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The best free fonts on the web (Visitar)


Fontleech (+)   17/09/2007

Thatcher Ulrich’s free font Tuffy is a nice sans serif that comes with no strings attached. While the licensing status of most free fonts is unclear at best, Thatcher has released Tuffy into the public domain. (+)

Greyscale Basic

Fontleech (+)   23/05/2007

My German is horrible but this free font looks great!And just a reminder, if you have any tips, send them in: (+)

Storm Type

Fontleech (+)   16/05/2007

Storm Type offers a very impressive collection of pay fonts, but they’re giving away the Lido family on their free fonts page. (+)


Fontleech (+)   12/05/2007

Jos Buivenga’s foundry has some really wonderful stuff. My favorites are Fontin Sans and Fertigo.I’m not making any promises this time (we all know how that ends), but I do have several posts in the pipeline. While you’re waiting, why not check o (+)

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