently. Is it a lost cause? We also talk a (+)

Adbusters 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   03/08/2010

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Adbusters magazine is a nonprofit, reader supported magazine which concerns itself with the erosion of our physical and cultural environments by commercial forces. We talk to Will Brown and Douglas Haddow, Art (+)

Sandberg Design Discussion III 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   04/06/2010

‘Is there such a thing as an autonomous designer?’ After reading Jeroen Boomgaard’s text ‘Radical Autonomy’, we felt the need to have a discussion about the theme of autonomy and how important it is to use the term and define yourself as a designer or art (+)

Erik Kessels 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   31/05/2010

In the second part of the interview Erik Kessels talks to us about the other side of advertising, and ‘In almost every picture’, a series of books on found photography, published by KesselsKramer themselves. Number 8 in the serie is one about Oolong the r (+)

Erik Kessels 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   27/05/2010

Erik Kessels is co-founder and creative director of advertising agency KesselsKramer. KesselsKramer, founded in 1996, is based in a church in Amsterdam. In 2007 KesselsKramer set up an office in London named KK Outlet.We talk with Erik about why they star (+)

Sandberg Design Discussion II 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   20/05/2010

Is technology our next-nature?The 2010 Dutch royal christmas message, given by Queen Beatrix, inspired us to initiate a talk on the influence of technology on our daily lives. The Queens states that we alienate ourselves from our fellow men and our direct (+)

Janenrandoald 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   01/05/2010

Initially Jan Hespeel and Randoald Sabbe started their careers seperately. Ever since they both teached at Sint-Lucas art college in Ghent, a certain synergy appeared and they began to collaborate. They have been working together as Janenrandoald for over (+)

Armand Mevis 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   22/04/2010

Armand Mevis is one half of design studio Mevis & Van Deursen. He talks to us about the people he admires and what he would like to do if he would win the lottery. Also the understanding as a Graphic Designer what kind of work you make. ‘What is actually (+)

Armand Mevis 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   20/04/2010

Armand Mevis is one half of design studio Mevis & Van Deursen. While Linda Van Deursen is the head of the Graphic Design department at the Rietveld Academy, Armand Mevis teaches at the Werkplaats Typografie in Arnhem. We talk with Armand about the collabo (+)

Sandberg Design Discussion 2 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   14/04/2010

Is technology our next-nature? The 2009 Dutch royal christmas message, given by Queen Beatrix, inspired us to initiate a talk on the influence of technology on our daily lives. The Queens states that we alienate ourselves from our fellow men and our direc (+)

Hugo Puttaert 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   12/04/2010

Hugo Puttaert is a graphic designer, teacher and organiser, based in Brussels. He talked to us about organising the Integrated Conference 2009 in Antwerp. How he chooses the guest speakers from a list of 200 names! Hugo explains the conference history whi (+)

Sandberg Design Discussion 1 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   18/03/2010

Graphic design students of the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam discuss design topics. This first edition of the Design Discussions is about European identity, organised and edited by Anja Groten and Maartje Smits. Attending students of the Sandberg Instit (+)

David Schrigley 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   08/03/2010

Glasgow-based artist David Shrigley works in various media, but is best known for his slightly bizarre and humourous illustrations. David enjoys his artistic freedom, he considers himself lucky. He talks about humour, how he is perceived, his DJ-ing and t (+)

Annelys de Vet 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   22/02/2010

Annelys de Vet is head of the design department of the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. She tells us how she became a graphic designer, and why. Spending her time between Brussels and Amsterdam, she talks about the differences and boundaries between art a (+)

Büro Destruct 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   17/02/2010

Büro Destruct is a graphic artists’ collective based in Bern, Switzerland, comprising of four members. Lopetz and HeiWid share their thoughts about swimming, fonts, heroes, their fascination with Japan, the similarities between Swiss and Japanese design, (+)

Bob van Dijk 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   14/12/2009

Going out to bars and cafés is Bob’s ritual, and this social interest plays a part in his design work. He talks about why he became a graphic designer. The most important lesson he learned is not to take design too seriously, there are many different ways (+)

David Crow 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   30/11/2009

Professor David Crow is Head of the Art and Design faculty at the Manchester University. He discusses his motivation for his move from design to teaching, and his eventual move into being an academic manager. He reveals his experiences as a teacher and th (+)

Sven Ehmann 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   23/11/2009

Sven Ehmann is editor at Die Gestalten publishers in Berlin. He talks about his working process and how he juggles multiple projects. He moves on to discussing the origins of the book Dataflow at Die Gestalten and talks about the field of design publishin (+)

Von B und C 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   15/11/2009

Barbara Hahn and Christine Zimmermann are Von B und C, a design studio in Bern, Switzerland. They start by explaining how they got interested in infographics, visualising data as their graduation project, and how they work together (of coarse their collab (+)

Autobahn 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   11/11/2009

Jeroen Breen, Rob Stolte and Maarten Dullemeijer are Autobahn, design collective from Utrecht, The Netherlands. They first describe the special project they did for their presentation at 33pt in Dortmund, they tell us how they met and how they got interes (+)

Rob Meek 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   16/09/2009

Rob Meek talks about the roots of Fontstruct with his MeekFM typographic synthesizer. He speaks about the genesis of Fontstruct and his thoughts on the success of the platform. Recorded at the 33pt conference 2009 in Dortmund. Fontstruct :: Meek FM :: Typ (+)

