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Brand New Web Typography Conference in Brighton, UK

The FontFeed (+)   14/03/2011

In three months, on June 17, 2011, a brand new typography conference will take place in Brighton, UK. Ampersand is an affordable one-day event for knowledgeable web designers & type enthusiasts. The conference represents the overlapping worlds of type des (+)

Typodarium 2012 – Call for Entries

The FontFeed (+)   23/02/2011

Type designers and foundries are invited to contribute to the Typodarium 2012, the fourth edition of the typographic tear-​off calendar. (+)

The Birth Of A Magazine

The FontFeed (+)   02/02/2011

Have you ever wondered how magazines come into being? Little White Lies made a wonderful short film that captures some of the love, care and hand-crafted passion that goes into the production of an issue of their magazine. LWLies is a British independent (+)

Reduced Registration For TYPO Berlin 2011 “Shift” Until December 31st, 2010

The FontFeed (+)   14/11/2010

It is still quite a bit away, but TYPO Berlin 2011 “Shift” –  which takes place from May 19th to 21st – is picking up speed. Actually, if you take a look at their website you’ll notice it’s even flying! The new website has been online since late October, (+)

Sneak Preview of 8 Faces #2

The FontFeed (+)   09/11/2010

The FontFeed is very proud and honoured to have been given internet-wide exclusivity for a sneak preview of the upcoming second issue of 8 Faces. Please keep in mind the images after the break were taken using the first proof. Some details are still subje (+)

Pre-orders For Second Issue Of 8 Faces Start Wednesday November 10

The FontFeed (+)   08/11/2010

Pre-orders for physical copies of the second issue of typography magazine 8 Faces start on Wednesday, November 10, at 17:00 GMT. (+)

Fountain: A Conversation with Göran Söderström

The FontFeed (+)   05/11/2010

Not a part of our FontCast series, Fountain has published a video interview with Göran Söderström. It is the first in a series of portraits showcasing type designers who publish typefaces through the friendly Swedish type foundry. In March 2010 Peter Bruh (+)

New FontFonts: FF Suhmo, My New Favourite Typeface

The FontFeed (+)   04/11/2010

Whoever has seen my contribution in PDF-format to the Fontblog post The 12 worst typesetting sins, my reaction to the (+)

Hatys Harrete And Scrunckiesan

The FontFeed (+)   03/11/2010

This post is dedicated to all my fellow non-native English speakers who are blogging in English. Sometimes we may feel insecure about not finding the correct word, or about our grammar being wonky, or about not knowing which preposition to use. So it is n (+)

Laserkraft 3D Explain Lyrics With Dingbats

The FontFeed (+)   02/11/2010

A while ago an underground dance track started airing on the radio. Nein Mann by Laserkraft 3D is one of these minimalistic “stupid” tunes that manage to worm themselves in your brain and never let go, whether you like it or not. In the song a guy in a cl (+)

Last Week To Submit For First Web Font Awards

The FontFeed (+)   01/11/2010

The Web Font Awards is the first ceremony to celebrate the newfound typographic freedom that Web designers are experiencing across the globe. The competition will recognise the designers and websites that are putting this emerging technology to greatest u (+)

Creative Review Typography Annual

The FontFeed (+)   28/10/2010

Creative Review extends the deadline for submissions to their first Typography Annual until Friday, November 5th, 2010. (+)

Halloween Special: Scary Type - The Sequel

The FontFeed (+)   26/10/2010

This sequel to the 2008 FontFeed post "Post-Halloween Special: Scary Type" adds a couple of cartoon and pulp-inspired scary fonts to the mix. (+)

Foundry Focus: Bold Monday

The FontFeed (+)   20/10/2010

In Foundry Focus, our series of spotlights on type foundries represented by FontShop, the FontFeed interviewed Paul van der Laan and Pieter van Rosmalen. Both are experienced type designers who have had typefaces published by Linotype, FontShop, House Ind (+)

FontCast #17 — Amman: The City, The Typeface, The Film

The FontFeed (+)   19/10/2010

At the end of 2008 the young type designer and multimedia artist Yanone visited Amman, the capital of Jordan, to develop a multiscript Latin-Arabic type family. His collaboration with the local design agency Syntax took place at the occasion of the prepar (+)

Vow to Vowels: The Sidewalk Experiences My First Earthquake

The FontFeed (+)   08/10/2010

Yesterday My First Earthquake – a California-based indie rock band founded in 2006 – released the typographic music video for Vow to Vowels, a song off their first full album, Downstairs. The joyful clip is an ode to a crossword-puzzle lover. It has the b (+)

Britain By Bike “Book Of The Year” At BPIF Book Awards

The FontFeed (+)   07/10/2010

The British Book Design and Production Awards celebrate excellence in book design and production. (+)

ATypI 2010 Dublin: The Word - Keynote Addresses

The FontFeed (+)   06/10/2010

Like I mentioned in my previous ATypI 2010 Dublin post, attendees usually comment more on all the surrounding aspects of a conference than on the presentations themselves. Yet one can’t deny these presentations are as important a reason why we gather on a (+)

OpenType in Adobe Creative SuiteThe Raiders of The Lost Glyphs Pt. 1

The FontFeed (+)   04/10/2010

This first tutorial looks at the Glyphs window in Adobe CS, and which OpenType functions can be accessed through the Character window. (+)

FontCast #16 — FontFont Type Department

The FontFeed (+)   28/09/2010

FontFont represents some of the most talented and interesting type designers in the world. And behind every of these great type designers is FontFont’s great technical team. Andreas Frohloff, head of the Type Department at FSI - FontShop International, ex (+)

The Rediscovery of Boudewijn Ietswaart

The FontFeed (+)   21/09/2010

Inspired by Boudewijn Ietswaart's book covers, the Círculo de Tipógrafos converted his hand lettered alphabets into digital fonts. (+)

PVP On Helvetica, The Movie

The FontFeed (+)   20/09/2010

Scott R. Kurtz published the second type-centric strip in his webcomic PVP. (+)

Looking Back On ATypI 2010 Dublin: The Word

The FontFeed (+)   17/09/2010

When I was mingling at the ATypI Conference Gala last Saturday night it struck me how many happy faces I saw. At first I thought it was more related to the good company of like-minded type geeks – and food and drinks of course. But when I asked people lik (+)

Pixel Typography With iPad Light Painting

The FontFeed (+)   15/09/2010

Wait a minute, wasn’t it The FontFeed that said typography on the iPad looked crapalicious? Well, the Making Future Magic project proves it doesn’t prevent you from creating beautiful lettering. Before I start on the ATypI 2010 Dublin reports I would like (+)

ATypI 2010 Dublin: The Word Unofficial Opening Tonight

The FontFeed (+)   07/09/2010

How many typography conferences can one handle? Having two major ones separated by a mere three weeks may not be an ideal situation, but what can you do about it. The type world is currently migrating to Dublin in Ireland, where the annual ATypI conferenc (+)

A Typographic Anatomy Lesson

The FontFeed (+)   02/09/2010

Do you know what all the parts of the characters in an alphabet are called? To be honest, although I examine, discuss and write about type on an almost daily basis there still are blind spots in my typographic vocabulary. Sometimes I can be really struggl (+)

Interview in Slanted #11 – Monospace, Typewriter

The FontFeed (+)   01/09/2010

The current issue #11 of German typography magazine Slanted – Monospace, Typewriter focuses on fixed-width faces, and features an interview with yours truly. (+)

ScreenFonts: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The Last Airbender, The Girl Who Played with Fire, Inception, Life During Wartime

The FontFeed (+)   31/08/2010

My oh my, these Font Of The Day posts didn’t look so impressive, but they sure put a dent in my publishing schedule. I hope you managed to enjoy a cool 20% off on some FontFonts. Yesterday morning my favourite radio station left their summer programmes be (+)

Celebrating 20 Years of FontShop With Jürgen Siebert

The FontFeed (+)   25/08/2010

The fourth in a series of interviews with people that played a key role in twenty years of FontShop. (+)

FontFont 20 Year Anniversary Special

The FontFeed (+)   23/08/2010

I know I still owe you July’s ScreenFonts – please bear with me a little longer, it’s in the works. I have been busy helping out with FontFont’s current anniversary promotion, writing up posts for FontShop Blog. To celebrate 20 years, FontFont is offering (+)

TypeCon2010: Babel Officially Opens Tonight

The FontFeed (+)   19/08/2010

This week the typographic world congregates in Los Angeles, as TypeCon2010: Babel takes over the City of the Angels. The Society of Typographic Aficionados presents its annual letterfest, featuring more than 70 of the brightest names in type and design, i (+)