Martin Majoor 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   07/09/2009

Martin Majoor discusses the new typeface for the Dutch government (Rijksoverheid Serif and Sans). His differing roles as a book designer and as a type designer. He reflects on the lack of female type designers and in graphic design in general. He speaks a (+)

Martin Majoor 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   07/09/2009

Martin Majoor discusses his first type and lettering books given to him by his grandfather and his first typeface. He recounts his art school days in Arnhem and his current teaching practice and teaching philosophies. He speaks in regards to the influence (+)

Jos Buivenga 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   31/08/2009

Type designer Jos Buivenga talks about how he got started in type design, his habits and balancing his time for type design with his art direction work. Buivenga shares his thoughts and ideas on selling fonts online, his type design heroes and discusses h (+)

Siggi Eggertsson 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   24/08/2009

Icelandic designer/illustrator Siggi Eggertsson speaks about getting started as a designer and his first job for an art community in his hometown. Reflecting on illustration versus graphic design, he discusses the idea of categories in a professional fiel (+)

Henning Brehm 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   12/08/2009

Henning Brehm (aka Design Tourist) is a graphic designer that specializes in work for the film industry. Under the label Schein Berlin he creates fake labels, packaging, logos, signs and documents for German tv productions and international block buster m (+)

Brian Lucid 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   12/08/2009

Brian Lucid is the Associate Professor and Graphic Design Program coordinator at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. Brian highlights what can be learnt from game design, what role narrative plays in game design and the subsequent relat (+)

Brian Lucid 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   11/08/2009

Brian Lucid is the Associate Professor and Graphic Design Program coordinator at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, Massachusetts. He speaks about his inability to relax; his early forays in art school and his brief stint as a type desig (+)

MEAT 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   23/06/2009

Italian graphic design collective MEAT talk about their favourite designers as well as Italian designer Bruno Munari. MEAT often give workshops and they speak specifically about their workshop at the Imagine iT conference in Bologna. They round up the int (+)

MEAT 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   23/06/2009

The Italian graphic design collective MEAT give insight into the gestation of MEAT and give a brief history of the collective. They speak of their past graffiti writing, their clients and the types of projects that come through their studio. Being the des (+)

Cinzia Ferrera

Typeradio Podcast (+)   28/05/2009

Cinzia Ferrara is an architect and graphic designer. She is professor of the Master course in design at the Laboratory of Visual Communication in Palermo. Ferrara speaks about the mafia in Palermo and the use of graphic design and propaganda to fight mafi (+)

Heather Shaw 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   18/05/2009

Heather Shaw is a graphic design and digital media lecturer at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Heather speaks about her teaching philosophy and the importance of teaching interactive and information design in graphic design programs today. She (+)

Robothon 2009

Typeradio Podcast (+)   01/05/2009

An impression of the Robothon 2009 conference on type design and type technology, held in March at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. You’ll hear Paul van der Laan, Frank Griesshammer, Tal Lemming, Kai Bernau, James Grieshaber, Andy Clymer and Erik v (+)

Bruce Connew 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   27/03/2009

Bruce Connew continues with the importance of travel in his work, especially in Burma, and the process of constructing books. He concludes by explaining his project I Must Behave, exhibited at the same time as TypeSHED11, at Mary Newton Gallery. I Must Be (+)

Bruce Connew 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   26/03/2009

Bruce Connew is a photographer based in New Zealand. He tells us about differences and similitudes between photography and design, about objectiveness in photography. He describes the social and political aspect of his work, as well as the role of publish (+)

Masayoshi Kodaira 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   25/03/2009

Masayoshi Kodaira discusses music and his evolving tastes, his start as a graphic designer, his dislike of design school and his early career. He discusses his dreams of directing a movie, his current work with Kenya Hara and his inspirations. Masayoshi K (+)

Kris Sowersby 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   24/03/2009

Kris Sowersby, a New Zealand base type designer, talks about Kenny, an Australian movie, type design as one big ritual, and the gestation of his interest in type. the world of type design in New Zealand (and the lack of a graphic design community). The hi (+)

Noel Waite 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   23/03/2009

Noel Waite, a graphic design historian, talks about his education and activities in graphic design field. He defines what is specific to “New Zealandish” design in an historical perspective. He explains the influence of Maori culture, as well as current g (+)

Karen Larsen 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   20/03/2009

Karen Larsen explains the process and making of her typographic installation specifically for Typeshed11, made as part of a workshop project in Wellington. Karen Larsen :: International Gallery of Contemporary Art :: File Download (14:38 min / 14 MB) (+)

Karen Larsen 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   12/03/2009

Karen Larsen, with SJ Klein, talks about the graphic design community in Alaska. What it is to work as a graphic designer there, how nature and life influence her design. Monumental work, physical objects, and the relation between art and design. Freeze P (+)

Sarah Maxey 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   10/03/2009

Sarah Maxey talks about her interests in typography and illustration, defines differences between art and design and expresses her views on craftmanship. She explains her working process and mentions some of her influences, who, coincidentally enough, are (+)

Stephen Banham 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   09/03/2009

Stephen Banham is founder of Letterbox, a typography studio in Melbourne. He speaks about New Zealand design from an Australian perspective; the search for a cultural identity as well as a graphic design identity. He discusses the defining characteristics (+)

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