“L’Eau et Les Rêves”, A Typographic Fountain In Vence

The FontFeed (+)   17/08/2010

Another piece of typographic environmental art we saw on our vacation was L’eau et les rêves (Water and Dreams), a “miroir d’eau” (best translated as “water mirror”) in Vence, the town we stayed in. I first noticed the new public sculpture in 2007, the la (+)

My Type of Music: Rick Ross, Sheryl Crow, Actress, Tracy Bonham, Tom Jones, Danzig

The FontFeed (+)   14/08/2010

An overview of covers of recently released albums. (+)

Nomade, A Man of Letters Looking Out Over The Mediterranean

The FontFeed (+)   11/08/2010

I’m back from our family vacation since Monday night. Of course, with my “condition” I never really am on vacation. Several typographic and type-related things caught my eye in the two weeks we spent at the Côte d’Azur (or French Riviera if you prefer), s (+)

FontCasts #13, 14, 15 — FontFont Designers

The FontFeed (+)   03/08/2010

FontFont represents some of the most talented and interesting type designers in the world. In celebration of FontShop’s 20th Anniversary, FSI’s Ivo Gabrowitsch took an opportunity to talk with seven FontFont designers for a special FontCast series. (+)

FontShuffle 1.3: High-res for iPhone 4

The FontFeed (+)   02/08/2010

Version 1.3 of FontShop’s FontShuffle app is now available in the iTunes App Store (still free). All the type samples and graphics, representing more than 900 fonts, are now optimized for the Retina display of iPhone 4. (+)

The New FF DIN Round: Much More Than a Rounded DIN

The FontFeed (+)   29/07/2010

Is there any type designer who would be better qualified to construct a rounded DIN than Albert-Jan Pool? It’s safe to say no. His FF DIN Round, released this month is 5 years in the making. Pool has been written a 32-page brochure with the fascinating hi (+)

My Type of Music: Oasis, Kelis, Big Boi, The Steve Miller Band, M.I.A., Crowded House, Morcheeba, R.E.M.

The FontFeed (+)   27/07/2010

The July 2010 episode of My Type of Music is a little early, because I am leaving for a vacation with my wife and children. Posting this after we get back isn’t really an option. That would make this instalment quite late, and have it interfere with the p (+)

Typographic Commercial For El Tesoro Público By User T38

The FontFeed (+)   22/07/2010

For this new series for El Tesoro Público User T38 produced lovely typographic commercials. (+)

Free Fonts: Technical And Artistic Quality

The FontFeed (+)   20/07/2010

What comes next may sound biased to some readers, yet I simply can’t help it – it’s the reality of the situation. The vast majority of the free fonts out there are – to put it mildly – of inferior quality. And although a very small percentage is fit for.. (+)

ScreenFonts: June 2010

The FontFeed (+)   16/07/2010

Our monthly review of movie poster typography. (+)

A Fried FontStruction

The FontFeed (+)   14/07/2010

We’re always delighted to hear about FontStructions which leave their digital nest to be inscribed on the world of concrete things: FontStructions you can see in the street or on the printed page, FontStructions you can touch … or even taste. Long-time fr (+)

Blu Revisits The Creation Of Life… And Its Demise

The FontFeed (+)   11/07/2010

Big Bang Big Boom is an unscientific point of view on the beginning and evolution of life … and how it could probably end. (+)

Karl-Heinz Lange Passes Away At 80

The FontFeed (+)   06/07/2010

I learned to know Karl-Heinz Lange in 2007 at our first “Typostammtische“. Shortly afterwards he invited me to his home, to discuss the first presentation he planned to give at one of the upcoming instalments – “Körper und Stimme leiht die Schrift dem stu (+)

My Type Of Music: Christina Aguilera, Hot Hot Heat, Eminem, Kele, The Chemical Brothers

The FontFeed (+)   05/07/2010

An overview of covers of recently released albums. (+)

“Hello Brooklyn” Spells Lyrics Out In Akzidenz Grotesk

The FontFeed (+)   30/06/2010

Gregory Solenström produced an impressive music video for "Hello Brooklyn", as a tribute to New York, Brooklyn and Jay-Z. (+)

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